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tv   News  RT  December 3, 2017 2:00pm-2:30pm EST

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they're going for nuclear war north korea claims washington is seeking all out conflicts just days after pyongyang tests a new missile it says can hit anywhere on the u.s. mainland among the stories shaped the week here on r.t. suicide at the hague is a former bosnian croat general follows a pile of poison after his twenty year sentence for war crimes is upheld and the french president called for a reaction against human traffickers in libya but critics say he has no right to intervene but the country's not yet recovered from the struction inflicted by the nato led intervention twenty that.
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follow their welcome to r.t. this sunday evening you're watching weekly our look back at the last seven days and also the latest developments. north korea says the u.s. is begging for nuclear war the statement comes just days after pyongyang launched a new missile which it says is capable of reaching anywhere on the u.s. mainland that caused quite a reaction from washington and also a counterproposal from russia. little rocket man rocket fuel for the american because. he is a sick puppy the dictator of north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war not farther from it and if war comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed because of those who the americans should start with explaining their intentions to
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us all if they are really looking for an excuse to destroy north korea as the u.s. envoy to the un said it's a security council meeting let them spell it out clearly and let the u.s. leadership confirm it then we will decide how to react right after the launch south korea stage his own missile exercise. that took place close the door r.t. if you can begin now explains north korea's nuclear threat has grown in recent months. early wednesday in north korea suddenly broken over two month pause in weapons testing and showed a significant bump in their capabilities the missile is believed to be north korea's most powerful projectile to date let's break down the details during a flight the rocket reach an altitude of up to four thousand five hundred kilometers to put that in perspective that is more than ten times the height of the international space station and while that number does come from a statement from north korea it is in line with estimates released by both japan
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and south korea the missile splashdown off of japan's west coast but it has been reported that if p.r.n. yang's missile had been fired on a standard path it could reach a target almost anywhere in the world including any part of the u.s. it went higher frankly any previous they've taken it for research and development effort on their part are you building ballistic missile that could threaten. everywhere in the world basically something likely to increase now reagan i. added tensions is the fact that in less than a week the u.s. and south korea will again conduct drills on north korea's doorstep a practice that p.n. yang sees a blatant threat that they will not leave unanswered. i
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. russia and china have called for the maneuvers to be paused numerous times and light of the less than friendly climate but those suggestions have been ignored along with pleas to restrain from the back and forth name calling and aggressive rhetoric between the u.s. and north korea that has been a trademark of this year this is all culminated in north korea possessing a nuclear bomb and a missile to deliver it anywhere allowing them to probably announce the conclusion of their nuclear program it looks like diplomacy may never be given a chance. north korea is coming under a lot of pressure for its actions some believe too that washington is not helping the situation is gregory from the advisory board of the korea policy institute united states with really concerned about north korea's nuclear program it would again dialogue but the only way to resolve the problem of north korea said many many plans for the future we are not willing to give up on the program last night that they dropped the ball of i think like a reasonable request. the more the united states wants to punish north korea the
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more they convince north korea that they need to develop their nuclear terror and protect themselves so has the opposite of that. now a form of both general who fought in the both need more in the early one nine hundred ninety s. committed suicide during a u.n. court session at the hague on wednesday we are going to show you video of exactly what happened so please people want to discontent in distressing images. all right out there here are. stop police police adult. sexual abuse. you look at. all who feel. i have taken poison. his trial was part of the yugoslav war crimes tribunals the incident itself took place right after the former bosnian croat military commander lost his appeal sublime probably yeah care was convicted of war crimes and given twenty years for
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his role in the conflict in former yugoslavia. the yugoslav was the bloodiest conflicts in european history since the second world war tensions between a complex mix of nationalities forming the state of yugoslavia erupted into a bit civil war originate yugoslavia included six republics with different nationalities and religious groups. the communist revolutionary and statesman tito who established the federal republic of yugoslavia managed to suppress nationalism but after his death in the one nine hundred eighty s. relations among the republics quickly deteriorated with each of them seeking their own independence is soon turned ugly on all sides the nine hundred ninety five genocide in tripoli needs
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a is one of the bloodiest pages in yugoslav history the massacre of malta in both the acts perpetrated by units of the bosnian serb army resulted in their commander ratko manage being jailed for life by the un special court in november twenty seventh. but atrocities happened on old sites in one thousand nine hundred three sixty nine serbian civilians were killed by bosnia and herzegovina army forces in the school on a massacre with an orthodox church in a cemetery burned to the ground. overall despite much evidence of war crimes conducted similar tenuously by different forces the cia eventually declared said militants were responsible for ninety percent of all crimes including genocide. tonights they took those into action against yugoslavia it is indeed tragic that diplomacy has failed and nato is now intervening in a war in a sovereign country. and eventually nato air
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campaign conducted a number of operations to undermine the military capability of the boss and me. to this day the un special court is still investigating war crime cases from the conflict. well a total of one hundred sixty one people have been indicted for war crimes in the former yugoslavia since the tribunals began atrocities were committed by all sides party to the conflict but longer sentences have been given to serbians and montenegrins counting up the total time of those jail terms serbian authorities see she jest that nearly one and a half thousand years was given to its nationals and that is in contrast to three hundred for croats and just fifty years for the former yugoslavia and republics however the un court has never investigated nato's involvement in the war including the use of depleted uranium munitions some of the cases have been so lengthy that several defendants have died while on trial at the hague the editor in chief of the
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news website the duran dot com says thrive you know was set up was flawed from the very start. the major criticism of the tribunals is that it has not been impartial it was set up in the in in the one nine hundred ninety s. in mainly at the instigation of the western powers out a time when the western powers were criticizing serbia and its government and the people at the serbian people of bosnia for the war in bosnia now that is a problematic step to because when the same people instigate the setting up of the tribunals after they have already identified who they think is responsible for a war it becomes very difficult to expect that tribunals to act impartially. but also this week the french president tabled
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a new plan to combat human trafficking in libya that involves military action but a man you mad proposal is drawing a lot of criticism to you is the previous french led intervention in libya left the country in ruins as would have gassed if expects. slavery and human trafficking of violent offenses sadly common now in libya but no need to fear president macron is here he has the solution for libya's problem send in the troops to tunisia to zone we are proposing police military action we are not waging war but this is a country in a political transition political transition he calls it does sound better than a savage civil war more politically correct nevertheless a number of african and e.u. states are ready to help fight this war or rather not really a war says macron but
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a military operation still round two for france in libya. today were intervening in libya we are intervening in order to enable the libyan people to choose their own destiny it must not be deprived of its rights by violence and terror the fact that slavery is so rampant in libya is because the country's army and political order were obliterated under nato bombardment six years ago since then libya has been stuck in a brutal and bloody political transition as president calls it or absolute chaos and anarchy as anyone out call it as long as it is a failed state the problem will come back as a failed state because the regime of at our feet up was not a mass regime nobody says that was destroyed by the french and the british together in two thousand and eleven. well here's how the modern slavery problem is spreading
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around the world at the moment africa is the worst that has seven point six people per thousand and them below that we have asia and the pacific and then in third place is europe and central asia to interesting league enough france itself has become a key human trafficking hub according to a report by the u.s. state department that lists the country as a destination and transit point for men women and children subjected to forced labor and also sex trafficking we spoke to the vice president of the libyan presidential council and asked him about macros plan for military action but we are going to be happy but no. we cannot accept anything to be done with our representative libyan libyans who really no one will do this. with the help of a lot of the money. well the right way to help them. do the
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right investment on that country for a libya is not a country for us to make a libya is a country or run we are libyan have already impressed on africa and we want to see anybody thought that they were going to burst with the country of origin and to help this immigrant through to stay with their loved ones with their families well are continuing to position himself as an international mediator the french president also met with the prime minister of the semi autonomous iraqi kurdistan region on saturday and they did discuss the recent kurdish independence referendum and the importance to of national dialogue in iraq despite that they did have a few issues understanding each other. it is a nice you. see in that footage of the. speech
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function from shouldn't. the speech with the people scripted you want streets at a premium east if you thought you should. from a significant distance english but i think it would be strange to have to hear the prison speaking in english for you can post something. but i'm pretty sure is that stories could organize a consolation for the prime minister. keep on file suit of it among. the people who killed. the kid in the film it's most unique you'll that. let us also move closer
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civil nuclear missile because. you're watching we can still had t.v. south eyes in surprise tested in tel aviv against the israeli prime minister and a draw for the war that could keep the lid on a corruption investigation will take a closer look after the break. there is no center in the united states political discourse it's all center right ever since the clinton people came into power the center right has become the right and there is no peace party that exists in my cunt. i don't see any evidence of it except this third party that is so criticized the the green party.
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politicians to do something. to put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. most somewhat want to be friends. that's a good way to be for us this is what the four three in the morning can't be good that i'm interested always in the water in the house. again welcome back to the weekly now i estimated twenty thousand people rallied in tel aviv on saturday calling on israel's leader to resign over corruption allegations.
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i i the so-called march of shame there was triggered by a controversial draft law if passed it would prevent police from publishing findings on to criminal investigations into prime minister binyamin netanyahu as well as making recommendations to prosecutors many demonstrators held signs reading shame and crying minister netanyahu for his past has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing claiming that the bill is a political weapon against the legal government protesters say they do intend to keep up the pressure until he is forced from office. here is my look i think the time has come for a change of government the government is corrupt we're sick of the corruption. it's in the ocean we have a corrupt government that needs to be brought down as quickly as possible the prime minister nor his crown is along with him. and the rules to build
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a more equal and just society for ruan israeli prime minister is under investigation into separate corruption cases in one he is accused of receiving bribes from wealthy businessmen and in the other he is suspected of reaching a deal with a newspaper in order to secure favorable coverage we did get some opinion on this from a senior correspondent at israel's had its newspaper and also a political science professor at the open university of israel. i don't think that the prime minister initiated this piece of legislation which was put recently on the table the only national meow that. is more about the outcome of the police investigation. but certainly there is this sense in laws circles in is that the upper echelons are in fact that with the corruption legislation is just i would say one very critical of course issue to be
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debated but it is seen by by most of the protesters at just as the tip of the iceberg not as the issue. as a whole or p.t. is important for the public to be aware of what the police having collected all the evidence and where you what dating can be dating that there is no case that's fine too but it is incumbent on the police to let the prosecution and the public know what their findings are now obviously it's a transparent move by. his political cronies to shield him from public pressure it is probably the lowest of. prime ministership because politically he has been secure in power until. criminal cases started to close around him. now on saturday french police arrested an
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iraqi kang that was illegally smuggling around forty nine points day to the french port of kalai and also britain last week kalai also witnessed a violent instance to involving people smugglers and migrants a police officer described events. v.q. kia vehicle approaching a traffic checkpoint c.r.'s police went through the road block he then knocked down a place officer who was trying to stop him my colleague shot at him nine people in the vehicle including one smuggler in another incident an altercation took place between migrants and smugglers smugglers opened fire on migrants injuring five people one seriously at the height of the migrant crisis and twenty six staying kalai experienced a huge influx into the so-called jungle camp it was used as a base by people hoping to travel to britain the camp was demolished last year.
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i. see here police offices and more than fed up i've been doing this job for twenty six years
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a quite long police union career i can remember times when so many colleagues came to me to say they wanted to leave the police for me it is shocking it is shocking because i do not feel them motivated any more they take in between a rock and a hard place and ministration the legal system and citizens they do not know any more where they going they do not know any more. human rights advocate keith best believes that removing the jungle campaign kalai has only made the situation worse . destroying the jungle taking away the original refugee camp which you may remember was there some years ago in. the run by the red cross i mean those don't help they only exacerbate the situation the fact that the police were stopping many of those refugees getting two or a hand out of food for example that just makes the situation worse it's a very very complicated situation. now r.t.
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america had its press accreditation in the u.s. congress revoked on wednesday here's the letter we received informing us of the decision it does say the decision to withdraw credentials was taken unanimously by the congressional press office and it came in response to the network's fourth for a dissertation as a foreign agent in america while at the time the state department said it would not affect the channels freedom to operate in the states when the united states tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't see impacts or a fact the ability of them to report. news and information we just have the register it's as simple as that i ask the question how does this look like to the world in the nation's capital the bastion of free speech thousands of people from every conceivable form of press that there is they get
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a badge but our j o o no they're all foreign agent they're different this is just gone on to the point where it's becoming absolutely we dickie ellis and the organization for security and cooperation in europe is his decision to leave his press credentials in the tweet us he said that it demonstrates how foreign agent status does affect media freedom the president of the international federation of journalists told us the trend is deeply alarming it's so formal for in-situ censorship or because you can see the media is free to operate but do it when you withdraw the. us effectively you cut. the media from sources of information which is which has a name censorship in our ethical rules we have very famous say facts are secrets comments are free so. the station is supposed to give you
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access to the effect and from the facts journalist can comment on their own and they are free to do it this is simply freedom of expression and press freedom international for the reason of journalists were reacted several times in the past to one r.t. and all the media or. we cannot accept the media and join the rest are used in kind of we do need to call a war between tonight is a new russia journalist or a journalist there are not agents. maybe watching a weekly or not so you will have more news in half an. hour. and is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least in the world of zoos i'm in bill fails to finish it to do it long before you like it this isn't my cup of tea is going out
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the sunday all mediated. their old john sold out i don't know but they should be the only palestinians who gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think there is a lot of those who in the world and the local vision could not only could do this. and not fizzle off out that it's got this lady in the muscle that you had i not going to continue muslims you know do more among us also don't put this off. when lawmakers manufacture consent to instant of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round the sun be the one percent told. to ignore middle of the room signals. the real news is.
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the a. bomb. welcome to worlds apart seventy years ago this week the united nations voted to recognize the palestine partition plan paving the way for a jewish state alongside an arab state over the following day kids casual proposition alongside turned into a geo politically fraught proposition at the wisdom of which these really leadership now openly contests will the time ever come for alongside to mean decoys
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existence of the two states as it was initially in this as well to discuss that i'm now joined by i the two muslim and arab member of the knesset the israeli parliament it's great to talk to you thank you very much for your time thank you now miss to muslim on these really authorities have put up a number of celebrations this week to mark the seventieth anniversary of that fateful the u.n. vote but that resolution wasn't just about the stablish meant of israel it was actually the endorsement of an idea over of the two states living side by side did that figure in the festivities at all that it is not about only easing rail it is about israel and its neighbor yeah actually. division. speaks about two states the whole egypt timoci of their existence was conditioned by. it is not happening this is not the
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situation well it's interesting as you just pointed out the creation of israel was very tightly linked to the palestinian statehood at least as far as the international law is concerned but i sometimes get an impression these really politicians a very consciously trying to sever adot link in the international collective memory they actually won the international community to treat those issues as separate and non-related is that an actor. impression well mainly the. general public don't want to deal with the question of the palestinian state but in my opinion this connection between the two issues cannot be avoided because first of all the two people are suffering from the continuous a capacious of the palestinian territories there is no possibility to leave for
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a good life for the palestinian people and for the israeli jewish people without thinking about solving this continuous conflict and ending the occupation and establishing a palestinian state so what ever we are talking about yet if we don't fully put the palestinian issue and the continuance of the patient in the forefront of missing the point now israel likes to market itself as the only democracy in the middle east and i heard you say before that a more accurate description would be the jewish democracy a democracy or a country where you have to be a jew to fully exercise your democratic rights what exactly do you mean by that well first of all the definition of the israeli state is jewish and democratic in my opinion four of the arab citizens.


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