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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  December 5, 2017 6:30am-6:48am EST

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because a report. of a gun some is nuts is not a quick place is not a good country. trying to secure the minister there but some of those well over the slums. visited this without the us to do so there is little to study the culture. of the culture of the sure it was the secular serious. polling and just little and biased from the from the i'm still beating that i'm. loosely albums for solo. play almost anything for the numbers for the most are not as they come out right that john said i'm based on them i sure as i did not mean can i do not a blast i would miss the obvious from that mic matter how on the money to. from a show not. true from i can allude to mr most. who thought the number.
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of students are in the sort of numbers going to show you boost the rubble of the world of the cities in the american our. voices in the city of the world over the streets of the cinema large over you know the answer is. seriously as well. when nato led by expert intervention as barack obama and hillary clinton led the humanitarian mission to assist the arab spring movement in two thousand and eleven libya was supposed to have been the late for the western world's military coalition i think that their sights on a dictator readily painted by the mainstream media correctly as corrupt and brutal and with the right side of history talking points at the ready to libya project seemed to be target process practice for nato or perhaps a few alarm bells. this might have gone off when freedom fighting militias and
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ghazi burned down the u.s. embassy and killed four americans but perhaps when libya now cut off the list and rather less became effectively a wild west beach resort for both isis and al-qaeda are for have finally now as video emerges showing genuine all too real slave auctions yes slave auctions taking place in libya with refugees migrants and non arab libyans sold off like cattle for just a few hundred dollars so it benefits from this mess and why did washington take such an active part in creating at francis to that and more we were joined earlier by publisher and regional expert robin felt. one of the things i ask you is if their goal was to remove gadhafi from where he wanted to live you know bring africa together and make it a more unified and with you know with the central currency and things of that nature now you have this chaos and you have the blowback happening and all that since the fall of gadhafi you know you have the slave trade in libya was was that in your opinion in your research and your expertise was that the was that chaos and
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this kind of destabilization of africa was that on purpose and how does that benefit places like the u.s. the u.k. why would that benefit them to create this much chaos of africa well the benefit is that nobody contests their presence in you know africa and get out in one of these futures they're just going over it and perversion was interview he kept pointing out that well enough but very little of that well actually remains and it's a lot of natural resources and his policy and i think you were looking to the future his policy was. this any aid has to lead to increased wealth in africa that means. the value added you know like a secondary and tertiary transformation of naturals or seeds and if you look at. re
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. the countries i mentioned operate in africa is the opposite of their so-called age is only to aid their economies. and so got out these removal. firms as i mean they would look at the trenches. very good create a currency and african currency and good of you had the means to do so it would have taken the whole of what west africa french speaking west africa. out of the french zone. those countries like france don't want to give up that easily give up you. are going to fix operates in the same way it does not want to have strong states who operate independently and so whether. on purpose nobody i don't think was actually aiming to create slavery again that was not part of the goal the goal was to ensure that. american british and french
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interests. would be protected and would be continued to develop really without. a state which was saying well no we're not going to do that maybe we'll do away with china or maybe we'll deal just with ourselves and. an empire does not like that no it does not that sounds a lot like colonialism to me. in fact if you look at the title of a book that i wrote in which it's not particularly about libya but north africa longer and the new scramble for africa we are. in the process of what you could call a recon edition of africa and i'd like to mention very one of those things in the future really we have to start respecting national sovereignty respecting the will of the countries to work independently you have the case the groom to be a very small. country but decided to follow the international criminal court and to
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be independent to work in the bentley and the spokesman for the present a wider view to own a radio programme i do in french said where we are. currently watching an attempt to recall a night that field. and that's what i think the story the official story of the a want to become that as well so you could say that. the libyan the overthrowing of just an issue of the market up was a major step in this. recall in addition it may not be the standing everything the . image that it did in the after eighteen eighty five when they scrambled rather than divided up but essentially that is what's going on. what do you feel as you know when you when you i want to ask two like where where
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does this you know what can we do basically you know we were seeing a lot of these. underlying problems. aside you know what could the u.s. and others do watching this program things like this to try to help you know bring that sovereignty back to africa and i think i think you're right i think we're all going to sit here and agree and say you know what at the end of the day. those countries should be allowed to reach their own hands in their own conclusions and where they need to go rather than having once again more colonialism put upon them what can viewers do to help you know kind of style i mean those efforts even on their own you know i'm looking saying wow we've got the clintons and we have you know other people involved in this kind of thing we were politicians pushing on sort of gender what can we do to kind of curb that if we want to allow africa it's on the chart its own future. yeah well among other things you know what they could do is follow on what. president obama said libya was his worst mistake and
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i think he deserves should get a lot more and more heavily than are probably saying i mean. you make a mistake then you've got to say where do we went out of the correctness well i would say the place to start is just see what what more market up the. shed back. night you ninety nine and what you said with very close consultation with nelson mandela now we all say we love nelson mandela nolan for that we were very close and they had this african vision one dream so that we got together from north korea and the principle was. the independent country but independent economically you do have african just another word i would say the first thing you do is put an end to the international criminal court it's a case of it together african court it's essentially been that. if they want to go
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up to justice the people they have to go after are can then from you create a circle of ephraim and obama and hillary clinton they are the ones who created that they were the ones who created the situation in libya. so you are i would say . any eight. of aid to the economy in the country it is destiny and not an aid to the don't so-called donors countries and if you looked at if you're carefully examined all the projects in the so-called coming from donor countries they are done to help the donor countries own economies. and i'm story that just doesn't work that way that you know either one of the other you're going to if there's going to be a good thing that has to be towards developing economic independence of these countries and not dependent which is has been the case for as long as i know i
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remember. so did your three points one is justice you said after going to justice african economy i now feel secure everything security you start counting and i know i lost come from. different places in africa where there are european american troops in mind of it truly is a bit their families and you see the about of bases and all of you have taken place there and again the u.s. military presence and other other militaries for a war also still you know there are that kind of new colonialism i think we could all agree to work or should be left to find its own future rather i want to thank you so much for coming on today and talking about this with us and look forward to having you on again them in the future to talk about the issues facing africa today . thanks very much and it's very much but. this weekend a law was passed in russia by the federal council and by the state duma finally signed into law by russian president vladimir putin the law itself states that
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media receiving financial assistance from foreign states or organizations can be recognized as foreign agents it also states that it will be handled on a case by case basis by the russian ministry of justice now cnn's brian stelter decided to use the event to spend yet another conspiracy theory involving trump and russia he claimed that twitter had revealed the deep the conspiracy between the two he cracked the case you see it seems that because trump tweeted about c.n.n. international within hours of the law being signed it must be proof of a conspiracy with putin otherwise how could he have no money about it so it's own as if the law in retaliation by the russian government was a big secret as if coming out of the blue it didn't fact because i know the facts actually do matter on november sixteenth two thousand and seventeen the russian ministry of justice informed all relevant members of the press and the public that quote in the near future the amendments to the legislation of the russian federation adopted by the state duma of the federal assembly of the russian
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federation on november fifth. twenty seventeen according to which the possibility of recognizing foreign media acting in the territory of russian federation by foreign agents can become effective and quote this was widely reported for some time here and in english language russian press and many other international outlets the timing of the tweets is no more significant than the fact that i have been on the air and so does putin u.s. state department spokesman spokesperson other new art stated expanding the foreign agents law to include media outlets opens the door to onerous requirements that could further stifle freedom of speech and editorial independence in russia in their mind the use of foreign registrations act by the us government will have no adverse affects on freedom of speech as if americans have some magical ability to withstand threats to free speech i mean unless they're on facebook of course the really sad part of this kind of rhetoric is that it just works to excuse trump's behavior by claiming that it's all russia's fault and the russian phobia we are
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currently mired in and the damage is caused our entire world is noticed even by putin's most vocal critics david satter a journalist who was banned by putin from entering russia told newsweek and november that the level of socially acceptable anti russians you know phobia in american as especially democratic party politics quote is all just politics and how popular a sea is the mother's milk of politics and jokes i was i'm really tired of seeing the constant you know yelling and hollering from the left and the conspiracy theories of the finger pointing and all of these things talking about trump improving tied together trying to change the world is just a puppet and all that kind of thing i'm also know i'll say this even being on our to you know just to prove all the critics wrong that i actually disagree with the russian government's move and i don't think that they should have passed a law you know and did the you know the to. go and i and i don't believe in the end of their lives or have a because i think what they should have done is to come up with good. we believe
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the russian people can decipher the difference between foreign agent propaganda and i think smart enough to figure out the bit for exactly you know we're all a lot smarter than our governments give us credit for that is to the people of russia and the people of united states stop letting government tell us that we're all too stupid to think for ourselves. all right that is her so for today i remember everyone in this world we are told that we all love them but i'm not so i'll tell you all i love you i am i rolled into and i'm top of the wall and keep on watching those hawks and have a great day and night everybody. i was building. it was my home for twenty five years. the fun able to fully. hold it all well. now that was the most heartbreaking thing i've ever seen in my life it was so it was beyond traumatic you know we will felt by the state before
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and often to file good food change have you seen politics now and how we can take power. if we all continue to stand and make the noise and not people out we can change this community. we need to realize that collectively we have real power with real real power to shape our destinies and to be authors as of off base so we need to seize these opportunities in an organized much you can't. tell us stein is getting international recognition with the help of israel at least
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in the world of zoos remember wolf it was dismissive living like you know this this is my complicity is going out to saudi all mediators they're saying no charge no nothing just over they should be the only palestinians is gets the most help from its jerusalem counterparts i don't think this is about those who in the world under the oak vision could not only could give this up. and the earth is a laugh at that is the heart of this lady of the muscle that you had i don't know if you go tedium it doesn't seem to do more camilla's last time but result. it's a miserable yes there are more wonder when they hear a colorado city leader. they burn or
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a new look in the multiple tears at. night it was. just a road reserved in the right channel following their time in. nor. is . there one that was in the. locals. so. i thought that the. headlining this hour the former president of georgia heads up to the roof of a residential building in the ukrainian capital as police raid his apartment he threatens to jump off. germany's domestic intelligence chief says jihadi wives and children returning to europe from the middle east should be considered as threatening as the militants themselves. day for team
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russia receive international olympic committee prepares to give its verdict on whether the country can complete twenty eighteen winter games moscow questions the political nature of the investigation into doping offenses.


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