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tv   Worlds Apart  RT  December 7, 2017 11:30pm-12:00am EST

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i do fantastic to discuss that analogy one by iran's foreign minister by that if mr it's great to see in moscow welcome good to be here and good to be with you now minister you've been in the city since monday and i see i'm the topic of syrian reconciliation always feature high on the agenda but i wonder if the fast moving events in yemen to the now confirmed killing of the former president saleh have forced you to shift your focus how vulnerable is the syrian peace process to outside the bounds but i'm very happy to be in russia be worked very closely with russia and other regional countries in order to help bring about an end to syria i'm here this time for caspian research is an important issue for iran russia and the three other countries neighboring caspian we have made important progress in syria with russia and turkey are both true astana process as well as to sochi
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and we had hoped from the very beginning that a political solution could be found for yemen as we continue to hope that a political solution could be found for syria a few days after the breakup of the. now thirty month old hostilities in yemen the most bodmin tovia many civilians we proposed a four point plan for yemen immediate cease fire urgent humanitarian assistance intra yemeni log and the formation of an inclusive broad based government that remains i believe the only solution to yemen that the minister i'm sure would agree with me that that plan is now. perhaps even less realizable after the such a kind of profile killing do you think that complicates the international effort both in the yemen and in syria unfortunately the events of the past few days have
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not helped this process and be hope. to build these on fortunate developments over the past four or five days we do unfortunate developments of the past thirty months and beyond everybody in yemen and all the neighboring countries would come to the realisation that we have to put this nightmare to an end and we need to get together and put a plan to end the conflict in yemen now if i may share a personal impression of him because they have the video of the president's body wrapped in a blanket being mounted onto a pickup truck there is some very grim resemblance to the killing of moammar gadhafi six years ago and i was kind of surprised. mr saleh was a controversial figure for sure but i was very surprised by the lack of sympathy in the arab or more broadly of regional media. when it comes to his faith is that faith is that the new political norm in the middle i certainly hope
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the leadership in the earlier would move in the direction of responding to the needs and requirements of the population so that they do not face this grim fate at the end of the bush the killing of solid came shortly after he pulled out of his tactical alliance with the who are these and signaled a willingness to negotiate with a salad a lot coalition shifting his alliance once again as he did many times throughout his very long. i think what i'm hearing from you is the regret about his faith but though what do you think about his change of political allegiance well unfortunately. the coalition. you know that it has built has been basically destroying yemen killing yemeni civilians now it's a common international fact that the saudis have not
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refrain from even killing babies and elderly in their indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas in yemen for the past thirty months and it's been a basically an endless campaign vidanta any success and without any achievement other than huge number of human law that has been lost or maim so trying to. forget. this very grim reality very catastrophic reality and. not respond to the will of the yemeni people is certainly not something that should be welcomed well nobody is trying to forget about those graham reality but there is this final days of former president saleh did try to call for reconciliation is a call for you know the increase humanitarian access he talks for i dialogue
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did you have asked any trust in the in this culture we certainly want. those hopes to be realized we certainly want to see and to the conflict in yemen. but that would require some sort of dialogue and some sort of a political settlement but it requires at the same time that all sides be ready for that i believe what has prevented and to the conflict in yemen has been the reluctance of saudi arabia to engage in anything other than a military campaign i believe once they are ready and once everybody else is ready to engage in. in an attempt to facilitate and in three yemeni died because we cannot from the outside impose a solution on the yemeni people we should only facilitate a solution by d.m.
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many people and iran for its part is prepared to do whatever it can to facilitate such a political solution to end this nightmare mr you're letting me perfectly to my next question because any power about leverage in the middle is the north africa is this proxy politics and i hope you would agree that neither iran nor russia for that matter are exceptions. it is widely believed that has certain degree of influence on the hoody rebels do you think that influence whatever it may be compels your country. to exerting some sort of restraining a fact on the rebels i think everybody should use whatever influence that they have in whatever place in yemen in syria in order to end violence and bring about it political solution at the same time nobody from outside could impose a political solution what we need to do is to act in
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a concerted way all of us i mean iran is not engaged in bombing german there are countries whose air force are dropping bombs on the people of yemen basically on a routine basis on army but that i can see on a daily basis but at least on a routine basis so i think they don't need influence they can't simply decide to stop bombing yemen and we would certainly use our influence to encourage a political solution as you said iran is not involved in bombing am going to but i'm sure you've heard the saudis particularly your saudi counterpart and they're said to bear accuse iran of supplying ballistic missiles. she who to rebels i know that iran called those charges baseless and unfounded but you have one of the most capable intelligence services in the region do you have any idea of whether the who
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these claims that they have that kind of weaponry are accurate and they saw who might have provided those missiles as well as the expertise to use that but what do you have from our intelligence is that the who sees the yemenis it's not just a who's many army beach received a lot of buttons from many countries during the presidency of late president of the last fall including from russia. have the capability to develop those to modify it goes to increase. your range domestically they do not need to receive them from iran and we have made it very clear we do not provide them with you made suffer a several references to saudi saudi policies it in the region and i hope you won't be offended when i say this but when i listen to your your saudi colleagues here often make pretty similar points you know where they once were trying to make bridges they are the ones who are burning them we are open for dialogue but there
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how bound on the military solution or expansion. how what could possibly cause for these very thick stack of almost identical neutral. action. we're not the ones who supports this or the almost saying we're not the ones who support the taliban you remember only three countries recognize taliban saudi arabia was one of them you know the ones who supported isis wouldn't you know you see that now their former allies are exposing what they did to support these terrorist extremist organizations we're not the ones who are funding extremism throughout the globe we're not the ones who are sending every of the terrorist bombers whether it's in the in russia in the us they have somehow been affected by the ideology that they promote and finance so actions speak much louder than words
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recent research just that a peace plan for syria saudi arabia insisted on a military solution they said with the help of god we either remove a shot at us politically or militarily we said from the very beginning that syria does not have a military solution we said from the very beginning that yemen requires a political settlement not a military certainly we're not bombing given they are so i think actions speak much louder than that when i say i'm sure you just in your professional capacity you have to listen to what your counterparts our adversaries are saying and what if ways ask that he would say hey i'm in for hezbollah you know they they would make the same claims of supporting various militia groups and providing weapons and you know we in russia too far away to take sides even though i'm sure moscow appreciates you know his brother was not bombing anybody as well as a political organization in there been on we are not the ones again to invite the
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prime minister of the country to our country and. have him resign we try to use our friends our influence into the chain in order to who. defeat extremists. in order to work together for a political solution that's what we're doing in syria with russia and turkey we were not always on the same side i mean iran and russia are not always on the same so i don't know i'm not on the same side on a number of original purchase if i may ask you specifically about syria because i agree with you that saudi arabia at least initially is to have a very recalcitrant position but. most more recently i've heard the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov praise riyadh for its efforts in the bringing together the militarized syrian opposition as sort of prodding the towards the
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geneva process how do you see the saudis changing tack at least when it comes to syria but it's regrettable that the only decided to start the political process but then the defeated been there lately and then there were quiet for a bit but then they were defeated militarily on the ground in syria and that has caused huge number of like hugh number of lawyers have been lost we suggested this peace plan over fifteen months ago. as you said better late than never now let us see how much they hope they will facilitate the sochi process as you know the leaders of iran russia and turkey gathered in sochi in order to support a political process i hope others will join now he often criticised the saudis for wanting nothing less than one hundred percent they say or some attitude and let me
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ask you in that way to what extent can the saudis calm down the accommodation of that interest in syria and what do you think interest in syria are at the at the current stage i think everybody needs to define it their interest in syria. in terms of a better future for the syrians political inclusiveness in syria that all syrians would participate in determining their future view down to foreign intervention based only but only help whatever you want to call it we are supposed as i said to facilitate not to dictate i think the minute. we all understand that only the veil of the people can withstand the test of time then we will be moving in the right direction i believe all of us in the region have a common destiny i think iran and saudi arabia both live in
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a very difficult neighborhood we cannot gain security idea expensive in security of one another iran and saudi arabia will suffer from the same extremist groups we will be to targets of the same extremist groups i think the sooner our saudi neighbors realize that this is neat that they produce all of the stakes that they have produced in the past forty years be it saddam hussein be it the taliban be it isis have ended up turning against them it's now time for them to start producing flowers producing developments producing prosperity rather than producing terrorist organisations and dictators and i say it's a very difficult emotional question for us the russians as well because we are quiet used to this fighting dynamic and failing ourselves as if we have being
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unfairly accused of terrorist that but. sometimes somebody needs to make the first stab and do a little bit more than he or she is asking of the adversary is a ron ready to go a little bit further than what it was the saudi arabia to do you know we responded positively to every offer for go every single offer that was made to us by anybody including by the g.c.c. when g.c.c. so suggested at that time qatar was the. chair of the g.c.c. suggested a dialogue between iran and g.c.c. we immediately responded positively when kuwait on behalf of the g.c.c. suggested a dialogue between iran and the g.c.c. our president went to kuwait and had a direct discussion with the emir of kuwait and responded positively. but chick who has rejected all these efforts so we have taken all the steps but as you said
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you take one step you expect others to take reciprocal steps and unfortunately every step that we have taken has been rebuffed instead of the super kick to but also the neighbors well minister we have to take a very short break now but we'll be back in just a few moments. i want to bring you the day i did return to london why it's a little bit. why mess is a cooling no more important. than i am then the plants. in the south and been thinking or think of the a many liberated. why do think you have to make.
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all see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i've had a lot of tell you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will call him on that story. thousand zero zero zero zero. nice drive. left left left more or less ok stop that's really good.
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welcome back to all the part of a round point on this stage about thirty. minutes terry let me ask you about the united states because the united states is a sort of favorite adversary of both for iran and for russia here and foreign minister lavrov have a very similar way of philosophizing about international affairs i think you have yourself an overlap but there is a major difference in the way the russian and the remaining letters ship approach both the current and the former american administration because the iranians seem to be appreciative respectful of the obama administration but show quite a bit of kentucky where the current administration the russians on the contrary don't hide their dislike of their by my team but they are very restrained when it comes to criticizing iran while he is obviously crude what do you make of this kid go off truly be equal opportunity criticizes. be criticized the
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way that the obama administration that we did on as we criticize the way that the trumpet ministry my question to you by the difference the difference was that during the obama administration we had the nuclear negotiations and we worked out what seems to be a historic agreement and russia played an extremely important role in the process and we appreciate the road groeschel could be appreciate the role that europe plea yeah but the united states also plays a role because not as positive as show you know but more positive than we expected from the united states historically now the united states is resuming the animosity the hostility that they have exhibited. a returning to the old rhetoric to the old ways not that president obama abandoned them unfortunately the current administration does not use any accepted international. behavior in order to deal with iran. what you see from iran is
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a reaction to this minister you made the iranian physician pretty clear and i think it is not just iran that finds actions or statements of the current american president quite disagreeable but i'm particularly that's why i'm particularly interested in what you make of the russian treatment of don't try because i do think it's actually very very patient at least when you come into account of how russia usually reacts to the united states how do you read it what do you think is most to pursuing in this sort of can't go off approach to donald trump well i believe russia has a prudent foreign policy and is pursuing its interests and i usually do not think gauge interfering in the internal or external affairs of other countries would agree that their strategic considerations also impact your position because everything in the world especially in the middle is this closely interlinked do you think there is any benefit iran to russia trying to play the sort of i'm good
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call with trump i don't mean it in a way of good call but being more positive with that than let's say some of the others. again if we focus on our own relations with russia our own cooperation with russia on regional issues but in syria for instance iran and russia work together and then russia has some as they say de conflicting good enjoyments with the united states spec'd the decisions that our russian colleagues make. in terms of their bilateral relations with the united states or in terms of the conflicting with the united states because sometimes in this t.v. those may be necessary. i believe that nobody accepts the fact that the united states is going to. used to be in syria inspired to be that of the sovereign government of syria and i think that we was shared by russia's but what can i
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ask you specifically about the nuclear deal you do strongly dislike the transposition on the nuclear deal but i wonder if. there's still enough incentive for iran given the your current for operational economic rapprochement over the europeans with the japanese with the koreans to. uphold this deal regardless of the american compliance there because mr truong may or may not pull out of the deal but as i'm sure you know even the obama administration showed that the white house has its informal of ways of influencing the willingness of companies to deal with iran is it worth it for your country you stick to that deal regardless of what the americans do. it on has in fact of its side of the bargain we have fulfilled our promises and we have shown that we are a trustworthy international partner when we negotiate we stick to our words
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unfortunately as you pointed out rightly so the implementation by the united states has been lackluster in at best the attempt by certain us because to prevent economic relations with iran continued both during the obama administration lest probably be so during the trumpet ministrations been more public basically stated policy of a president trump and his or his administration what is it on is concerned we assess the situation to see where the continuity of. observance. of the deed would serve our national security interests and when it comes when it comes to the point that the benefits of continuing duty. would no longer exist when it comes to the point that iran is not receiving did the evidence. there promised in the deed then we will decide the quoting now i think it's now clear
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that the american regional allies intent on either renegotiating with us reinterpreting the deal i'm talking about israel and saudi arabia i wonder what do you think is the best diplomatic tactic in terms of save guarding the deal because you have the europeans the russians the chinese on your side what do you think is the best approach try to appeal to trying directly or try to work through saudi arabia and israel who also have the interest outside the united states and europe and russia as you always try to prevent a deal. your member. of the statements that been made the lobbying effort that was done. the pressures that's been exhibited in the course of the negotiation of the then they attempted to prevent the deal from passing. in the legislature in the u.s. and saudi arabia unfortunately and israel because of its nature.
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seek conflict. hostility and crisis as a means of survival so i understand you correctly that you believe that it is easier to actually persuade trying to stick with the deal rather than trying to persuade israel and saudi arabia that the deal must be. this is an international agreement if they disown it to live by a good international committee. it is in their own interest if they decided to while they do it internationally first of all of the will show to the world that they're not reliable that nobody can deal with negotiate who can reach or reach an agreement with any u.s. president because the next president may come basically late that is not a good signal that they would be sending to the international community but if they decide to send a signal a new dawn has its options and options are not limited and i don't think those options would be very pleasant for the kids and if i may ask you one last question
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israel and saudi arabia do not have formal diplomatic relations both precisely because of the palestinian issue but it's clear. that diplomatic contacts let me put it that way have intensified significantly. just in his latest address benjamin netanyahu quoted the saudi crown prince as belligerence they've meant on iran as you would quote your close ally so i think that's a very telling sign how much time do you give them before him sort of coming out and into the open of that close relationship and do you think that lation should be still be how bad by the logic of the resolution to the palestinian question. i do not believe that's new that has been going on for a long time is a bit more public but the arab street has seen so much so three of the palestinian
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people. the sock the palestinians the rights of the palestinians all trampled upon on on a routine basis the fact that every neighborhood has been invaded aggressed upon by israel and basically with impunity over the past seventy years these are all facts that make it very difficult for saudi arabia to openly disclose its secret relations with israel that has existed for a very very he just said that it's become something that you would expect that the rights of the palestinians i being trampled upon for decades doesn't that mean that the arab street no longer cares about the you know the arab street does kid and his boy instead of addressing the root cause that's all. leading to the type of extremism that we see in the i would so do they.
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his friends are trying to divert attention but diverting attention would not reduce to cause they're not addressed because i think the sooner i saw the neighbors realize what the threat is and address that threat instead of trying to divert the attention from the threat and this one every move in the right direction you know minister this is all we have time for i really appreciate your being with us and tell us please share your comments on our twitter facebook and youtube pages and i hope to see you again same place same time here i don't want a partner. donald
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trump's decision to move the u.s. embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem signals washington to be israel's capital reaction was easy to predict various degrees of dismay the law of unintended consequences surely in plain. sight for many years so i know that. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch school it's about the passion from the families it's the age of the. road as to the twenty million. it's an experience like nothing else to want to share. with. the face.
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west bank violence leaves more than one hundred palestinians and israeli soldiers. and even live ammunition in the tensions are to try. to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. mixed messages from the united states on the participation of its athletes and the upcoming winter olympics in south korea on the program people on the streets of new york if they can guess which country. should. be the united states. wow. the e.u. blacklist seventeen countries as an off shore.


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