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if you go with the projects that are being implemented where the budgetary cons up until recently. whatever we asked to show us how this one budgetary funds were they would tell us that it's up to donors. well if you are doing or you can do this directly but if you come to the always see if you see i give this money to a certain project in the country then i always see flag on this project i think it was a little it is only decent to tell others what this project these in the world what are the goals of this project so i strongly believe that. we still have a common goal so it was. asked on our summit in twenty ten to set up a community or universal community based on corporation an indivisible security we need your atlantic and your asia. do you think this political commitment that we
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all adopted at the top level in austin are. becomes or machines guideline for all the countries i think we will see more positive results than the one we see through do you think you will now take a few questions. the second. telecon i'll see. cinesias or budge on that one is he not. at the ministerial meeting of the o c i should we so. that the different conflicts in europe are treated differently you talked a lot about the ukrainian conflict and thereby john is concerned about that at the recent meeting of the parliamentary assembly and vienna and we saw an example where all the conflicts in europe are treated similarly don't you think it would be more
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objective for the ministerial council to do the same and follow this example frankly i did not get your question what example are you talking about treating all the conflicts in europe equally if you talk specifically referring to the conflict in ukraine we would like you. to. as much attention to the now going the conflict as you do. i understand bush. well first of all. resolving the crisis. up of who always combines to purchase first you have some fundamental principles for example going to direct contact between the two parties looking for a balance of interests implementation of agreements so that you don't go back at a certain point and also the russian federation and our partners. at least seven
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years ago we suggested we proposed adopting a document that would list all those principles that would. make sure that all the conflicts such treated some of our western partners said this will not work that every crisis is special in its own way and this is true but you know addition to these common the universal principles that maybe it is should be guided by when resolving a certain conflict we of course. should treat every conflict. in a special a way for example year we have a process going on but it. is not just about ceasefire because basically there is no one answer there because russian peacekeepers are there we are talking about facilitating people's daily lives and what is happening in ukraine the top priority there is to enforce a ceasefire because we always see. reports that. there has
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been accused no fighting for just seven. days and it's time to pull back heavy weapons and then ukraine says that there have been some clashes. i'm just referring to an agreement that they normally do for his head in berlin. so when you deal with these conflicts you have to see what the current priorities but it is also necessary to have some common universal principles like you said we should treat all the conflicts similarly and the most important principle is that there should be direct contact between the parties and we do have such direct contact with in the garden of conflict fortunately so far we haven't seen much progress but the fact that we had between the presidents and we often have dialogue between the foreign ministers and we think it's
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a positive development so we'll continue working. in this direction. so it's. with the collective. by cochairman russia france in the united states so we agreed to read it that this latest meeting we have principles of settlement that the parties have agreed to but so far it hasn't been converted into practical steps it's not an easy task but we keep working on that. on this this is the governor my skill. this being me is that from media yesterday you had a meeting with your ukrainian counterpart mystical and came as we know you talked about the prisoner exchange where you were able to come to an agreement did you discuss any particular figure is a specific date and also did you talk about synching ukrainian prisoners held in russian. prisoners in russian prisons yes we did discuss this with the.
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this was he's request we had a meeting we talked about. implementing the fundamental agreement that was reached. after. going to. the. hall for the ukrainian delegation in the context group for humanitarian issue met that you visited russia as you know he brought a proposal to change about three hundred. done it's going to get people to seventy ukrainian citizens. held in donetsk and lugansk or republics and as you know president putin based on the request of mr contacted leaders of these self-proclaimed republics and urged them to support this measure so everybody agreed to that and yesterday we just
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discussed with the bubble clinking some of the details are related to figures yes you're right about that but we just need to clarify something acts. and i think tomorrow there will be meeting in minsk a meeting between. us and their representatives the aides to the presidents of the norman two for four minutes and they will discuss the details of this wobbles. those held in. russian prisons were only mentioned tangentially we explained that ukrainian citizens who are also russian citizens. are. detained in according to russian law and there should be no consular access to them because they are russian citizens ukrainian citizens accused of a number of grave crimes have consular access and meetings with the relatives whenever this is necessary. going to see
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a good question from russia today two questions if i me yesterday there was you met with your us call the gregg's tillerson and after that we saw a statement at the foreign ministry website saying that we've got the geneva format which your for syria and the congress in syria because you know will only happen after terrorist groups in syria are fully defeated now that there is a statement on the ice is being defeated are you discussing a joint military operation in the blood and your city washington announced that moscow secretly works on cruise missiles land based cruise missiles in violation of the i.n.f. treaty could you please comment on this statement and do you think the washington observers we were weird to we have you said that there are reports that moscow has deployed
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a land based cruise missiles. in russia because. as far as serious concern and then fighting isis together. you're right about that. this has been fully defeated and the president has commented on that they arrive few pockets of resistance remaining but they are insignificant and they will be marked up in. the situation remains quite difficult and we will work together with turkey and iran and syria. we are working on this issue. to get to the deescalation area and working in this part of the syrian arab republic with the united states. we did not have any specific discussions on this particular area of syria we don't have any specific plans and i think this would be. unproductive. on as far
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as reports on the. the intermediate range missiles that we are deploying i haven't even heard about those reports i would be willing at those reports and i could comment on that later but like president putin said more than once we are committed we remain committed to the i.n.f. treaty. and the president has given the history of this issue when this treaty was first signed by the soviet union although we had land based missiles where is the united states sea based here based missiles so once we signed this treaty on banning and. destroying those missiles of course we left ourselves pretty much on armed but since that time as the president said that we've been modernizing our. armed forces and we
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developed here based in sea based missiles that are not banned under this treaty so i don't really know why would we deploy a land based missiles so those are just generic and unfounded accusations we don't even waste our time. responding to such. mr lavrov said. from turkmenistan we see their rights so the russian citizens and russian speaking citizens why late into a stand i would like to for example yesterday. i was kidnapped i would ask russia to request for information about her and by a certain. but it. was not just the russian citizen he was also a citizen of turkmenistan actually you know when you have to your citizenship. the
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conflict is going to you're involved in trouble with the law the law enforcement the universal practice and there is no alternative to this practice. this case is tried should be tried under the law of the country where he or she currently resides still we checked with deep previous. fantasist then government as we always do. whenever there is a crisis involving russian citizens look at it properly i'm talking about the woman who went missing yesterday and that we don't know about this but we never leave our people like. national attended. soon as we find out about
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a situation. in turkmenistan or any other country in the united states in the european countries you need share for. things like that happen all the time. one fortunately. the group has to. move on the one hand the whole world is open today you need to travel anywhere you like but at the same time. people become king . airlifts in many cases so i think this lady she's involved in she works for an ngo right animal rights well ok i ask my colleagues to look into it and i will tell our ambassador to find out to check with our turkmenistan colleagues if they can find out anything about her what happened to her.
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summer before which is. minister you met yesterday with your u.s. counterpart rex tillerson and after that you said that you passed on a message saying that the north korean leadership wants direct talks with the united states and want some kind of security assurances from them. what was. secretary since response to that and do you feel that that is in any way likely separately on jerusalem and i've seen statements from the kremlin saying balance the recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital by the united states risks dividing the international community does russia plan to take any action beyond such statements. on north korea our position remains unchanged we still believe. the steps have to be taken to deescalate the situation there. and i guess i should say this publicly in
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september our american partners to us you could cue which there will be no military drills around the korean peninsula until spring and we took this in this signal. as indicating that the u.s. is ready is just if he doesn't do anything. that they're willing to engage in and so we conveyed this signal to pyongyang that he's going to lean yes and they did not say no but just two days later when you actually do when you're when there was an emergency a military drill in october was announced years ago nobody expected that which you have to this is a real young you know computer did not make any steps and then as if to provoke. those steps you sure which in november they announced in another area
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in december that i think is currently under way the biggest military to reel in the history of the united states and the republic of korea after which this was announced that. it was after this announcement that the missile the intercontinental ballistic missile was launched by north korea something like i'm justifying this launch we have condemned this launch and then we demand that north korea complies with the u.n. resolution but it looks very much like the united states tried to provoke north korea to do something outrageous and they succeeded in that of course it will be no difficulty to resume dialogue but we strongly believe the north korea has indicated . to us more than once that they need security guarantees especially in a situation where from. washington. good to have him with his about to withdraw from the iranian nuclear deal. that was made
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a couple years ago and go on to which iran was to abandon its nuclear military program and in return the u.s. would lift sanctions and no ones i hope we would be able to start a dialogue on. the nuclear problem of. the korean peninsula many will ask this question has been mentioned publicly how can we convince north korea that if there is deal to dismantle its nuclear program and sanctions are lifted how can we convince north korea that the deal will not be broken in a year or two by the next administration this is an extremely serious question you know you have to order your word once you give it was so that's the situation we have in our hands now as far as jerusalem is going to turn yesterday i asked correct still our sense of. what is the current understanding of
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the united states on further progress because of this statement goes in the face of all the existing agreements by the way you just mentioned that he has divided the international community i think you could divide it into two very unequal parts. told me. only this decision nuance of all there are some fine details in the way it's implemented first you have to wait for six months then you have to hire an architect and. so on and so forth so he hinted to me that the united states hopes to make a deal over a century that would resolve in the one so if to strike the entire palestinian problem of course we would like to know what this solution would look like. and you don't know we. i would like to remind everybody that until recently. sammis series
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visiting the middle east talking to israelis talking to palestinians talking to other countries in the region. publicly encouraged to shift the focus on dealing with the middle east settlement perogue problem suggesting the. shifting focus to the arab peace initiative that says that as soon as the palestinian problem is resolved in the palestinian state is formed but i meant that i mean within certain parameters the entire arab world will recognize israel and normalize relations with israel. the current so you said ministration studies and it's lance discussed during your visit to the middle east advanced something to the contrary first we need to normalize relations between washington and the arab world and once this happens the
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palestinian problem will be resolved spontaneously but if you go so if the administration uses this approach that i just described so that. the arab peace plan. sequence i was in it's supposed to the contrary moving the embassy to jerusalem by moving the embassy to jerusalem ministration situation certainly more difficult if they want to normalize their relations with the arab world forest before they resolve it palestinian problem so i just asked a rescue rex tillerson to explain to me what is their vision. tamera can serve you the logic of what these actions because. what the administration has been doing until recently there is no explanation to this decision so we don't understand the logic of it i think of the security council will have
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a meeting later today so maybe the u.s. will explain. what they're doing and where they go in their. thank you know public broadcaster mr minister yesterday rex tillerson in his speech said that we must make progress on ending the long running conflict in georgia and moldova as well as. above and also he said that we must condemn russia's efforts to see full access to. regions of georgia how would you comment on this and also. when you will be ready to recognize the territorial integrity of georgia and stop. for our regions thank you especially was i was really think you for your statement i don't think i have to comment on that because rex tillerson encouraged condemning is russia and this was to you not to me so you're free to
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confirm. he condemned russia and he encouraged everybody to do the same so it's up to you know. the territorial into we're going to respect the territorial integrity of georgia just like we respect the territorial integrity of new independent states the republic of opposing the republic of south of syria. i think on the parliament because you're so good at richard our parliamentary news people yesterday you talked to tillerson and they discussed ukraine with how to this discussion. fishel statement by the foreign ministry said. a meeting would be good for russia said that there is no alternative to the minsk agreements for eastern ukraine and i have a question about this expression knowlton it to. you does this mean that the united states that there is no alternative what do they say about the minsk agreement no no no they did not say that but like you pointed out earlier you know i was
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discussion yesterday everybody all the parties president we will close this far as i know said that. the minsk agreement has to be implemented. the only question. we have is not what somebody thinks it's what he does i think minister publicly encouraged throwing them in scream and then coming up with something different he once said that the ukraine's army and security forces will soon be strong enough to resolve this problem without any minsk agreements and of course considering that the united states is the biggest patron of the current ukrainian regimes we encourage the us to move to realize its responsibility and encourage. their clients in kiev to act responsibly as well stop them from making such statements because he was unfortunately they haven't been doing this
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kind of work. with the kief authorities so far in private off the record conversations they tell us that they will be in. to implement how the green but they never talk about this publicly they never criticize. it's the actions by the key for their regimes which they are the only time that the united states and some of the european countries criticised wars when they keep government attacked which is to say. the anti corruption organization set up by the us directly they imprisoned somebody accused somebody to charge somebody. and i think they should be just as enthusiastic when they look at it we talk about the implementation of the minsk agreement.
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to the world so that said. and i also commented that yesterday on un peacekeepers and again which ukraine wants to take advantage of this subject to bear any means could raymond's the manske agreement says the boys see monitors. shooter work. to go through their movements shoed would be much more needed with the. parties on whose territory the or and since they worry issues with their security we suggested army always seem one inches long time ago but european countries rejected who said yes because they said they'd not have experience of peacekeeping operations and then president putin per post. deploying a un peacekeeping force to guard we see more knitters so whatever those always seem wanted to screw cording to their mandate once their movements are approved by the
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through release on whose territory the are the have to be accompanied by you and good peacekeepers who will guard them. this does not go against the minsk agreement but what we hear from apologies for interrupting their one r.t. international live comments from the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov day two of the o s c e summit in vienna key issues of european security let's just go straight to some of the questions from the press here a couple of subjects to bring to your attention when questioned about the situation in the future of syria. saying isis has been fully defeated only a few pockets of in significant numbers remaining but they will be eliminated and russia is directly working with turkey and iran in syria. with rex tillerson his u.s. counterpart in the past twenty four hours the issue of pyongyang in north korea north korea the leadership there wanting talks with the u.s.
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and security assurances but washington continues to stage military drills in effect ultimately saying that pyongyang is responding to the u.s. military drills in its back yard also the recognition. topic there with more details available for you right now dot com that's all the time we have for now but kate politics will be here in three minutes with the rest of your friday well it had its. well i would agree that they had a good return to london while it's a limited city. it is a cool one no more important. than the plants that aborts in the south and convincing conversant of the in many liberated
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. why do think you'd need. all to see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the freefall world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waiting spirit to the r.c.c. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best fall since my last will call him the let's throw two or three. thousand zero zero zero zero hitter here i call russia. i fly strike strike left left left more or less ok stop that's really good.
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west bank violence leaves more than a hundred palestinians injured in those israeli soldiers fired tear gas rubber bullets and even live ammunition the tensions erupted after donald trump's controversial decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital. mixed messages from the u.s. on the participation of its athletes in the upcoming winter olympics in south korea conflicting statements in much of the minutes of each other we asked people on the streets of new york if they can guess which country wants no longer taking. action . states. wow. and a breakthrough at law.


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