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tv   News  RT  December 12, 2017 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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palestinian territories see a six day of rage protests erupting in the west bank and gaza strip against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. a deadly explosion at a major gas put europe on high alert with prices soaring and a state of emergency declared. president. he figures on a report to congress on the number of u.s. troops on top of broader as another independent report claims that the pentagon doesn't know where forty four thousand of its soldiers are actually station.
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very good evening to you my name is neil harvey you're watching our international. the west bank city of bethlehem has been turbulent since donald trump's announcement last week that he was recognizing jerusalem as israel's capital into the palestinian health ministry four people have been killed and almost two thousand injured in six days of clashes more protests erupted on tuesday local journalists reports from the gaza strip. tensions are increasing on the buffer zone nothing knows each year yet we can see it and we just right now well you know life when it. shot just right now a palestinian kid got shot just right now in a live bullet from days release time seniors are still protesting the demonstrations and protests are so going in gaza strip west bank and bet let him flourish that sixth day today and palestinians have been protesting
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since. thursday night a week are filling the place palestinians have been demonstrating and protesting in garcelle blessed bank and everyone is being asked and palestinians are expressing their anger everywhere. ok. meanwhile the israeli army says that it hit back at hamas positions in gaza in retaliation for a rocket launched towards israel locals describe what happened. once you heard that. sometimes. you can still hear in the new horse i think
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trump was wrong this time he made a mess we israelis all know that jerusalem is our consul we don't need him to say. protests against trump's move have also been seen in europe in countries where activists came out onto the streets with palestinian flags auntie's europe correspondent peter all of the reports from one such demonstration. the german interior minister thomas thomas they called scenes of propellants tinian demonstrations across berlin over the weekend disgraceful well that was because there were some scenes where israeli flags were burnt and other. accusations of anti semitism it's a very different situation here on berlin on monday evening a few hundred people gathered here outside of the german capital's main train station but speaking to people here they've said that their message hasn't changed they're still raging against donald trump's decision to move. the u.s. embassy to jerusalem to accept jerusalem as the capital of israel and they say that
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accusations that these protests of being anti semitic well they're just unfounded. as we are see mights ourselves and we were expelled so we are also against anti semitism and accusing us of that is just nonsense. all those people be under semitic most of them are ups nervous system of. seventy the decision to move the embassy is unjust and tragic donald trump should think of better things to do you can just back want to side in this if you have to see both sides and i'm. willing to say to the world only if we want to reduce limits to become a callous a city of a palestinian nation then one things that we won't or they're wrong struck peace we want peace via violent well this demonstration had originally been planned to be held outside of the u.s. embassy however right there right now is actually seeing the lighting of the largest hanukkah menorah in europe so it was seemed weiss to move the demonstration
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here in the reasons it's at the tensions are very high we have seen violence at demonstrations across the world germany of course making sure they don't want to see that at all here in berlin but there has been strong words from european politicians. here leaders as well and as we're seeing this is the fourth day of demonstrations here in berlin demonstrations from palestinians abroad and those who support them going anywhere here in europe. but despite the strong objections to terms decision both in the arab world and beyond the u.s. ambassador to the united nations insists the move will bring peace to the region on the scale of more pernicious is just how long this us leaders seem to believe that if you repeat something over and over again it becomes the truth take a listen to nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations defending trump's recent jerusalem move which caused violence and chaos throughout the region we are living in the reality that jerusalem is the capital of israel clearly disagree with you this is your. this is
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a regrettable decision as the capital of israel. this decision gates of. it's the right thing to do. it is absolutely the right thing to do jerusalem is the capital of israel these decisions i'm hopeful to the prospects for peace in the region the announcement of the potential to send courts to even clear signs we are living in the reality that jerusalem is the capital of israel when both parties recognize reality peace comes repeating mantras happens to be a thing in washington d.c. especially when it comes to controversial foreign policy decisions take a listen to the no regime change just a no fly zone montra that we heard regarding the libyan intervention the security council has responded to the libyan people's cry for help this council is
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purpose is clear. to protect innocent civilians the task that i assigned our forces. to protect the libyan people from immediate danger broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake pretty soon nato korea's missiles were flying in order to back up fighters armed by western countries then eventually the country's leader moammar gadhafi was brutally executed here's hillary clinton retelling her version of the events yes we came we saw he died there and then there was that whole weapons of mass destruction routine performed at the united nations by call and how he even brought props less than a teaspoon full of dry anthrax in an envoy who shut down the united states senate in the fall of two thousand and one iraq declared eighty five hundred liters of anthrax we have no ambition in iraq except to remove
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a threat so the weapons of mass destruction weren't actually there and now iraq was left in a shambles the main reason we went into iraq it's a time was we thought he had weapons of mass destruction turns out he didn't well bush was forced to admit that he was wrong about iraq but nikki haley is certain there will be no retractions about jerusalem it will move the peace process for now come back and tell you i told you so now if any of that peace nikki haley is promising ever shows up it's certainly going to make people across the globe quite delighted but until then it looks like simply saying things doesn't make them so caleb oppen r.t. new york. one person has died in more than a dozen people have been injured after a gas explosion in austria ensuing fun has now been extinguished technical problems have been blamed for the place i witnesses describe the flames that soared into the sky the area around the site of the incidents down blast reportedly because it had
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a pumping station along a gas line. has the details. this was an explosion at the bound garton gas plant it's an austrian gas facility and it is a major hub for importing gas into europe it supplies a whole host of european countries including germany france italy slovenia and croatia so the repercussions of the explosion have been quite far reaching italy has been the worst affected that having to declare a national emergency as a result because rome now has a serious supply shortage and market prices for gas have more than doubled elsewhere in europe the explosion is exacerbating existing energy supply issues for example here in the u.k. on top of that explosion the most important north sea gas and oil pipeline has been shut down in order to repair a crack to the pipe and to top things off there's
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a severe cold snap here at the moment so that's paralyzed travel in some parts of the country so gas is very much in demand people need heating and prices for suppliers have surged in the fair is at this moment though that price increase could be passed on to consumers which would be at this time of year a very bitter pill for people to have to swallow so this perfect storm of just three variables just goes to show you how vulnerable the energy supply to europe can be at a time like this now the issue with the austrian facility is that it happened to be the main entry point for russian gas into europe russian gas accounts for about a third of the overall gas supplies to the continent and there had been a new pipeline in the pipeline so to say the nord stream to that was meant to create another way for russian gas to get to germany and the rest of europe but
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that project has been put on ice due to mainly. political obstacles some european countries are all for it others are worried that it would allow moscow to wield too much power over the rest of europe and the sanctions against russia have made it very difficult for anyone to invest in the project. ok let's bring in keith bush feel he's a research fellow at the center for policy studies over there in chile london keith how bad is this fear of being countries who are depending need that gas supplied to keep themselves warm well as your reporters just mentioned we're heading towards a perfect storm and there's going to be a lot of demand for gas being produced by norway sixty percent of the gas the united kingdom uses actually comes from norway but we're going to be competing for that with people in central europe and i notice that the minister in
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italy today has announced a state of emergency because things are so bad they've got a spell of very bad weather in southern europe i know that from my friends in italy so prices are likely to be going up and there's a lot of uncertainty about when the pipeline crack will be fixed in the north sea. well prices you mentioned going up there i mean they've already risen considerably doubled yesterday here in italy i mean the that's terrifying and it's one of those things that people at home will really complain about that hits them hard in the pocket and worse timing as well coming up to christmas how this situation. well you know one of the things that's exacerbated the situation is that centrica which we know is british gas in this country closed down their gas storage facility off the north coast in yorkshire earlier this year and that is made is
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that more vulnerable to this sort of situation so we don't have a backstop we're going to be much more really reliant on places like tom and of course there's a lot of political uncertainty surrounding qatar and we get something like a third of our from qatar liquefied natural gas. this creates a kind of a tricky situation i would imagine because people at home they don't want to pay more it's as simple as that but then if you are looking at alternatives like cattle or the middle east countries maybe maybe the u.s. you think that's the direction that governments who are talking about you know these prize raisers are in the daily spot market and a lot of people are getting their gas on much longer term contracts particularly in industry but i think in terms of retail sales the retailers in this country of being complaining about
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a rather poor sort of black friday return figure experience and i think they're going to be struggling up to christmas particularly with the utility bills that are likely to be rising so people here in the united kingdom are going to be a lot more cautious about spending on big ticket items is this a short term problem do you think all along. turmoil we're going to see the price of gas going well we don't know if. we don't know that's the uncertainty surrounding this because it's really hinges on how quickly we can get that capacity back in the north sea and how far for example norway or the qataris might increase production but were in a competitive world and earlier this year that tarries were actually diverting their tankers to the far east because they were getting better prices in the far east than they were in europe so it's a global market in the way things are going i think prices are going to be going up
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case really fascinating insight appreciate you coming on boy fills my guest research fellow at the center for policy studies thanks. you know the news president trump has invoked congress how many u.s. troops are stationed abroad only the bi annual white house reporter admitted some key figures in the paragraphs talking about afghanistan iraq and syria not a single number was given troop numbers were disclosed though for jordan and lebanon emitted figures come as a surprise given that the u.s. defense secretary apparently revealed themselves just a few months ago we have approximately eleven thousand troops in afghanistan and that is seen in our edition of what were three thousand u.s. troops arrive in now and in the coming months to extend those advisory effort to afghan troops that are currently without the number for iraq is fifty two hundred and the number for serious to tats. when the white house provided figures on troop
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involvement abroad six months ago some were surprised the number of u.s. lawmakers actually had no idea that american soldiers with station for example. former u.s. congressman ron paul told us that the level of transparency is unsurprising. but i didn't know there was a thousand troops in niger you heard senator graham there he didn't know we had a thousand troops in these air did you know i didn't know it well i'm fortunately we don't like surprises it's sort of the routine especially with the new administration because the president has stated that he wants to keep everything under his best under his vest because he doesn't want people to know and he believes that's proper policy but it's not good good law because the constitution says he's not a lot of send troops around the world without the people in the congress knowing about it is because it's very difficult especially if they say well this is secret we can't let the people know we can't let the enemy know where our troops are so they put the american people in the category of the enemy because we're not
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a lot of no and so it's really government are out of control but it's what's that what they what this reflects is a foreign policy that they are institute ron paul institute disagrees with we don't think it's in our interest we don't think it's an interest of our security and we don't believe this brings peace and we don't bring it proper asperity so we have practical reasons and legal reasons why we don't think these troops should be over see and if there is any of them overseas we should know exactly where they are because who knows they may be shooting off guns and bombs and drones and getting ourselves into a mess that we don't want to be n. . and according to a report by the u.s. military general stars and stripes as many as forty four thousand american troops stationed around the world and not trying to buy the pentagon that's of one point three million in total around three hundred thousand u.s. personnel serve outside america and over one hundred fifty countries would of course. a comment from the department of defense and it said that some personnel
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are indeed mark does having an unknown location as they may be for example see it added to his data center may not accurately reflects the current force totals again says that defense department's explanation just wasn't doing that's their excuse but that should not happen in a republic i mean people are supposed to know what's going on the people who are supposed to speak out the people are supposed to tell their members of congress when we should get involved in hostilities and once again it's a theory of what our responsibilities are around the world most every country in world is imperfect including ours but our should be to improve our sales and not pretend that we can tell other people how to live and who should run their countries even though there are plenty of problems around but i don't think other people like us to take this role of secretly putting troops around the world and
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interfering in saying well we're going to improve your governments and we're going to tell you what to do if you don't do well we what we're going to put sanctions on you. europe is looking to bolster its defenses with pesky that's the permanent structure cooperation pact which was signed monday here of some of the pilots and. well twenty five e. states have already signed up for sco comprises of eighteen projects in different spheres of defense some of these will duplicate nato functions so let's take a closer look then at some of these crossovers like nato pescado will conduct trying to assist missions similarly it will dedicate resources to fighting and
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preventing cyber attacks and it will also establish crisis resolution centers nato head in stoltenberg says this project quote will strengthen the european pillar within nato top e.u. officials have also praised her sco e.u. foreign policy chief federica margaret he called the move historic wrong flawed human also welcomed it he pointed out that either you security cannot be outsourced however the foreign minister of poland expressed concern he called an experiment and raise doubts whether europe needs a second defensive body in addition to nato political commentators on bricmont believes the venture is doomed to fail. what's the point of the military is to wage war you can either wage a defensive work if you're on the attack on the offensive or the attack of the counties now you can attack we can three stocks tank on threes now defending ourselves against whom against obviously against pressure but who can think for a second that close i would launch
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a war against one of its neighbors i mean you see i mean there are bound to lose that war because of illusion of strength is not good and they don't want a nuclear war nobody wants a nuclear war so i don't see how it mean makes sense to defend ourselves because we don't have any enemies of course we could also attack russia but it would be suicidal to for the same means on the only thing that's left is to attack. continues the absurdity of the european construction i'm sorry this is this is bound to be a failure of course it will exist in that sense it will be a success but you know what's going to what is it going to accomplish preserve peace we don't have war we don't have in the enjoy for the only problem is terrorism and that's not going to help them. the main suspect in monday's boston new york bombing had been accessing islamic state related materials online according to a court statement twenty seven year old. multiple charges pressed against him
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allegedly planned the attack for a year used his facebook page on the day of the attack to say that trump it failed to defend america three people as well as himself were injured in that explosion near times square. feeling. every day something. i think it's i think it's kind of normal for these times were particularly in new york city which is targeted many times and it's the new normal. spelling's cameras captured the moment of the blast it took place below the port authority to an all said to be the busiest bus hub in the world the suspect had a homemade pipe bomb attached to his body a terrorism expert says the lone wolf attacks here to stay. straying attacks are happening with increased frequency in the u.s.
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and certainly from what we've seen in europe. are perhaps not directly. from wrecking. us but certainly have an affiliation came down in terms of sympathy with them frank. in iraq and syria it's not surprising i think you any may. stream networks in there and snacking on a core of security you think that needs are going to probably continue to happen for some time in the future. just a month after its unsuccessful bid for independence the spanish region of catalonia is once again being struck by violence hundreds of protesters scuffle with police in the city of. god.
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but inflaming separatist sentiments this time addition to facts from the continent in another spanish province that would love to come to learn. that. the central government has in effect basically ended the litigation they said we have the power now and we're going to end this issue once and for all. you know just because i know you know what is happening in the museum in the that has nothing to do with justice it is the spanish government and the authorities american that came to the museum look at what was.
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cut. that we've already seen the marks against democracy in human rights today we also saw them ignore cultural values people in the poser imbue these artifacts with perhaps greater actual value than what they have because they speak to a larger set of tensions between the two parties. for a tarion approach on top of all the other authoritarian approaches that the catalans have been subject to that makes this particular case so important. russian troops have started to return home following that tours of duty in syria
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that follows monday's order from vladimir putin to start withdrawing russian forces from the country which the president said was now fully liberated from islamic state. i am. or. anything and. thanks for joining us here on our to international this evening i'll be back with very latest at the top of the hour see that.
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here's what people have been saying about redacted in the navy seals exactly just full on awesome well the only show i go out of my way to launch you know what it is that really packs a punch. bleep yampa is the john oliver of r t america is doing the same thing we are apparently better than food as soon as see people you've never heard of love redacted tonight was the president of the world bank though a bundle of money seriously sent us an e-mail. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did it i took a lying down just i came to god and meant that the debts tie came to god and he was fired not. many lives have been broken by excess of the banks got you into trouble and all the big bankers got big price from the government about the
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banks but i just didn't think of the ordinary man who was mourning through the back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face who have you know you become ill you due to job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is dead a life long trip or is there a way out those are sure to come to bed or no would write code to ditch a bill for so much suspicion someone. would lol make its manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the famous merry go round the sun be the one percent. we can all move the rooms to. the.
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room. i am asked as are this is the kaiser report yeah bitcoin is skyrocketing up the charts heading into the five figure tens of thousands soon to be hundreds of thousands of dollars a lot of stories emerging you know stacy it's amazing going back to the two thousand and eleven era when but going was a dollar two dollars three dollars of course we were reporting it here on the kaiser report a lot of people would give me bitcoins at these conferences i gave a lot of people lots of bitcoins i distinctly remember giving russell brand a thousand bitcoins when they were i think maybe two bucks a bit coy that's not worth sixteen million dollars i wonder if he still has them
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some of them were these to say shows coins and i don't know it's just a lost track is like giving away candy at that time of course they're worth something yeah we're going to as we approach the end of the year and do our retrospectives and look forward to the new year we're going to talk a lot about the history of bitcoin what's going on we are recording this quite a few hours before the futures markets open in chicago. has become a huge massive international story everybody's hearing about it we're getting a lot of tweets and a lot of e-mails asking how to buy it how to buy it people are panic buying and you're certainly seeing that i saw a chart of verses and it's all buy is no selling there's nobody selling so you're seeing quite a basically a melt up and then roll it.


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