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tv   News  RT  December 12, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm EST

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protests are up for a sixth in the west bank and gaza are against the u.s. recognition of jerusalem as the capital of israel. we believe that you know we please see the system of abuse and torture the refugees and i say. i'm still international accuses e.u. countries of complicity in the abuse and torture of migrants trying to reach europe from libya. deadly explosion at a major gas up in austria puts europe on high alert with prices soaring and a state of emergency declared in italy.
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thanks for joining us this morning is the you watching international. the west bank city of bethlehem has been thrown into turmoil since donald trump's announcement last week that he was recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel according to the palestinian health ministry four people have been killed almost two thousand injured in six days of clashes while protests erupted throughout tuesday journalist reports from gaza tensions is increasing on the buffer zone nothing knows each year yet we can see and hear we just right now know. the live. shot just right now a palestinian kid got shot just right now in a live bullets from days rallies to seniors are still protesting the demonstrations and protests are struggling in gaza strip west bank and bet let him flourish. that
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sixth day today and palestinians have been protesting since. thursday night oh we can also see their tear gas pumps that israelis are throwing to use tear gas bombs that are filling the place palestinians have been demonstrating and protesting in guys sell bank and bait everyone is being asked to palestinians are expressing their anger everywhere. in while the israeli army says that it has bombarded a must positions in gaza. for a rocket launch towards israel locals describe what happened. wants.
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the best. you can still be here. i think trump was wrong this time he made a mess we israelis all know that jerusalem is our capital we don't need him to say that. protests against trump's move have also been seen in european countries where activists came out onto the streets with palestinian flags on his europe correspondent peter all of the reports from one such demonstration the german interior minister thomas to my essay called seems appropriate demonstrations across berlin over the weekend disgraceful well that was because there were some scenes where israeli flags were burnt and other. accusations of anti semitism it's a very different situation here on monday evening a few hundred people gathered here outside of the german capital's main train station but speaking to people here they've said that their message hasn't changed
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they're still raging against donald trump's decision to move. the u.s. embassy to jerusalem to accept jerusalem as the capital of israel and they say that accusations that the protests have been anti semitic well they're just unfounded. as we are see mights ourselves and we were expelled so we are also against anti semitism and accusing us of that is just nonsense how could all those people be under semitic most of them are ups. the decision to move the embassy is unjust and tragic donald trump should think of better things to do you can just back one side in this case you have to see both sides and i'm. willing to say to the world only that we want to reduce limb to become the capital city of a palestinian nation if anyone thinks that we won't war they're wrong for peace we want peace. demonstration had originally being planned to be held outside of the
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u.s. embassy however right there right now is actually seeing the lighting of the largest hanukkah menorah in europe so it seemed weis to move the demonstration here in the reasons it's at the tensions are very high we have seen violence at demonstrations across the world germany of course making sure they don't want to see that us all here in berlin but there has been strong words from european politicians and eight leaders as well and as we're seeing this is the fourth day of demonstrations here in berlin demonstrations from palestinians abroad and those who support them going anywhere here in europe. well despite the strong objections to troops both in the arab world and beyond the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. insists the move will bring peace to the region. more pain takes a look at the. u.s. leaders seem to believe that if you repeat something over and over again it becomes the truth take a listen to nikki haley the u.s. ambassador to the united nations defending trump's recent jerusalem move which
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caused the violence and chaos throughout the region we are living in the reality that jerusalem is the capital of israel clearly disagree with you this is your. this is a regrettable decision there is them as the capital of israel. this decision. it's the right thing to do. it is absolutely the right thing to do jerusalem is the capital of israel these decisions i'm hopeful to the prospects for peace in the region the announcement of the potential to send spec puts to even. we are living in the reality that jerusalem is the capital of israel when both parties recognize reality peace comes repeating mantras happens to be a thing in washington d.c. especially when it comes to controversial foreign policy decisions take a listen to the no regime change just
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a no fly zone montra that we heard regarding the libyan intervention the security council has responded to the libyan people's cry for help this council is purpose is clear. to protect innocent civilians the task that i assigned our forces. to protect the libyan people from immediate danger broadening our military mission to include regime change would be a mistake pretty soon nato cruise missiles were flying in order to back up fighters armed by western countries then eventually the country's leader moammar gadhafi was brutally executed here's hillary clinton retelling her version of the events yes we came we saw that he died there and then there was that whole weapons of mass destruction routine performed at the united nations by call and how he even brought props less than a teaspoon full of dry anthrax in an envoy shot down the united states senate in
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the fall of two thousand and one iraq declared eighty five hundred liters of anthrax we have no ambition in iraq except to remove a threat so the weapons of mass destruction weren't actually there and now iraq was left in shambles the main reason we went and you're right it's a time was we thought he had weapons of mass destruction turns out he didn't well bush was forced to admit that he was wrong about iraq but nikki haley is certain there will be no retractions about jerusalem it will move the peace process for now come back and tell you i told you so now if any of that peace nikki haley is promising ever shows up it's certainly going to make people across the globe quite delighted but until then it looks like simply saying things doesn't make them so kaleb up and r.t. new york. i'm just international is accuse the governments of italy and other e.u. notions of being complicit in the abuse of migrants trying to reach europe via libya the group has published
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a report titled libya is dog web of collusion we believe they know we can place a system of abuse and torture of refugees and migrants a. big. cause they know exactly what is going on and they have children and to support. the system of detention and their view of migrants without putting in place any safeguards some of the international findings are based on videos published by a volunteer rescue group called sea watch in november one of the videos shows a refugee being thrown off a libyan coast guard boat the ng as i am going and going to as. well that video was shot from a sea watch search and rescue vessel other pictures show migrants being whipped with a rope. and
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he. was. in pictures of this boat seen in the video were reviewed by amnesty international they found it was the same boat donated by italy back in april it was handed over to the libyan coast guard in a ceremony attended by the italian interior minister a misty's research says that libyan coast guards are working closely with people traffickers that comes from the testimonies of fifteen refugees. at the company with some time see the navy come to me with the smugglers who pay the navy they don't come by car the come by boat we're on the last boat when we departed a speedboat stopped us it was the libyan coast guard and they asked us from which man do you come we told them mohammed several of them and they said ok go on in
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libya it's either in prison or easily you cannot go back you cannot turn around. last week the european commission issued a report on e.u. programs in libya the documents stress the need to shut down smuggling in human trafficking operations in the country artie's are several institutions to comment on the allegations against the u. governments the following reply from the deputy spokesman for the un secretary-general we have raised our own concerns about the situation and particularly the human rights of migrants in libya as you know different organizations within the u.n. system have also been working with your thirty's to see what they can do to resolve the plight of the migrants who've been in libya and we again reiterate the need to make sure that all the people who had been migrants can be resettled to other places where their rights and their dignity respective. to discuss this story now with us some guy who's a visiting professor of international relations and global politics at the american university of rome it's very nice to speak to it's
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a shame though the story we have to discuss and we heard that the u.n. is is concerned from that statement that there was just read out this international have accused italy other you governments of supporting a system where migrants are detained and abuse do you think it's a fair allegation. you know for me it's a little bit perhaps of an it sounds to me like an overstatement because first of all you know if i think they mention torture and abuse. these things are definitely happening. and they're the people that are first and foremost responsible are the human traffickers and libya as the main responsibility in shutting this down and to control it but we know that libya is in a fragile situation so realistically speaking we we have to admit that that italy any you has to be very vigilant in making sure that they do not
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refile which means to turn back. asylum seekers back to a place where they could be maltreated and that in this case would be would be libya so i wouldn't say the society that they're you know complicit directly in the abuse i think that that that may be a little bit unfair. what i would say however is that you know italy which has been enormously generous i mean they've taken already i think one hundred sixty five thousand migrants this year to up till now and many other countries just close their borders completely to two migrants so you know italy has been very very generous and has a hoodie short of very high level of solidarity with with asylum seekers and economic migrants as well but it's no good if people are. you know facing
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i'll sorts of abuse and that's clearly been happening so that the solution to this is to have an e.u. . you know wide solution that is there is. in great solidarity with italy and supports in chile in its in its efforts and that means not to turned . well back in to make sure that they can make an asylum claim into sort of between economic migrants a little don't have the same rights as refugees and refugees or persons. who are facing a well funded through persecution so there is a refugee determination process that has to be followed under international law and italy has to be very vigilant to make sure that unintentionally or intentionally. it is you know feeding into a system of abuse so there is a definite concern there was a concern that was raised by the u.n. community against torture in geneva and just back in november seventeenth that said
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something's not working with the italian agreement with the libyan government and it has to italy has to do more. than go beyond denunciations of what's happening in libya and see whether it can pressure the libyan authorities to to ensure that people are not maltreated you mentioned that that the use of the term income complicit i mentioned what do you think is really going on would it be fair to say perhaps that the italian government is turning a blind eye to what is happening how do you assess their involvement and to what extent they have a geisha and to ensure the human rights of these refugees. you know well we can't lump everybody as refugees there are refugees and there are economic migrants and they have different rights. and also the definition of refugee. is narrower the way it's used in by european countries and also in north america
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then in africa in latin america for example in africa in the latin american countries. anybody fleeing from generalized violence or a natural disaster of war. should be. classed as a refugee in their reading intergovernmental consensus on the definition whereas a classical definition from the one nine hundred fifty one refugee convention in the in the one hundred sixty seven protocol is that it's a person facing a well founded fear persecution which implies some sort of being specifically targeted so first of all is a death is a difference in in the. interpretation of what is a refugee. un each c.r. recommends that all countries broaden their definition because. people that are facing serious generalized lyons or war situations are in a very similar situation to. persons facing well founded fear persecution and of
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the classical definitions hard to very hard to just you know it's interrupt you know let's want to get back to your point though didn't he think that the italian officials are aware that there are some abuses taking place and are just taking no action over or do you think that they're absolutely ignorant to what's happening. you know i it's really hard for me to say that they're absolutely ignorant or that they are i wouldn't say that they're complicit i think it's you know they cannot be held responsible for everything that goes on and libya and the other hand if you're getting a number of reports from credible sources including u.n. agencies that there are systematic abuses that that is and and i think it's clear that there are italy has to then and the european union has to say well we're not going to send these people back to libya and we're going to find some way to give them a safe haven whether they're whether or not they are economic migrants or refugees to try to help us to resettlement. so blind i may be what we're
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seeing. more than more than complicity and it's not exactly the same thing it's it's italy has been has been as i said very very generous and i think they're getting a little bit desperate with the property you support having said that there have been negotiations and tellin and i understand that the e.u. and italy have an agreement which is not quite in force yet but which it which i think will become operational were by the e.u. will get much more support to italy but there is another issue is that the e.u. shouldn't be trying to basically. allowing its border decisions to be made by the libyan authorities either in effect extending the iraqi and union border security to the to the libyan territory because that that's also not correct. it's really seem to be in an almost impossible situation pressure from some dogs as
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the e.u. not to let migrants in and pressure from from others to let the men. have sort of incorporated within the borders of the you know if you could start this whole system from scratch what would be your best way of dealing with the matter. i think it would have been better not to have the end of the nato intervention in libya the way it went and i know the russian federation and china are still. feeling very resentful for what happened there because the original mandate under the u.n. security council resolution. way back in twenty eleven was to protection of civilians and use of force for the protection of civilians and you just had a broadcast just now on not only illegal invasion of iraq back in two thousand and three by george bush i mean. isn't is not right that countries major powers at the stable a situation and then later on complain that. there are mass migration
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movements from from war and other difficulties so the whole world will have to join together first of all not to. use force in an indiscriminate matter manner or in ill advised ways and and then also to join with countries to build capacity and. have share fair trade relations and to make sure that people have job opportunities cetera because a lot of people i mean they take enormous risks to cross the mediterranean so many deaths that happened and they want to be leaving unless situations very dire. so whether it's an economic situation or whether it's from you know the classical refugee a well founded fear fear of persecution situation so it means so much more engagement . between rich and poor countries and also not mucking around
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throwing bombs and trying to. get on places into democracy and human rights and rule of law it has to be done in partnership democracy human rights the rule of law with the countries and not in such a reckless manner as we saw in libya and some a certain other place in the middle east and north africa while much appreciate you coming in to take some fascinating points you made that song goes my guest visiting professor of international relations and global politics at the american university of rome thank you it's been a pleasure neal. on to the news one person has died more than a dozen people have been injured following a gas explosion in austria technical problems have been blamed for the blow through and witnesses are describing scenes flames billowing into the sky the area around the site is a lot. of this was an explosion at the bound art and gas plant it's an austrian gas facility and it is a major hub for importing gas into europe it supplies
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a whole host of european countries including germany france italy slovenia and croatia so the repercussions of the explosion have been quite far reaching italy has been the worst affected they're having to declare a national emergency as a result because rome now has a serious supply shortage and market prices for gas have more than doubled elsewhere in europe the explosion is exacerbating existing energy supply issues for example here in the u.k. on top of that explosion the most important north sea gas and oil pipeline has been shut down in order to repair a crack to the pipe and to top things off there's a severe cold snap here at the moment so that's paralyzed travel in some parts of the country so gas is very much in demand people need heating and prices for suppliers have surged and the fear is at this moment though that price increase
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could be passed on to consumers which would be at this time of year a very bitter pill for people to have to swallow so this perfect storm of just three variables just goes to show you how vulnerable the energy supply to europe can be at a time like this now the issue with the austrian facility is that it happened to be the main entry point for russian gas into europe russian gas accounts for about a all of the. overruled gas supplies to the continent and there had been a new pipeline in the pipeline so to say the nord stream to that was meant to create another way for russian gas to get to germany and the rest of europe but that point jags has been put on ice due to mainly political obstacles some european countries are all for it others are worried that it would allow more scope to wield too much power over the rest of europe and the sun shines against russia have made
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it very difficult for anyone to invest in the project. now or two years as the u.s. state department for clarification on a recent decision to remove the trammels press credentials in congress stuff to earlier assurances that are to america's status as a foreign agent would not prevent reporters from doing their jobs in cross live now to smear a car news that the state department briefing so it seems contradictory information so did they backtrack with a republican was there an explanation what happened well this all comes after r.t. america was forced to register as a foreign agent and then like you said stripped of their press credentials i asked the state department about this but i didn't exactly get an answer when art he was forced to register as a foreign agent and you said that it would inhibit our ability to report however just a couple weeks ago our press credentials were revoked so doesn't this contradict
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your earlier statements i think i think press credentials may have been revoked by congress and not necessarily the members of congress but rather the association of reporters that handles who gets to come in and cover congress now previously heather nauert said that registration would not at all affect our ability to report but shortly after our press credentials were revoked so clearly that wasn't the case but let's take a look at what heather nauert had to say before that happened. when the united states tells someone to register under a foreign agent requirement we don't see impacts or affect the ability of them to. report news and information we just have the register it's as simple as that now after basically directing my question to congress she tried to play the russian card and udev to me a representative of the russian government in fact the fact that you are here as
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a representative of the russian government is a perfect example of how we do not not restrict any type of freedom of the press they can get russian news if you well now i didn't get a chance to respond to those accusations but i'd like to present a few questions now is a journalist for the b.b.c. does she consider them to be representatives of the british government what about france twenty four does she also consider them to be representatives of the french government and so on and so forth so it seems like the same department is trying to divert these questions to congress and shift blame all to avoid accountability i can answer those questions for you. is no they don't consider the b.b.c. british government know the answer to the french because the two words double standards and i'll leave you with those that many thanks. president from person voted to congress many u.s.
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troops have been stationed abroad only the biannual white house reporter admitted some key figures in the paragraph that talked about afghanistan iraq and syria another single number was given truth numbers were disclosed though for jordan lebanon emitted figures come as a surprise given the us defense secretary apparently revealed themselves a few months ago. we have approached me eleven thousand troops in afghanistan and that is seen in our addition of over three thousand u.s. troops arriving now and in the coming months to extend nato's advisory effort to afghan troops that are currently without. the number for iraq is fifty two hundred and the number for syria is two tatts. in the white house provided figures on troop involvement a broad six months ago some was a price the number of u.s. lawmakers had no i did the american soldiers were stationed in the former u.s. congressman ron paul told us that the level of transparency is for him and surprising but i didn't know there was
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a thousand troops in niger you're it's underground there he didn't know we had a thousand troops in these air did you know i didn't know that well i'm fortunately we don't like surprises it's sort of the routine especially with the new administration because the president has stated that he wants to keep everything under his best under his vest because he doesn't want people to know and he believes that's proper policy but it's not good good law because the constitution says he's not a lot of send troops around the world without the people in the congress knowing about it is because it's very difficult especially if they say well this is secret we can't let the people know we can't let the enemy know where our troops are so they put the american people in the category of the enemy because we're not a lot of no and so it's really a government out of control but it's what's the what this reflects is a foreign policy that there are institute ron paul institute disagrees with we don't think it's in our interest we don't think it's an interest of our security
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and we don't believe this brings peace and we don't bring it proper asperity so we have practical reasons and legal reasons why we don't think these troops should be overseas and if there is any of them overseas we should know exactly where they are because who knows they may be shooting off guns and bombs and drones and getting ourselves into a mess that we don't want to be in. and according to a report by the u.s. military journal stars and stripes as many as forty four thousand american troops stationed around the world are not tracked by the pentagon that's one point three million in total around three hundred thousand u.s. personnel served outside america in more than one hundred fifty countries we discussed a comment from the department of defense that said that some personnel are indeed having an unknown location as they may for example be at sea the data center may not accurately reflect the current force total is ron paul again saying that the defense department's explanation just won't do that's their excuse but that should
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not happen in a republic i mean people are supposed to know what's going on the people who are supposed to speak out the people are supposed to tell their members of congress when we should get involved in hostilities and once again it's a theory of what our responsibilities are around the world most every country in the world is imperfect including ours but our immediate goal should be to improve ourselves and not pretend that we can tell other people how to live and who should run their countries even though there are plenty of problems around but i don't think other people like us to take this role of secretly putting troops around the world and interfering in saying well we're we're going to improve your governments and we're going to tell you what to do if you don't do what we want we're going to put sanctions on you. but appreciated your company this evening get my.


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