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tv   News  RT  December 13, 2017 10:00am-10:31am EST

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breaking news this hour the organization for islamic cooperation calling today for the world to recognize east jerusalem as the capital of the occupied state of palestine adding to that the u.s. no should withdraw from the peace process altogether. in other news international says e.u. countries bear much of the blame for the cruel treatment enjoyed by migrants in libya. we believe they know we see the system or have you say all the refugees and my dad said. the u.s. is set for u. turn on north korea as america's top diplomat says washington is ready to enter
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talks with pyongyang without any preconditions. let's just me. and let's talk about whether you want to talk about whether it's going to be a square table or around the table that's what you're shot at about. six pm wednesday the thirteenth of december my name is kevin i mean this is r.t. international a very warm welcome to think that you're jewish and we started the big news in from turkey this then there the organization for islamic cooperation has called on the international community this afternoon to recognize jerusalem as the capital of palestine has been following the emergency session for us what was said of the summit give us more detail on. well they made that declaration which is completely the reverse of what we heard from donald trump in
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the last week that they want nations across the world to recognize east jerusalem as being the capital of palestine where is the usa in the last week that it will recognize jerusalem has recognized her. soon as the capital of israel essentially pitting the usa against this corporation obviously law make a muslim countries and potentially the rest of the world if they decide to sign with that new declaration that's being requested now we also heard that extraordinary meeting in istanbul today that they condemned donald trump making that announcement saying that this was a provocation against muslim nations we also heard as well that the usa according to the owaisi could no longer be an honest broker in the peace negotiations between israel and palestine and that speakers at the meeting of the oh i see they said that the usa was no longer honest and it was no longer able to
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be impartial on this issue and therefore it could not be honest with you could be the country that tries to negotiate peace between israel and palestine now we also heard some incredibly strong comments from president. hu convene this extraordinary meeting he described israel as being a terrorist state described so just as killing a ten year old children and he himself also condemned that measure by donald trump take a listen to what mr on had to say to us on the situation this decision. all of the christians all of the communities all of the people around the league of justice to take trial are you backing up this this is really all there is occupation here there is torture there is terrorism you know this is this what you define me. but we also heard from the palestinian
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leader mahmoud abbas today who described that decision by donald trump last week to recognize jerusalem as being the capital of israel as being he said salaam century now he also went on to talk about. using that announcement by donald trump to turn what he called a political struggle into being a religious struggle and he also said he will now go to the general assembly of the united nations and ask for israel's membership to be relooked at listen to this. the we will go to the general lee regarding the membership of israel because its membership is not in line with the national resolutions we will go to the peace and security council to the question of the full membership of palestine. what we have now is a clear indication that this membership of oh i see members muslim countries
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across four continents banding together to say that they want to declare something that's completely contrary to what the u.s. has said pitting them against the u.s. essentially and some might now question kevin whether this is what donald trump wanted all along with he wanted to announce jerusalem as being the capital of israel this is a man who in the last year since he's taken office has yet again time and time made pronouncements against muslim countries of course we had that ban on muslims entering the u.s. this year some have said that he didn't know what he was talking about but the question is did he really and is this exactly what he wanted has the countries of the oh i see played directly into the hands of donald trump yeah good point charlie developed in jerusalem frankly up later well of course the start of all this on the face of it promoting peace was the declared purpose when donald trump recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel but so far it's been well documented there's
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been nonstop violence across the region ever since he made that announcement. so after announcement today the question is where next less told to sides a dig professor of political sociology at the american university of cairo hey there frank see a time today yeah. the statements being made i suppose it's one thing having a pipe dream if you like to make east jerusalem your capital it's nothing to actually physically get what is the next step what's going to happen. well as you know you have one point six billion muslims fifty seven muslim states.
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twenty states the only thing for them is that they have to. you know commute tests at the g. or bijective if the objective is a two state solution peaceful solution they have to follow certain tactics economic boycott and being below is asian and being importing weapons from from america putting persia here and there if this is the objective that the they want and this some of the tactics they can if the objective is to destroy israel a war then they have to prepare for war fifty seven states they have to prepare for war and let's have a military solution the practicality is what a military solution is difficult one state solution is difficult because the demography would always make the palestinians overtake there's always population so the only option for us is a two state solution you know if the americans are playing games and just wasting
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time remember the so-called peace process is not really happening there was no peace process since the oil spill. remember twenty years ago there's nothing everybody just pretend that there was a peace process and that the americans are doing something but there is nothing happening except that you have meetings here and there but nothing concrete comes out of it so all muslim countries. peace loving countries want stability in the middle east because this is a reach. because the irony is not the reason the argument is said because the peace process has got nervous so long it's time for things to change that's why i did what he did and said what he said. well if it is only helping those who believe in extremis solution and military solution into a solution it is not benefiting anybody all believes in peace peaceful solution maybe the israelis and americans feel that we all see if enough we don't care that is not strong enough to make us budge ok fine but remember you know.
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people of. doing spectacular unprecedented things who would have imagined for example that. could not hit america hitler could not hit america and we have been led to the caves of understand one of the poorest countries in the world was able to hit new york and washington d.c. so if you are going to wait and wait and think that nothing will happen you will find something different from that we don't live their lives i want to get another thought from you about the other headline that came out the palestinian president pushing for full un membership what are the chances of that happening and how would it change things territorially just less than a minute to answer those. well if they go to the u.n. security council you have an american people so it's not going to work if you go to the general assembly ok you will have a chance but what does it mean you will have a state that does not exist you will have just international commission maybe
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diplomatically psychologically it will put pressure on is the way it will be somewhat of the palestinians and the supporters but on the ground again nothing nothing big out of that you have switched it on its side said the professor of political sociology the american university current things. well trumps decisions been heavily criticized by european and arab officials but that doesn't seem to trouble him as kalam open reports next. well it's now the time of year in which israel celebrates hanukkah and this comes after donald trump's dramatic decision on jerusalem which may seem like a huge gift we wish you a very happy hanukkah. and i think this one will go down as especially special. right now i'm thinking about what's going on and the love that's all over his you know and all about jerusalem love
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that's all over israel trump one is far is actually praising himself for the all but controversial move his point his predecessors only made promises where he actually delivered. jerusalem is still the capital of israel and most remain unknown divided city accessible questions that take office i will begin the process of moving the united states ambassador to the city in israel and shows. i continued to say that. jerusalem will be the capital of israel so why is trump so gleeful about his decision as the international community praised him for it nope they dangerous decision we do know and agree clearly disagree these decisions are helpful from the european union member states sites this move would not come so is it what the american people want well not according to this poll taken ahead of trump's decision sixty three percent of americans say that they oppose the move but it's popular in israel right well not with all israelis they think of only friends
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leaving you as i am they. are in much greater risk than they were with i think it will because of. people dead and. violence i think it was a reckless this season and as a close turning to announce it is like a man who was playing in a coma defeated or in the. in gangsta. so he's taking us through still suddenly and is shooting over friends tell me it's a day he knows that they're pretty much scared to go but the drizzling because they don't know how it's going to be underscored to leave the houses but trump did win over some of his harsh critics in the democratic camp. jerusalem is the capital of the state of israel something the united states congress has reaffirmed and a fact of history that cannot be tonight. i support the decision to recognize jerusalem as the eternal capital of israel and to move the u.s.
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embassy that this decision is long overdue and help correct a decades long indignity there may be benefits for him personally may be a tipping his hat to his base and say you know this is a campaign promise that i made he sees it work or for his personal legacy for his supporters to do this regardless of its effect on world opinion regardless of its effect on the united states and world opinion and regarding the suffix of the palestinian. people the world is not happy with the move america is not happy with the move but donald trump thinks it's terrific a year ago at his inauguration donald trump said that from here forward it would be america first well it's starting to look like maybe it's trump first. r.t. new york. and this international's accusing you governments of condoning the
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detention and abuse of migrants trying to reach europe from libya. we believe the knowingly complicity in a system of abuse and torture of refugees and migrants. because they know exactly what is going on and they have chosen to support. the system of the tension and abuse of migrants without. placing any safeguards. the group published a report titled libya's dark web of collusion focusing on the detention and abuse of people trying to reach europe correspondent next explains the details of these claims here last year member states launched a series of measures aimed at cutting off the central mediterranean route through libya but to report by amnesty international says that these steps are in fact actively supporting a system of exploitation and abuse of the vulnerable people they should be helping
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and they have video evidence to back their claims to these are rescue boats that either countries supplied to the libyan coast guard to intercept migrants at sea honesty says that this is the moment someone that had been rescued was thrown overboard and towed along the sea while here we see someone else being whipped. thank you it was she was sick of my. was my. this particular boat was donated by italy by can april and was handed over to the libyan coast guard in a ceremony attended by the italian interior minister who'd have thought it would one day be the focal point of accusations of human rights violations and then there
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is the detention center after being rescued at sea migrants are taken to these facilities run by the libyan department for combat saying illegal migration with the full support of e.u. countries in the words of amnesty is here that they are exposed to a soul destroying cycle of exploitation and it's a cause for what reason thought uprising to all our producers for business in libya to kill some people this series of people who were here did a petition. before to. be used going to be tossed out finish is going to be tossed before so as to snoop it was sort of water to drink for limited to us and the. level of abuses. these people leaving feel. there is no more or food that provided that unless you
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can pay for it we've interviewed several people who. said that the way to all change the why their families were on the phone in order to extort the money for the torture to stop and for them to be released. and this is just the ordinary daily life in these sentences the rights group wants european go. ments to rethink that cooperation with libya when it comes to migration is that if they continue to support libyan or thirty's european governments are laying bare what their true priority is putting the closure of the central mediterranean route before the welfare of the rebel people meanwhile the report out by the european commission on the block's programs in libya has stressed the need to shut down the smuggling and human trafficking in the country it went on to say that the eves efforts have a strong human rights component r.t.r. severance to institutions and to comment on the legations against you governments including the italian foreign ministry one reply we got back was from the un
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secretary general's deputy spokesman he expressed concern over the situation in libya and stressed the need for the proper resettlement of migrants they also had to boat from oxfam oxfam says that while it can't comment on the report itself its own information does seem to support amnesty's findings oxfam added that the e.u. has sacrificed people's safety and wellbeing in order to stop a regular migration than the cost that's a view shared by international relations professor good too because you're getting a number of reports from credible sources including un agencies that there are systematic abuses there that is and and i think it's clear that there are italy has to do and the european union has to say well we're not going to send these people back to libya and we're going to find some way to give them a cease haven whether they're whether or not they are economic migrants or research is isn't is not right a country is in major powers. destabilize the situation and then later on
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complain that. there are mass migration movements from some war another difficulty is. other big story there the u.s. secretary of state's open the door to face to face talks with north korea is hopeful gesture to pyongyang rex tillerson said washington would be ready to meet without any preconditions we're ready to talk only time north korea would like to talk. and we are ready to have the first building without precondition let's just meet unless we talk about the weather if you will talk about whether it's going to be a square table or around table if that's what you're shouting about. but can we at least sit down and see each other face to face that all of branch rex tillerson could the mark of significant shift in u.s. policy on north korea which previously demanded pyongyang give up on its nuclear program before a negotiation could begin they're not going to negotiate our way to the negotiating
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table d p r k knows what they need to deal in order to get the united states to work with them and they know that has to be dealing with the recession the secretary has said he's not going to negotiate his way back to the negotiating table manners of course the recent history here at the end of november north korea tested its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile to date but launch to get at or global condemnation and a warning from the trumpet ministration that the country would be utterly destroyed if it to go to war then fast forward this week the north korean leader again raising the stakes this time going to make his country the world's strongest nuclear power earlier spoke to ages cutie expert chris ogden he told me it's difficult to work out who's holding the playbook when it comes to u.s. foreign policy right now. is the very high in terms of an imminent conflict and i think the major thing that's happened is that unless and some leaders of science understand that the north koreans will not give up their nuclear weapons so. but
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how does the change from being the start important negotiations and i think to listen to comments in terms of let's just talk about anything including the weather even though that sounds quite fergalicious actually quite positive that at least the leaders could sit down formally face to face does president trump and rex tillerson see i die here we hear that rex tillerson is kind of one of the talk all along president saying no the time for talks over and he's still saying nothing's changed it was actually going on as far as the american side. you know who's holding the cards here this is the major question about us foreign policy of the moment in terms of he really is the things and this is the biggest issue really play in the north korean crisis which is where is the consistency can we truly say . what trungpa say would actually be replicated into action and we've seen this consistently between trumpets of the seven times of what will actually happen i think if they do meet then we can say for me that that sort of. comes about it's
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still really retro to some degree but hopeful rhetoric just eighty seconds away the us has warned the e.u. against working on one of the world's biggest energy projects will tell you all about that more. when else seems wrong. just don't. get to see. the answer. and it gets really equals betrayal. when some find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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what politicians do. they put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president and. somehow want. to go right to be close it's like that before three of them all can't be good. interested in the walk out. against the so the u.s. has warmed the e.u. against continuing of one of the world's biggest energy projects the old stream two gas pipeline which is planned to run from russia to europe but u.s. congress sees it only as a political move by moscow. it's not in europe's interests it's not in our interests it's also a political rather than a commercial undertaking and there is an existing framework in place for the e.u.
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to take more aggressive action on north stream two and similar projects if it wished to do so politically loud hearing on tuesday happened the very same day europe narrowly avoided an energy crisis after a huge explosion at a major gas hub in austria it sent shock waves through the energy markets fuel prices spiked in a four year high for a bit gas flows have now reserve resumed to put the winston still to italy for a while to declare a state of emergency come to the bogart and gas plant in austria that place distributes natural gas from russia or norway all across europe including germany france and hungary is that a technical fault they caused the blast that left one person dead injured a dozen other workers to also monday with bearing in mind to a hairline crack a shut down a key pipeline network in the north sea earlier talked to international oil and energy economist mom to some a about it he thinks the u.s. is looking forward to its own economic interests by opposing russia e.u.
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point line here. the americans as part of that sanctions against russia they were all is or was to the north stream to. carry gaz and i hang under the baltic sea to get money and from there to europe of course the americans want to in carry their export of and yet you are all on the pretext that they want to use the europe the anyon and dependence on russian gas but of course they want also to help themselves with their own exports they cannot be russian gas because the russian gas is far to keep out of them and from the united states and that's why the europeans are keen to stick by him. as if through a well established network of by blind gaz by lines through. american
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mothers learned about internet fame the hard way off to sharing a video of her eleven year old son tearfully talking about being bullied at school run those few days ago well i clicked went viral that source liberty's rallied to support him but then for the whole world toyed quickly turned when photos of his moment. reports make fun about. copping out but. if your letter dear friends don't criticize. their phone this heart wrenching video of an eleven year old boy from tennessee speaking out about being bullied by his classmates took the internet by storm keeping story guarded millions of views and up trending on twitter under its own hash tag of support a fund raising campaign was set up in keaton's name almost sixty thousand dollars in just two days he became a center of attention with actors athletes and showbiz stars wishing out keaton the
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police when i'm with you. well those punks at school are deciding what kind of people they want to be in this world how would you and your mom like to come to the avengers premiere in l.a. next year this boy is incredibly brave and they do really go to me before he knew it keaton himself had turned into a celebrity something he hadn't expected in the least. but. good. making a difference in the world give them a voice. but as more attention was focused on keaton the once inspiring story turned sour as his mother kimberly was shifted into the spotlight as people sifted through her facebook profile they uncovered photos featuring confederate flags and unsympathetic prince and just as quickly as support had initially flooded in a backlash against kimberly hit accusations of racism and possibly using her son's pain for profit became the center of the story i feel pretty stupid or enough people i was pretty moved by keaton jones's video so every show is his mom and she
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just wants money she just wants me to share her go fund me account responding to the outrage kimberly tried to shift the focus back to the issue of bullying by saying that the photo of the confederate flag was meant to be ironic it was ironic it was that any didn't have a need to do was no racist and no no absolutely not i've said i spent most of my life being. and and judged because i wasn't racist but that didn't seem to work social media right now is mostly buzzing about how she's using her son to get cash as for the account created to support keaton it's not clear whether he'll get the money or not it's frozen at the moment so look or so a few days the internet went from supporting a victim of bulling to condemning his allegedly racist mother oh how quickly the tables have turned. there seems serve. first official lead presentation of the twenty eight hundred feet for world cups taken place at the russian embassy in london the event attracted some pretty high profile guests too as you'd expect with football stars from around the world and officials
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discussing the a forthcoming competition the first ever to be held in russia which is really proud of this we spoke to some of the people who went there and asked about their expectations for what is going to be a showpiece tournament. one of the things that opened up russia as well of this world cup is that i believe that people will watch the games. i. was in the stands of people we looted around the country for doing it because the trees so i think they understand how the world is in that and i'm sure they're going to make it do everything that now is to me once the plea as though probably. you could never say never short of that it's like eliminate i would have problems now so i could walk up and sure be a fabulous world cup not a long time to prepare them should be a spectacle and i think like most neutrals. because my nation is not there scotland would like all missions to well i think it's important for the competition the
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russia go a long way maybe even a semifinals we hope it will be a very positive toward it i'm sure it will be a very positive experience and i think that goes a long way off it's a sporting event such as a world cup when a new guy gives the country the opportunities really show itself in its best to the world and are very much hope and i believe that russia will do that here tonight is going to be a good year for sport here that's the way the news is looking for now this hour on kevin owen at moscow h.q. saying with sincere thanks for watching and a reminder of programs continue right after this break. i am. beginning. to.


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