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leaders of majority muslim nations. recognize jerusalem as the capital of. the world to accept the eastern part of the city as palestine as capital. violence and anger continues over washington's decision we speak exclusively to the driving force behind the. islamist political group hamas. cooling for the rest to be escalated in the west bank. and the gaza strip against the israeli occupation also ahead. on the international scene countries are complicit in the horrific abuse of migrants coming from libya in the program this hour we get reaction to those accusations from the european parliament's human rights commission. less than the price of
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a cup of facebook how much it believes russia spent on its so-called campaign to influence the u.k.'s brayton referendum. from moscow every hour of the day this is r.t. international my names you know neil welcome to the program we begin first this hour in turkey where a meeting of the organization of islamic cooperation muslim nations have called on the international community to recognize east jerusalem the capital of palestine shara dubin ski has been following the emergency session for a. while i'm standing just outside of damascus in east jerusalem which now has according to the. organization of islamic cooperation been named the capital of
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palestine interact contradiction to what we heard from donald trump of the u.s.a.'s position just a week ago where they said jerusalem an undivided jerusalem was in their mind the capital of israel that extraordinary meeting came as fifty seven leaders from muslim countries across the world continents met together at that meeting convened by turkey's president to one now we also heard them condemn that pronunciation by don't will trump and they called on all the nations of the world to recognize east jerusalem as being the capital of palestine we also heard from the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas who said he would now go to the e.u. knighted nation security council meeting to ask for full membership for palestine. will go to the general assembly regarding the membership of israel because it's not in line with international resolutions we will also go to the peace and security
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council to consider the question of palestine's full membership and we also heard at that oh i see meeting that they believe that the usa has lost its ability to be a peace broker an honest broker between israel and palestine going forward saying that the usa was not like the almost more impartial neutral when it comes to the situation between israel and palestine mr one also went on to describe israel as being a terrorist state to look at. trump are you back in this country this israel whether it's occupation to end terrorism is that while you're defending well that decision by donald trump a week ago to name jerusalem as the capital of israel has caused tension it's not just here in israel and palestine but of course tensions across the wider area and that's why that extraordinary. meeting was convened on wednesday the question is is
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this exactly what he wanted to do you really want to pick himself against fifty seven leaders of other nations and if so have they played directly into his hands chill that di vinci altie history. for promoting peace was the purpose of donald trump recognizing jerusalem as the couple of israel but so far there's been nonstop violence across the region in the latest development israel has intercepted two rockets fired from the gaza strip. or one of the forces leading the protest movement is the islamist political group seen by some nations as terrorists in an exclusive interview with r t v
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organization reiterated its call for a third intifada a form of active unrest against what palestinians call the is really occupation of their territory. philo philo . in the name of allah firstly how massa's called on the palestinian people to face the israeli occupation and adopt the blessid into father against that and the hateful and racist recognition of jerusalem into america reverses its decision the palestinian people who are involved in
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a continuous battle and into fodder against the israeli occupation and we are calling for it to be escalated in the west bank occupied jerusalem and the guards are strictly against the occupation until america drops its recognition of jerusalem. out of the american president didn't know what would come of his racist and hateful decision and didn't expect this anger to sweep across the arab islamic and palestinian street. people are still on the israeli siege they want to continue the into fostering against the israeli occupation ship and the american administration as a partner who has to take responsibility for this escalation and the consequences caused by this american decision on jerusalem and. the first intifada lasted for a full five years the second for four years both resulted in violent clashes in the
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deaths of thousands of people both soldiers and civilians i will trumps the station to recognize true islam as these really capitals heavily criticized by group ian are both fishless but that does not seem to have trouble the american leader the scale of my pen reports well it's now the time of year in which israel celebrates hanukkah and this comes after donald trump's dramatic decision on jerusalem which may seem like a huge gift we wish you a very happy hanukkah. and i think this one will go down as especially special. right now i'm thinking about what's going on and the love that's all over his you know. all about jerusalem love that's all over israel trump one is far is actually praising himself for the all but controversial move his point his predecessors only made promises where he
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actually delivered. jerusalem is still the capital of israel and must remain unknown divided city accessible questions that take us as i will begin the process of moving the united states ambassador to the city of israel shows. i continued to say that. jerusalem will be the capital of israel so why is tom so gleeful about his decision as the international community praised him for it nope dangerous decision we do not agree he clearly. disagree these decisions are helpful from the european union member states cites this move will not come so is it what the american people want well not according to this poll taken ahead of trump's decision sixty three percent of americans say that they oppose the move but it's popular in israel right well not with all israelis i think of all my friends leaving you. are in much greater risk than they were before i think it will cause.
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people to end. violence i think it was a reckless this isn't. even close to announce it this is like a man who was playing in a coma defeated or in the. in gangster for. so it's taking us three still suddenly in this shooting oh my friends tell me it's a day he announced that they're pretty much scared to go but the jerusalem because they don't know how it's going to be underscored to leave the houses but trump did win over some of his harsh critics in the democratic camp. jerusalem is the capital of the state of israel something the united states congress has reaffirmed and a fact of history that cannot be tonight. i support the decision to recognize jerusalem as the eternal capital of israel and to move the u.s. embassy that this decision is long overdue and help correct a decades long indignity there may be benefits for him personally he may be.
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tipping his hat to his base and saying you know this is a campaign promise that i made he sees it more important for his personal legacy for his supporters to do this regardless of its effect on world opinion regardless of its effect on the united states and world opinion and regarding the suffixes on the palestinian. people the world is not happy with the move america is not happy with the move but donald trump thinks it's to rip. pick a year ago at his inauguration donald trump said that from year forward it would be america first well it's starting to look like maybe it's trump first cable r.t. new york. to another ever headline stories this hour on the international is accusing governments of condoning the detention and abuse of migrants trying to reach europe from libya we believe they knowingly complicity in
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a system of abuse and torture of refugees and migrants. because they know exactly what is going on and they have chosen to support. the system of the tension and abuse of migrants without. placing any safeguards. the group published a report titled libya's dark web of collusion focusing on the hardship of people trying to reach europe exploring the details of. last year member states launched a series of measures they made at cutting off the central mediterranean route through libya but to report by amnesty international says that these steps are in fact actively supporting a system of exploitation and abuse of the vulnerable people they should be helping and they have video evidence to back their claims to these are rescue boats that
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either countries supplied to the libyan coast guard to intercept migrants at sea honesty says that this is the moment someone that had been rescued was thrown overboard and towed along that sea wall here we see someone else being whipped. thank you it was she was showing. that. this particular boat was donated by italy by can april and was handed over to the libyan coast guard in a ceremony attended by the italian interior minister who'd have thought it would one day be the focal point of accusations of human rights violations and then there
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is the detention center after being rescued at sea migrants are taken to these facilities run by the libyan department for combat saying illegal migration with the full support of e.u. countries in the words of amnesty is heavier than they are exposed to a soul destroying cycle of exploitation and it's a cause for what reason thought uprising to all our producers for business in libya to kill some people this or some people would be something we did a petition. for to it's. do you skin to be tossed out finish you think it's going to be tossed before so as to snoop it was sort of water to drink for limited to us and the. level of abuse is. horrific. there these people who live in fear. there is no war or food that provided that unless you can pay for it would be interviewed several people who. said that the
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way tortured the why their families where on the phone in order to extort the money for the torture to stop and for them to be released that. and this is just the ordinary daily life in these sand that the rights group wants european go. i meant to rethink that cooperation with libya when it comes to migration and says that if they continue to support libyan authorities european governments are laying in bed what their true priority is putting the closure of the central mediterranean route before the welfare of the little people meanwhile a report by a group in commission on the blocks programs in libya has stressed the need to shut done smuggling and human trafficking in the country and went on to say that the e.u.'s efforts have a strong human rights component where r.t. is several institutions to comment on the allegations against the governments including the italian foreign ministry we heard from the un secretary general's
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deputy spokesman he expressed concern over the situation in libya and stressed the need for the proper resettlement of migrants we've also heard back from the charity organization oxfam which says that while it can't comment on the report its own information seems to support these findings oxfam added that the e.u. has sacrificed people's safety and wellbeing in order to stop a regular migration of any cost. well we spoke to appear on tony opens erie an m.e.p. who is chair of a subcommittee on human rights he believes the european immigration policy has many flaws. in the compliance of the international need to be taken seriously the describe the reality that currently exists in libya a reality caused by strong migration coming from africa and they should somehow bolster from the containment policies that some european countries are adopting
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these policies forced people to remain in libya inhumanly unbearable conditions i believe that the european immigration policy must be completely revised the policy that was adopted by italy was to contain immigration from libya obviously this policy is based on three requirements first interest in the libyan authorities but the management of the tension centers in libya the second criterion is based on training and the provision of means including ships to the libyan coast guard to control the flow of immigration and departed from libya and third lateral agreements made with some libyan tribes with them italy has an interest to the management of the southern border of libya i'm not able to say whether there is any collaboration as regards to the detention camps the only thing i can say is that these containment policies have created a very big problem in libya this migrants truly miserable conditions but. the price to sway a referendum is less than
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a dollar according to facebook which presented its findings to the u.k. government alleges russia in their fifty's on the platform during britain's vote on leaving the european union artie's laura smith felt in the blood. the day that russia meddled in the break that referendum is something that's really getting traction here over the last month in particular there's been headlines comments by politicians a speech by it to reason may actually last month accusing russia of undermining british democracy and what they're talking about is bots and trolls and in particular paid for advertising on social media given the widespread public concern over foreign and particularly russian interference in western democracies will shew surely this house that the government and the electoral commission will examine these reports very carefully and reassure our country to all of the resources spent in the referendum through permissible sources you must be dying to know what they come up with so i'll just cut to the chase and tell you seventy six pence facebook
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identified an ad spend of less than a dollar from russian organizations in the lead up to the press that referendum that paid for three hours that was seen for a total of four days by around two hundred people and even then a apparently were not directly about bricks it they were more generally about immigration. in a nother development twitter has just now released its report on alleged russian meddling saying you know if there were six on very it's a total of just over a thousand dollars spent at earlier this year officials from google facebook and twitter have to testify in the u.s. senate which a quick look back at thousands. they found portals into our society russia has harnessed the tremendous and quite frankly to me frightening power of social media their goal is to divide us and
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discredit our democracy they are using our own social networks our friendships our families and our biases and viewpoints against us. but once. we determine that the number of accounts we could link to russia and that we're tweeting election related content was comparatively small. aggregate these ads and posts were a very small fraction of the overall content on facebook but any amount is too much .
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these videos mostly have low view counts. well international relations expert much goldwyn say is all the russian meddling stories are only big news because of the media's role in playing them up. one of the issues is that many of the claims have been made by fairly prominent journalists i mean if you look at the u.k. debate for example the observer newspaper has been particularly active at pushing this idea and that really has forced politicians to have to at least be seen to be investigating the issue of course the initial media stories at least in my view were. being polite but the evidence was incredibly dubious but yeah i mean i am sure that voters will be asking the court
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that question as to why is resource being plowed into this type of investigation. it should have been spent elsewhere. the us secretary of state has opened the door for a face to face talks with north korea in a hopeful gesture to pyongyang rex tillerson said washington would be ready to meet without any preconditions we're ready to talk only time north korea would like to talk. and we're ready to have the first meeting without precondition let's just meet unless we talk about the weather if you will talk about whether it's going to be a square table or around that's what you're shouting about. but can we at least sit down. and see each other face to face well that all of bronze from rex tillerson could mark a significant shift in u.s. policy on north korea which previously demanded give up on its nuclear program
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before negotiations could even begin. they're not going to negotiate our way to the negotiating table d p r k knows what they need to do in order to get the united states to work with them and they know that has to be me or station the secretary said he's not going to negotiate his way back to the negotiating table and it's about the end of november north korea tested its most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile to date about to launch triggered global condemnation and a warning from the trump administration that the country would be quote utterly destroyed if it triggered a war this week the north korea leader again raised the stakes vying to make his country quote the world's strongest nuclear power earlier kevin and spoke to asia's security expert ogden he said it's difficult to work out who's holding the playbook when it comes to u.s. foreign policy so it is still very high in terms of an imminent conflict and i
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think the major thing that's happened is that unless and some leaders of science understand that the north koreans will not give up their nuclear weapons so. but the change from being the star important negotiations and i think to listen to comments in terms of let's just talk about anything including the weather even though that sounds quote frivolous is actually quite positive that at least the leaders could sit down formally face to face does this president trump and rex tillerson see i die here we hear that rex tillerson is kind of one of the talk all along president saying no the time for talks over and they still say nothing's changed it was actually going on as far as the american side is concerned you know who's holding the cards here this is the major question of u.s. foreign policy of the moment in terms of who really is the servant in phones and this is the biggest issue really play in the north korean crisis which is where is the consistency can we truly see. what trumper say will that actually be replicated into action and we've seen this consistently between trump and to listen and terms
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of what will actually happen i think if they do meet then we can say firmly that that's an event but until that comes about it still really retro to some degree but hopeful rhetoric. on the american mother has learned about internet fame the hard way after assuring a video of her levon year old tearfully talking about being bullied at school the clip went viral and soar celebrities jumped to support him but the tide quickly turned when photos of his mother emerged taking up the story jacqueline. and probably not but. if your letter dear friends don't. call this heart wrenching video of an eleven year old boy from tennessee speaking out about being bullied by his classmates took the internet by storm he can story go to millions of views and it up trending on twitter under its own hash tag of
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support a fund raising campaign was set up in keaton's name going almost sixty thousand dollars in just two days he became a center of attention with actors athletes and showbiz stars which. keaton the bullies one when i'm with you. well those punks at school are deciding what kind of people they want to be in this world how would you and your mom like to come to the avengers premiere in l.a. next year this boy is incredibly brave and they do really got to me before he knew it keaton himself had turned into a celebrity something he hadn't expected in the least. bit. good. making a difference in the world gave them a voice. but as more attention was focused on keaton the once inspiring story turned sour as his mother kimberly was shifted into the spotlight as people sifted through her facebook profile they uncovered photos featuring confederate flags and unsympathetic prince and just as quickly as support had initially flooded in backlash against kimberly hit accusations of racism and possibly using her son's
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pain for profit became the center of the story i feel pretty stupid or enough people i was pretty moved by keaton jones's video so every show is his mom and she just wants money she just wants me to share her go fund me account responding to the outrage kimberly tried to shift the focus back to the issue of bullying by saying that the photo of the confederate flag was meant to be ironic it was ironic it was funny didn't have any to do was no racist and no no absolutely not apt i've said i spent most of my life being bullied and and judged because i wasn't racist but that didn't seem to work social media right now is mostly buzzing about how she's using her son to get cash as for the account created to support keaton it's not clear whether he'll get the money or not it's frozen at the moment so look or so a few days the internet went from supporting a victim of bulling to condemning his allegedly racist mother oh how quickly the tables have turned. russia's couple city has been welcoming
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some of the country's brightest students in the field of science who pulled in an impressive all medal haul at scientific championships from right around the world in twenty seventeen let's take a look at some of them returning from their latest victory in the studio. but everybody loves. to go. to my dinner he doesn't. like to leave. for. home as we were. these lucky me that. he's
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a boy if so does the number but if it's a posting it is sort of good they will see well this notion of it and say have a good look in the cheek you cut your. balls off and you quoted by them i did not. blood lust boy in the end we still have social money. to start us into something w. some of the most we can use not in the image of the machine you believe that i was just on the support of. the six i knew simple so the question was no reason why do you. stand if you said he was emotional when ted i would you become with the national media of me i'm standing with us some of us in the you're all a study in paid off well done to all that is your news for now i'll be back in half an hour's time with more global news stay with our international.
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it's the same wrong. role just don't hold. any. get to shape out just because that's ok and in detroit equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart. to look for common ground.
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hello and welcome to cross talk where all things considered i'm peter lavelle trust in the mainstream media is an all time low but no one should be surprised in the media has itself to blame this sad state of affairs is a self-inflicted wound and actually a conscious business model the media no longer has an interest in reporting news media today propagates ideology. crosstalk in the state of the media i'm joined by my guest eric alterman in new york he is a sunni distinguished professor of english and journalism at brooklyn college as well as the liberal media columnist for the nation also in new york we have lionel he's a legal analyst and a news decoder at line.


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