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leaders of muslim majority nations. move to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel and call on the world to accept the eastern part of the city as palestine's capital. as riots continue over washington's decision on jerusalem we speak exclusively to the driving force behind the islamist group hamas which controls gaza. but we are calling for the rest to be escalated in the west bank jerusalem and the gaza strip against the israeli occupation. also coming up on the program the international countries are complicit in quote the horrific abuse of migrants coming from libya. quite literally less than the price of a cup of tea facebook estimates how much russia spent on its so-called meddling
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campaign to influence the. referendum. from moscow to the world this is r t international my names you know neal good to have your company we begin in turkey where leaders of the muslim world have held an emergency summit on called on the international community to recognize east jerusalem as the capital of palestine charlotte dubinsky was the organization of islamic cooperation meeting for us well i'm standing just outside of damascus gate in east jerusalem which now has according to the organization cooperation named the capital of palestine into rights contradiction to what we heard from donald trump position just a week ago where they said to slow. i'm an undivided jerusalem was in their mind
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the capital of israel that extraordinary meeting came as fifty seven leaders from muslim countries across the world continents met together at that meeting means buy tickets president juan now we also heard them condemn that pronunciation by don't trump and they called on all the nations of the world to recognize east jerusalem as being the capital of palestine we also heard from the palestinian leader mahmoud abbas he said he would now go to the you knighted nation security council meeting to ask for full membership for palestine. will go to the general assembly regarding the membership of his row because it's not in line with international resolutions we will also go to the peace and security council to consider the question of palestine's full membership we also heard at that oh i see meeting that they believe that the usa has lost its ability to be
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a peaceful roca an honest broker between israel and palestine going forward saying that the usa was not like the almost more impartial neutral when it comes to the situation between israel and palestine mr one also went on to describe israel as being a terrorist state used to look at that. trump are you back in this country this israel whether it's occupation and sarazen is that while you're defending well that decision by donald trump a week ago to name jerusalem as the capital of israel has caused tensions not just here in israel and palestine but of course tensions across the wider area and that's why that extraordinary meeting was convened on wednesday the question is is this exactly what he wanted did he really want to put himself against fifty seven leaders of other nations and if so have they played. directly into his hands chill
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it all t. . well when he recognized jerusalem as the capital of israel donald trump said he was promoting peace but so far there has been a spike in violence across the region and the latest development israel has intercepted two rockets fired from gaza. or one of the forces leading the protest movement is the islamist political group hamas considered by some nations as terrorists in an exclusive interview with r.t. the organization reiterated its call for a third intifada or uprising against what palestinians call the it's really occupation of their territory.
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it's a lot of little in the name of allah firstly how mass is called on the palestinian people to face the israeli occupation and adopt the blessid in safaga against that and the hateful and racist recognition of jerusalem and to america reverses its decision the palestinian people are involved in a continuous battle and into fodder against the israeli occupation and we are calling for it to be escalated in the west bank occupied jerusalem and the gaza strip against the occupation until america drops its recognition of jerusalem.
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without doubt the american president trump didn't know what would come of his racist and hateful decision and didn't expect this anger to sweep across the arab islamic and palestinian street. palestinian people are still on the israeli siege they want to continue the into fodder against the israeli occupation and the american administration as a partner who has to take responsibility for this escalation and the consequences by this american decision on jerusalem well the first intifada back in the one nine hundred eighty s. lasted for a full five years the second lasted four years both resulted in intense conflict on the deaths of fellow sins of people both soldiers and civilians done dyker from the tourism center for public affairs give us his views on the situation he basically
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wants to compete against hamas in his own areas who at hamas has become much more popular mr abbas i just sat with three palestinian notables just a few hours ago in jerusalem and they said the hatred for mr abbas is so great on the palestinian street because of the corruption and the mishandling of the palestinian authority that people in the palestinian areas in the west bank and even in gaza the public wants to be connected to israel the public wants to work with israel mr abbas politically it is in a terrible position so his best option is to go the extremist route but this political suicide is not going to help his people. well below trumps the citizen to recognize true islam as these really capital was heavily criticized by both european and arab officials but that doesn't seem to have troubled the american leader just get up and report pilots now the time of year in which israel celebrates hanukkah and this comes after donald trump's dramatic decision on
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jerusalem which may seem like a huge gift we wish you a very happy hanukkah. and i think this one will go down as especially special. right now i'm thinking about what's going on and the love it's all over is real and all about jerusalem love that's all over israel trump one is far is actually praising himself for the all but controversial move his point his predecessors only made promises where he actually delivered. jerusalem is still the capital of israel and must remain unknown divided city accessible to design take office i will begin the process of moving the united states ambassador to the city in israel and shows. i continued to say that. jerusalem will be the capital of israel so why is tom so gleeful about his decision as the international community praised him for it nope they dangerous
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decision we do know and agree clearly disagree these decisions i'm hopeful from the european union member states sites this move will not come so is it what the american people want well not according to this poll taken ahead of trump's decision sixty three percent of americans say that they oppose the move but it's popular in israel right well not with all israelis they think of only friends leave in years and they. are in much greater risk than they were with i think it will because of. people day and. violence. i think it was a reckless this isn't. even close to announce it is like a man who was playing in a coma defeated or in the. in gangster for films so he's taking us through still suddenly and is shooting over friends tell me it's
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a day he announced that they're pretty much scared to go but the drizzling because they don't know how it's going to be underscored to leave the houses but trump did win over some of his harsh critics in the democratic camp. jerusalem is the capital of the state of israel something the united states congress has reaffirmed and a fact of history that cannot be tonight. i support the decision to recognize jerusalem as the eternal capital of israel and to move the u.s. embassy to this decision is long overdue and helps correct a decades long indignity there may be benefits for him personally may be a tipping his hat to his base and saying you know this is a campaign promise that i made he sees it more important for his personal legacy for his supporters to do this regardless of its effect on world opinion regardless of its effect on the united states and world opinion and regardless of the palestinian. people the world is not happy with the move america is not happy with
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the move but donald trump thinks it's terrific a year ago at his inauguration donald trump said that from here forward it would be america first well it's starting to look like maybe it's trump first. r.t. new york. it's another of our headline stories almost the international is accusing even governments of condoning the detention and abuse of migrants trying to retrieve from libya we believe they knowingly complex they. use and torture refugees. my friends. because they know exactly what is going on and they have chosen to support. a system of detention and abuse of my friends without. placing any safeguards well the group has published a report titled libya's dark web of code lucian focusing on the hardship of people
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trying to reach europe explaining the details of almost explains here start to use nuclear and last year e.u. member states launched a series of measures they made at cutting off the central mediterranean route through libya but to report by amnesty international says that these steps are in fact actively supporting a system of exploitation and abuse of the vulnerable people they should be helping and they have video evidence to back their claims to these are rescue boats that even countries supplied to the libyan coast guard to intercept migrants at sea honesty says that this is the moment someone that had been rescued was thrown overboard and towed along the sea while here we see someone else being whipped. thank you it was she was i was
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struck i was my. was my. this particular boat was donated by italy i can april and was handed over to the libyan coast guard in a ceremony attended by the italian interior minister who'd have thought it would one day be the focal point of accusations of human rights violations and then there's the detention centers after being rescued at sea migrants are taken to these facilities run by the libyan department for combat saying illegal migration with the full support of e.u. countries in the words of amnesty is here but they are exposed to a soul destroying cycle of exploitation and it's a cause for what reason thought uprising to all our producers for business in libya to kill some people this or some people would be some poor dear departed chicago.
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fortune it's. used going to be tossed out finish is going to be tossed before so. it was sort of water to drink for limited to us and the. level of abuses. there these people who live in fear. there is no will or food that provided that unless you can pay for it would be to be several people who. said that the way to the wider families were on the phone in order to extort the money for the torture to stop and for them to be released. and this is just the ordinary daily life in the center. the rights group wants european gun. meant to rethink that cooperation with libya when it comes to migration and says that if they continue to support libyan authorities european
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governments are laying bare what their true priority is putting the closure of the central mediterranean route before the welfare of the little people. comes as a report by the european commission on the blocks programs in libya stressed the need to shut down smuggling and human trafficking in the country it went on to say about the efforts have a strong human rights component but r.t. several institutions to comment on the allegations against the e.u. governments including the foreign ministry the un secretary general's deputy spokesman responded expressing concern over the situation in libya and stressing the need for the proper resettlement of migrants the charity organization oxfam told us it cannot comment directly on the report but its own information seems to support these findings from the e.u. has sacrificed people safety and well being in order to stop a regular migration to any cost. well we spoke to antonio penn's areola telling
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m.e.p. who's the chair of the subcommittee on human rights he believes europe's immigration policy has many flaws. nothing that the compliance of amnesty international need to be taken seriously the describe the reality that currently exists in libya a reality caused by strong migration coming from africa and bush somehow bossa from the containment policies that some european countries are adopting these policies forced people to remain in libya inhumanly unbearable conditions i believe that the european immigration policy must be completely revised the policy that was adopted by italy was to contain immigration from libya obviously this policy is based on three requirements first interest in the libyan authorities but the management of the tension centers in libya the second criterion is based on training and the provision of means including ships to the libyan coast guard to control the flow of
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immigration and departing from libya and third lateral agreements made with some libyan tribes with them italy has an interest in the management of the southern border of libya i'm not able to say whether there is any collaboration as regards to the detention camps the only thing i can say is that these containment policies have created a very big problem in libya this micron's truly miserable conditions. the u.k. prime minister has suffered a major defeat in the house of commons members of treason maze own party defied her in a vote on a key breaks in bill the motion was lost by three hundred nine to three hundred five as lawmakers insisted they should have a legally binding last say on any deal that the government agrees with the european union at eleven tory rebels joined up with the opposition to vote against the government. this defeat is a humiliating loss of authority for the government on the eve of the european
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council meeting three zimmy has resisted democratic accountability her refusal to listen means she will now have to accept parliament taking back control after what appeared to be a breakthrough in breaks in talks last week trees amaze popularity saw a two percent increase back then though she claimed the government strategy was on track. but there is there is i believe a new sense of optimism now in the talks and i. and i would expect that we will confirm the arrangements set out today in the european council later this week. ok so what does this all actually mean let's ask don glazebrook political writer and journalist who joins us live on the program hi there don this is being called humiliation for treason may the opposition in britain the british media they're claiming that as well is it. oh
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absolutely is a humiliation and historically governments don't tend to last very long after after they get defeated at the hands of their own backbenchers tony blair went for ten years without a single defeat in the house of commons but once it had his first succession of them followed and he was he was out within six months but this is really is this is really significant i think it's really significant for for three reasons i mean firstly i think it shows that the government government is really up for grabs now government is up for grabs by which i mean this is not the first defeat actually for the for teresa mayes the first defeat in legislation for theresa may but she was defeated back in september on a couple of labor motions where the d.p. supported labor on motions by n.h.s. pay. fees and it really shows actually that labor has a chance to do what corbin said he would do immediately after the election which is try and push through his own party's manifesto with the support of other parties
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and i think there's a real opportunity to actually do that right now renationalise of renationalisation of the railways for example in the light of the massive fare hikes is likely to be able to win the support of the ten or eleven tory m.p.'s that would be needed to push through alongside the other quietus so that's significant government is up for grabs secondly it really demonstrates how insincere the conservatives were in their promise that they would. vote on the final deal to parliament because if they were sincere why would they be so determined even at the risk of a parliamentary did defeat to resist making this into a legally binding commitment but this is no surprise we know this is a government of congenital liar as david davis lied to parliament about the existence of impact assessments which we now know never existed ok philip hammond lied repeatedly to parliament about about assessments of saudi war crimes that were never carried out so that's no surprise but the really significant thing about this is actually i would say. only eleven m.p.'s tory m.p.'s rebelled against it because
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actually the content of what they were trying to do what they were trying to do with this was to give ministers sweeping powers to rewrite regulations without consulting parliament this is a total usurpation of parliamentary democracy and the government have used threats it from the start to try to grant themselves dictatorial powers and it really is indicative of the fact that we're entering into a fascist era and i don't say this lightly i'm not saying this bill of course is akin to concentration camps but let's not forget the british government is obviously complicit in that yes you have one hundred thirty children in yemen every day right now at the same times it's trying to bring itself to tory powers but just on the other side of things here it comes a day before treason may heads to brussels for an e.u. summit there are already accusations that the e.u. are stalling negotiations are the simply going to feel more emboldened by all this i'm going to kick the brakes further down the track.
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i don't know if it will have a i mean this is of of course you know people in the in the e.u. in the labor party and most of us in britain frankly will be you know having a good laugh at teresa mayes expense and enjoying seeing humiliation of course but i don't think it's going to necessarily have a serious effect on their negotiating strategy i think the real impact of it will be on internal domestic british politics here at home but you know the interesting thing is i think the tories are probably stuck with theresa may there are no mood to have a leadership contest which will which will see them ripped apart airing all the laundry so you think that it will survive so on and potentially leading to the fall of the government i suspect so because i just don't think the conservatives have the appetite for a leadership election that could even that would undermine and expose the divisions in the party would undermine their authority yet further and potentially trigger a general election that labor might win the same tired i think would label want an election either labor perfectly happy enjoying seeing the tories dig their own
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grave and not only dig their own grave but actually smash it over the head with the shovels in the process labor don't want to be in that position i mean it is a very strange. predictable and unprecedented time actually because normally like i say historically normally this would trigger the beginning of the end for a prime minister but no one on either side of the house is in the mood for that yet interesting time didn't it downgrade us very influential writer and journalist appreciate your thoughts always good to have your leisure. the price this way a referendum is less than a dollar according to facebook which presented its findings to the u.k. government on alleged russian activities on the platform during britain's vote on leaving the european union ortiz laura smith as details of. the day that russia meddled in the break that referendum is something that's really getting traction here over the last month in particular there's been headlines comments by
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politicians a speech by the reason may actually last month accusing russia of undermining british democracy and what they're talking about is thoughts and trolls and in particular paid for advertising on social media given the widespread public concern over foreign and particularly russian interference in western democracies. this house that the government and the electoral commission will examine these reports very carefully and reassure our country with the resources spent in the referendum permissable sources now you must be dying to know what they come up with so i'll just cut to the chase and tell you seventy six pence facebook identified an ad spend of less than a dollar from russian organizations in the lead up to the press that referendum that paid for three ads that was seen for a total of four days by around two hundred people and even then a apparently were not directly about bret's it they were more generally about
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immigration well in another development just hours after that twitter released its report on alleged russian meddling seeing me phone six on verse which cost just over a thousand dollars aimed swing the referendum earlier this year officials from google facebook and twitter had to testify in the u.s. senate here's a quick look back transpired. they found portals into our society russia has harnessed the tremendous and quite frankly to me frightening power of social media their goal is to divide us and discredit our democracy they are using our own social networks our friendships our families and our biases and viewpoints against us is printed like wildfire. we determined that the number of accounts we could link to russia and that we're
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tweeting election related content was comparatively small. aggregate these ads and posts were a very small fraction of the overall content on facebook but any amount is too much . these videos mostly have low view counts. international relations expert mike godwin sees all the russian meddling stories are only big news because of the media's role in playing them up one of the issues is that many of the claims have been made by fairly prominent journalists i mean if
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you look at the u.k. debate for example the observer newspaper has been particularly active at pushing this idea and that really has forced politicians to have to at least be seen to be investigating the issue of course those initial media stories at least in my view were. fain. is being polite but the evidence was incredibly dubious but yeah i mean i am sure that voters will be asking the court that question as to why is resource being plowed into this type of investigation. it should have been spent elsewhere i. pursue the middle east nice saudi earth strike has reportedly had a military police camp in the rebel control capital of yemen local officials say thirty nine people were killed and dozens injured including prisoners an officer at
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the facility said this was the seventh air raid on the camp the saudi coalition has been bombing yemen since march twenty fifteen supposedly in support of the government against the rebels the desperate humanitarian situation has worsened by a partial blockade of the country. ok switching gears now it may still be hot just under a fortnight's on till millions right across the globe celebrate christmas but the decorations are already being put up to brighten the dark winter days and if you're looking for something a little different this year here's some of rush's for additional trimmings think aleck. with christmas fast approaching a dress to impress and draw in the crowds and moscow is no exception but if you've come for a festive visit just what should your take home well allow me to present the present drop tips will establish christmas decorations are full throated popular in
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demand at this time of year the place to look for steve simple to say will be productive most so if you're in the field with rochelle according to recent research it's literotica apart from a truck there are a pair of mats christmas ball bowls crystal bowls and many other tribes are hand to major tree decorations anybody as much you in our toys or you need because we're going to use in our techniques and our traditions our artists work a work with national costumes these patterns and images can seem simple but if you look closely you'll see that the artist has captured intricate details if your christmas tree is already beautiful enough or you can try a pass like christmas table and in that case chris still tableware might be the pick for a huge difference still is a mixed made mold in a fantasy to one thousand four hundred fifty c. well that crystal is blown glass because if it's the canvas it requires
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a team of four to seven architects for aswell coordinate and you need to pass double the amount of factory manufacturers twenty to twenty five thousand different notes in this month and it was shipped our products around the country and explodes in a range of countries including my go to china that and switzerland but if you're looking for something more a sound to contradiction while there are russian nationalists at ram x. one else the most popular as a style which takes its name from the village where it has been pretty you since the nineteenth century but if you can one just if you look closely you can see a cabbage. every piece of table where it is a distinguished feature of the pottery no matter wad you choose to bring back whether it's ceramics gloss square or decorations perhaps the most treasured thing as memories in a question.


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