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it would go on the worst one that goes to freedom so what about the freedom of practicing your religion i mean you talk about your children your grandchildren you never know one of them may marry a muslim turned into a muslim you may have muslim great grandchildren what about their freedom of practicing their religion it's a choice right. yes i believe and this is why i believe it's not incompatible with our constitution which as you write for the internet as the freedom of religion i believe that islam is not so much a religion but more an ideology an ideology that wants to talk to you terry an ideology that wants to dominate not only your whole person's life but also a whole society and one of the examples i always giffen i explain people why it's small ideology than a religion is that if you were willing to leave islam the battle of
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the is dead you are not free as in for instance christianity or judaism a body ism to leave and this is a token of an ideology of an even though the theory an ideology so i believe that we should have no freedom we have freedom of religion even in the constitution but if we see islam not so much as a religion but as a daughter to terror an ideology that once again does not want to assimilate into society but wants to dominate it goes against the freedom of women of the press of homosexuals of christians of jews and this is something once again if you want a society that is free you have to have less islam. all right i'm not advocate of islam i'm christian myself but i think what you are talking about is a very narrow following in islam and that would be called maybe wahhabi or extreme muslims but i don't believe that applies to majority of the muslim people that i
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know and that live around the world but that is your opinion ok and the same thing could be sad about the christian religion and we should go really deep into the bible it goes against gays and it goes against women's rights and all of that could be said about christian religion as well it's really about how you read religion but anyway ok so you've been saying that there is no such thing as moderate islam but at the same time. i know that in conference in italy in september you said that many individual muslims are moderates so are those moderate must truly cemetery on moderate islam who are those moderate muslims can you give me examples. well listen i make a distinction as i always have done between the ideology and the people and indeed there is no moderate islam there is no european this lama that kind of nonsense there's only one islam and that is the islam of the book the koran of the life of more helmet and that is the islam that we know and that unfortunately cannot and
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will never be changed is not extreme extreme extreme islam is a pretty innocent that means exactly the same on the other hand you have the people and i do believe the moderate people and indeed i do acknowledge that there are many muslims around the world who are moderate people but unfortunately and this is one of the differences where you compare i should just be it with christians or jews today we see that societies where muslims are in a large amount or maybe even the majority that there is a total lack of freedom and democracy when we are talking about the more liberal or kind of arab countries like for instance egypt of almost all the more darfur like iran or the wahhabi indeed the sunni muslim country and in my own country the netherlands today we saw at researchers that we have in holland almost one million muslims and the kind of leicestershire liberal institution as the university of amsterdam made a survey and approved at eleven percent of the dutch muslims which is more than one
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hundred thousand people which is twice the amount of the dutch army they stated in holland that the willing to use violence in holland for their beliefs and forty islam and we don't see that with any other religion and this is what we are importing in the west. today we don't see. the next all over europe today almost on a monthly or sometimes weekly basis committed by people in the name of christianity of judaism and indeed not every muslim is a terrorist but unfortunately most of the dare risk in europe today are muslims and we can be politically correct and ignore it but i think there's a lot wiser accomplished lesser will as of course i mean they slum this terror threat to europe is very real no one argues with that but don't you think that
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measures like closing mosque or tough cracking down on muslims that would work actually the other way around increase the risk of terror attacks rather than reduce it exactly the opposite so we have to stand up and we don't have to call any muslim a terrorist that would be ridiculous i would even reject reject such a suggestion that we should not import more islam on the contrary we should destroy my sour society and the koran once again is a book that has more anti semitism in it than for instance mine comes from out of his love and we should see it for this not all the people are bad people on the contrary but the ideology is a dangerous ideology and i traveled when i was still a free man when i was not protected by the secret police about the diplomatic police for twenty four seven when i had no friends to us from other organizations on my hands i travel throughout the middle east and i went to almost every islamic
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country and i met so many friendly and hospitable people but i saw that the entrance on islam every almost every arab and islamic country was devastating people were not free there was terror or evil within the islamic world let alone in the countries importing islam so we should do one thing the fine. which is numb islamic we are a country we are continent based on christianity judaism and humanism and islam at the end of the day should not become more dominant all right we're going to take a short break right now when we're back we'll continue discussing garros pressing issues with character will durst leader of the dutch party for freedom stay tuned.
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for so quid pro quo for people who are happy to pay the maximum in the extortion racket that the drug and insurance companies got the government to impose an unconstitutional tax called the baba care is that they are bought in to america's various foreign policies of rape and pillage for a few bucks that's the foreign policy or two pharmaceutical companies created opiate crisis domestically you don't hear anyone questioning that on us and they say r.c.m.p. say are they the mainstream media outlets they all buy into it they get paid a lot of money they'll pay the stipend to the health extortionist and their bamma care folks as long as they push the line that there's still an active ghostlike population that's crawling around america fishing through garbage pails living on five dollars a day entering the third world and trying to game the system twenty four seven.
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p. everybody i'm stephen both. hollywood guys. proud american first of all i'm just george bush and r.v.'s to say this is my buddy max bemis financial guru that will use a little bit different. though no one knows about it with all the drama happening in our. country and rude have to be every day americans. to be sure to bridge the gap this is the great american. all see we have a great team we need to strengthen before the free float world cold and you're better than a legend to keep it so it's at the back. in
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one thousand nine hundred two that must qualify for the european championships at the very last moment no one believed in us but we won and i'm hoping to bring some of that waving spirit to the r.c.t. . recently i've had a lot of practice so i can guarantee you that peter schmeichel will be on the best form since my last will come on the road or three. thousand zero zero zero zero zero russia. twice dr. no left left left more or less ok stop that's really good.
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and we're back with character welder's leader of the dutch party for freedom discussing major trends in today's here opinion politics mr wilders like you said your opinions on this have landed you on the to hit list i know you're surrounded by security twenty four seven you live in a safe house i mean does all of this adulation get your had a politician has to be close to his nation to his people can imagine that being detached from everyday reality isn't that good for it. listen. last elections my party out of thirteen buddies and bottom and one on one third of our votes and we became the second biggest party in the hollands we only exist for ten years it never happened in holland before that the relatively new party became the second biggest party in parliament so we are not in the batched we are maybe at best even more than any other party look at the outcome of the democratic
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elections we are at that just and indeed it's not easy and i fight for the freedom of my people i fight for the freedom of the west as i see it and in the process i lost my personal freedom and let me tell you if i would have been addressing criticizing christianity or judaism which i am not to be clear but if i would have done that i would not have been on the head list i would not have lost my personal freedom people would not have tried to murder me so this is exactly my point i'm not the only one in the world if you look at a lot of people on the horn as ations or journalists or politicians who criticize islam they get into the same trouble and exactly my point that moderation is far to reach for in islam i say well there's
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a refugee problem spiralling out of control has god here of questioning one of its greatest achievements open borders do you sail a shank enzo has to go for a movement of people across europe where that. yeah that's the that's the only league way to get rid of the shans i'm the only way this that we have to stop the immigration from middle east africa and if you think that's what happened to the immigration crisis that we saw in the last few years with all these so-called asylum seekers that came to our i'm of the worlds that that was bad i would say you haven't seen anything yet you know if you look at the figures from the united nations you will see that there will be across rumbling of the inhabitants of africa today africa has one billion and habitants and in the end of this century that's will grow from one billion to four billion and service proves that one third
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of those people would want to immigrate the most probably to the richer about the north of africa to europe so if we don't wake up if we don't stop sharing and if we don't become sensible become monsters again of our own house if we don't again be in charge of our from the ball we will cease to exist i'm not exaggerating that if you look at the numbers that the end of the day we are facing today an extra stench of problem worse than an economic problem we have ever faced an existential problem whether we will exist or not at the end of this century if we don't stocks by defining our borders and controlling and deciding ourselves who we let into our house and who should leave our house as any normal citizens also have people looking at job program to date day out the sighting in our own homes and all of rush hour anywhere else in the world who to let in the house and who when people or
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guest should leave the house we are not doing that in most of the european countries today we only know the bolasie of open borders and at the end of the day it will not be our house anymore knowing closing this. then zone actually destroyed the european union well in the for me that would not be a bad thing because i'm very much against the european union i'm a lot in favor of europe i believe that we should work together with other countries in the continent of europe where we have a common interest for instance in the internal market to fight terrorism to have economical dies i would really want to cooperate but we don't need an institution like the european union where mostly unelected people like the all the european commission those deciding for the hour the mockeries democracies what to do and if you talk about immigration today european union brussels is in charge of our
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immigration rules and the national capitals the national governments not anymore they have transferred most of the immigration policies to brussels so we are not in charge of our own front door anymore so it would be a good thing instead of a bad thing if it would erode not you wrote but the institution called the european union has said that hysterical or worse a phobia reigns and europe and in the netherlands why is that i mean does europe have enough problems without this being from top to. well you know i see a terrible thing happening in most of the european countries and the one hand they criticize the american administration they make fun of mr trump i'm not defending mr trump all the things.


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