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tv   News  RT  December 17, 2017 7:00am-7:31am EST

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week's top stories from. for a second this week in the wake of donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital clashes between palestinians and israeli police called death. president putin kickstarts the withdrawal of russian troops from syria during a surprise visit to military chiefs declare defeat in that country. they go spending the holidays in heaven a russian spacecraft today launched from the baikonur cosmodrome taking three crew
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to space station on the final mission of the. here with the weekly big stories of the past seven days a lot international that weekends going on so we start with this deadly violence between palestinians and israeli security forces still shows little sign of abating this weekend it follows donald trump's in century decision earlier this month to recognize the disputed city of jerusalem as israel's capital. city. it's right. that our place.
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was. i. cut. cut cut cut we are still not the free zone and tensions are you. taking a. cut i cut. that is a fellow who's been hearing impassioned reaction to the resurgence of violence in that region. people can open the bible and to count how many times jerusalem is invention there they will find out also that jerusalem is not mentioned even one time in the koran not even one time people will find out that jerusalem is the
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capital of israel since nine hundred forty eight the whole world is condemning this action because simply it's against the international law it's and against the framework for the peace process is has who fitted the united states for free did its position as a broker to the peace process and i tell you something the israelis have killed for palestinians in the past two days in peaceful protests while no israeli was killed there was an injury in an attack in and west jerusalem everything is a lie first everything my opponent says is a lie there were three terrorists killed in gaza strip which has nothing to do with the protests here because gaza strip they fired rockets and they forget about it they just forget that they fire rockets at israeli kindergarten when people who are followers of hijab in that whole say name hitler skull operator of the ring cycle
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of world war those who create it fatah before nine hundred sixty seven to destroy israel when this resists the same personality is common to teach us morality listen it cannot be defended themselves why they are illegally on somebody else's land that is unacceptable what they done what they do and what i have been doing since one thousand nine hundred seven is an aggression and with your other guests this radical has never been to your land never been the old landing the history of those land they were born in russia donald trump. kept his promises and his trying to do in his best way are grateful but the issues not donald trump they issue as this people go around to murder in a says europeans russians americans and we are here in libya the east the only democracy of the only all new really
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a light in this very dark environment reaction to president move has reverberated throughout the muslim world will leave islam busted this quote noland void decision the organization of islamic cooperation that we can bring to the mergence the session in turkey that was on wednesday he called for the international community to recognize east jerusalem as the palestinian capital. it was the us decision on your rousseau them because of its great piracy against the historical and permanent rights to the palace. in jerusalem are important i want to point out to ignore some of the distortions and see the united states the signal to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel is a dangerous one it will threaten security and stability and frustrates efforts to resume the peace process the president is committed to this peace process as committed as he has ever been born yet as i mean every possible step must be taken
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to prevent the implementation of this illegal action by the u.s. administration however there is one question that sticks out what factors and no limits made it possible for the u.s. president's trip there to take such an outrageous act and that type of rhetoric that we heard has prevented peace in the past and it's not necessarily surprising to us. despite heavy criticism from arab leaders and european allies president trump nonetheless doesn't seem too concerned as kalam open reports. well it's now the time of year in which israel celebrates hanukkah and this comes after donald trump's dramatic decision on jerusalem which may seem like a huge gift we wish you a very happy hanukkah. and i think this one will go down as especially special. right now i'm thinking about what's going on and the love that's all over israel and all about jerusalem love
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that's all over israel trump one is far is actually praising himself for the all but controversial move his point his predecessors only made promises where he actually delivered. jerusalem is still the capital of israel and most remain unknown divided city accessible questions that take us as i would begin the process of moving the united states ambassador to the city in israel and shows. i continued to say that. jerusalem will be the capital of israel so why is tom so gleeful about his decision as the international community praised him for it nope they do interest decision we do know and agree clearly disagree these decisions i'm hopeful from the european union member states sites this move will not come so is it what the american people want well not according to this poll taken ahead of trump's decision sixty three percent of americans say that they oppose the move but it's
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popular in israel right well not with all israelis they think of only friends leave in years and they. are in much greater risk than they were with i think it will because of. people dead and. violence i think it was a reckless this season and it takes less time to announce it is like a man who was playing in a coma defeated or in the. in gangsta. so it's taking us three still suddenly and is shooting over friends tell me they announce that they're pretty much scared to go but the drizzle in the can be done the house going to be under scott's leave the house says but trump did win over some of his harsh critics in the democratic camp. jerusalem is the capital of the state of israel something the united states congress has reaffirmed and a fact of history that cannot be tonight. i support the decision to recognize
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jerusalem as the eternal capital of israel and to move the u.s. embassy that this decision is long overdue and help correct a decades long indignity there may be benefits for him personally may be. tipping his hat to his base and saying you know this is a campaign promise that i made he sees it more important for his personal legacy for his supporters to do this regardless of its effect on world opinion regardless of its effect on the united states and world opinion and regarding the something the palestinian. people the world is not happy with the move america is not happy with the move but donald trump thinks it's terrific a year ago at his inauguration donald trump said that from here forward it would be america first well it's starting to look like maybe it's trump first. r.t. new york. more the big news of the week russian troops started returning home from
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syria after president putin announced it was mission accomplished sure a surprise visit to a base there on monday it was the russian leaders first trip to the country putin told personal attack your airbase that their work was complete the russian defense ministry had earlier declared islamic state now defeated in syria. but only to the defense minister and the head of the general staff order the start so he will draw all of the russian forces to their permanent base and if the terrorists dare to raise their heads again we will strike back with the strength that he never seen before is a quick timeline of events back in twenty fifteen when islamic state was on the rise and controlled half of syria damascus moscow's help in the fight against the extremists using syrian intelligence the russian air force launched surgical strikes on terrorist positions and that delve a significant blow against isis infrastructure one of the main reasons for the campaign success many other forces have also of course joined the efforts to
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liberate cities and land to. that. over the defeat of vice and is a common victory there seems to be one country trying to steal the show as in this and now he describes next. everyone's taking credit for ridding syria of isis he's going to go to the locals to get out soon you know it's
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a. great job russia but not everyone is give you props i want to thank general manners for doing such a great job with respect to this he's not the hell out of. myself made it possible with what i'd let you do i think check your sources russia the bush is a tool for the far north. let me see you support the call today. paul. but the to do you like it i want to keep all these moves along the deal. you only join the war two years ago by invitation from the president and are already claiming victory us and stayed in power that's a total loss as far as we see it true wins mean the fall of ruthless dictators
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triumphant victories over evil and a long stay after the battle is over russia is already pulling out troops fell now we should keep in mind that the us played in porton role in combat in the terrorist sometimes by simply giving moderate rebels arms and training or for example when they let thousands of isis terrorists flee iraq or to battle assad in syria under a secret us approved deal america has nothing to celebrate in syria the plan didn't work keep bragging about your accomplishments in afghanistan iraq and libya and if you can stay in syria another ten years it might just be a real when. three one crew on the way to the international space station having earlier today blasted off from baikonur cosmodrome it is the final. manned mission of the year than it'll take them two days travelling before they finally dock with that over there up there he goes down off reports from the north site in kazakhstan
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here is once it was yuri gagarin who blasted off from this a very launch pad to become the first man in space now we can already hear the engines of this soyuz rocket roaring and the ground underneath me starts to crumble so let's take a quick break and enjoy this launch on this beautiful sunday morning together. having to leave a loving home especially on the holidays especially for holiday season and especially to space does leave an aching feeling inside one's chest and so we've been ready to spend some time with the crew and find out how they are going to be
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dealing with this perhaps the best crewman to help with any homesickness his colleagues may suffer is fair and russian cosmonaut copier off he spent a year on the ice as before. but it is my third flight and third time celebrating new year in space so i have a bit of experience on the space ship there are presents from family and from ross cosmos but there is a bank for every crew member and we also bring one for those already on board with the date when you open them either on christmas for western colleagues or new year for russian. he still would have packed one of her toys for him as a reminder of his family back home it down mining i gave my father a green little poodle toy because we have one at home. not only is this chapter of thirty expedition he'll also be. celebrating his birthday in space for the third time. unfortunately i was celebrate my birthday without my family close relatives
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and friends but it is my third time so i'm no stranger to that i will receive presents and sweets from my family on the space station we will lay the table and drink tea and i can't tell you what we're going to do there isn't a surprise but this is so hughes is not the only spacecraft headed for a run with the eye assess all the way from cape canaveral a space x. rocket is carrying something very special in its cargo hold firstly we're being told it's a new christmas tree for the holidays and also a copy of the new star wars movie yes to be screened in space so the force is strong with this mission john of reporting from the baikonur cosmodrome ferrazzi. kind of scary but a christmas thanks so much here so this we can play more come as well in the second half of the program this hour the weekly bringing you a major rebuke for europe hope for the abuse of migrants that's coming up and also to how british and pays now the power to veto any bricks and agreements with the
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e.u. just a couple the stories ahead. but the politicians to do something. they put themselves on the line they get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. for something i want to. let you go right to the press this is what the four korean people are. interested in the why. question.
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a recap of the big stories of the week in british will make his case prime minister trees a mayor breaks it bruising on wednesday out of voting to give parliament a final say over any deal struck on leaving the e.u. eleven rebels from within their own conservative party broke ranks to give employees the power to veto any exit agreement. a meaningful vote a meaningful vote a meaningful vote article fifty has a deadline the date has been served we are leaving at the end of march and when the deadline runs out we leave leaving the european union and we should say no
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parliament taking back control extends the article fifty don't try before we leave the european union amendments servant is floor is just my view the worse it will be unproductive negotiations to drag things out drag out the negotiations to delay project for months and months and months scrutinise what's of the government is doing proper scrutiny this is not the moment to try and defeat or go through the eye. she eventually got it it's eighteen months since the referendum so fifty two percent of voters choosing to leave the european union the corso time flies or the poll showed a sharp divide between britain's regions that wanted to remain let's not forget it was only in march this year that the government then finally kicked off the whole long exit process and the often straight negotiations with brussels that followed well opposition leader gerry corbett of the week said m.p.'s delivered
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a humiliating loss of authority for the government and that power he said there's no back in the hands of parliament that is despite their prime minister earlier claiming the government's strategy was bang on track. there is i believe a new sense of optimism now in the top and i. i would expect that we will confirm the arrangements i have set out today in the european council later this week however truism it might have secured a better result in the house of commons had she not lost her party's majority in that snap election gamble earlier this year she only managed to stay in power in the end with a one billion pound deal to secure parliamentary support from m.p.'s from the northern irish democratic unionist party political writer dan glazebrook told us to read him a can no longer overlook the deep divisions within our own party is a humiliation and historically governments don't tend to last very long after after after they get defeated at the hands of their own backbenchers to i think it shows
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that think that the government government is really up for grabs and it really demonstrates how insincere the conservatives were in their promise that they would . vote on the final deal to parliament because if they were sincere why would they be so determined even at the risk of a parliamentary just defeat to resist making this into a legally binding commitment. elsewhere been a report released on tuesday last amnesty international accused the european governments of condoning the detention and abuse of migrants trying to reach europe from libya we believe they are knowingly complicity in a system of abuse and torture of refugees and migrants. and because they know exactly what is going on and they have chosen to support. the system of detention and their view of migrants without putting in place any safeguards
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nikki are on board as more details about amnesties claims. last year member states launched a series of measures aimed at cutting off the central mediterranean route through libya but to report by amnesty international says that these steps are in fact actively supporting a system of exploitation and abuse of the vulnerable people they should be helping and they have video evidence to back their claims to these are rescue boats that either countries supplied to the libyan coast guard to intercept migrants at sea honesty says that this is the moment someone that had been rescued was thrown overboard and towed along the sea wall here we see someone else being whipped. thank you it was she was sick of my excuse
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me think of. this particular boat was donated by italy by can april and was handed over to the libyan coast guard in a ceremony attended by the italian interior minister who'd have thought it would one day be the focal point of accusations of human rights violations and then there is the detention center after being rescued at sea migrants are taken to these facilities run by the libyan department for combat saying illegal migration with the full support of e.u. countries in the words of amnesty is here that they are exposed to a soul destroying cycle of exploitation and it's a cause for what reason thought uprising to all our producers for business in libya to kill some people this or some people who did a petition. before to. do you skin to be tossed out for
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initiative is going to be tossed before so as to snoop if you want sort of water to drink fully mature o.c. . level of abusing. these people day leaving feel. there is no war or food that provided that unless you can pay for it would be interviewed several people who. decided that the way the wind their families were on the phone in order to extort the money for the torture to stop and for them to be released. and this is just the ordinary daily life in the sense that. the rights group wants european gun. to rethink that cooperation with libya when it comes to migration and says that if they continue to support libya north or tease you or pin governments are laying in bed what their true priority is putting the closure of the central mediterranean route before the
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welfare of the global people. something else to do the seventeenth of december i'm kevin i would thank so much for watching our news review of the week euro note international live of course from moscow our programs continue to right after this quick break. it's a. wonder when they get a car the city. and what i knew nothing then we took all. this i wrote. for him you know he meant and wreck a tunnel with. this phenomenon up on the u.s.s.
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iwo they were in the us and they've been going to see all. of this. so. i thought that they'll. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guest of the world of politics sports business i'm show business i'll see you then. credit is one of the basic instruments to drive an economy but it can also lead to tragedy i did i took the whole gist i came bigger and made that the death star game bigger and it will spiral now and fall. many lives have been broken by excessive debt in the banks got into for a war and all we big bankers got big. government the banks
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but i just didn't think of the the ordinary men and the last morning through the back under don't buy creditors people see no future bad face and have become ill get into a job your relationship breaks down you become a casualty is debt a life long trip or is there a way out of those actually come to a bit of an old right hook to ditch bill from so much fluid from which. i am an israeli old woman. that was born in haifa labs and i can play in aix for weight i cannot agree with so many things that's going on in my country it bothers me. a chance my life externally.
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is israeli. born in call of my parents. in a certain way holocaust bibles i'm called actually of them or. really deal cause in the form. of your singing is a very ordinary person who found himself wondering and the face of history. and i had to wear a. to decide what to do this situation and hopefully i found a way to. to give a meaning to
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a senseless. killing. your studies. oh and. my mother was born in the rear and she was but fifteen or sixteen after they were volution the whole family came to isn't in the beginning of the twenty is nineteen twenty something. on a boat my father though that was born in jerusalem met my mother in the port when they're after israel and they that married.
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my father from germany when most of poland were both. part of the socialists ernest movement they felt at the time that the best thing to do in life was to be put in the us and creating boats that's what they did. my mother was born in the old city of jerusalem and the ultra orthodox jewish family she met my father when she was an heiress he was a very badly wounded in the forty eight war and she took airfare of the filling up . was born in nice lovely house in haifa and i went to school here in the i went to all scouts movement then i was part of the how then are we were happy also needs all songs of happy to be here to build a country we have a lot of.


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