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the headline. the only western european country with the right. after a coalition between the conservatives and. security plan although it keeps the exact same list of those out. of twenty thousand dollars the e.u. . rules to the cryptocurrency. to try to move america's embassy in. turkey similar move
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east jerusalem. monday morning here in moscow are you watching r.t. international from the team here a very warm welcome to here. austria has become the only country in western europe with a right wing party in government that's after the conservatives formed a coalition with the austrian freedom. let's get details on this now. for us this morning good morning to you peter what does this mean i suppose this coalition it means for austria but also for europe as well. well what it means is that at thirty one years of age sebastian kurtz will be the next chancellor of austria the leader of the far right people's party came to
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a coalition agreement with the conservatives of the freedom party over the weekend that will see kurtz as the chancellor and the leader of the freedom party hans christian stark installed as the vice chancellor now there has been criticism of this move from abroad particularly from turkey who said that the policies of the far right party with the conservative party were discriminatory against against people there's also be a lot of allegations that this new government would be anti migrant or we have heard from them though is that they want to try and normalize europe's relationship with russia. regarding the sanctions against russia yes we would like for those to be lifted we will try to play a part in this is a mediator to find a solution in the interests of yours say europe and russia can overcome the differences. but whatever sebastien curt's on this new government have been
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mentioned talk of the rights of refugees talks of their what will happen to migrants in the country talks of what this will mean for islam within australia have been talked about it's clear that the decision for form this coalition has split opinion somewhat on the streets of the austrian capital. and there had to clings to here skip that's what i think we have since before it was trump and brags that in england and i think that i was freshly taking it and i really don't think it's get going to do it. throughout europe as a return to the far right as you can see this in germany as well with the f.t. got a lot of votes and if someone speaks about the refugee crisis you get the impression that this could have been handled better. in the good norman i think the far right are correct they're working for the people doing what people who wants them to do so i'm in favor i am happy with the situation so what should we expect from
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sebastian could well he said that he wants to put in place more direct democracy all or more of a swiss model that would probably mean a lot more referenda a lot more votes being put to the australian people one thing though that they're not going to see a vote of trolls there's even talk of things like cell phones and mobile devices being confiscated from migrants and refugees as they arrive in australia to try and determine exactly who those people are. while they claim asylum there is also an attempt to end any turkey secession take it off the table and also as i said before the lifting of sanctions against russia when it comes to the far right in europe though this move to seize sébastien kurta will seize a bus ticket as the new chancellor of austria rounds of the year which far right and right wing parties across europe have come to the fore we look for where i'm talking to you right here in germany of the alternative for germany party she led
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her group into the bundestag for the first time into the german parliament we also saw in the netherlands election it right at the beginning of the year where good villagers pushed to try and get the top job in that country and in france where the main opposition to france were to be you were. grant came from the front national the right wing party there and their leader and however. in austria he's gone further than all of them he'll be the new leader of the country and you're right wing leader the first of its kind the only one of its kind in the modern age here in europe right now all right r.t. sir peter over there live in berlin thank you. we spoke with vern apart so to professor at address and technical university who believes the e.u. will have to reconcile itself with a new coalition government in austria. west european governments take any significant actions against this new or strong government because on the one hand
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writing population has been growing in all these countries and the self confidence of europe centrist and leftists government has been shattered by this rise of rightwing populism and on the other hand form a coalition between the pm. did not harm to europe nor to austria nor were they any policy stake which are contradiction of humanitarian and rule of law standards in the european union. european governments don't see any reason for harsh restrictions and even sanctions right now. are staying in austria where a so-called ban has caused trouble for a local. but the man was pulled over by police and brianna as his white beard was covering most of his face.
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and the mask or book about law has been enforced in austria since october. in question. it was detained on his way from one said nicholas day celebration to another the man had to take off his white and red cloak after being stopped he may
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now face one hundred fifty euros fine his lawyer believes there are not grounds for prosecution i think such cases happen maybe almost every week my client is working as a santa claus every year he loves children and loves to help people. going around and has a lot of appointments on each day in kindergartens and schools and places like that it was just kind of provocation and a confession of failure in my legal point a few this incident is not a plea by the law because he was in his private car he had not covered his full face there was no reason even to take of for example his threat for. donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital and move america's embassy there from tel aviv continues to spark a wave of condemnation the turkish president has been one of the loudest voices and
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he's now announced plans to open in east jerusalem. we've already declared east jerusalem as the capital of the palestinian state but we haven't been able to open our embassy there because jerusalem is currently under occupation god willing we will open our embassy the. palestinians have been involved in almost nonstop protests and clashes with israeli forces since decision almost two weeks ago we show you now some of the latest pictures from the region are the ones decision for the summit of muslim leaders in turkey where all the states backed palestinian claims to the eastern part of the ancient city. however it would be difficult for the one to carry out the move as the city is controlled by israel which calls it its in divisible capital and the city doesn't currently host any foreign embassy and hussein back to you from the middle east technical university believes or the ones move has a lot more to do with domestic ambitions and promises to other muslim states.
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turkey can do it rather once again. israel has to permit this i don't expect that turkey can do it in the foreseeable future but i've heard dance third month is given to a message for domestic consumption so first of all and the second one he promises to do if the macaw going to vision conference that he wants to get of course more kountry through school and should recognize. the capital city of the palestinian state but it is not easy it is just a promise the moment to satisfy probably the turkish. waters. also give the some hope for the conference organisation but i do not expect that turkey can do it without understanding of.
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the magic or the military and intelligence agencies the plan promises a new approach to common with the priorities of tribes predecessors i don't know hawkins reports. geopolitics are back and they're back with a vengeance that's according to national security adviser general mcmaster at least is the summary of president trump's new national security strategy but what could it really look like and what could change from the previous the big four plus one was the catchphrase for obama's blueprint the challenges of the day being north korea iran china and russia plus terrorism we're confronting rogue regimes from iran to north korean rocket man is on a suicide mission for himself the reigning in government masks a corrupt dictatorship hide the force guise of a democracy lot of money. will remain similarly been
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a topic of contention for trump pre-election there was a desire of months the russian issue became a nightmare for the president accusations investigations and p.r. problems the e-mail detailed an effort to arrange a meeting between top trump officials and russian president vladimir putin during the campaign the top republican in the united states senate republican mind you says it will investigate whether russian hackers tried to help donald trump win the election there is the robert miller special counsel investigation into the russian attack on our election and whether the trial campaign colluded and according to macmaster russia as a revisionist state is a threat targeting the u.s. with new generation warfare this should please trump critics accusing him of kremlin collusion but if this is a change in foreign policy the reaction and with the defeat of islamic state on the battlefields of syria and iraq by russian and coalition forces a key question will be what's next for counter-terror corp when those you deem
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partners on one front labeled adverse or is on another. we discussed trump's new national security plan with strategic analyst gregory copley he thinks the president had to keep russia on the list of threats because of political pressure. the national security paper reemphasize russia as a strategic threat well unfortunately yes it will largely because of the media and opposition pressure which which has always claimed that he did a deal with moscow in order to help his election campaign so he has to appear to be sure to even handedly against russia and to raise russia rosé potential adversary once again yes there are points of difference between the united states and russia but the reality is that as i said that president trump will lead to and does want to work with moscow on some global issues particularly the middle east but most
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importantly against the people's republic of china. bitcoin is set a new record high of twenty thousand dollars per calling however the cryptocurrency is not just attracting the attention of financial speculators but also now e.u. regulators who are unhappy at its anonymity r.t.s. nature sethi has details. what may be the most appealing feature of cryptocurrency is now under threat their opinion has agreed to tackle the anonymity of crypto currency holders and entities now the e.u. say the measures will be part of a larger package needed to tackle tax evasion and so far it's been welcomed by europe's justice commissioner who has hailed the decision as a breakthrough today's agreement will bring more transparency to improve the prevention of money laundering and to cart off terrorist financing but here's
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a breakdown of what these measures actually mean or uses the term crypto currency as well how that peson identity revealed what else if you've got to have to amounts of crypto currency loaded on a prepaid debit cards the use of this will be limited as authorities will also have greater access to information including national bank account by just is and if anyone can demonstrate a legitimate interest in the crypto currency markets you'll be granted access to what's have a data you need these measures are interesting especially considering the bank of england step governor said cohen was too small to pose a threat to the global economy in a recent interview he likens bitcoin to a products rather than money this is not a currency in the accepted sense there's no central bank that stands behind it for me it's much more like a commodity from the governor's insights to the eyes of world bank many a questioning the potential threat of crypto currency as to the global economy now
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more than as a as the value of bitcoin continues to say perhaps the rise of brought change technology is threatening a very old and established business model of the financial sector we have something that decentralizes the money supply and threatens the business model of the banks of course that's going to be pushback against is any crackdown on all right prophecy of the internet is always always has an excuse that it's trying to stop money laundering always trust. terrorism paedophiles or whatever yes sure criminals are going to use this but criminals already use banks i mean so many banks have been caught out money laundering of all scales and have received vast fines for gray and black money from the drug trade. perhaps we should say you should close down our banks to this fear hasn't gone unnoticed by the bitcoin community wiki leaks founder julian assange gave his backing to the virtual currency comparing it to the occupy wall street protest movement of two thousand and eleven
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a movement that tamed to fight inequality greed and corruption in the finance sector but regulators remain worried that crypto currency is a platform to avoid financial regulations whenever tech advances a pair a slow to catch up many countries and legal bodies have only recently started to address crypto currency regulation but don't worry it will take eighteen months for the law to be implemented giving you plenty of times the complete transactions and ominously for now. encryption the company founder paul rosenberg thinks the new restrictions could provoke people to do business outside of the e.u. . what they're doing is they're attacking the companies that service the bitcoin market the people who make wallets the people who run exchanges and there's no reason that the people in the e.u. have to use those companies they can go to others and indeed those companies may close down and just move somewhere else where they're not going to have these type of restrictions placed upon them. this is really these restrictions are
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unnatural to cryptocurrency it's a different type of system so. it's an open question as to what will happen but i suspect that a lot of people will just not do business through the e.u. . thousands protested in the ukrainian capital on sunday against government corruption the march was organized by former georgian president ukraine opposition leader mikhail saakashvili protesters stormed a concert hall in central kiev where it's believed saakashvili had hoped to set up a command center to continue his rally. i. i was i i. i dozens of protesters were said to have been injured in clashes with police demonstrators managed to enter the concert
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a whole while ago just before most what it was a way of saakashvili continued his protest near the ukrainian parliament calling for the impeachment of current president petro poroshenko. we weren't shake the country we have only one country but the dog house what we have is a government we will shake it into we demolish it so that it never comes back. the canadian ambassador to ukraine criticized the vandalism caused the public buildings while his british colleague also expressed discontent nevertheless it's not the first time the former georgian president has caused unrest in the ukrainian capital earlier this month saakashvili tried to flee from police and even threatened to jump from the roof was his apartment building when he was later detained his supporters massed around the police car he was being held in and managed to free him following his second arrest he was released on bail saakashvili was the former governor of what was stripped of his ukrainian citizenship after falling out with
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the president in september here illegally crossed back into ukraine with the help of his supporters to continue its opposition activities in the country. where they are u.k. is due to ban advertising based on gender stereotypes for next year an official from the advertising standards authority gave examples of the kind of campaigns now deemed unacceptable. and not the typical family members creating a mass well a woman has sole responsibility for cleaning it up or not this implies a specific activity is inappropriate for boys because it's usually associated with goals or vice versa or not the depicts a man trying and failing to undertake simple parental or household tasks are always the odd regulator to make sure that advertising doesn't mislead or offend a key argument behind the new rule is that gender stereotypes can influence the way children grow up and what dolts restrict themselves the report focuses on
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a woman soley cleaning up her family's mess failing to carry out the household tasks over sort of all the regulations of only being outlined in a more specific set of guidelines has yet to be drawn up. i don't see what's wrong with a child that is drawn to i mean it is a predisposition whether we like it or not the children often drawn to toys of their preferential which are boys go to boys toys girls go to girls toys is just the way it is but i don't know the bunny noun verb is going to create the next scientist i think that if you want to create scientists they have an education it's called to do that well it's not really a question of what message consumers are picking up it's really a question of what message wider society is pricking up you know advertisers are obviously influencing our young child not picking these things up much more from the environment than from something innate and magical within and that actually we need to give young children the broadest range of possible ideas for them those
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ideas that girls are you know should have dolls and boys should have trains are picked up by sheer research and yes i remember as research suggests. just different research suggests the known gender stereotyping is simply the act of presenting women as suitable for a certain set of roles and men a suitable for a different set of roles it seems quite obvious to me that in twenty eighteen the time has come to move beyond that it's allowed for it i grew up with them and i as a mom i had two children christmas will come around i did go in the kitchen of the cook my two children one was a boy and one was a girl would both have a piece of pastry both would make mince pies that would carry the presents down from the attic because i didn't really want to go up into the attic and pull them down i do not see how by is a problem you say stereotypical i say that it's just family life and i don't see the. point really doing people like kate what people are did i haven't finished
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what people are doing oh no this is a regular well sexism this is everything the only sexism the only sexism k. if you don't even my it's not the right. celebrate it is forty years instead of congratulations the president faced a wave of criticism over the venue for his celebration. thanks for joining us.
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live. plz plz plz plz . because bristol only forty year they play a short tournament. a match as you all your life by your plot all it's everyone so my. wife whatever somehow six thought of. its are there still are stories. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last bang turn. your act caught up to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that
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i never got off of. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fond of you those that didn't like to question our ark and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind it's consumed with death this one might differ as i speak to you because there are no other takers. to claim that mainstream media has met its maker.
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are you sure about it. that the murdered matter. of a little of the youth of a. better book would be afraid of out of the still soft. well some people know what i will be and while they are all about the one who listen. to me will be put to him you know i mean people who were there but only a quarter of them made up new theory you don't do the same thing what you do know say no this support for what's a solo you had on the. list will still host but i came away you want to move to where you know. there's a lobbyist of them where to be handled in the show a little sonny you can do a bit suffer that. option outside of all of this with. much too much effort into so
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many motivation of yours get a spot on c.b.s. news of the union and. finally you will get really afraid you'll be in the server for a phone bill so you know you will son the personal opinion polls are in a. couple. questions one of the most heavily mined regions in the world that's fallen decades of conflict with its neighbors it was a spanish colony from the late nineteenth century and so nine hundred seventy five them both mauritania and morocco claimed sovereignty that's from locals this her royal we established the polish sorry the front and declared an armed struggle in
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one nine hundred seventy nine mauritania withdrew from the war means a moral code snatch more land and insurgency ensued and the ceasefire was declared in one thousand.
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