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life drugs drugs no left left left more list ok stop that's really good. thank. you thank you on three hundred people or so to have been injured in clashes as palestinians declare another day of rage in response to president truman's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital r.t. reports from the ground yesterday to keep the upsizing quite tense and we can see if you smell tear gas everywhere shooting that you. kidnapped and sold for two thousand dollars at an islamic state slave market we speak to a fifteen year old girl who managed to escape from terrorists coming to visit. and facebook and twitter face sanctions if they fail to help a british parliamentary probe into alleged russian interference in the breaks it wrote.
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to. the world will welcome you watching on t.v. international with me thinking erin good to have you with us this hour our top story over three hundred palestinians have been injured including around fifty with gunshot wounds says another day of rage was declared on friday against president trumps you know lateral decision to recognize jerusalem as the israeli capital we've been following the fresh wave of protests from the ground. i'm here with the basis of six point three in northern ramallah where the forces of come all the way in and they firing tear gas so we're moving to the back there's a smaller crowd here than normal but they have as always been throwing rocks and stones and sometimes molotov cocktails at the israeli soldiers this is the floor it's friday of rage actually palestinians all over gaza strip east jerusalem and the west bank are demonstrating and protesting against donald trump's declaration
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days right the army is drawing tear gas canisters on the protesters as since the morning since that announcement was made. well you can feel the tear gas from here so strong made that announcement fourteen palestinians have been killed and those figures according to the palestinian hope ministry they also report that more than three thousand people have been injured it's escalating it's uprising but that is right the army has been throwing tear gas canisters all the protesters are running away from the buffer zone found out that israelis have been shooting live that nation are probably because one hundred very very very close to where he was standing so. the situation here like it has been for the last month. quite tense and we can certainly smell tear gas every way there were at least five ambulances that. floor are three injuries.
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the u.s. decision ends decades of american neutrality on one of the most complex issues in the region as both israel and palestine have claims on jerusalem but under international law east jerusalem is not part of israel the city also houses holy sites for the three most popular religions the us ambassador to israel has said palestinians overreacted to donald trump's decision in an ugly and anti semitic way since trump's plan to relocate the u.s. embassy to jerusalem has sparked a global condemnation with protests held around the world an overwhelming majority at the u.n. general assembly voted to reject the move. we've also followed the story of a palestinian boy who spent twenty days in an israeli prison and to whom many now refer to as a symbol of resistance against israel. that
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along with i was an area where there were confrontations and the demonstration projects trumps decision. bombs no choice but to run away. my chest with a weapon and i was thrown on the ground then a group of twenty three soldiers attacked me they tied my hands and blindfolded me so i could not see anything and insulted me. to. me it's us for several minutes big hits us on the feet and i lost one of my shoes and took the other one such cold water my.
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thousands of kurdish speaking news eighty's are still being kept hostage in iraq despite the fall of islamic state many of them are children who have been abducted and sold at slave markets artie's senior correspondent mara gal's to have reports on the long way home from terrorist captivity. age location. ten thousand dollars russia. location turkey starting fifteen thousand dollars in us. syria starting bid. seven dollars. age fifteen. baghdad so. put two and the hard thousand dollars that d.d. was kidnapped by isis in mosul in two thousand and fifteen for near enough three years she endured horrible things things that no fifteen year old girl or any
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woman should ever have to endure two hours ago she was back by her family here in baghdad no one called the police no one wanted to risk her life she spent her first hour of freedom crying in the hotel room where in my isis tells its hostages that their families will kill them if they ever return but her rest would be brief as to how she shops or. the. many people who have either she says. shortly after meeting her relatives took her shopping. or she was rescued by a group of men who specialize in tracking down these e.d.'s kidnapped by isis they then either negotiate
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a sale or steal them back their big gun secrecy i don't and she got you know if i say that if we show the girl still in that position with their relatives apparent t.v. the deal will be on that they kill the hostages as such some of the people involved didn't want to appear on camera but the stories. and if you get your good to this day one of the girls was kidnapped when she was sent. for. a house here where there are several girls san eleven twelve years old who were old raped gifted or sold as many as fifteen songs. if not for sexual pleasure i said. brainwashes you see the children and sends them on suicide missions or sells them for money oh when isis fighters flee to turkey they sell their slaves because they need money to go back to their home countries. you may
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not know but when the u.s. led coalition that allies in syria reportedly led hundreds of isis fighters need that then besieged graca whose jihad just took not only the guns and families but also the hostages and slaves the same people that are now being on board back of it give it to the prices vary depending on where there are but if they're in dangerous places you can be eighty thousand dollars otherwise around fifteen thousand. others also tracking down missing people one iraqi and he has made a name for himself rescuing children. she spent her own money buying out several of these kids and then to have you know one of the girls told me the story of her she and her aunts were in isis captivity
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two of the terrorists watch them day and night to prevent them from running away then the girl told one of them that she couldn't sleep and asked to see a doctor the isis fighters gave her some sleeping pills she kept them and put them in the street and the terrorists fell asleep and she and her on managed to escape the girl was eight years old and was too terrified to do anything so the girl told her let's destroy and run away they will kill us anyway and they skate three thousand years edis is still missing hundreds presumed held by isis the international community no longer really cares if these don't attract the same ratings now that they aren't being slaughtered so it's up to them to recover that children and to help them heal from what isis has done to them or i guess the odd scene from the hawk iraq. i contacted several human rights organizations about
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what's being done to help the victims of these crimes so far only a few have responded including the red cross the battles in mosul and ramadi and fallujah all over iraq have yielded an overwhelming overwhelmingly large or high amount of missing people people who whose fate are unknown the families are still looking for them whether they are in captivity with this lamech said group or any other party in iraq families do not know the fate of their loved ones and if they have the right to know the fate of the loved ones whether they have been dead or are still alive somewhere in iraq being held by a certain party to a conflict what we do to assist because we know that the process to look and search for missing loved ones is a really painful process that can go on for many many years and we call on anyone
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who has a missing person in iraq to approach an international committee of the red cross and to report the missing gay so that we can assist in the search and identification of people who are missing. as was just mentioned many people went missing off of the fierce battle for mosul despite the city's liberation more than five months ago it still looks like a war zone the red squares on the map show just how much of mosul has been obliterated yet following isis defeats locals say little less that has been made to rebuild what was once considered one of iraq's as beautiful as this and.
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we haven't received any aid from the government. to secure destroy it don't feel like coming back to have lost all hope of living after seeing all this devastation. in the u.k. facebook and twitter could face sanctions if they don't help a palm and three investigation into alleged russian interference in the works it votes ahead of the so-called fake news inquiry and pay damian collins has now given
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the social media giants almost three weeks to hand over all the information he's requested they need to be able to tell us what they can do about it and what we need to be able to do is say to the companies we recognize that you open. place to me a little what is going on your insights but if you fail to police the search effectively and deal with highly problematic content then it has to be some sort of sanction against you damian collins the chair of the department of culture media and sports select committee in the u.k. parliament he's leading this investigation into so-called alleged russian interference in the e.u. referendum and he's really slammed these tech giants the social media giant saying that they aren't handing over enough information and that the information that they are handing over is the same that they handed over to the electoral commission earlier this month and we can look at some of the numbers of come forward facebook
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for example handing over information which says that story russian ads were taken out with only two hundred views or two hundred people viewing those ads and the total cost of ninety seven cents spent on the damian collins saying that no work has been done by facebook to look for other fake accounts and twitter as well handing over information saying that only six tweets from r.t. account at a cost of a thousand dollars again mr collins saying that twitter information that they've shared is completely inadequate now we've spoken to facebook they've told us that they are closely cooperating with the electoral committee but that they don't have any evidence thus far of russian actors attempting to influence the brig's that vote but this all is very similar to the types of inquiries we've been seeing in the u.s. and looking into the presidential election there and again alleged russian interference
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and we've also heard from the u.s. senator mark warner who's also been very critical of those social media giants i was concerned at first that some of the social media platform companies did not take this threat seriously enough i believe they are recognizing that for. now they've provided us with information of course these social media giants they've continuously stressed the number of. the reach of the taken out by russians or anyone linked in any way to much russia is very small in comparison to other adverts taken out and of course very little has been spoken about care for example president obama before that breakfast referendum came to the u.k. she gave a speech and told people how to vote with very little attention there given her soul called american interference so many people making those points as well well r.t. contacted facebook for a comment on the warning told as it had responded fully to all the inquiries of the electoral commission independent political commentator as i'm gary thanks for the
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inquiries into alleged russian meddling have reached a point of absurdity to sign of desperation isn't it someone that wants to go to a very nice restaurant in the no tables if the guy is really desperate to get in there can you check again or are you sure you don't have any tables it really is just ridiculous they want to prolong and prolong and on scandal when frankly all they need to do is look at the facebook ads it's all a matter of public record and yes the fingers might get a bit sore scrolling down through the polls but it doesn't take it you don't need to be some sort of super james bond in order to conduct this it really comes down to irresponsible corporate governance irresponsible political governance and a lack of transparency on both sides and in order to stir hoodwink the public about this of this sort of back scratching competition which occasionally draws blood they need a distraction it's either
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a sex scandal it's russian meddling. now the first ship carrying a russian produce gas has reached the u.k. under a new energy deal such a story wouldn't normally make headlines however the gas is. produced by a company which the u.s. put on its functions list in a move strongly supported by london at the time the first round of washington sanctions were imposed in twenty fourteen in response to russia's alleged involvement in the ukraine conflict the us has always been critical of russia's gas supplies to europe saying they undermine europe's energy security with moscow using the energy sector as a foreign policy tool britain has backed in europe's interest it's not in our interest it's also a political rather than a commercial undertaking and there is an existing framework in place for the e.u. to take more aggressive action on more trim too and similar projects if it wished to do so politically we have seen how countries such as putin's russia use their
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guest supplies is a tool of foreign policy threatening to cut off supplies address tical increase prices however the end of twenty seven c. has seen the u.k. out in the cold and in need of russian gas it all started around three weeks ago when the most important pipeline to britain was shut down due to a crack that one of the biggest hubs in europe suffered an explosion which led to a record spike in gas prices in the past four years more of a britain has faced an unusually cold winter with snow blizzards and freezing temperatures we discussed this with international oil and gas experts. why is the european union and britain sub borked you are sanctions when it comes to their own needs they can put aside or a share of these sanctions for their own benefit and that is the situation with the united kingdom now russia is reliable supplier so i think
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that will continue of course the united states would like to be able to reduce europe's dependence on russian gas other russian oil but they cannot they might try through sanctions doing cleaves their supplies of. the euro but it will not work because barry can and he is far more expensive than the russian gas. new polls show around thirty percent of german and french people support the idea of creating a federal european country a so-called united states of europe the idea was voiced earlier this month by the german social democrats party leader mark martin shultz however he didn't provide any details of how he'll turn the idea into reality. i want a constitutional european treaty that leads to a federal europe europe that's not
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a threat to its members which are on the contrary complete wisely so. let's debate this topic now shall we in cross live to our guests alan scant the founder of ukip and john lyons from l.s.e. ideas think tank welcome both of you to r.t. international now to first question this idea of a united states of europe is nothing new is that it goes back generations but do you think it's actually realistic to think it's possible to turn this into a reality to one john first place. i think this was something that was. really quite popular in the in the fifty's sixty's and seventy's and i think coming out to the european community into the european union there were quite a lot of advocates for this i think at the moment it doesn't look very realistic that this could happen any time soon because you only have to look at quite a lot of the countries within the european union at the moment and it doesn't seem
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to be the will for that kind of full on integration i think when we hear about this quite a lot it's coming from brussels it's coming from the european commission and it's coming from the european parliament alan would you agree. more or less there's no popular demand for this no particular point to it i mean it would only bring more politicians more government more red tape more bureaucrats and a great deal more taxes and taxation to pay for all of that europeans especially since the advent of the euro have seen most things the european commission do end up in disaster greece has experienced disaster in particular but a lot of countries have experienced degrees of disaster unemployment in most of europe is very hard because of the last initiative of the european monetary union the idea that the people the charge of that could now be in charge of political
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union doesn't resonate anywhere particularly in germany since they're the ones who probably have to pay for all the the costs involved so when martin schultz put forward his proposition of the say seventy percent of germans were against it i did think it's going to fly and i did see any popular pressure for more europe pull the elections we've had recently and presumably those in italy coming up in march have demonstrated will demonstrate that people in europe are more and more turning against the idea of european unity not in favor albeit nevertheless there's like there is finding most of its support from germany and france what you think about is that. it's not finding want support only thirty percent remembered of germans for example in favor of and germans notoriously are anti nationalist post post national and ideas because of the controversial history not if in germany it can only get thirty percent support died with his go to get
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support anywhere but to keep it in germany the germans are aware that those people who are in support of it want the germans to pay for and the germans a good simply going to say no so this is a mad idea it's not necessary nobody needs the united states of europe we don't know what it would do they couldn't do anything for example to defense it's got seventeen different types of tanks of the european union called the cold klippel drunker is consumed in different types of tanks one hundred seventy different defense procurement systems hardly pays anything for defense a tall already and any more money going into defense should go into nato so exactly want the united states of europe would be a buy nobody seems to know what you'll do you think that bringing up this whole idea again could be a post break that response to try and stop other states leaving and if it is to think it could work. this was the idea off to the.
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you know europe would get its act together and move forward. i think so far we've not really seemed i mean. a real effort so i mean real traction for that because if france and germany at the moment the political some of the political parties would be in favor of this. anti integration and anti euro european parties of going strength from both countries so i think there's a certain degree of tiredness there in those countries and you see the southern countries who have a question mark on this in you look at countries like greece and italy there are quite tired responses to this european idea at the moment i think there's a real job for the european politicians who believe this to really push something tangible forward and then you see east and central europe where there's
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a lot of conflict we've got greece this is a problem for the european union and you've got this problem for the european union you've also got the the east and central european countries that have been lots of different conflicts on legal issues with the european union at the moment so as it stands what is coming out is an interesting name from a speech by. by sure i mean that was criticized by its potential coalition partners the c.d.u. as being far too radical because now you've got the nitty for deutschland that's on the right flank of the christian social union the bavarian part of the c.d.u. the c.d.u. and they are very very sensitive now to these types of pronouncements and you have to also. ask why didn't shows push this idea more in the election campaign
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and the result for shorts in the election campaign was quite poor anyway so. i think there's a lot of work to go forward on that and i think that for the euro zone to get greater integration into it to stay relevant in the future then there needs to be a german franco motor but the problem there is that when the french say something about euro zone reform it means something completely different to what the germans say so i think that we're in a sort of conundrum here in terms of you know what people are saying and what's actually happening on the ground alan would you agree that you know they really had no have. well it's all part in the sky the real problem is that neither should hold some macro nobody else has any solution to the huge problems facing the e.u. which life colleague is just outlined they don't know what to do about poland and
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eastern europe and their opposition to integration they don't know what to do about the migrant problem that seems to be shelved for the moment. the german governments and melt. clearly on a way out there's no real leadership coming except microland keeping charging that he wants a euro zone turned into a european fiscal government and he's by himself on that the only way that could happen is if the germans agree to pay for and they want to do that so it's in the kind of school routine position we can go forward all its achievements which it would like to advertise have been failures the euro zone's largely been a failure even macro and france is promising that after five years he will get french unemployment done to eight percent i mean unemployment in britain to snog was four point two percent he's saying that after five years he may get in france
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down to eight percent average unemployment in the e.u. is ten percent and in places in southern europe it's twenty thirty forty percent the place is an economic disaster despite a recent little blip up growth in a few economies the fact is the promise of the e.u. is simply not being fulfilled the likelihood is that it will fall apart in the next ten years rather than transform itself into a european superstate of any kind. when not there's also announced his plans is that there was a constitutional treaty was drafted it would be presented to the member states and those who are against it will simply leave the e.u. what do you think of such an even i was amazed the proposal it's very democratic you do. that was completely undemocratic of you doing except to point blank what i'm proposing could germany you'll get kicked to the european union that really
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probably would disapprove and. john europe is going through so many problems right now with from bragg's it to the migrant crisis don't you think a bit of unity might help to solve them well it's i mean we talk about germany i think it would be difficult to say that germany's the meltdown to be honest with you they certainly are going to have problems forming a coalition are not comparable e.c. that you know the s.p.d. want to have this coalition the leadership but the members and that we could go to a new election probably march and then the idea that how long merkel would be able to sustain a position and you know success a successor would have to go on within the cd you see c.s.u. that is a real problem germany is out of the game at the moment it's very difficult to see how the german franco can go forward with with much mac wrong
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i think there is a difficulty with his own popularity and in france at the moment which is starting to go down with ok john i do apologize for interrupting you that but we're going to have to call that a day thank you for joining us both but joining us on our team stars as allen founder of u.k. pounds on running from l.s.e. ideas think tank thank you again. thank you very much you get in touch and show you those in the days stories by following guys on social media and join me again at the top of the hour for the latest headlines.


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