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jackson i know the senator from kentucky on the floor i will say before i read this if there's objection you are achieving the objectives of letting me put. a libyan man who lost his whole family in a nato early raid is planning to take his fight for justice to the european court of human rights he say's the alliance dropped two bombs on his house during its military intervention in the country in twenty eleven. now we demand that we need to explain why our house and houses were showing all the military targets i don't understand why nato targeted our house sadly my dear wife died as well as my cousins my innocent children and our neighbors our friends were there with this it was a monstrous crime and nato has the latest equipment and technology which allows them to accurately determine the targets of the nato cross struck specifically at night
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when people were in their home they intentionally hit civilian targets those hospitals schools gas stations they destroyed all the infrastructure while they were killing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure apparently knowing there were no weapons no. let's see an arm up here where the nato attack actually took place. mentioned thirteen people were killed in the bombardment including three children he says his house may have been targeted because his father was a general who served under libya's former leader move market duffy but khalid said it was just a family hopes not a legitimate target he began his battle for justice back in twenty twelve but has been up hill struggle to actually get this case heard in court and nato which enjoys a degree of legal immunity in such cases argues that it had no intelligence suggesting civilians were in the home at the time of the strike. ses his lawyers find
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a way of challenging the protections afforded to the alliance and he hopes his case will set a precedent for others who also lost their families. when we gathered our families in different parts of libya we found a man whose wife and daughter and son as well as his mother died during the shelling there were other families in other cities a lot of families we compiled a report from all identified victims after having documented in photographs the material so that this case could become a historical precedent. heading state now where murder rates in the u.s. city of baltimore skyrocketed in twenty seventeen with fifty six killings per one hundred thousand people a new record in a city that already has a reputation of being dangerous and crime ridden. q. cities in body american urban decay more depressingly than the city of baltimore baltimore
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struggles with a record high murder rate. murder is controlled . yes baltimore there is a robust active crime strategy. is that baltimore has been rocked by one of the going trials and one of america's
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biggest police corruption scandals the task force of plain clothes officers were supposed to be reducing violence on crime however it seems they were actually adding to it six out of eight members of the group pleaded guilty to charges of organized crime including store and drug dealing r t some your account is across the story. the baltimore police department is now involved in one of the biggest scandals and u.s. law enforcement history for months now the court system has been trying to investigate corruption within the city's police force eight officers are on trial over drug trafficking racketeering robbery and planting fake evidence like drugs and. we would create false reports to cover up the robberies we were involved in. it was like aware if life were got away with a lot of things if proven guilty the officers and may face twenty to one hundred years in prison and six of them have already pleaded guilty and are now acting as
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witnesses in hopes of softening the moving verdict and their lawyers claim the officer spilled guilt over what they've done mr jenkins is extremely remorseful he's been remorseful for a long time even before these charges were brought and he's relieved that today finally he was publicly able to accept responsibility for their client sorry for what they did or should. be so it seems regretful of what happened and i really don't have any comment meanwhile officers cases continue to be dismissed with hundreds under review and most of them involve incidents of officer switching off their body cameras to plant drugs or guns and then reenact seizing the evidence they had already planted. the police corruption trial is still ongoing in baltimore we will be following it to its conclusion here on r t any and all developments we'll bring it to you. germany's domestic intelligence chief is raising
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the alarm over children of us law mixtape fighters that have been brought to germany he say's the youngsters are living time bombs that can be used in terror plots inside the country with more in this peter all over. well since said the children all german parents who went off to join isis in iraq syria pose a potential security threat when or if they return back here to germany in fact he went as far as to refer to them in some cases as ticking time bombs they were confronted early with islamic state ideology learned to fight and were in some cases forced to participate in the abuse of prisoners or even the killing of prisoners we have to consider that these children could be living time bombs there is a danger that these children come back brainwashed with a mission to carry out attacks or mustn't also went on to say that there was a whole network of online isis headhunters looking to recruit and radicalize
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potentially vulnerable children islamic state uses headhunters who scour the internet for children to can be approached and tries to radicalize these children were recruited children for terrorist attacks it's no wonder that germany is concerned the country has seen a number of mine is involved in terrorist attacks over the last couple of years most notably there was a case back in twenty sixteen when a twelve year old boy tried to blow up a christmas market in the west of the country german government figures showed that around a thousand people left the country to go and join isis now around one third of those have returned back to germany but the government also points out they have no way of knowing how many children are being born to those those germans that went off to join isis and how many potentially could come back to the country and pose a threat but that prompted mohsin to say that he thought that the security services
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should be given the right to launch surveillance operations against mine is in germany that's anybody under the age of fourteen years old that though of course comes with its own issues a particularly sensitive topic talking about launching why it tops and other types of surveillance operation against children that young. campaigning for my oral elections in the japanese city of no go has again highlighted the controversial nature of america's military presence on the island japan's central government and authorities in okinawa where u.s. troops are currently stationed have been doing battle over the possible relocation of their base to the northern city of nagual a recent poll shows sixty three percent of voters oppose the relocation only twenty percent a fifth support up to the incumbent mayor of the city who opposes america's the plummet of troops to the island sees a vote for him would be
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a vote for defending japan's of ptolemy so these elections are extremely important as they will have a great impact on the future of now go and our country's current administration is attacking us with attempts to sway the power these elections are meant to defend japanese democracy and our autonomy we're asking people from all over the country for their understanding okinawa is in a difficult situation right now but if many people support us we will continue what we do. well in one thousand nine hundred six the review by japan in the us decided the american base should be relocated to the remote area of had no call that a citizen was made in order to reduce the military impact on the populated communities of southern okinawa but there has since been numerous crimes committed in relation to the us military presence there.
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activists in okinawa believe the japanese government has been turning a blind daichi a very tense situation playing out in the region now current mayor mistaken i mean it is a really strong body resurfacing that it could have nation of the day but another candidate is a fucked up book by japanese center government so he agrees. over there in the new military base in his most people who are against the new media the best course of action is government job is government hovering
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ignoring our voice against democracy and against the decision if at the. accept me they base they can get the money many citizens who knows the troops the facts are really. worried japan's government sent the who sent. ministers money and demagogue dimmock all. the fake news but we will let loose we will win. crypto currency brick coin is seeing. another tumble was regulators in india and once a widespread crackdown sending prices into freefall i'm just looking at it now it's down fifteen percent at this moment for today overall it's already done by more
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than huff from the all time high reached in mid december facebook has also moved on crypto is saying it will block all odds promoting bitcoin are other cryptocurrency products and services and gala france's sun tiago looks closer into the. big news in the world of crypto facebook is banning all cryptocurrency ads explanation of the social networks not sure all of the companies behind them are operating in quote good faith so it's stepping in to save the day. we want people to continue to discover and learn about new products and services through facebook ads without fear of scams or deception there you go with the crypto boom comes the crypto rag down we already seen some governments across the world seeking to ride in the uncharted waters of the crypto market too from china
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to the u.k. pseudo financial innovations that have no relationship with the real economy should not be supported i would caution the people we know relatively little about what the sun's forms the price of cotton it's not commodities well because the eventual supply is fixed if you want to invest in but be prepared to lose all your money sure there are traps in the greater world take this nicely wrap website of the lithuanian based startup the company wanted to track around six point five million worth of the theory in crypto currency to revolutionize agriculture sounds promising. sure enough the company disappeared without a trace soon after finishing its hard cap wiping its website clean and leaving just one vulgar word behind but it could have been much more like a whole crypto bank for example the first ever by the way the arise bank which had its assets frozen by the u.s.
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securities and exchange commission with more than six hundred million dollars in several crypto currencies including bitcoin unlike point all because its owner had previously been associated with crypto fraud and its new bank fabricated agreements with banks that did not exist. but then really how many i theo's out there are scams and facebook really need to go that far to limit all crypto a whole crypto currency movement is a big thing and it's kind of like a gold rush so there are going to be some scam artists who get in on the action and unfortunately there are a few but facebook is a billion dollar a month company they can put one person on this to sort them out it's not that hard
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there's not that many of them it should not be their job to police such things in my opinion they have to deal with us in world politics and there may be pressures on them to do these things that you can watch the full digest on our you tube this is. i mean. well let's keep the finance theme going be because you're in the report is here in just a moment. of his program and then i'm here in just over half an hour's time with more global news from r t h q in the russian capital.
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kentucky. you can get. a co money in the snow. no mines left. the jobs are gone all the wiser said let's. live to see these people the survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. but politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to press
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. you to try to be for us this is what before three of them or can't be good that i'm interested always in the waters about how this. question. runs of the globe it is the best out of the dogs with. the concepts playing to perform i actually prepare myself to die i. don't know said he'd well. sorry trust me. you know homo stuff card reader nap her clown. squinty was. really good. so we'll see if it.
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was that he could with. yes get more deep mission. a couple so kind of b.s. i mean are you. you. are this is the kaiser report yeah we're at the sunset marquis in west hollywood looking for billy bob thornton he's like haunts the premises and we're hoping to bump into him
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and talk to him about his career and his view on the economy but until we get to that let's talk to stacy until we find billy bob we need a plan b. and luckily the e.c.b. with all their beer kratz have come up with a very cunning plan b. max kaiser e.c.b. these new plan b. synthetic structured euro bonds we could be about to be treated to a brand new central bank coined acronym eat be or in what is somewhat catch your plural from as bees as and as bees e.s.p. stands for european safe bond which in today's europe may sound like a contradiction in terms but is in fact an idea that has been gathering dust on the drawing board for close to seven years it could soon be brought to life however if the e.c.b. approves a plan being drawn up to launch the new financial instrument by an independent task
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force under irish central bank governor phillip lane i'll go into the details in a moment but here it reminds me of the last episode where we were that young millennial kid from new york was talking about the markets are insulated he feels like the markets are somehow insulated probably because he listens to such things as a safe bomb and any time you see the word synthetic being thrown around by a new structured financial project is shortly before that structure financial project product collapses all synthetic. financial products collapse that's true throughout history. but there's no law against it and the central banks keep issuing these synthetic products now why are they doing this because central banks like to think that they have a certain amount of reserves on their balance sheet in relation to the debt that
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they are issuing like the central bank of america for example is leverage i think sixty to one the central bank and ireland is probably leveraged fifty or sixty to one so the way to get around that to leverage themselves one hundred to one or two hundred to one they give a synthetic product a aaa rating you know which will be all this is a government issued product they're going to give a aaa rating but you know i could just as easily give a aaa rating you know this leaf and say this is a synthetic european central bank as a bond and i could say it's worth a billion dollars and it's on the balance sheet of a central bank and therefore it's as good as you know whatever they're going to say it's as good as but it's essentially just it's if it's nothing it's zero it's nonsense it's criminal well they go into how the actual synthetic derivative would function here's how the scheme would work private or public institutions such as large banks or the european stability mechanism the euro zone's bailout fund
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would repackage sovereign debt from the earth zones nineteen nations and to three traunch is a senior tranche that would have a credit rating of aaa or thereabouts a junior traunch that would be rated lower but would still be investment grade and the lowest level which would contain the riskiest securities might be below investment grade i junk rated and would yield around five to six percent essentially the securities would be derivatives based on solver and bonds again this is exactly what i said that repackaging junk. and they're giving it aaa rating and passing it off as low yielding securities and they didn't dump it into pension accounts where it will blow up and ruin a lot of people's retirements if you recall history this is exactly what we heard right before the sub prime collapse stayed delved into trauma of debt and gave different ratings to different tranche is and they sold those on
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a pension accounts and they all blew up remember made in made in sheet in lane maiden lane one made lane this is a repeat of all the criminal behavior that was done before the crash but no laws were passed to stop the recidivist criminal banks frost hers from doing the exact same thing again because they refuse to obey the law and all they want to do is still cash and the kleptocrats thrive some more and their big bank accounts grow and grow and the people in ireland are forced to pay for water and try to pick the seeds of bird droppings for food and claim that it's their fault because they don't have the honus to become banks and commit these acts of fraud you know that could be true. you know that rap you did there you know there is a studio a famous recording studio in this hotel maybe we should our plan b in case guys report doesn't work out could be a rap career for you but i want to turn to this quote you're going to word plays
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a spoken word. so listen this quote here you are going to have to refund because this is the the most majestic moment of this article here about these new as these these derivatives based on sovereign debt of europe so some of the nations especially the northern nations are of course concerned that this product will be just basically some sort of fancy scheme to have debt mutualization so that the taxpayer is in finland and sweden and finland and hala. in them places like this are going to be responsible for the deaths of italy in places like that to allay these fears philip lane said the issuing entity would have to follow strict guidelines and be shielded from political interference quote these sovereign bond backed securities are issued by
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a robot buyer central banker governor said in helsinki there is no possibility for anyone to interfere with the robot seriously that's what he said right well ok algorithm driven trading is programmed by folks that are looking to exploit. arbitrage opportunities in the markets to. eviscerate price discovery and steal lots of money say to those people are in charge of algorithmically determining how these traunch is of synthetic that's are going to be allocated and distributed claiming that they're not going to be debt mutualization or giving these northern european countries with the legitimately good credit ratings junk that wouldn't jeopardize their credit rating and that's of course false this is again we've seen this before the algorithms before the long term capital management as you recall were written by nobel prize winning financial engineers quantum economist i
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couldn't spell it led to one of the biggest catastrophes of all these robots are not infallible they're program for destruction and it's you know it's just a repeat of the exact same thing that we've seen now few times but there's it now they're being played out once again in with these fellows beezer fiz beazer as b.s. beezer furbies whatever they want to call just another firm you know there's read bottling the same rancid wine into a new bottle and claiming that it's an innovation in some way when it's not well so now we're going to move from a robot writing these derivatives to a protocol called be cooling and what the latest headlines regarding that. eight nine years into the project it's an interesting one and we're going to turn to this strike to end big queen payment support stripe the u.s.
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payments firm which helps businesses do financial transactions online is to phase out support for big queen payments it said fewer on my merchants now wanted to accept the cryptocurrency rising fees and longer transaction times as a result of price fluctuations also lessens appeal he said stripes said it was clear most bitcoin users saw it as a way to make profits rather than something to make payments with as was originally in tended yeah so the original white paper by chateaux should not be so the original white paper by suppose you knock them out makes reference to a digital payment system digital cash but it's not ready to be used as digital cash yet it's still finding its way as a store of value so as a store of value it's competing with gold we have irrefutable evidence that a lot of people that would go to be buying gold but bitcoin instead with
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a big coin price down as it is in twenty eighteen all of the money is going into gold and see gold is rallying love the money is coming from bitcoin so that's a store of value as i've said now for a while when it gets to that point just one hundred thousand dollars a coin you're going to see it start to become more of a mean means of exchange. stripe it was a bit early in their incorporation of bitcoin as a back and payment solution but once you do see some still bill the at the higher prices and you'll see all these processors come back straight did say that they're still going to be involved in the crypto currencies and they're going to explore other cryptocurrency as including bitcoin once lightning network rolls out right now it's being tested in the tests are going quite well and we're going to interview the co-founder of lightning network which is a stark hopefully we'll interview her. soon but regarding this means of exchange first says store of value yes the markets decided investors decided in twenty
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seventeen that. it would not be necessarily means of exchange at this moment it's going to be a store of value back in two thousand and fourteen when stripe first started in twenty fourteen the san francisco based firm became the first major payments company to support big claim payments at the time stripe hoped it would become a way for people in places with low credit card penetration or prohibitively high credit card fees to do transactions online but it said the virtual currency was now better suited to being an asset than being a means of exchange so back in two thousand and fourteen when you know of course we're covering it here in kaiser report. we use it as a means of exchange many people you know use it as a means of exchange you know people i phones with and i remember it being exciting that you could buy an i phone with ten between and then once the market decided actually it's a store of value then it became a little bit frustrating that you had spent ten between on an i phone well the
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invention was not to create a store of value it was a store of value it was a corollary or a byproduct of creating a medium of exchange so to create that medium of exchange the big protocol inadvertently created a start value which then became the defacto primary reason people accumulated bitcoin now in the wake of this kind of transition or discussion about means of exchange or store value you've got other all coins of come around and they're competing in the trying to get into that space to be a more perfect solution for means of exchange and other types of variations come about but the entire cryptocurrency market itself is still on track to eclipse the global banking oleg aapl e which is what we need what we want and i've always said it's a banks or a killer that's the primary use of bitcoin and cryptocurrency yeah and as our guest adela to force their heads had you know.


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