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tv   Politicking  RT  February 1, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EST

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if there's objection and i know the senator from kentucky on the floor i will say before i read this if there's objection you are achieving the objectives of letting me prove. to another story we're closely following this week germany's domestic intelligence chief is raising the alarm over children of us law mixtape fighters that have been brought to germany he says the youngsters are living time bombs that can be used in terror plots inside the country following that story first peter all over. well. said the children all german parents who went off to join isis in iraq syria pose a potential security threat when or if they return to germany in fact he went as far as to refer to them in some cases as ticking time bombs they were confronted early with islamic state ideology learned to fight and were in some
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cases forced to participate in the abuse of prisoners or even the killing of prisoners we have to consider that these children could be living time bombs there is a danger that these children come back brainwashed with a mission to carry out attacks or mustn't also went on to say that there was a whole network of online isis headhunters looking to recruit and radicalize potentially vulnerable children islamic state uses headhunters who scour the internet for children to can be approached and tries to radicalize these children or recruit these children for terrorist attacks it's no wonder that germany is concerned the country has seen a number of mine is involved in terrorist attacks over the last couple of years most notably there was a case back in twenty sixteen when a twelve year old boy tried to blow up a christmas market in the west of the country and the german government figures showed that around a thousand people left the country to go and join isis now around one third of those have returned back to germany but the government also points out they have no
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way of knowing how many children are being born to those those germans that went off to join isis and how many potentially could come back to the country and pose a threat but that prompted mohsin to say that he thought that the security services should be given the right to launch surveillance operations against mine is in germany that's anybody under the age of fourteen years old that though of course comes with its own issues a particularly sensitive topic. talking about launching tops and other types of surveillance operation against children not young. turning your attention stateside now where murder rates in the u.s. city of baltimore skyrocketed in twenty seventeen with fifty six killings per one hundred thousand people a new record in a city that already has a reputation for being dangerous and crime ridden.
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few cities in body america never been to a more depressing lead in the city of baltimore baltimore struggles with a record high murder rate. murder. will. yes baltimore there is a robust active crime strategy. oh.
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well it all comes as baltimore has been rocked by the ongoing trials in one of america's biggest police corruption scandals the gun trace task force on a group of playing clothes officers were supposed to be reducing violence on crime however it seems they were actually adding to it six out of eight members of the group have pleaded guilty to charges of organized crime including extortion and drug dealing r.t.c. recount is across the story this hour. the baltimore police department is now involved in one of the biggest scandals in us law enforcement history for months now the court system has been trying to investigate corruption within the city's police force eight officers are on trial over drug trafficking racketeering robbery and planting fake evidence like drugs and. we would create false reports to cover up the robberies we were involved in it was like aware of life were got away with
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a lot of things if proven guilty the officers that may face twenty to one hundred years in prison and six of them have already pleaded guilty and are now acting as witnesses in hopes of softening the moving verdict and their lawyers claim the officer still feel to over what they've done mr jenkins is extremely remorseful he's been remorseful for a long time even before these charges were brought and he's relieved that today finally he was publicly able to accept responsibility for their client sorry for what they did or should. be so it seems regretful of what what happened i really don't have any comment meanwhile officers cases continue to be dismissed with hundreds under review and most of them involve incidents of officer switching off their body cameras to plant drugs or guns and then reenact seizing the evidence they had already planted while they placed corruption trial is still ongoing in baltimore we will be following it to its conclusion here on our t.v.
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. a libyan man who lost his whole family in a nature earth raid is planning to take his fight for justice to the european court of human rights he says the alliance dropped two bombs on his hosts during its military intervention in the country in twenty live. now we demand that we need to explain why our house and houses were showing all the military targets i don't understand why nato targeted our house sadly my dear wife died as well as my cousins my innocent children and our neighbors our friends were there with those it was a monstrous crime that nato has the latest equipment and technology which allows them to accurately determine the targets of the nato aircraft struck specifically at night when people were in their home they intentionally hit civilian targets those hospitals schools gas stations they destroyed all the infrastructure while they
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were killing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure apparently knowing there were no weapons there. let's take a look at the map and i where the nato attack actually took place as mentioned thirteen people were killed in the bombardment including three children he says his house may have been targeted because his father was a general who served under libya's former leader moammar gadhafi but how he said it was just a family home and not a legitimate target he began his battle for justice back in twenty twelve but has faced an uphill struggle to actually get his case heard in court nato which enjoys a degree of legal immunity in such cases argues that it's no intelligence suggesting civilians were in the house at the time of the strike however his lawyers have not found a way of challenging the protections afforded to be alliance and he hopes his case will set
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a precedent for others who have lost their families. we gathered our families in different parts of libya we found a man whose wife and daughter and son as well as his mother died during the shelling and there were other families in other cities a lot of families we compiled a report from all identified victims after having documented and photographed the materials so that this case would become a historical precedent. campaigning for the my oral elections in the japanese city of nine girl has again highlighted the controversial nature of america's military presence an island japan central government under thora g.'s in okinawa where u.s. troops are currently stationed are being doing battle over the possible relocation of their base to the northern city of narco a recent poll shows sixty three percent of voters oppose the relocation while only one in five support the move the incumbent mayor of the city who opposes america is
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the point of troops to the island so is a vote for him would be a vote for defending okinawa's autonomy so you can actually selections are extremely important as they will have a great impact on the future of now go and our country's current administration is attacking us with attempts to sway the power these elections are meant to defend japanese democracy and our autonomy we're asking people from all over the country for their understanding okinawa is in a difficult situation right now but if many people support us we will continue what we're doing. well in one thousand nine hundred six a review by japan in the us the sign of the american base should be relocated to the remote area of had no call the decision was made in order to reduce the military impact on the populated communities of southern okinawa but there has since been numerous crimes committed in relation to the us military presence there .
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well activists in okinawa believe the japanese government has been turning a blind eye to the tense situation playing out in the reach. now current mayor mr in a minit is a really strong body refusing the good of a nation of the day but another candidate is backed up by japanese central government so he agrees.
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then the new meeting faces in his most people who are against the new media the best course of action is government japanese government hungry ignoring our voice against democracy and against the decision if they. accept they based they can get the money we need the citizens to know the true us the facts are really. worried japan's government sent who sent. ministers money and all the mccall. fake news but we really let loose we will in. talking things finance not cryptocurrency brick cornice seeing another tumble as regulators in india announce
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a widespread crackdown on sending prices into freefall now overall it's already done by more than half from the all time high reached in mid december facebook has also moved on crypto saying it will block all our promoting bitcoin are other cryptocurrency products and services miguel francis santiago looks into the banner . big news in the world of crypto facebook is banning all cryptocurrency ads explanation of the social networks not sure all of the companies behind them are operating in quote good faith so it's stepping in to save the day. we want people to continue to discover and learn about new products and services through facebook ads without fear of scams or deception there you go with the crypto boom comes the crypto rag down we've already seen some governments
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across the world seeking to ryan in the uncharted waters of the crypto market to from china to the u.k. pseudo financial innovations that have no relationship with the real economy should not be supported i would caution people we know relatively little about what sun's forms the price but it's not commodity as well because the emotional supply is fixed if you want to invest in but be prepared to lose all your money sure there are traps in the crypt or world take this nicely wrap website of the lithuanian based startup protium the company wanted to track around six point five million worth of the theory and crypto currency to revolutionize agriculture sounds promising. sure enough the company disappeared without a trace soon after finishing its hard cap wiping its website clean and leaving just one vulgar word behind but it could have been much more like a whole crypto bank for example the first ever by the way the arise bank which had
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its assets frozen by the u.s. securities and exchange commission with more than six hundred million dollars in several crypto currencies including bitcoin unlike coins all because its owner had previously been associated with crypto fraud and its new bank fabricated agreements with banks that did not exist. but then really how many i theo's out there are scams and that facebook really need to go that far to limit all crypto a whole crypto currency movement is a big thing and it's kind of like a gold rush so there are going to be some scam artists who get in on the action and unfortunately there are a few but facebook is a billion dollar
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a month company they can put one person on this to sort them out it's not that hard there's not that many of them it should not be their their job to police such things in my opinion they have to deal with us in world politics and there may be pressures on them to do these things that you can watch the full digest on our you tube this is. and that is are news stories for knowledge china is the cutest balls or fur are in focus the next day with this for it's a pound of full life and i'm back in half an hour. they
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are imposing their sanctions we just start developing our domestic capability and topping our internal resources to remember how during the previous u.s. administration they said that the russian economy will be in shambles pointing to the falling oil prices and sanctions and all that stuff well are we in shambles no quite the opposite. when we all make this manufactured consensus public wealth. when the
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ruling classes protect themselves. when the final merry go round lifts only the one percent. nor middle of the room six. million real new. about your sudden passing i've only just learned you worry yourself and taken your last wrong turn. you're out caught up to us we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each breath. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was
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again still some are fond of you those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one quite different i speak to you now because there are no other takers. claimed that mainstream media has met its maker. of light for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside out so. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch at a final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super man each of billionaire owners and spending two hundred twenty million flyers. it's an experience like nothing else on earth because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful game like great so we'll all chance for. at
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least this morning to. try to. go. through the old. and. that. her son. is just a. social mother with just
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. isn't. so to be. seen up just on that. this little bundle of joy he would have no chance of surviving in the wild mother pandas can only read one come at a time but usually give birth to two every year china puts a lot of effort into making up for this cruel mistake of nature if two cubs are born then to mr vive. twenty so you run into him an. endangered species don't have to become extinct now if you
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take good enough care of them mr darwin's theories don't all hold good here. pandas weighs just one hundred twenty grams. things. here in captivity the counter buy stuff for the panda breeding center in the wild it's the mother who takes care of the young. she just swallows anything the cop wants to get rid of. these might well be the most helpless little ones in the world as well as the most enduring and quite probably the most expensive. pander is china's national treasure. even its coloring is a living symbol of the past an illusion to the home country where you know young
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a balanced opposites. black and white light and dark day and night sun and moon sky and earth heat and cold. war i think oh. my god what a cub is born it becomes the property of the people's republic of china. there's no getting around that law but zeus can rent pandas from the state for a limited period it's not cheap so they have to pay over a million dollars a year to the government. so. this is one national treasure that's guarded like the most priceless of jewels. they may be predisposed to laziness but pandas still wake up early and that means their keepers have to as well. and judging paying work at the panda center starts at six am i was
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there the while i told. you the thinking and the thing about. mama. rewarding and ohio. sounded i don't think our boy there. and. knowing that had. a heart for human beings that they'd miss cary peace and this one is. i don't know how to spell but this is for your front door and leave her pets yeah one year over the. years that is why. you meet them and. it's not just their focus interest but it's a joy to treat all so. does this to the show chilled. to the good it
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was just just delicious you would do it for them to. look at it and say that you used that alan you know you to follow up with that yeah he did you know that on. this. set. to hold. true to. its agenda. to muzzle us and see to attend. to them for you know worship sort of how did that do with. the hopi. how to juggle the jesus didn't really talk to each other to hold a tradition or due to legal. which are half the.
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material that you know you can go to. i don't feel your hot food. too much so you could use a more. china's panda breeding has become something of a production line. it's almost as though they've been copied three d. printed and then put on shows for the public. good. that. the. panda breeding center isn't just a first rate to the bar a tree it's also a zoo where anyone can go to see the fruits of china's breeding program through fifty eight one that's around ten dollars. so it's about how we're going.
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to. do. this several cubs are born here each year. in two thousand and sixteen the panda was removed from the red book that fish really it's no longer an endangered species but it is still vulnerable. building up the population is just the first step the toughest challenge for the breeders is still ahead. that will lead to your down so far for us you are serious work. here you know where there could. be friends who got to do it and you would. ever years maybe even decades of work and needed to make that possible.
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now while you and. me and. you know these who say you know what i sense your. comments.
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well done it's a. mortality rate is just one of them. so. the why. of how to die out. by the. pressure that by one interest to my mind. is only just. because it. was a you went home that's a good. idea that your house. because bamboo is such a low calorie food to get the nourishment they need. and the other just thing is. you really have to love pandas to do this from morning till night. the animal
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produces up to twenty kilos of droppings every day. for. the watch so we have. to whether to hold. or. without eyes from pretty. you know. you could make paper out of these droppings mostly comprised of cellulose for now though. that wouldn't be a very profitable enterprise there are still a few pandas left and the pink really just might have been valuable information that might just help the enemy. so this stuff this is john panda. oil collectivists from wired place all along the
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reservation. and then we want to study that got michael buy out. of this the bacteria bacteria you can see all of this goes this is not digestible and bugs inside of this there are a lot so bacteria us which can help start justice and john and they need to all day long like. done and they need this is the first step that we extract from. john and. first yeah first of. all. i would pick up. the solution and. call them. how long it takes to ronald is that where you pick.


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