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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 3, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm EST

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probably want to thank you i mean they can't forget that you can't do it i just want to raise i'm a only prime minister because of our alliance to a previously paramilitary wing protestant political party appeared to say she didn't want bombs in british cities that commitment to the belfast agreement stands i'm a committee to belfast agreement and the institutions under the agreement those institutions are not working incidentally but the belfast agreement to end u.k. army soldier of catholics and ira bombs in london are arguably not in the spirit of u.k. foreign policy today britain de facto supports what damascus calls terrorism it supports saudi bombing of yemen even inviting a saudi prince to london next week when it comes to oil interests not arguably allied to the pentagon it seeks the overthrow of governments one in particular venezuela the nation with the world's largest known resources of oil and a march in support of president maduro is shed yule in london for ten days time but there is foreign minister or hate joins me now thank you so much jeff foreign
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minister of a coming again on going underground first of all the news that general elections have been delayed one day since last year we've been talking with the opposition we had the day out of process in the main again republic it was working very well we had very important that vance's and finally when the opposition and the government had to saying we traveled to santo domingo the president maybe you know was there former presidents about that are from spain was there as well when the opposition arrived they said they were not going to saying there was no agreement the date there was to close the twenty second of april so we kept on having conversations and finally it was decided to move the date to the second part of may the last two weeks of may we don't have the precise they are ready but it has been announced we have been as a government and the electoral institutions as well they are independent but we are thinking about the. country about democracy about the future and we want all the
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parties to take part in the election and that's the reason why we have president maduro has agreed and pressley mother is already the candidate of the revolutionary forces so our candidate will wait for the candidates of the opposition and we will have the elections in less money of course the british foreign secretary boris johnson merely says that your president is a dictator who imprisons thousands of people i believe mr bari xians and. or his making fake news or he's receiving fake news there is not such thing as a big ted recipient venezuela this is one of the most deep profound democracies in the whole world we have we have had elections three elections last year and now we're going for the presidential election this year i mean no where in the world this happens and we will demonstrate as we have for over one thousand years that
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the venezuelan or leave aryan revolution is a real democracy and it can be envied by other democracies even in the old you americans appeared to be very interested certainly american journalists in your country the new york times made it ten thousand would piece comparing opposition leader mr leopoldo lopez to martin luther king jr what do you think of that and have intelligence agents go into his home we have too much natural resources i have seen we have oil we have gas we have gold and of course the u.s. government and elite want the government that facilitates all these resources to go to the usa and that's absolutely absurd you know mr lopez is responsible for more than forty three people dying in twenty fourteen calling the people to the streets to do violent demonstrations and riots he has been a right wing opposition not. leader and we believe. we have done
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a lot to keep peace remember last year we had violent months four months of violence and presume a daughter did not resolve this is not solve the issue with repression what he did was to call the people for elections he convened elections for a national constituent assembly and peace came the next day after the election and it has kept this way very smoothly very quiet and that's what's going to happen after the presidential elections as well boris johnson and the european union says that your president and your government violates human rights what have you been saying at the u.n. human rights council this week about the sanctions against your country by the european union these sanctions against venezuela violate not only international law but our human rights today it's difficult for us to get to our oil paid back you know with the liver chips with oil and then the companies either in the u.s.
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or in other parts of the world cannot pay back the money and we have more than one thousand million dollars in europe in europe clear which are blocked and banks are blocking and we have to buy in to import medicines and food and raw material for our people and it doesn't it's difficult today because of these sanctions do you discussed sanctions with your russian counterpart sergey lavrov in geneva this week yes i must say that the russian government president putin and all the government have been very helpful with us we are trying to build different routes different paths to avoid to bypass the sanctions with russia with china with thirty and with other allies in the world they are worried about the venezuelan people you know that. the secretary of state of the u.s. tillerson he said he was happy because in north korea. enough korea there were
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people dying because of the sanctions those are the figures they look for to say that their politics their policies are are are well directed this is not going to happen in venezuela because we are taking decisions we have allies in the world and we are going to protect our people from the sanctions and from any other attack from the u.s. you've seen how u.s. backed agencies have brought down a government in brazil in that in america moscow and beijing did very little to help stop the rise of a cia asset michel tema a former cia asset becoming president why do you think that beijing in moscow is going to help you because we have built a very close relationship with beijing and with and with moscow and we are more than. you know associates we are friends we are brothers and this was built by come on down to chavez and it has been also protected by press in my dude so i
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believe that russia and china we would do much more for venezuela and then anyone can imagine in the world why do you think no one here in britain certainly from the government believes u.n. expert alfred desire claims there is presently no humanitarian crisis in venezuela because what they want the world to believe is that there is a humanitarian crisis when the when there are he military reasons you know that armies from other countries can intervene this regarding the principles of international law that's the objective it's the old trick but of course you can you can come to venezuela and you can just look around and you can see that there is no such thing as a humanitarian crisis of course we have trouble with some pro the with the some made the scenes but we it's been solved we have a better idea this year than last year and twenty. seventeen was better than twenty
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sixteen and with democratic decisions and with our allies we're going to solve everything that's for sure what did you tell british ambassador andrew and other e.u. ambassadors i understand understood by the british man in caracas i was once based in washington and in brazil we had a dinner with all the european ambassador. of the e.u. and they had a lot of questions why do it was likely for i was being questioned by a. the inquisition and tribunals and i had to defend the truth in venezuela i had to defend my people i had to tell them that they were not in the right path but i must say that the british ambassador had a good attitude he understood what i was saying and i told him that we have to improve our relationships we have relations very good ones since the venezuelan independence where the english army helped to liberate their people so we have to
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get back to the path of cooperation of mutual respect and avoid these attacks and the respect for the venezuelan suffering to i believe that the european union is going to rethink their view about venezuela and specially the united kingdom but must do so because we have always been friends and that's the way it has to be is it your understanding that some of these powers are now backing and refiled call on . to the roof of the democratic unity opposition seems to have decided to run against the duro at the elections presumably in may i am not sure what's going to happen in the opposition at hand if i go in as one of the opposition leaders he has by himself he has a good party he has a lot of. people who support him and i believe that the other part of the opposition if he's the only candidate from the from the mood i must say there are twenty. four other candidates have the resistor and only one is from the government
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which is present in the auto so i believe that most of the parts of the opposition will support and reflect on and people will vote for him and the venezuelan people will decide their future freely and without any kind of interference from the international community and the international community has to help venezuela to help the dialogue in venezuela and they can come on accompany us the days of the elections we have invited the secretary general of the un we have invited the people of caricom of the african union and other international observers that will be with us during the week of the elections just finally i know donald trump is now threatening insurance types of sanctions against oil shipments he has of course threatened military action against venezuela i understand seven hundred thirty five million dollars in one day was the applications for the oil based venezuelan
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cryptocurrency how do you think they're going to try and sabotage your oil based cryptocurrency the petro they have already said that the people who views who use the pads or are also violating these. these sanctions against venezuela but you know that crypto currency is a different world they don't go through the traditional banking system financial system so it's going to be really difficult for them petro has had a very good answer not only in venezuela and latin america but also in the us in europe in russia so it's going to be a very useful tool for us to help our economy to comply with our compromises abroad and do we need to have the payment capacity again and again grunty the in spite of the sanctions and all of the attacks from the u.s. foreign minister thank you. thank you very much austrian my best after the break.
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the. jelly crisps. and the end of the united kingdom as we know it. official secrets. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificially low mortgage rates don't get carried away that's cause report. dropping bombs brings me to the chicken hawks the battle. for you
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to tell you that. you are not cool and. along with all. focused on ending the war and that's not intermingled the humanitarian concern which is the bombing of hospitals the bombing of civilians the shelling of damascus by rebel groups that's not and also the bombing by the us i was mentioning earlier there's some mix of that with the political objectives which some people may still .
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welcome back in the past twenty four hours u.k. minority government leader tourism a has tried to remain britain's leader instead of jacob reese mauled the bookies tory favorite let alone germany called in the overall favorite comes after a week in which the very identity of the u.k. has come under threat after defacto e.u. threats to tear apart northern ireland from scotland england and wales joining me now is welsh nationalist m.p. he will williams who is on britain's exiting the european union select committee he will welcome to going underground so aside from the tumultuous speeches this week to raise a may in the past twenty four hours bonnie on wednesday take us back to how your committee's meeting was with michel barnier the use chief negotiator of a breakthrough well he was quite stern interestingly when we've met him before he's spoken in english most of the time. with about twenty minutes telling is often french. position and clearly you know that the building us has become apparent over the last few days you know it's interesting for me as
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a mere backbencher from wales to be there right of a sense sort of his whole and considering people like. me the other day who's a former trade commissioner. who was the chief negotiator. trade negotiator formerly zero we would in the wake of what he had to say to somebody said the other day swapping a three course meal for the. promise of a packet of crisps but he told us various of the things. you're not just grist for jelly well anderson i just tell you we're only going let's see a film let's one is good because he said you know trying to negotiate this is like trying to take an egg out of a normal it's the jelly one was amazing somebody asked. will the. deals that we make after we leave will they make up for the trade that we lose with the european union and with a very spiritual. but with a very straight face he said well you know there's not a huge demand for jelly in the european union we produce more than jelly lovely but he said you know if you could find the top jelly exporting could see them i swap in
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these markets with you for the for the fifty million the for having you would up but you know i mean he was pulling a leg fairly severely with a very silly break this years are not going to like the they're going to keep emphasizing the crucial percentages and proportion of trade between britain and the court to that but ireland is no the critical key issue here rules which certainly mean a hard border we told you about ireland going to say you can't have a ball there without the ball the arrangements on both sides because the black city is now is saying well we'll just open the border entirely we lots less anything and it's their problem they have to come to us that source of arguments. so all british business could just relocate to bel first i mean i'm welsh business and scottish business is a fantasy for you but you only see which direction we entertain them there there will be no border that's what the government's position is all british business can really look at to the north of the island of ireland and we'll be in europe i asked
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them about thoughts and said you know where do you reckon the border will be even if we don't have one in the north of ireland isn't the case of them have to be in the middle of the sea between. brits and the irish exactly because they have sever borders somewhere he seem to think it's the taxes he is of course i don't know i've got to ask you as applied m.p. though how and why does your. party and i've got to ask you with the two had you where one of them bought of the all party parliamentary group on catalonia how and why you want to be part of a european union which you still do and i know the world's population according to the poll did want to be part of european union the jail's politicians of the opacic us alone you can only up so that's immediately and i was over there for the referendum i actually did see at a police station the police arriving and clubbing people to the ground for that into votes now the question really is he was me in that and that is a red line for britain why would we want britain want to be a part of a lending institution really to deceive or everywhere indoors maybe well we have
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evil in there arguing against them or you don't side them letting them get on with it's you know it's the local and the international for the brother you know britain as the fortress britain because i'm sure. there's that from the bennett wing of labor would always say it was internationalist to be outside the european union anyway but any news about anna gabriel of the spanish politician having to leave the norm european union switzerland now because arrest warrant has been put out for the the leader of the catalans living in brussels because he dare not move back or he'll be put in jail or britain after breaks it could be a haven of freedom away from the european union which shows he was to be allowing the jailing of its politicians that might be the case i mean what's the european union would probably say is that national policy is the national action is a matter for individual member states the united nations has been criticising leave for human rights over its treatment of refugees coming over from libya libya of
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course destroyed by an alliance including many european union nations and also you know the bus been happening in hungary with a big fans there to keep people out and poland why just want to be part of an institute i can see the financial now incentives as you would have it as opposed to what jacob riis more might say surely the time for britain to leave well without going. he was detail but initially it was a common market it was a matter of selling potatoes to each other for better profits i suppose of that sort of thing and then they would be in the union has developed into a body which protects environmental standards working standards you know working time directive as i think of war as there was a war in yugoslavia nineteen and you know i'm sure that they once members of the time of course but still it's a war in europe that again as well the european union was in this as. i'm pro european and to a great extent i'm pro you as well though not entirely and finally is your committee even going to last until twenty nineteen which mostly depends if the
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government last long you know that i mean the betting of the moment is that you know we last saw in this parliament still twenty twenty two or possibly the next mayor of your williams thank you thank you. well fifteen years ago today a leaked memo between u.k. and u.s. spy agencies in the n.s.a. was released to the public a detailed collusion between governments to illegally bugged the united nations in an attempt to swing tony blair's vote to invade iraq a war that would go on to kill wound or displace tens of millions of people a decade and a half on u.k. and u.s. bombing of iraq continues and the story of that whistleblower is becoming a hollywood film starring keira knightley and matt smith former g c h q translator and whistleblower katherine graham joins me now catherine coming on the show in person if anyone doesn't know who you are arguably they're going to know about you
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shortly do you think keira knightley playing you in a new film official secrets is going to make more people aware of what you did as a whistleblower and what you went through our hopes and yeah i think. i think it's a good. choice and she's going to do a fantastic job out there working with gavin and the producers. and hopefully with meeting kara fairly shortly hopefully a film will reach out to people who maybe don't generally look in an alternative direction so i mean this is fifteen years now since you blew the whistle on g.c. h.q. and they say collusion connivance to get us into a war that killed wounded or injured maybe tens of millions of people what does it feel like with as i describe it in a press conference it's like if you see an elderly person struggling with their bags and somebody comes and tries to rob them of their purse or something. what
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would be your instinct you'd run and try and assess the elderly person if you see a child crossing the road and this traffic coming you try and leap in and grab them it's an instinctive kind of reaction and when i saw that memo. i just thought this is a red flag you know i had no choice i had to do something i was. just immediate response of the incident give reaction to break the official secrets act and possibly harm relations between london and washington and to to expose a memo that talked about the u.n. security council and britain's getting into the iraq war now while expose. wrongdoing expose duplicitous behavior. and you know i think anybody looking back now there are very few of the people who initially championed the war who were
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still holding on to the same position i mean i think virtually everybody who at one point thought it was a good idea have now backtracked i mean it was a disastrous decision it was an illegal war. and the e-mail specifically was good we know all about iraq it was about process was well it was about legitimizing the invasion and no billing the u.n. security council yes intercepting the domestic and office communications of the six nations that was sitting on the u.n. security council at the time in order to bribe them all intimidate more you know embarrass them in however way possible to vote for that second u.n. resolution that would have given the u.s. and the u.k. that legal cover for a preemptive strike and that does not exist even to this day there is no legal cover there's no justification for
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a preemptive strike i was aware of the fact that iraq was not a threat to the u.s. and the u.k. you know it was a country that had suffered years of war years of sanction and they were struggling to pull themselves together again and just finally advice to anyone watching you have you were a military installation or any government in the world to go out into the national living here in britain. what if they're thinking about you right now what should they be focusing on as to whether to go public it's obviously a very personal decision and it's a very difficult decision but i was speaking to matthew hoh who is a former u.s. we had him on the show. and you know that he will tell you that. a lot of evidence pointing out the fact that. suicide levels the rates of suicide among veterans for example is extremely high it's about six percent higher than the
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novel relation of the pay of your being opposed to work in the pentagon as in the levels in afghanistan yes and you know and and they now know that some people don't commit suicide from p.t.s.d. they commit suicide from guilt it's the guilt eating up inside which causes them to take their own lives and we also have the example of larry welk wilkerson who was the senior age to colin powell and he's told me personally that he's eaten up by guilt because he prepared colin powells brief that went in front of the u.n. . which persuaded vast numbers of people that the invasion was necessary and he is consumed by guilt so now his way of appeasing this is is to shout as loud as he can about the abuses so don't wait till you yourself are
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suffering from this. position this you know a malady of being mentally tortured by go out if you know something if you think it is in the public interest to know please bring it forward and you are not alone because and at the time i blew the whistle you know how wasn't the trend of whistle blowing as it was and it was for me after i found it very isolating but now there's a community of people that has all kinds of organizations that will help support to defend you and support your family and so on so it's it's growing. thank you for the show will be back on monday when we speak to campaign against the arms trade about to resume a post to the crown prince of saudi arabia who's right now he's in british weapons to bomb the fourth country in the middle east yet we also have exclusive music from murdoch will be that the only building he does present you will see on monday thirty four years to the day mine is led by alfred scargill went on strike in one
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of the most seminal industrial disputes in british. in some american cities the police appealed to him soon scoring to reconciliation to people who walk on the streets of the united states who are at risk. from the
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very people who are supposed to protect that poor people are no more afraid of the police than of us unless. you can see something happening in these it's like i don't want to call the cops let that happen rather than call the cops in those young black men lose their lives chasing the unal with that thing goes on the trigger you never know better safe than sorry i don't know that someone else is going to pull a gun so. unfortunately around around here we end up going our guns off the death toll from so much because she was whisked through. what politicians do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president or injury. or something i want to press . you to go on to be press it's like that before three in the morning can't be good
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. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. this should. fifty years ago breaking within two cons again as a sleeping pill and dust is what i believe because octets does. the scientific sweat terrible but not on the road as shown in dutch on football in the world here not the war. will come up across europe victims are starting legal battles demanding at least some compensation. in two ways first will the physical damage itself as well as the constant mind that the people who actually perpetrated this crime has never been able to justice and there's been a couple. of
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. teaching terror a u.k. court conviction islamic state a follower who showed school children images of beheadings and was attempting to create an army of young extremists. western media speculates about an arms race between russia and america after president putin reveals details of his country's new and cutting edge nuclear arsenal we'll look at whether the headlines reflect the reality of the situation. and we hear exclusively from the controversial leader of the dutch a party for freedom who's under fire at home for promoting russia and other lands that relations said during a recent visit to moscow.


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