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tv   Boom Bust  RT  March 6, 2018 1:30am-2:00am EST

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aid other allies dizzee us hope that the syrian government gets further drawn in to the fight with the kurds against the turks then the us can swing back around and help its turkish ally in fighting the syrian government and the kurds as well maybe that's the move that would mean the big question mark is what will russia do in a situation like that talk about a disaster. and u.n. aid convoy has entered the syrian rebel enclave of eastern good outside damascus thousands of civilians are trapped inside the besieged area artie's by god save us . the first batch of u.n. aid has gone in food and health supplies medicine as many as forty six trucks with enough food for twenty seven thousand people this is by the way the first time this has happened since the u.n. has called for a month long truce in syria the aid it self was delivered during the cease fire
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a daily unilateral ceasefire established by the syrian government and russia its purpose was to provide a safe window every day for civilians to flee guta via special crossings but it seems is the mist rebels had different ideas they're doing what they did in aleppo they aren't allowing any civilians out at all and the shelling those crossings therefore the syrian government has allowed this aid to go in but the u.n. says it didn't get to take everything it wanted certain items like field first aid kits the sort that could be used by militants would take it off the convoy anything of military value jewel use is being blocked nevertheless this is big it is a significant development at least those civilians trapped in east ghouta will now have food if the rebels don't do again what they did in aleppo and hold it all in
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their warehouses fighting also hasn't debated russian monitors in damascus say that islam is in east ghouta have not stopped shelling the capital the syrian government in turn has kept up its own offensive on the enclave forty percent of it has now been retaken by government forces in an operation that has gone on for the last several weeks we ask representatives of the u.n. and the red cross for their views on russia's efforts to help civilians in eastern good. we were not part of the discussions around the humanitarian corridor or however you know any by any initiative you know alleviate the suffering of people you know we of course welcome. you know our primary goal is that there is a cessation of hostilities that there is a humanitarian cause that is long enough for us to be able to deliver assistance on
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a regular basis what we call for and what we continue to call for is thirty days at least thirty days station of hostilities so that we can deliver assistance to people in need in. other bits of hard to reach areas in syria what what's important is that most all parties on the ground warring parties and. respect and protect civilians whether there are humanitarian corridors or not so civilians must not be must not be targeted and should be allowed to flee whether through humanitarian corridors or not if they wish and if they wish to remain inside their homes and they are not to be targeted that is clear according to the international humanitarian law. meanwhile the russian foreign minister sergei lavrov says the syrian government has the legal right to continue its offensive against terrorist groups in eastern good. under the u.n.
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cease fire resolution it is entirely legitimate to continue the fight against terrorists we have mounting evidence the western powers including the united states are trying to shield the al nusra front which keeps changing its name but not assessments and seeking to use it as a backup plan to overthrow the government of syria. if former russian spy has reportedly fallen critically ill in the u.k. that story much more still to come stay with. you know when you don't see. what. they. said. you know. that
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a. few friends. welcome back this is r.t. international two people are in critical condition after being exposed to an unknown substance in the u.k. one of them is believed to be a former russian intelligence officer who was convicted of spying for britain more
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than a decade ago i sally is in london with the latest. well so far what we know is what the police have told us to sensually from official sources which is that a man and a lady were taken ill at a shopping center in in wiltshire which is about one hundred miles or so away from the capital london and they were found sitting on a bench kind of slumped over and it's thought that they had been exposed to some type of known substance now the gentleman hasn't been named but according to the b.b.c. and sky they say that their sources report that the gentleman is surrogates cripple who is a sixty six year old man he was a former colonel in the russian military who was convicted for handing over information about russian spies to my six the british foreign intelligence agency and for that he received
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a thirteen year prison sentence but he was released in two thousand and ten as part of a prisoner swap and that was under the former russian president dmitri medvedev when he was president and so he's been living in the united kingdom since then and it's thought that he's the man who has been found on this on this bench now it's also important to add that the police also haven't named or said what this substance could potentially be but that hasn't stopped of course the media from drawing potential power levels with the case of the former russian spy alexander litvinenko who was poisoned in two thousand and six if you recall back to two thousand and six that was when a man named. alexander litvinenko was poisoned and died a slow horrible death immediately people's minds go back to alexander litvinenko polonium two ten and everything so while the media here are perhaps jumping to
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conclusions the police are being very very careful and saying that information at this point anyway is still very scant. now sources in the u.k. emergency services have been quoted as saying the former ins by may have suffered a prescription drug overdose symptoms apparently pointed to the use of a powerful painkiller called fentanyl it is a hundred times stronger than heroin and has a similar influence on the body overdoses cause at least sixty deaths in the u.k. in two thousand and seventeen former m i five officer gave us or her views on the case this might just be some sort of drug instant there have been numerous stories over the last couple of years in the u.k. for the spread of synthetic kind of annoyed called spice which seems to create the same sort of symptoms that were reported in this case people who. dissipated because they've been involved in a spy swap for example their lives are forever changed there's a long history of people in that situation self medicating with substances this
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happened they were taken to hospital they were identified their names were fed into the system and as soon as there their names are fed into the system there's some alert around the fact that this guy had indeed been involved in the spy swap in twenty ten suddenly became much more much more news worthy and i think this is where the story is built from. it sounds like a plot straight out of a hollywood movie only it happened in a russian village and makes up at a maternity ward forty years ago left two mothers raising each other's children d.n.a. tests have now confirmed the suspicions that the families have been harboring for decades it is unusual certainly more. it's a tell of heartache confusion and attempted met and has taken two women almost forty years to find out they were raised by the wrong families in a village hospital near the oval mountains for women beth on the same day in march nine hundred seventy eight but who knew about this left with the wrong babies this
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is the wrong had brought blue eyes for a suspicions with a number logical father he thought his wife had cheated an assumption which had terrifying consequences of course he didn't love her that much one day i came back from work in my mother told me she saw him covering for ron it was face with a pillow i was ironing when i next saw him i threw a hot iron at him i said if you touch the child again i don't know what i'll do to you eventually he abandons the family meanwhile growing up nearby was tania again raised by a couple believing had to be their right but there was no family resemblance the team of this met to discuss their doubts. i have a birth certificate how can i give up my baby and i have not they will move suspicions when froma came in at the age of take she was diagnosed with an inherited disease a condition which no one in the family has but is later went for and because the mother went back to the hospital fraunces old medical records had been destroyed
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and then to tend towards itself no longer existed forty years on and the families finally took d.n.a. tests. i always thought i looked like grandma when i found out i was shocked i thought they wouldn't love me any more now that they found their real daughter. veronica has always asked that question mom why do i not look like you why do i have a different character she's so calm and even tempered her face is different from ours i used to joke you must have been switched at birth. it's been a long painful path for both families they say they have never gretz the mother is the one who brought you up not the one who gave birth and that would just. when you were a huge reason why you. would. never speak though if it. did you think. that the. people
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should push. then yes. that veronica is still haunted by the suffering she saw when you have you know i feel sorry for my mom because i have seen her struggling for all her life not everyone can deal with it not everyone can be like her for the sake of her children she has forgotten about everything she would go to the end of the world only for her children to be safe and sound but i would go to court for moral compass sation at least because we're so we should birth because i feel myself guilty for her in life and that my father left her the families have now come to tens with what happens and even say they've gained more than they've lost tanya u.t.m. my grandchildren we're all a big family now we're all relatives you can't turn back time and. the florida senate has voted in favor of a school safety bill imposing restrictions on rifle sales that follows nationwide rallies for tougher gun laws in the wake of the parkland school shooting but the us
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gun lobby is fighting back. we've had enough of the lies we're done with your agenda to undermine voters the will and individual liberty in america so to every line member of the media to every hollywood phony as your time is running out the clock starts now. that was a promotional clip for a new. show on the national rifle association's t.v. channel we asked our guests for their views on the gun control divide in the u.s. . majority is starting to see from these endless shootings of kids in schools. and then people are losing patience with the insistence on including semiautomatic weapons in the second amendment right to bear arms and mass shootings are not increasing in fact gun crime has decreased significantly over the
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past couple of decades and what's happening is the perception of the shootings is increasing because the media has an axe to grind and is playing the so employers twenty four seven and talking about it nonstop i think there's a there's definitely a rural versus urban division urban people are ready to give up guns rural people are less ready to give up guns are not give up guns but accept registration of guns you have to go far west to california and far east to the east coast in order to find those urban centers where they're actively against gun rights so it isn't city versus country it's political left versus political right i think we're seeing a shift to more majority and kind of a common sense attitude towards registering guns and toward semiautomatic weapons this high school kid thing is a phenomenon that i don't think is going to go away much of the protests are
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organized by activists left wing political organizations who do nothing but try to get their agenda passed and try to reach their goals it isn't what it looks like those kids would not be out there on television or making appearances in town squares in places like washington d.c. the wasn't for a left wing organization and a large amounts of money following them around. well there it is watching r t international i will be back in about thirty five minutes with. more news stay with us. max geysers financial survival. housing bubble. oh you mean there's a downside to artificial mortgage rates don't get carried away that's because a report. this baby and.
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this much eighteenth vote with your remote. the first national coverage of the russian presidential election exit polls opinions real time results monitoring and much more.
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a funny able to solicit their introduction related to the settlement in here the automated motion vicious vicious. and nasty. that's why i'm there i did live. by sold in a speedo didn't. get on with it i did the writers it was was just going on i've been in the classroom and hear the bass assume a cast on about i was in the past very nearly the whole don't want to. belittle the good looking levels of the nature of the english talk only or you might. lefty's which is this the office that he. was killed. was. about to get up was the flu
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the bus. was a she just didn't. like the script at the film base of the customs at. least so. tough. to pick up. the ta was. trying to cheer them on funny little miss me more than the home among funny going to your head of the city. but as a kid in the. strip club for the years i would us to do a stunning fall from a low blood pressure this fall only the most primary musical of the month
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but a much enjoyed it only shows up when you don't end up going to. the mall friday to see. you but with each of it so i mean you so much. to skewer that it's. more had to want to mention. i want to prolong. the bosses of the show wish we were made a little speech. alarmism love to be able to. accuse joe of no not when i was going off. on fox meat on the issue of money is a funny. you should enjoy if she wants to if called a speech michelle what's the you know joan on the joy. of autumn i'm going to.
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change the symbol of my speed. because. that's. what i wrote it struck me as i was. playing with a blues conclusion. about pollution with the make up. what i was using way for a boost. in the it was easy way for. china for the show for the boost new. york city stuff it's
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a visual element which i show up by this go figure that's my phone must be. somebody. joining me everything on me all excited and sure when i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sport this list i'm showbusiness i'll see that. it's focused on ending the war and that's not going to mingle to show men a tearing concern which is the bombing of hospitals or bombing of civilians the shelling of damascus by rebel groups that's not the end of the bombing by the regime as i was mentioning earlier there's a mix of that with the political objectives which some people may still have.


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