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tv   News  RT  March 17, 2018 9:00pm-9:30pm EDT

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it. was. russia's defense ministry claims extremist groups in syria are planning to frame chemical attacks to give the us a pretext to strike the assad government. that says rebel control of the syrian area of eastern inclusive crumbles just over forty eight thousand civilians flees through humanitarian corridors. and moscow expels twenty three pushes diplomats mirroring the step taken by the u.k. in response to the clintons alleged poisoning the former spy's said and his daughter.
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kate partridge and you're watching the latest headlines here at r.t. international thank you for joining us. russia's defense ministry says rebel groups in syria have been armed with chemical weapons and are preparing to frame attacks as a pretext for the u.s. to carry out airstrikes against bashar al assad's government. because the of the details. representatives of the russian armed forces have said they have intimation and reason to believe that the united states it's as talent base in syria has been preparing squads of rebels fighters to stage a chemical provocation a chemical weapons attack in the south of syria in doubt which borders jordan and israel they've been provided allegedly as when years twenty tons of norene this one is dead to date is disguised as disguise this cigarette packs and this attack is imminent the fed's officials have said that this attack will be blamed on the
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syrian government and will be used this is an excuse by the united states and its allies to strike could push al assad to his government did his military directly then they provoke the provocations mentioned will be used as a pretext that the united states and its allies to conduct airstrikes against military and state infrastructure in syria we're seeing that such strikes are being prepared by warships in the mediterranean the red sea and in the persian gulf at the same time speaking in past a nice segue a lover of the russian foreign minister said that the syrian conflict is beginning to look less like a proxy war than a direct confrontation. there are u.s. special forces on the ground they are no longer denying this they are accompanied by the british french and special forces from other countries it's not a proxy war anymore historical provide rather
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a direct involvement in the war it is a slow we condemn their illegal presence on syria's territory the u.s. led coalition is not legitimate from the u.n. point of view either we are pragmatic people and we understand that we should not engage in armed conflict with them representatives of the russian armed forces also talked about the city. jewish in east ghouta they say there's a huge operation humanitarian operation underway at three called the voice of aid have gone into guta as well and they say the u.n. the u.n. representatives on the ground in east new to praise the russian and syrian efforts in relieving the situation they're providing food and at the age of fifty civilians in need they also say that armed groups in east ghouta as well as islam itself express their desire to leave and leave east good to live for other locations once their sponsors give the green light. well we've requested comment
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from the u.s. military on the russian general staff claims and are still waiting for a response at the briefing russia's military chief described the civilian evacuation from eastern kuta as an operation unique in its scale over forty eight sawzall people have managed to flee so far in the biggest single exodus since fighting escalated that last month russia's defense ministry says the first to make it to safety where women children and the injured they were given basic supplies when they reached the government controlled side of the car here's how they described life under militant all. i think it was. about to be the militants who are living with us next to a harness and inside them they would open a road in monks the houses to be able to move they would not leave and we did not dare to say get out. thank you for you know they fired the dogs they
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didn't want us to escape at all they fired because well so that we couldn't leave. we had no food or water there are ten of us and we could not buy a kilo of flour we were starving we wanted to escape but they wouldn't let us be flat against their will so they fired at us and half of the people were shot i. said if we had not had that in my case the aid was given only to certain groups most of the medical aid was sold it was from humanitarian agencies and the un images and was distributed in ghouta under the supervision of our government is for the militants were selling it thank you. thank you thank you thank you i mean really glad tried to terrorists our children
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are dying from hunger. our father got lost while her now we hear we don't know where she lives we were shocked and didn't know which way to go on even if you didn't catch don't eat the bread that we have to make you know it's gonna just use out meals for several days straight. the u.n. special envoy to syria has welcomed a brief cease fire in the city of duma in eastern the found them a store also renewed calls for an end to the hostilities across the country that was echoed by un humanitarian coordinator. operating well with the russians sent to forty conciliation to organize humanitarian convoys and also to assist people who are leaving east duma so we're looking at more than twenty thousand civilians were leaving is. in desperate conditions and they are housed in
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different shelters in and around damascus so they need everything they need blankets they need mattresses any food they need medications they need protection they need to feel comfortable being made to feel secure a lot of teams are working around the clock with them together with. the syrian out of the cross and i.c.r.c. and of course we are cooperating with the government why formula for that is secession of hostilities over do much to continue. over the east all parts of the country ability to send convoys and medical assistance into east will talk and people are allowed to leave. without any obstacles and the same applies to our freedom by the way because we have the same situation in freedom with civilians living on the duress and under threat of. the military and that is totally unacceptable. well you still go to were seized by rebels in late twenty twelve
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twenty thirteen it's been under siege as the syrian army tries to recapture it the assad government has succeeded in regaining control of most of the region and driving the militants into three small pockets but the spy the advance is your land the river from the red cross says many civilians are still living in dire conditions there was a great and content thursday we entered together with as you know that the president and the u.n. would work twenty six thousand people in the main town of duma or prison mr malvo was with that convoy and he spoke to the people there he found exhaustion and the spirit of thirty years would actually start solving after a few sentences people hiding in basements wealthier of the fighting three families whom with skate years with with lies people hungry but what we need is indeed to be able to go to go soon as possible which would you then call it quits but those remains say just
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a quick up at the same time as of today together we did see you and i got to get dressed and we have emergency aid to the people who have fled quite now. in two camps close to damascus duration on the ground is catastrophic when you have large numbers of people being all at a scene or leaned back your help you need days and days what the things to fall into place but certainly everybody is now willing and so it's good if you believe that we that. russia is to expel twenty three british diplomat and says relations between the two countries continue to worsen it comes in response to a similar move by the u.k. following the kremlin's alleged poisoning of former spies said basically powell and his daughter in the southern english city of sorcery artie's nearer to fix up the story. we all thought tensions could not get much worse between russia and the u.k. but how wrong we are to be so hopeful for the controversial story that's dominated the international media headlines with endless discussions and debates has of
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course been the point being the father and daughter the scribbles for measures have already been taken by london expelling twenty three russian diplomats from the country and now russia has retaliated the u.k. ambassador was summoned to the foreign ministry in moscow and the results of that conversation are as follows twenty three british diplomats same number as russian diplomats being surveilled from the u.k. have just one week to leave russia in addition moscow has revoked permission for britain to operate a consulate general in st petersburg moscow has also stated that the government could take further action if britain takes any more unfriendly moves towards russia here's how the u.k. and bassett are reacted we grieve for the opportunity to explain all the material. we asked russia to clear the material but that it will keep you up and i think. we're lucky noise that they'll be able to sit and still moscow today it is denied
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any involvement in the attempted murders of survey and scribble and russia's representative to the chemical weapons watchdog explains how russia has never run another top program that's the nerve gas allegedly used in the poisoning since the collapse of the soviet union. russia has no connection to what happened in salzburg as far as novacek is concerned the russian federation i stress that the russian federation has never had a research program under such a code name russia spokesperson for the foreign ministry however side of the states had the opportunity to develop similar nerve agents following the breakdown of the soviet union was a scientist which developed various aspects in the sphere left russia by chance western countries waited for them and they took technological expertise with. then after this service scientists continue do work in some western countries alongside the u.s. the u.k. slovakia sweden and others teats all of these can be seen openly in sources now
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moscow says that it has made many attempts to cooperate with the u.k. investigators they requested a sample of the nerve agent that was apparently refused moscow says that they made numerous attempts to help with the investigation those requests were also refused and as a consequence russia has just launched its own investigation into the case of your list of polish she is a russian citizen exactly how when and if they will be able to proceed is still unclear as they will have to have some element of cooperation from the british authorities to complete an investigation so diplomacy really is at an all time low with threats and accusations flying from each camp the u.k. foreign secretary boris johnson even went as far as accusing president putin himself of ordering the murder of so close to a pile stating it is overwhelmingly likely that putin was behind the poisoning and moscow responded saying that those comments were shocking and forgivable so as the world watches and endlessly debate who's to blame what we really want to know is
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how barack this diplomatic spat will get the dealer to dealer r.t. . trap is a former member of the organization for the prohibit of chemical weapons he says it should be possible to identify where the substance used in salzburg was produced. it's two different questions whether it's not me chuck agent or not yes and then the question is where did that come from now that it's a forensic question that can only be answered by bringing a range of factors together some of the chemical structures have been. in the public for for several years mile and a decade and of course those of arteries that work in chemical defense and commit protection will have looked at these chemicals but they've also tried to make them to analyze them to be able to detect them in the environment so just from the fact that you find a certain chemical you can only draw so many conclusions the lack of communication at the technical level between those people who actually understand the science and the underlying technologies doesn't help with the discussion of these issues so i
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do a lot that there is going to be a way these things can be brought into a context that people can actually talk people from russia as well as from from the u.k. and maybe other countries and discuss the technical findings and details in some detail to clarify what can actually be agreed upon scientifically what is not there has not known what is speculation about assumptions. well earlier australian journalist and filmmaker john pilger said the west's campaign against russia's image is meant to excuse their own actions this is a carefully constructed drama it's part of the propaganda campaign that is building building now for several years in order to justify the actions of nato. the united states towards russia this is extraordinary you so you have an attempted murder. you have a crime scene and you have no evidence but you but you have not and neither do you
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have a motive why on earth would russia on the eve of the lexer and all the staging the world the well for one to destroy if you like it's international law with which such a crime makes sense but there's plenty of motive on the other side this is part of a carefully constructed drama in which the media plays a role that government plays a role. when we watch the foreign ministers of sweden and the czech republic how firmly rejected russian claims they possess nerve agents like norway chalk i will bring you more on this issue as it develops. highly likely that russia was responsible. after the break we'll have a special coverage of russia's presidential election. american
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fivefold human rights music corrupt notion take the example of yemen who sued to sell the genocide there were there going on then just look who is some fourteen who american and british.


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