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mystically much more prone to be the victim of violent crimes they're easy target and they're really don't have any means to protect themselves they don't have a means to obtain the weapons that any other american citizen can typically get their hands on i understand why people see it's alarming. but i think people fail to see the other alarming point is people want to constantly bring up the mental health of the homeless and how that's a big issue how they're prone to violence i think that's frankly something that we should be much more worried about is the militarization of the police force and that is much more dangerous to the american people and i promise that the police kill many more people in a year then do any homeless people if we follow the letter of the law and we do the background checks like we expect to do and he does something that they're not supposed to do with a weapon they should be they should be held one hundred percent criminally responsible for their act. as the c.r.-v.
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catherine consentual of russia is one of the hosts of this summer's fifo weld cup but a landmark building that was proving to be an obstruction for the city sprucing itself up though not anymore the t.v. tower was believed to be the tallest abundant structure in the well at around two hundred twenty meets is more than two big bens put together and down it come construction began back in nine hundred eighty three that was never finished due to the collapse of the soviet union it will be replaced by a sports complex. well there are doubts he would love to hear your thoughts on all of us stories so do get in touch by following us on social media other back at the top of the hour with the latest headlines join us.
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our. manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling class is protect themselves. with the fine. be the one percent. we can all middle of the room.
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first interims hiring and firing practices are still surprising given the recent deployed minutes of my comp a.o. and john bolton have definite impression on friends and foes alike watch him page will lay of on american politics. how does it feel to be a share of the greatest. job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is what business model helps to run a prison now we just do or don't like is there no b.t.o. visitation i don't no one comes in and we don't have to serve them anymore is cost effective that's what they want to do that long they don't give a damn if you do good solid or not they're actually paying us to put it back into the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us sandbridge what secret
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is behind such success. this is a story of one of africa's giants. know his teeth on that shot. and his neck isn't that long. list giant is rather modest and keeps a low profile that's not him either. people are often scared of this particular joint but he is nowhere near as dangerous as that one. it's a friendly giant every day with the possible exception of weekends the save human lives yes. his name is isaac the giant rat.
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and i like his brothers and sisters he was born with a passion for travel. isaac's birthplace was a special training center in tanzania. it's called which stands for development of landmine detection equipment that's what isaac is these are mine sniffing rat. rats are everywhere there sociable to all circumstances and they've lifted with humanity since ever. they actually
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traditionally. garbage and they've been doing that. for always. mind sniffing rats are put to work in former hot spots where learned mines are among the most deadly remnants of armed conflict they're often found years after was ended and serious injury isn't the only problem. imagine how it must feel to live with the knowledge that there's a landmine lurking somewhere near your home. when i was a close up field and to help make the problem of landmines a thing of the past. but it will be a full nine months before he becomes a real pro for now he simply spends his time with his family. it's no coincidence that giant rats were chosen to sniff mines in the wild their
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extraordinary sense of smell allows them to search for food buried deep underground it worked with land mines to the key is to train the a rats to associate the discovery of t.n.t. with food and that's not difficult because everyone knows how intelligent rats. the really hard part is making sure that the rat doesn't make any mistakes that could be fatal and not just for the rat. it's these old regular rats that's clear from the way they eat these giant rats have special pouches in their cheeks to still food just like hamsters so this particular animal is on the cusp between being a rat in a house that perhaps that's why they're just a little bit cuter. i guess i should add to another really great benefit of our species of rats is that
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there are really curious which lab rats are curious as well but they are very social in terms of they're really willing to work with people. sometimes will develop that relationship with you but i don't think they develop it quite as readily. meanwhile isaac has grown he's now four weeks old i'm training can begin like all children isaac schooling starts with a kindergarten. although it is a camera he hopes little rats to feel comfortable around people. to see that because. he's the. norm we teach the. truth.
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that's not. interacting with the care or is a vital part of the learning process it's important for isaac socialize. mind sniffing rats mustn't run away from all the bites people. when he grows up eyes are called way around a kilo and his body will reach thirty to forty centimeters in length just about as long as his tail. because they're so big grilled. it's our favorite local street food. that has started school he spends his early weeks learning the basic rule that he
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means food. sound is used to reinforce the learned response when i can count as an empty container there's no sound. this one does contain t.n.t. and the click tells him that he can no claim i treat. well in general the hammers they really let her do her thing they don't get involved or train influenced her in any way but there are the rats has a different behavior just before they find. they have certain if behavior some of them like to clean themselves they like to groom themselves they're very clean. they don't like to get wet or maybe there's. some of them will walk around in circles some even stand up in the air. and so the handler knows that she's found some think it just hasn't gotten to it
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yet indicated where it is. a rats remarkable sense of smell can detect the tiniest traces of t.n.t. . they can sense the explosive even when it's fifteen to twenty centimeters on the ground their noses over the not so secret weapon imagine if humans had similar abilities ok if you were in a pitch black room and somebody entered the house from. i would say. one kilometer away and it's pitch black and you can't hear anything you might be able to detect that some something changed but that's also very hard for me to say because i really as a scientist i need evidence to support such a claim and i don't have. isaac and his sister at the gym they can give their paws
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a good workout sharpen their teeth. and enjoy a sense of freedom. looks as though isaac's trying to set out on his first trip. a nice try. a brief chase. a few a breath of fresh air. and he soon back in the fold. they know what they are doing they know what to expect from them
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they know. if two are working in do very really want that they will have to three war. profit off these. big very very very important he learned the most you have to report animals don't they don't understand this so i remember very were the words. and that's what we are doing here. for about a. week these students are only fed the food supply given the streaks during training mostly a staple diet of but none of and not. just food. during the weekend little giants are given a veritable feast albert prepares a mixture of peanuts and dried fish this calorie cocktail is great for their bones
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do. you want. them to it's no feast without dessert. he says. he. says here. in the wild giant rats live in small underground colonies. they're quite independent within the colony they live in their own burrows and tend not to share food with neighbors. females can choose their own mating partners but the colonies are not matter. they are ruled by a group that works a little like
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a parliament with both male and female members. it's a big day for isaac. is about to move on to high school. just like every graduate to be he gets his own personal transport. now i can start his field training. you. giant power grabs are nocturnal they sleep by day but have.


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