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i mean from what i know right. a huge fire in golf's a shopping center in the russian city of it. sixty four people including many children are confirmed dead. in the. city. five have been arrested in connection with the tragedy russia's investigative committee says the building's emergency exits were blocked and that the fire alarms were turned off. in other news a wave of russian diplomatic expulsions are announced by the u.s. and more than a dozen european countries in a show of support to britain which accuses russia poisoning
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a double agent and his daughter moscow says it will respond. by broadcasting live direct rostered is in moscow this is arjun international and certainly glad to have you with us and we start with a tragedy in the city of quetta in central russia sixty four people including many children are now known to have died in a huge fire at a shopping and entertainment complex president vladimir putin has now arrived in came out and he has laid flowers at the shopping center where people have created a makeshift memorial earlier he already offered his deep condolences to the families of the victims. now hundreds of people have come out to the front doors of the city administration demanding that those responsible for the lack of
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fire safety at the shopping center be punished are looking at live pictures right now. out there in front of the city hall rallies planned for this morning it is now ten am and. more people continue to arrive in the crowd have been chanting truth truth and as we heard from one local resident before camera. was has the feeling of a small town where everyone knows each other so this tragedy is being felt even more acutely so the crowds keep getting bigger people want justice for the victims and punishment for the negligence that has led. us once again we're looking at live pictures. the latest pictures now from the protests in front of city hall there in chemical. meanwhile local authorities say that people are still missing and that the number of fatalities may rise even further our video agency ruptly has obtained c.c.t.v.
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footage from inside the mall showing the flames spreading and thick smoke rapidly filling the fourth floor it has been reported that the blaze began in the children's play area images showing the panic that ensued have also been emerging online the. first of that. many people were unable to escape from the building somewhere seen jumping from windows even five people have been detained and questioned in connection with the incident however it is still not clear what caused the fire a bit of a warning for you you may find some of the following images upsetting. it was horrific the mall was packed with people we could hear the fire alarm.
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the smoke filled the cinema a grab my system would run down the stairs it was a terrible crush and zero visibility my hands are still trembling when i imagine what could have happened. one man began to panic he said we should jump over the roof because it would soon collapse we sheltered from the roof to be rescued but no one came for forty minutes. or two nor could just see if it suits. you had to go into the sick double some noise. they were. just going to pull it the solution to. that which it but to show it what it must have been my thing to do what it must because there's no formal mr dick took us no must
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move each of those piece of architecture that the motion that would be suited to because it was not. there she used to use manage the porch to look at the was on the porch it's a good look at the good with the snow if we don't read the story. i was sure john would bernie and we could only stand there and watch. but here is what we know about the winter cherry retail complex it opened in two thousand and thirteen in the city center in a four story building that had previously been a confectionery factory in addition to a children's play or area and also had to cinemas and a pet. around two hundred animals were also killed in the disaster and the aftermath of the fire the city has canceled all entertainment and cultural events as a mark of respect for those who lost their lives the region has acquired three days
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of mourning and people are also bringing flowers and candles and perhaps most poignantly toys to the shopping center you've got a standoff is in for us and sent us this report. it seems that every single person in this town have come to this cell phone providers to vigil just outside the shopping mall to lay flowers bring toys in light the candles for many holding back the tears is simply too much of a task there are no bystanders here. there was no alarm no siren no sprinklers the whole fire prevention system was off fire exits blocked people in flying this shopping mall were left on their own to find out about the beginning inferno extension there knows this shopping mall used to be a confectionery and in fact it conducted fire drills just last week so
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a lot of a lot of very grave and outrages flaws in those drills and so the investigation is looking into that looking into how this horror became possible. there were no fire alarms nothing i just notice the smell and then a man told me to leave finding a way around the shopping center is how you don't know where the stairs lead or where to go there are no directions to x. is is like some sort of labyrinth you won't get far as you're in a panic it's been hours since sundown but there's no sign of the crowd getting any smaller in fact you people keep pouring in and in terms of atmosphere here just grief there's no dispute ration here. it's something very different it's almost like the whole city has become one big family which did lose many many loved ones overnight but in the week of this tragedy is standing shoulder to shoulder strong.
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many people. which is three thousand six hundred kilometers east of moscow have been queuing to donate blood for the victims fifty people were injured in the fire thirteen of them were taken to the hospital including several youngsters now turns out an entire class of school children died in the blaze they were in the cinema watching a new cartoon. they have now looks at the stories of some of those who perished and again you may find some of the scenes that you're about to see highly distressing. for rural youngsters a visit to the big city is always an adventure these twelve year old classmates went to town and they went bowling ice skating to the cinema it would be their last adventure. you know the new look. if you. didn't use it.
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dozens and dozens dead but they aren't just numbers they all had names lives all the compensation in the world won't cover their family's loss especially given that so many of the victims were children masha was there with her grandmother and she'll need turned ten last week and posted this photo in line exactly a decade is all she got in this world both she and her grandmother perished. tiana an english teacher she was there with her daughter who survived the tiana got out of the building before hearing that others was still trapped she went to help rescue who she could strangers but she never came back out
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you were the best teacher in the world right or former students you didn't deserve this we will all remember you stupid ass you could tell it to you to do. what you did. little rat aboard pictured here with his mom and dad she wasn't with them but imagine her pain when she had to identify the bodies of her child and husband or even surviving is easy. some say he jumped others that his father threw him out of the window in a desperate effort to save his little boy before succumbing to the smoke himself we won't know until say gay weeks up from his coma a load his parents and little sister. there are too many to mention here but the point is made
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a list of names is one thing but it's only when you get to know them just a little that the depth of this tragedy really hits you and we spoke to several experts about the tragedy they believe failures on every level from construction to lack of safety measures contributed to the loss of life. this is just the total failure of any fire safety program. in the mall made its stages as the mall was being constructed and now those decisions are coming home to roost and this is what happens even have alarms here are if they did have alarms they weren't working. but it is yes shocking and here we had we have blocked exits. and then i'm sure that well i want you to trust the authorities at some point i consider that as a national disaster for a most well read that was a problem he did building cause was flooded it was
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a quote problem to get material that they have used over there and for put secretly the areas that the kids out there we need to have a special repercussion and special system and fire exit and that because kids are not operating like us this is a systems well you could have break your nation on the books but let it come city enforcement it's regulation i compromised with good regulation this is where the disparity happens. families of the victims met with the city officials in a nearby school who explained to them the grim procedure for identifying the dead. in the new yorker levels of the it was just a little. more but you're still in the service over the course. of the year the city of your of of. money and so there's a point there for the good of the because you're just this is still to you what you
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can do if you were with your fuck you do come to govern for one hundred dollars and don't know where this one gotten enough money from you before you did from the front because when the pleasure whatever of i'm sure doesn't work. people around the world have been sending their condolences to the families of the victims the leaders of the u.s. germany china and the u.k. are among those who have expressed their sorrow the president of the european council donald tusk even made a statement in russian. it just. came it was up at least should be to. see if it's. all right we will be continuing to follow this tragedy over the coming hours the fire in that shopping center claimed the lives of sixty four people now confirmed dead a number of others are still missing recovery teams are continuing to work at the
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burned out shopping center in canada stay with us. was. switching gears completely now australia will expel two russian diplomats joining over twenty countries from across europe as well as the u.s. and canada it is being done in solidarity with britain which blames moscow for the poisoning of former double agent sergei screwball and his daughter earlier this month disappointed boyko reports now from one. collective response from the e.u. donald tusk the president of the european council he announced these collective measures saying that the e.u. agrees with the u.k.'s assessment that it was quote highly likely that the kremlin was behind the poisoning of gay and yulia script how to resume a spoke in parliament earlier and she was clearly rather pleased with the support
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from brussels and from the us canada and the ukraine for that matter take a listen to what she had to say. grates on the dorothy from our friends and partners in the e.u. north america nato and beyond and even though morse code denies the allegation that it was behind the attack in seoul's worry the list of expulsions of diplomatic expulsions is extensive among the countries that russian diplomats are going to be departing from france germany poland lithuania denmark the czech republic the list continues however not all e.u. states have signed up to kicking out russian diplomats austria notably has announced that the russian diplomats there can remain and also vogue area has said that it won't be expelling any russian diplomats that are currently stationed there also at the e.u. summit last week that he used summit where to resume
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a so successfully argued for this collective european response well sean called younker the president of the european commission he advocated a rather different approach to moscow take a listen to what he had to say. everyone was sure. to reduce. news to the open channel to discuss for sure all the questions. so not all e.u. states on the same page and not all figurehead. agreed to the extent to which to punish moscow or to cooperate with it perhaps instead nevertheless what's happened today is being billed as the biggest collective expulsion of russian diplomats in history all this while the investigations that police investigation and also the independent o.p.c. w one they are still ongoing well it seems that the almost complete unity
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of voices in europe was spurred from across the atlantic. president spoke with many foreign leaders our european allies and others and encouraged them to join the united states in this. in this announcement as you've just heard the u.s. was the driving force behind these expulsions with trump encouraging others to take similar measures now the u.s. will be expelling the most number of russian diplomats out of all the countries that have decided to do so the white house will be expelling sixty diplomats twelve of which are u.n. staff members and they'll have approximately seven days to leave a u.n. representative was grilled about this whether this move will violate an agreement that was made between the u.s. and the u.n. in the forty's let's take a quick look does the u.n. believe that this in any way violates the u.s. agreement with the u.n. of nine hundred forty seven the host country agreement given the sensitivity of the
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matter which is ongoing we will not comment further at this stage the u.s. mission says that and i quote our actions are consistent with the united nations headquarters agreement do you agree with the statement we were informed of the u.s. decision to take action under section thirteen b. of the u.n. u.s. headquarters agreement. you can you can look in our tree section and read section thirteen be for yourself and evaluate it for yourself story funny you told us to read thirteen b. and see whether what we thought it said went to the secretary general think to for the reasons i just explained i wouldn't venture an opinion on that for just out of sheer niceness inconvenience to you i will read to you section thirteen be at the stage bear with me because it is long. does the united states need to provide evidence of this a spin off to the un russia. i've said what i can say at this stage but at the same time a white house spokesperson says that the u.s.
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is ready to cooperate with russia a message that clearly contradicts washington's actions the president still remains open to working with the russians on areas of mutual concern counterterrorism for example and others now with this latest decision in relations between the two countries are add an all time low so we'll just have to wait and see what happens. among the sixty russian diplomat that washington will expel twelve are credited to the united nations vassily and beyond there russia's u.n. representative spoke earlier condemning the u.s. action suit. that if. the united states has abused its privileges as u.n. host the u.s. said they hope for and count on the continuation of cooperation with russia but what the american side has done is at the very least a very strange invitation for cooperation that this international solidarity against russia is based on a very vague case and the further it goes the vaguer it gets it is causing
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a lot of suspicion and raises many questions personally i have a question did the solves bury incident really cause the expulsion of diplomats or was the decision to expel russian diplomats taken before the solsbury incident well russia's foreign ministry has also blasted the expulsions and says that they will not remain unanswered for long as artie's many reports now from moscow. well we've heard from the russian foreign ministry spokesperson marty is a kind of a who said that reciprocal measures will be taking against each country that decided to expel russian diplomats and overall we're talking about over a dozen countries that supported this move now she also added that adds remember that was taking will be mad mero measure in response including the shutdown of the russian consulate and the u.s. now shortly after at this news that a number of countries are expelling russian diplomats broke the russian foreign
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ministry released a statement and in this statement. expressed protest these expulsions calling them an unfriendly stab that will not find any answers and these scripts case the statement also goes on to say that the exposure and are being seen as a provocation adding that such a hostile move on part of this group of countries will not be allowed. and indeed we've heard from a number of high level officials in the russian diplomatic society now i don't know who is the russian ambassador to the u.s. has protested against what he called a wrongful decision by the u.s. to expel russian diplomats to fit in for months on learning about the expulsions are expressed ostrom opposition to the move but i pointed out today there's not been a single shred of evidence of russia's involvement in this tragedy the most productive
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way to address this case would be a calm and professional investigation by the. world that goes it is not only the russian ambassador to the u.s. has expressed his outrage to the move a number of has of other russian diplomatic missions in different countries lashed out at the use of recent expulsions. we think this is an unreasonable decision and that's undermines russian german relations. and a regrettable that they won't give us any evidence and we just hear that it's highly likely that russia is responsible for this tragic incident we believe the you shouldn't fall for this dirty british provocation all the talk about to use solidarity is laughable as there can only be solidarity in the fight against real threats but not in support of insinuations and over all we've heard from different high level officials here and russia expressing disappointment and even at times this believed to this recent move by the us a number of other european countries to
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expel russian diplomats jim johnson former u.s. diplomat believes that there is more to these moves than meets the eye. this is a coordinated political warfare against russia it's global in scale it really has nothing to do with solsbury this is a political pretext just like the cut like the kind of accusations we've seen against syria on chemical weapons to ratchet up the pressure on moscow to discredit the recent russian election and also i think it's aimed at the world cup this summer theresa may a failed prime minister who had suffered a humiliating re-election recently somehow has pulled a rabbit out of the had it is trying to present herself as some kind of churchillian world leader by five whole helping to pull the world down into this this morass that i look i don't think we go under and underestimate the degree of danger we're talking about here this is not just tit for tat this is just not the
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are we in a new cold war or not this is extremely dangerous that with the crisis that is brewing internally within the e.u. i think there was the necessity to to somehow shift the terms of the debate to say it's not about what's wrong with brussels what's wrong with the e.u. it's what's wrong with the russians and i think this will it simply increase the pressure on countries like bulgaria like austria who don't don't want to go along with this. one man's act of kindness in the french alps hasn't landed him in trouble after he helped a heavily pregnant migrant woman reach a hospital. then why do co who is a member of a volunteer migrant patrol group spotted the woman and her family which included two small children near a dangerous pass high in the mountains of the team managed to get them down to a car and were driving them to out the hospital when they were stopped by french police duco was told that he had broken the law by aiding undocumented migrants
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juco is now awaiting trial and if found guilty under french law he could be jailed for up to five years and get a thirty thousand euro fine he says he had a humanitarian duty to do what he did. while on patrol we spotted a group of people walking through the snow we saw there was a family with two young children and a pregnant woman we did what we always do we gave them food and drinks and dry clothes we saw that the mother was not well it's all we learned she was in a half months pregnant so we decided to act quickly we understood she wasn't feeling well she was about to give birth we had to immediately taken to hospital. for you and you would still not salute when we arrived to the bottom of the valley we were arrested by border police we were not able to convince them that the situation was serious and the woman was about to give birth to border policeman only told me that i was not able to judge whether the situation was serious or not
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at that point the family was separated the mother was taken to the hospital and we were brought to the police station with the children and the two accompany people i was said immediately they asked for my documents make my personal belongings they notify me of a hearing on wednesday and release me at midnight. go look lastly my lawyer assisted me with interrogations and developed a strategy to follow for the hearing i've insisted that i was doing my humanitarian g.t.e. chairing a mission at the moment my file is in the hands of the prosecutor he will be the one to decide what will have to happen if the situation repeated itself tomorrow i would not be able to act differently is a totally acceptable thing to do. well around one hundred people protested over the incident outside a police station in a town on the french italian border they claim the policy against migrants has been shown to be illegal and in the main european history expert bernardine says that the rescue team did the right thing by breaking the law to save lives. back the
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room away and i think it's just one of the main happy's of which someone acting against the law holds lots of. it's in this case my grounds of sole. upon the issue. and. by i think it should also be released because of humanity and love for mankind of the love for the rule baby being born to be superior to be at the lowest of the state the opposite of what we from abortion one migrant once a module and so there they just lost respect that goes they are human beings so they must we tweak it like human beings. let's go back to our top story this hour the tragedy in the city of chemical in a central russia now sixty four people including many children are now known to have died in a huge fire at a shopping and entertainment complex right now hundreds of people have come out in
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front of the regional administration these are the latest pictures people are demanding that those responsible for the lack of fire safety at the shopping center be punished the rally was planned for this morning it is now ten thirty am in temora via little bit before that and more people continue to arrive in the crowd have been chanting truth truth and the deputy governor of that camera region has appeared and spoken to the crowd crowd keeps getting bigger as people continue to arrive they want justice for the victims and punishment for the negligence that has led to so many deaths little bit earlier president vladimir putin arrived in term of he has laid flowers at the shopping center where people have created a makeshift memorial of course we will keep bringing you more updates on the story as it develops watching our hunter national stay with us.
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join me every thursday on the elec so i'm i'm sure i'll be speaking to the world of politics sport i'm sure i'll see you. welcome to. the major global nuclear powers are billet out there are still is once again sparking fears of a new nuclear arms race. how serious is the danger well i asked matthew bunn the
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former white house advisor on science and technology policy and co-principal investigator from the belfer center on managing. the mutual distrust between moscow and washington to affect the global nuclear control process with strategic nuclear arms reduction treaty in jeopardy and the sides exchange nuclear weapon threats. sure destruction still a powerful deterrent. dragged into a new arms race and will close the door and disarmament for good. thank you very much for being with us. on our program so let's stop the new start treaty that's going to expire in two thousand and twenty one trump on many occasions has said it's one sided bet treaty like it's dad and what would that mean for the global security. so unfortunately i think.


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