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tv   News  RT  March 28, 2018 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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the headlines for this. morning in russia. which killed at least sixty four people including forty one children. with. russian. full face.
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have proved. we have every reason to believe. i have not. the twenty eight. international welcome to the program. it is a nationwide day of mourning in russia commemorating the victims of a shopping center in the siberian. at the top floor where there was a children's play area at least sixty four people have been dead including forty one children. three days on since the tragedy the town is still reeling from the shock people keep coming to this makeshift vigil to commemorate those who perished in sunday's inferno today's also the relatives of
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the first fifteen victims are paying their last respects with burial ceremonies should throughout the day no this comes a day after thousands of people gathered in front of the city council to vent their fear pain and anger they stood for eleven hours demanding the authorities do not withhold any information from the public they're saying everyone who is to blame for the fire should be brought to justice and local authorities in turn promised to keep the investigation as transparent as possible and if lattimer putin who visited the town yesterday also made a vow that no one will escape the punishment so far five people have been arrested in connection with the tragedy including the fire safety chief and one of the security guards who is suspected of deliberately shooting off shutting down disabling the fire alarm system disabling the hold fire prevention system before
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the blaze you know there's more protests today so we'll be standing by for that and bringing you all the latest the tragedy has shaken not only the siberian city but the whole country people have been bringing flowers and toys to improvise memorials all across russia and vigils had taken place in many cities and towns before the national day of mourning was officially declared.
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mugu naval. command variations of all sort of taken place here in the russian capital as well drawing some of the biggest crowds within a culture of a city where here in the center of moscow as you can see here hundreds of people came to commemorate the victims of the deadly blaze and the city of camera now this square seems not to be enough to feed everyone who wants to be a part of this and i and i know many people came here with their children a lot of people abroad flowers sound came here with the wide balloons that had been
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released into the sky at paying respects to the victims out that horrible tragedy now we managed to speak to some people who came to the downtown of the capital this tuesday. up our game a couple of new coaches socialized mcadam's because that was the time give good data points are able to use go. we move forward you know we're in the pocket that. do not set yet come or treats it's come aboard ship in certain year g.t.c. year not but the for. what she is another greece d.c. is up to my dear you who's with so you probably a metal to professional thumb if. you know the sheep but have made this up but this is just all noise for is about i'm cutting down the to the ideas that the blood. what if. there were a lot of people here but then in a couple of hours the atmosphere here at this event started to change and became
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distinctly political now there was a group of people that started to shout different slogans they were protesting against the current russian government they were also calling for the governor of the canada frege and this is where the tragedy to place to step down earlier and other events took place by the walls of the kremlin where as well a lot of people came there bringing flowers and lighting candles it is a very difficult moment for the whole country as this horrible tragedy has shaken everyone and not only in the country but around the world meanwhile the situation in today is for now at least comment on the day before when tensions flare shortly after the tragedy of stories in the city of camera over were confronted by angry crowds of victims' relatives and locals they demanded to know how the situation was allowed to have.
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a good. reason to. believe. somebody opposed to the such. a good idea to. name me i give my much can you hear. me now forty six and i can jam it down to the very demjanjuk. still you say are you.
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going to live. to see a good one to see. you succeed if you stick to. the feeling of seeing that's what it takes guts to take you to. the bullet through the mud to the. shooter was still.
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the number of the victims could have actually been much higher had not been for the courage of people nearby some lost their lives trying to get children out of the burning building or jacqueline who has some of their stories. on sunday a tragedy and i say berry and city turn teachers shop workers students and scores of others and heroes for some it cost them their lives like to challenge an english teacher and mother who was out with her fourteen year old daughter when the fire broke out she managed to get her child safety before selflessly running back into the burning building to try and help others trapped inside. many survivors have spoken of how they would never have made it out alive if there
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weren't people like top down of their seventeen year old dream of pollution is a student at an emergency services college with smoke filling the air he made it to the exit but heard a woman crying for help on able to find her children she pointed towards the fire indeed moran back inside. i saw nothing there was black smoke everywhere her children crying and shouting and that's how i found out where there are three children were sitting in the corner of the room to terrify trying to work through girls and the boy told the boys to grab my bowels and hold it tight and two of the girls by the color and character of the models complete strangers working together to reunite families separated in the chaos constantine colaba hove fun a toddler in a play area who was in shock and couldn't move but constantine and a female employee managed to get the boy to safety there was a small child not more than three years old sitting in the play area all the other kids run out and he was left completely alone there you've used to come up to me the girl who worked there is selling tickets and they walked out together with him
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i grabbed the child and around from there stuff at the winter cherry center risked their lives trying to get as many youngsters out of the building as they could i was in one of the play areas and there was another kids remakes to it it's like you could have labyrinth in the labyrinth for kids to tell you the truth if i went in there i wouldn't found a way out especially with the smoke i was calling for the kids all i could and got them out of there as many as i could see a photographer who worked at the shopping center managed to gather dozens of children. leaving them out he was reluctant to share his story guys please don't write about me as if i am some kind of hero it don't say my last name please i just don't want it there are no doubt other unsung heroes in the city strangers without whom even more people both young and old would have perished five people have been detained in connection with the info knowing looting a fire safety official it appears that a series of mistakes led to the tragedy the fire prevention system in the four story complex didn't work as intended it is thought that
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a god to turn off the presumably because he thought it was a false. emergency exits were locked leaving people with no alternative but to try and escape from up a story windows stuff for the shopping center were not trained properly either in the building of the mall was a converted factory and reportedly in violation of fire safety regulations one former rescuer who worked for russia's emergencies ministry on the red cross says that a lot of valuable evacuation time was lost we'll get more on that over the accusation was deleted by around three minutes due to the lack of emergency announcements over the shopping center speaker system instead news of the fire was communicated only by word of mouth but this really hampered the evacuation procedures. of the blazing came out of is one of the deadliest in russia in living memory it took firefighters over seventeen hours to extinguish it one section of the shopping complex was
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completely gutted and large sections of the roof collapsed here on r.t. international we will continue to follow developments relating to the aftermath of the tragedy in southern siberia and to remind you it is a national day of mourning for the sixty four lives lost in the shopping center blaze most of the deceased being children. od. was was. when lawmakers manufactured consensus instead of public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the financial merry go round listen to the one percent. with no middle of the room sick. leave the. real need
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for. politicians to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president i'm sure. some want to be pressed. to the right to be for us this is like them before three in the morning can't be good. i'm interested always in the waters in the house. they said. it is good to have you with us today the u.s. state department says it takes the u.k.'s word that russia was responsible for the poisoning of a double agent out of a sort of gas kind of pile in britain during the briefing journalists sort of evidence of russian guilt but the questions went largely on unsaid. certainly know
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that russia is responsible for that attack that is something that is not in question that something that the brits and many other countries have said as well so we stand strongly with our ally with the u.k. and when the u.k. tells us that they have proof that they know russia was responsible we have every reason to believe them. you know been seeing their their evidence their proof i have not personally seen their roof that would not come over to the state department that would most likely go to another building so i would refer you to any of those other intelligence department you know what i mean the state department's coleman's come to the u.s. ordered sixty russian diplomats to leave the country over the poisoning incident sees it's american was the briefing. the main topic of discussion was washington's expulsion of russian diplomats the most out of all countries to do so over the alleged poisoning of a former double agent and his daughter on british soil a spokeswoman now it was bombarded with questions regarding evidence or lack
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thereof and most boil down to whether the u.s. possesses any concrete evidence linking rushed to the crime and if the expelled diplomats were really spies how do you know these specific sixty people were that would be and how that would be spent i mean can you give us any kind of example of what these people were doing that made them not real diplomats i don't have access to that kind of information were they jumping the subway turnstile to show me that they were not actually used to being funny it's different with the u.n. i don't you have to provide evidence to the u.n. and i think i just answered that but i don't know the answer to that if i can get an answer for you i would speak happy to provide while answering now or basically admitted that washington hasn't seen any proof but somehow they've still decided to take london's claims as gospel now i had the rare opportunity to ask a question and i mentioned that the o.p.c. w. or the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons hasn't released the
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results of the investigation as yet and she said that russia wasn't cooperating we look forward to the o.p.c. of you completing its investigation we also hope at the same time that russia will return to the un security council and well agree to some sort of a mechanism like the joint investigative mechanism that they had stood in the way of and in fact defeated numerous times while now or blatantly ignore the fact that russia has been saying it's ready to cooperate with british authorities since the day of the assassination attempt so it seems that washington doesn't believe in its own philosophy that one is innocent until proven guilty russia has long arms russia has lots of tentacles we imagine that they will continue to have an interest in our elections but also many other nations' elections as well. arms and how to get it right what equipment and seems like it is and if you just think that this one is a beast from the deep sea it's part of a much bigger scenario that's taking place you know some people refer to it as a new cold war but in some ways it's more dangerous than the old cold war but you
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know there's a certain hypocrisy of volved i eat think of how serious this is and the response to this compared to how serious it was when the united states and britain and the others invaded iraq did all these european countries stand up and hang and expel american diplomats for an invasion of iraq that was far more serious of course not you know if this is part of a cold war positioning with the west standing up against russia and russia responding but i think that if we're going to take such strong action we need firm proof and we need to begin presenting some of this evidence to the public but let's get back to evidence while the american ambassador to russia said that britain had a document that showed that russia was involved saying it was pretty comprehensive but was it really well russian media got ahold of that document but it was a six slide presentation the first slide just read incident in salisbury and the other slides had
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a timeline of events information on the type of gas that was allegedly used and the number of people taken to the hospital now the last slides contained a list of russia's suppose that nefarious activities and the british responses so clearly the document contained no actual evidence that russia was behind the poisoning but it somehow considered proof by a western states that are using it to justify expelling russian diplomats the incident russia is implicated in happened almost a full with one a former russian intelligence agent british spy together with his daughter were found unconscious on a park bench in the u.k. city of souls pre growth or do you suspect so today and you know it's going to probably poisoned by innovation of a type produced in the soviet union moscow denies any involvement in the poisoning . and continues to wast for sawmills and b. for a joint investigation. now a number of other countries have expelled russian diplomats in solidarity with the u.k. germany france canada and poland are among those that blame russia for the poisoning
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of the british prime minister said the show of solidarity strengthens security to see i welcome the international support that we have that we have gone into this a little as i said in the house yesterday this isn't just a matter of the u.k.'s position and working the e.u. case i think in the national security interests of the individual countries concerned not everyone joined the u.k. austria portugal and switzerland among those who decided not to expel russian diplomats from their embassies and we spoke to the vice president of the eurasia center a think tank he believes the u.k. has used the script case as a pretext. whether it's to increase defense budget whether it's to. increase political posturing or popularity or whether it's in an attempt to control the country i think there's a greater geo political objective here you know if you look at some of the court documents of some of their biological scientists the statement that made with you
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know regarding with the o.p.c. w. investigation there's nothing specific there's no direct correlation to russia there they're very broad in their statement and i think it you know we're we're jumping completely we're jumping to conclusions taking punitive action indeed during diplomatic deletion prior to any completely to give him prior to any factual evidence actually being presented that it's an embarrassment and definitely not a diplomatic way to solve a problem i don't know if they really want to thaw the problem but it appears. more than one hundred twenty eight thousand people have fled the syrian region of eastern guta in the pasta month that's according to the russian ministry of defense at the exodus was made possible by humanitarian poles is on corridor was established by both syria and russia but the us ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley lambasted moscow for how it's handled syrian cease fire negotiations at
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the u.n. russia will stop at nothing to use its permanent seat on this council to shield itself the charlotte aside from even the faintest criticism this should be a day of shame for every member of this council if you watched closely during the negotiations we could see our russian friends constantly leaving the room to confirm with their syrian counterparts. the possibilities for what was going on are only two. either russia was informing their syrian colleagues about the content of the negotiations or russia was taking directions from the syrian colleagues about the content of the negotiations when the fifteen member body that leaves the united nations convened we heard from the u.s. ambassador to nikki haley she excuse russia of deception hypocrisy and brutality but from there her remarks took a rather interesting turn she went off on kind of
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a tangent in her remarks referring to what she said was diplomats leaving the room to call the syrian regime now the russian ambassador to the united nations and in benghazi he took to the floor and responded to the accusations from nikki haley with some rather clear facts about what's taking place on the ground in eastern guta and he pointed to the solid achievements of the russian sponsored humanitarian pause also describe the fact that russia is providing food and medicine to those who've been forced to flee the area now from there he went on to be quite critical of how the u.n. security council meetings are being conducted and what does essentially a blame game being used by certain countries at the council this isn't a bad. move so that the business of some members of the u.n. security council prefer to spend time on passionate speeches and letters making shaky claims towards russia that's probably to cover their own reluctance to do anything good for the implementation of resolution two four zero one we're starting
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to believe that some external donors are losing interest in supporting people from the regions which have fallen under syrian government control we're getting signals from some capitals that there's a need to help only opposition on clearly. it's unclear what will happen next but it it's pretty clear that the position of russia is that the united states should be using these meetings for the purpose of trying to actually help the civilians who are in harm's way not for making unproven and. shaky accusations against different countries and placing blame when so many civilians are in danger and do need the real assistance and attention of the security council the region all of which once had a population of about four hundred thousand has been discussed at the un security council the enclave near damascus has the capital hit just off to the east towards the region as well this whole pod came under military control back in twenty twelve
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when the syrian army has been trying to recapture it ever since fighting intensified last month the government now holds between seventy and eighty percent of the whole territory now under a cease fire deal some militants have been given passage to rebel controlled pockets in the north and civilians who have fled being provided with humanitarian help. nothing. to do sleep. was. your source for worldwide news this is r.t.
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international more programming to continue in about half an hour. i. want to. find. there's an issue probably the only issue the unites many of the most powerful individuals surrounding donald trump and the issue is hostility directed at the
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rand there is every reason to believe these same people will translate their hostility into even military action the war cabinet is mobilizing. the be. about your sudden passing i've only just learnt you worry yourself in taking your last bang turn. your at the top to you as we all knew it would i tell you i'm sorry i could so i write these last words in hopes to put to rest these things that i
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never got off my chest. i remember when we first met my life turned on each day. but then my feeling started to change you talked about war like it was again still some more fun to feel those that didn't like to question our arc and i secretly promised to never be like it said one does not leave a funeral the same as one enters the mind gets consumed with death this one. i speak to now because there are no other takers. to blame that mainstream media has met its maker. time after time here we're going underground for the last time this season as nato
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nations only a full scale trade war with beijing escalated diplomatic war against moscow over the poisoning of two russians in england coming up on the show as today the un security council debates world peace just who exactly is donald trump's new national security advisor on the record for calling russia china. ron young my as we investigate john bolton and whether he has the ear of the president just starts world war three and there's germany detains the democratically elected leader of catalonia we ask united nations independent expert for the zionists about the end of democracy in the european union boss on this week's news review with myself in action will be looking at the russian spy poisoning story turning into a bit of a way of walling or diplomats world war all the civil coming up in our last show of the season but first today the fourth plinth in london's trafalgar square rumored to be saved for queen elizabeth the second death sees a new statue unveiled called the invisible enemy should not exist it's by iraqi
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american artist michael wreck of it when i was asked by the city of london to submit a proposal i looked at the blueprints of the fourth plant and it was fourteen feet long and at that time i've been researching the law that stood at the entrance of the nergal gate in nineveh which had been destroyed in the previous year and that was fourteen feet long and so immediately i saw it as being almost made for it and so this one stands outside looking back towards and then of aged iraqi militia two hundred twenty miles north of baghdad is in modern day mosul and all this to the day one year ago it was the usa again killing civilians near the site of ancient nineveh has conjectured even by us disney own to mainstream media and this morning those accusations of the airstrikes may have killed hundreds of iraqi civilians in mosul if confirmed this could be one of the deadliest.


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