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tv   Going Underground  RT  March 28, 2018 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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structure and rio development road the energy ports united states has increasingly relied on military kinetic warfare the fight the terrorists and this doesn't work because the reason these terrorists are able to recruit is because of the poor i could on the conditions at virtually drive the young people into the hands of a terrorist for a small amount of money. well for more on these and plenty of other stories that go to our website telkom otherwise op about for the latest headlines at the top of the hour.
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time after time they were going underground for the last time this season as nato nations on the edge of a full scale trade war with beijing escalated diplomatic war against moscow over the poisoning of two russians in england coming up on the show as today the u.n. security council debates world peace just who exactly is donald trump's new national security adviser on the record for calling russia china iran and gone yang lie as we investigate john bolton and whether he has the ear of the president just started world war three and there's germany detains the democratically elected leader of catalonia we ask united nations independent expert alfred the zionists
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about the end of the mall in the european union boss on this week's news of you with myself in action will be looking at the russian spy poisoning story turning into a bit of a way for diplomats worldwide all the civil coming up in our last show of the season but first today the fourth plinth in london's trafalgar square rumored to be saved for queen elizabeth the second after her death sees a new statue unveiled called the invisible enemy should not exist it's by iraqi american artist michael wreck of it when i was asked by the city of london to submit a proposal i looked at the blueprints of the fourth plant and it was fourteen feet long and at that time i've been researching the law that stood at the entrance of the nergal gate in nineveh which had been destroyed in the previous year and that was fourteen feet long and so immediately i saw it as being almost made for it. and so this one stands outside looking back towards the nineveh ancient iraq two
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hundred twenty miles north of baghdad is in modern day mosul and almost to the day one year ago it was the usa again killing civilians near the site of ancient nineveh has conjectured even by us disney own to mainstream media and this morning those accusations of the airstrikes may have killed hundreds of iraqi civilians in mosul if confirmed this could be one of the deadliest instances of unintended civilian deaths since the war began when the u.s. became involved in iraq yes some of the deadliest nato backed killings in the bush blair war that killed wounded or displaced tens of millions just one year ago as for that catastrophic walk at sea of the british labor party here is donald trump's new nominated national security adviser trying to persuade britain to war because of iraq e w m d it could fabricate a nuclear weapon within one year. it has rebuild its civilian chemical infrastructure and renewed production of chemical warfare agents probably including mustard sarin and v.x.
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it actively maintains aspects of its offensive biological weapons program and in terms of its support for terrorism we have established that iraq has permitted al qaida to operate within its territory but of course there was no al qaida saddam hussein sworn enemy in iraq just as there was no nuclear program no biological weapons program and no chemical warfare program no v.x. nerve gas even the w m d soldiers down by the usa was no longer extent in iraq which means bolton may find it hard to persuade u.s. allies of the necessity to start new wars against north korea iran china and russia while the world waits for an arguably more muscular response from moscow for monday's tit for tat diplomatic spall shouldn't it may be amazing to some that bolton didn't use novacek w m d as an argument for war against iraq in twenty zero three the war that arguably his new boss poses. they lie ok said there were weapons
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of mass destruction there was none and they knew there were none there were no weapons of mass ok now of course today o.p.c. w weapons of mass destruction inspectors are in england investigating whether w m d justifies a new war of sorts with russia joining me now is someone who has met trump's new national security advisor john bolton for the throne as director of the u.s. institute for policy studies is in the u.s. capital washington d.c. for us thanks for coming on the show before we get to bolton and iran and north korea and china what role as john bolton in sacking a previous boss of the o.p.c. w w m d. this was one of bolton's early. successes shall we say when he was at the united nations in two thousand and two. he was only there briefly and he was playing a major role as a leading state department official in charge ironically enough. disarmament
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affairs in that role he decided that this is in two thousand and two this is in the run up to the u.s. british war against iraq and the then chief of the organization for the prevention of chemical weapons brazilian diplomat named jose stanley was going to be a potential problem why because it was danny was actually negotiating with the iraqi government with saddam hussein's government trying to push them to join the organization if they had agreed which they were a legit lee on the verge of doing that there were a lot of rumors at the time that the iraqis were prepared to join the organization and if they did they would have been subjected to incredibly intrusive inspections to determine that there were in fact no chemical weapons factories in the country now for washington who were trying to get public support to go to war on the false claim that there were weapons of mass destruction specifically including chemical
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weapons that would be a disaster so bolton goes to stand his office and this was reported several years later because danny describes him coming into the office and saying you've got twenty four hours to resign or there will be consequences and was then he said i'm not resigning i was just reappointed by one hundred forty five member states by the countries of this organization i'm not going anywhere so bolton went out and organized a campaign against him claiming that he wasn't a good manager or something like that never of course saying that this had everything to do with preventing iraq from joining the organization and having a non war solution to this crisis he orchestrated the ouster of boustany and just a few weeks later boustany was indeed voted out but i am majority of those hundred forty five countries that again set the stage for that illegal immoral war let's hope and even more exalted role arguably the trump designated new national. good
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advise it doesn't have that kind of power because that's kind of against the u.n. but as you've written about i understand jumble doesn't believe the united nations exists exactly in the past i was actually in a debate with him back in one thousand nine hundred four and he said at that time there is no such thing as the united nations when the united states leads others will follow when we choose to leave we might do so when we don't it nothing will happen and he went on to say the remark that's now been quoted in a lot of the articles about his current new position which is a very powerful position where he said you could charge half the top ten floors of the united nations and it wouldn't make any difference because it doesn't do anything he has shown an absolute disdain for international law and in that context saying the u.n. doesn't matter international law doesn't matter all that matters is u.s. power u.s. might it's kind of trumps a version of america first on steroids but of course it was trump who surprised the
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world with this idea of negotiation with pyongyang a recent pentagon simulation predicted non-nuclear conflict with. equated to a daily a daily death toll in south korea of twenty thousand you know that bolton is going to persuade the trump against his plan for george or rather than war war i don't know what he's going to persuade trying to do what i think is certainly possible is that he will persuade trump that any meeting with kim jong un be very brief and be essentially an announcement of surrender terms which i assume the north korean leader is not likely to accept at the moment and say this is what we're here to do you will surrender by this date or this will be our last meeting and then he will get up and walk out and keep in mind this is this position of national security advisor while it doesn't have any direct power in the sense that the national security advisor cannot call up the pentagon. in order troops out that person is
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the first person and the last person to have the ear of the president and with a president like this one who we know well is known for listening to the last person who happened to be in the room that's very dangerous for someone this excrete this committed to war over diplomacy as the last person that donald trump hears every night before he leaves the white house he has argued for preemptive strikes but arguably of there is some has breath difference on on north korea iran mike flynn former national security advisor has been on this show talking about a war with iran and certainly trump has been talking about scrapping that deal what would a war with iran look like presume we both and then drop support let alone trade war something else on iran a war with iran is a disaster to even think about this is a country that is far larger far richer and far more powerful militarily and in
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every every other way than iraq at the time of the two thousand and three us invasion and keep in mind what a disaster the iraq war has been the destruction of what was left of iraq after twelve years of crippling sanctions that had already devastated the population. sanctions in iran have been problematic for the iranian population but nothing close to what had happened in the years of sanctions in iraq iran is far stronger it would fight back with far more power and it is not isolated or the way the us would like it to be so that the notion of a war with iran would very quickly become a regional war and it would devastate the entire middle east and have the danger of escalating even further on a global basis of all to the national security adviser designate has called the russia china iran north korea as all lying regimes said that russia's
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meddling of the us election was a true act of war that would china and russia come out on iran side against the united states not even sure nato would even support the us the support they would get would be from saudi arabia and from israel that intersection is already underway bringing together israeli and saudi officials along with other gulf monarchies leaders. and i think that becomes very dangerous for the middle east as a whole the palestinians among others would pay the extraordinarily high price but i don't think that we're talking about a situation where any of the countries that were signatories to the iran nuclear deal for instance would somehow come out against the united states militarily i don't and i think that's a good thing that would be a disaster that would escalate the war even further just finally i mean this talk here in mainstream media of kicking rush of the u.n. security council because it doesn't vote britain's way john bolton doesn't believe the united nations exists could the u.n.
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come to the rescue against all the dreams of john bolton i think one of the big reasons that the u.s. did not go to war with iran in two thousand and seven was that the strength of the global protest movement of the civil society level and the level of governmental opposition and the refusal of the united nations to sign on our. all of those factors together made the price much higher for george bush to consider when he was thinking of going to war against iran so it prevented that although it did not prevent the initial war against iraq those things don't get forgotten so quickly the problem is john bolton doesn't care about any of that he doesn't care about public opinion about civil society certainly but governmental opinion no other government matters and certainly the united nations does not matter to this man who once called himself the ambassador to the united nations we invite john bolton to try and refute those claims for the spanish thank you very much thank you after the break political prisoners in the european union we get the take of the un's
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independent experts for designs on the shadows caused by the spanish civil war and also in this week's news for a very with me an action that we'll be looking at the b.b.c. trying to indoctrinate a story trying our children how to spell i can use and also their life's been a long line of benefits scrounger propaganda against disabled table full of civil coming up about two of going underground. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to us from the world of politics or business i'm show business i'll see you then.
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welcome back joining me now to go through some the week's news is freelance journalist and writer for the u.k.'s leading independent news site the canaries steve top all steve thanks for coming on and we thought very corbin shot a foreign secretary at chatham house today saying private facie evidence of the kremlin responsible for atrocities in the west and england griffith of course we know the defense could reach out to defense agree russia. everyone's everyone knows the kremlin did it we have to attack russia absolutely and do those go to this person put in. what we have new zealand says it can't find russian spies to expel yes it's this is the way as wally of the russian situation if you like is open to new zealand has come out and said that well if we if we did have these undercover
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russian agents to expel within our midst of course we get rid of them but we can't find it the minute it is amazing we're going to be happy with that response expel everyone i don't all russian citizens that you and i you. know of course but look i mean we all know there's a bigger agenda at play here and it's not being discussed but there's geopolitics rampantly going on behind the scenes and we always have to look behind the headlines i think and try and work out exactly why a narrative is being pushed and running same with the stories we're going to talk about today is the idea of known chomsky's manufacturing consent where the media is used as a propaganda all right well someone is coming to the rescue as the telegraph serves well to help us with what you're writing yeah there's a next one be more clear brothers yes b.b.c. journalists to teach children how to identify new wonderful now i have a personal interest in this story because my stepson school is being targeted
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that's the wrong use of. use of the english language has been a sort of elected calling play to be part of the rollout of this big a c. fake news unit where they're going to a thousand schools lead b.b.c. present as we're going in teaching children how to spot real news from fake news which is very interesting considering the b.b.c. trust found. guilty of peddling basically fake news and by jeremy corbyn sure available because the political editor to be selected by that is that i mean it's the height of irony and also plays into the us idea that the b.b.c. is this this wonderful institution and someone like russia today is this bad state sponsored peddling propaganda or thora tarion units which is which as we know is complete nonsense i mean i've been on r.t. lots and never once have i been told what i'm telling you to say. no ok all right back in the real world of sterett he we're just to remind our viewers a recent bridge medical journal. piece of research one hundred twenty thousand
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excess deaths since twenty ten because it was sturdy policies that will lead to six point three billion needed to close the gap in a steady we have a poll from hugo this is this is absolutely staggering and we should solve the problem in the words of the problem while i'm not surprised over the vote which is of a so you gov are asking whether benefit claimants should be allowed to vote the specific question was british citizens who receive more money from welfare benefits than they pay in taxes should be allowed to vote should not be allowed to vote. well that's all of the austerity program because you wouldn't have poor people voting a tool of course exactly. the perfect perfect for the conservatives what do you think of the very important polling organization we rang them up and said is it fake actually and they said lord no it's staggering but it plays into a broader agenda at the moment and the people are now and i speak to say this is
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happening is this demonize ation. of disabled people and people on welfare are somehow being subhuman and not deserving i mean the un committee on the rights of persons with disabilities last year accuse the u.k. government of creating a society where people are viewed as parasites this is their words not mine parasites living off the money of tat and they said these kind of attitudes that the government is fostering could lead to quote euthanasia and killings of disabled people and this is a un and they've recognized that this sort of gang propaganda and negative stereotyping is playing into a very dangerous culture and i think there's a bigger issue and it is this disenfranchising but it's it's almost twenty first century eugenics where we're seeing these people marginalized pushed to the fringes of society almost trying to get rid of them like they don't exist last week as well about the notion of psychopathic cultures which the author will black writes about
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where the psychopathic also ship i think individual has an effect on the whole structures around him and in some respects i alkies that what we're seeing from this government is almost pathological behavior in its attitude towards disabled people towards homeless people there's a date rooted and it is really to go into depth with you today there's a deep rooted ideology here in the deep rooted gender of pushing people to the margins of society because ultimately what is that not productive not good for capital in the grand scheme of things therefore again that's why i decided to use the useless eaters analogy because i'm not saying that being productive and beneficial to the corporatists capitalist society we live in thank you well while the e.u. laid against russia some are questioning leaves commitment to democracy itself this week in what arguably sounds like a scene from the spanish civil war german authorities detained catalan leader.
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comes after his meeting with the renowned jurist the u.n. independent expert only promotion of a democratic and equitable international order professor alfred does a as he joins me now from geneva in switzerland elfin thanks so much for coming on the show wouldn't call please them or tell you in the past few days before his arrest by german authority that we were discussing mediation you may recall that switzerland altered mediation back in august september two thousand and seventeen they tried it central government didn't want to i myself i offered myself as a mediator and no one has thanked up on it i've written to. written to the secretary general i think that this is the classical case in which international mediation would be useful what did you include you tell you because you said the order of his news was a credibility lancer that they don't want to get involved the internal affairs of
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member states but they don't get involved in the internal affairs of poland and of hungary and of slovakia and cetera so that argument doesn't hold any water especially when you have grave violations of article two of the treaty of london of lisburn i mean the treaty of the european union which i curse the european union on democracy and human rights and would be a political prisoner. well he's not a political prisoner yet to i mean is the question now whether he will be delivered to spain for trial of we have political prisoners in spain i mean doherty tulan got him i forgot their lunch some of the others who have been detained there quite a few who have been detained and again released on bail but in any event it is a disgrace that democratic leaders who have exercised peacefully and that's
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important too to indicate they have never incited to violence quite the contrary they have been very peaceful in their actions that spain has criminalized the exercise of democracy criminalize the exercise of freedom of expression and the exercise of the most fundamental vote of a referendum we expect more from brussels but what is at stake here really is the credibility of the system the credibility of the european commission the credibility of the r.p.m. parliament and of course. democracy on the rule of law in spain. scottish police have issued a warrant for a player for sunday another catalan minister too much to say is a scottish national party politician that you cannot have pany scotland doing the political work of the fascists in the spanish government you realize that there is
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a prehistory to this and that you realize that the precedent of the generally talked of got along the other companies in the one nine hundred thirty s. was delivered to franco spain and it was actually executed. that was back in one nine hundred forty i mean this is so shocking and i don't want to see a read gretchen of this nature back to the one nine hundred forty s. obviously we're not getting much information about this in the mainstream media or arguably i know you have often talked about this information and you've just returned from the country with the largest oil resources in the world venezuela how an e.u. sanctions helping to curb what we're told is a humanitarian crisis now in venezuela where they're not curbing the humanitarian crisis they're causing it i mean the humanitarian crisis at
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a terminal stickney cause it's a dangerous and loose use of words i mean i know humanitarian crisis and. africa in asia obviously in gaza obviously in the polish staying occupied territories in game and in syria but certainly not in venezuela there is scar city but this car city of medicines and it's got a city of food is to a large extent caused by the economic war that is not new law is not just the sanctions since obama two thousand and fifteen i mean has been an economic war against venezuela since one thousand nine hundred nine since chavez came to power your remember the idea was to get rid of him through a coup d'etat two thousand and two that didn't work and the economic war continued this is reminiscent of one nine hundred seventy nine hundred seventy when salvador allende gets elected president of sheila and richard nixon tells kissinger that
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he will not tolerate i know turning to economic model. to take hold in latin america and that he will make the chilean at call me scream and that's what they did for three years and when they did it didn't work and they didn't bring down again and then there was the coup d'etat and i.n.d. got killed now. what's happening with venezuela is that all of these measures which have significantly exacerbated the situation of car city of food and medicine in and then it's well. what has happened is that the opposition is actually asking for more sanctions against the government of venezuela quite the contrary of what the united nations
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wants to achieve meaning dialogue ok not going to going to let us i mean you're the new u.n. independent expert on the promotion of democratic and equitable international order the white house chief of staff right now is john kerry's on the record doldrums. for saying a military option must be on the table now the international criminal court has got involved but to to to bensouda announcing a preliminary investigation into presumably human rights crimes by the material government what are we seeing in terms of regime change we're seeing here international moby and what i find is that. bringing. a case. against to go before the i.c.c. . is simply not serious it is surrealistic i mean there are fifty other heads of state that would be better candidates to be before the i.c.c.
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than mr magruder but i would like to say the i.c.c. does have a task here because sanctions kill sanctions are deliberate when sank. of course the deaths of children because of my look when they caused the death of persons because there's no insulin on there's no anti-cancer medicine or there's not anti. aids medicine and that is deliberate well that is a crime against humanity but the i think it is going to have an article seven of the eyes it's the statute but obviously the i.c.c. is all going to investigate the european union and the united states and nato governments that are enforcing the sanctions. of course i can't the question is who is going to bring that case to what course you can do it but there must be well on the part of the prosecutor to take it up what we want it's international solidarity what we want is to help they then as well and people and we can help them by making
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sure that the sanctions are immediately lifted and the economic war ends restaurant for design thank you that's it for the show and for this season we'll be playing your favorite episodes of this season until we get back on wednesday the eleventh of april sixty vs a day old american backed coup attempt against the democratically elected government to go chavez of venezuela to give a touch of us all to the break facebook twitter instagram. how does it feel to be a share of the greatest job in the world it's as close to being a king as any job there is a good business model helps to run a prison now we do it all like a video visitation i don't know what comes anymore we don't have to serve them anymore it's cost effective that's what they want to do that you know they don't
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give a damn if you do the chores and that they're actually paying us to put it back and look at the louisiana incarceration rate is twice as high as the us and bridge what secret is behind such success. there's an issue probably the only issue that unites many of the most powerful individuals surrounding donald trump and the issue is hostility directed at the ranch there is every reason to believe the same people will translate their hostility into even military action the war cabinet is mobilizing. a national day of mourning has seen crowds across russia honor the victims of last sunday.


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