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at a desert and we're looking at rocks and then they're saying hey we're going to pretend this rock over here is an enemy shining your laser at this enemy ok three two one rifle sixteen seconds time flame missile splashes enemy is killed you just won the war on terror let's pack up and go home it's just a bunch of imagination that doesn't actually accomplish anything other than to teach people basic toddler skills of hand eye coordination now i were at that the operator schedules are pretty tough on that most of time like you just spend hours looking at nothing now what's the messed up sleep cycles and boredom how sharp are the operators when the time actually comes to make a crucial decision. this is kind of where the people that i used to work with are pissed off at me because they expose the mental difficulties that we were having you know we flew in my squadron eleven and a half hour days because we couldn't fly longer than the required crew rest according to air force regulations and in
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a sense many of us broke crew rest because we had to do office work or even some of us couldn't sleep i was one of those people that couldn't sleep so i really stopped sleeping and i did this thing called the easy man sleep schedule where you sleep every twenty minutes for four every four hours for twenty minutes and really screwed me up physically i was tired all the time i was exhausted we had people drinking and we had this one guy who got into a car accident and rolled his vehicle after drinking and he used the excuse that he was just tired from work and he got away with it it's just a mess like that people in this world are incredibly messed up and they refuse to look at themselves in the problems that are going on with them and addressing them and then there is of course to million dollar question i mean you have firsthand experience of directing war hastur the desire to practice how is our trial strikes really that precise and surgical. well if you're looking at accuracy of where the
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missile can hit and yes if you're looking at the intelligence behind it and how they discern what information that we're given and what targets are correct and know in fact this is what we call secret compartmentalised information the three letter agencies that are working as the customer behind the scenes don't really give the people that work that swing the metaphorical sword the information all the information so they tell us where to swing the sword but when things go wrong in the wrong people are killed we're the ones that get blamed because they had all the intel and. it's just a big blame game prendre where there's a drone operators and told him who is giving you the instruction as how can a soldier is in rain shower the information is on point i mean does everybody avar question it. i know well people don't question it because it that's why it's compartmentalize there's all sorts of different pieces of the puzzle and none of
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the pieces are actually talking to one another except for what's required knowledge is the modern currency and so like dragons they hoard this currency and only divvy it out whatever they think is necessary for them to complete their mission and get more of that currency it's it's like oh it's a weird kind of cycle. and it doesn't really get anywhere especially with agencies who have this rivalry with one another and they argue back and forth over who is the better person or who's the better agency or who's cooler and instead of actually getting the mission done and accomplishing it and finding an endgame for the whole thing where they had a show break right now and we'll go back with brandon bryant former trelane operator in the u.s. air force talking about they have a toll of drone warfare. they're
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not stances not only enough they cannot be a partner broker they have taken the seeds of not any out. of the solution they throw in this region to what is the listeners extremists in this region have been to think since and bravado them edition is a decision that actions more than any time before moderates and god of war people like me have been destroyed but it was such actions such fascism such opt out of sight being exhausted by israel and israel getting away with it i think this is opening the gates of hell in this region. in twenty four. you know bloody revolution to the demonstrations going from being relatively peaceful political protests to be creasing move on
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a. revolution is always spontaneous or is it the way he. put the. school in the middle of the former ukrainian president recalls the events of twenty forty and. those who took. even that stood over five billion dollars to assist ukraine in these another call it will ensure a secure and prosperous and democratic. where back was brandon bryant former pro not parade or thank you us air force socket about the implications of drone warfare no brainer if you're a save intel document terrorist but you look at the screen and saying they aren't
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terrorists in most cases what this actually be down to faulty intelligence or using drone operators are being deliberately misled. that's kind of another part of the compartmentalize thing like they only give us the information that we need in order to give them the best picture possible and to swing the sword again the metaphorical sword so we while we can look at a person and they'll say follow this person or strike this person we don't get any more detail than that really we can but the details don't matter and we're not really sure the sources or anything. though we are being told that sources come from to put places either signals intelligent imagery intelligence or human intelligence we are not the ones that interact with that information how are this extra judicial killings justified legally is it ok to kill someone on suspicion
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just because you're at war and can the war on terror be used in an instant or redefine your enemy to kepen those legal parameters. but this is this is where we get into the grounds of legality versus morality you know the nazis everything they did was legal to them slavery united states everything was legal the genocide of native americans in my country was legal right so where we have to come to the point is like where is the moral boundary that we want to draw the line at and that's something that shouldn't be left to the law the law is just a framework for us to play in not black and white yes or no in every case is different i don't think that we should utilize any sort of technology or glorified any technology that to use lies to kill another human being we still need to see these people as humans not as demons because there's
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a reason why these people are angry and they're hateful it's not because of anything other than we've created this monster ourselves and we've become the monster that they hate now and of civilian deaths as a result of drone strikes hit us held responsible the drone operator or the commander who gives the order or the intelligence guys. really know when inside holds the each other accountable if someone screws up then they just get a slap on the wrist and everything's ok and that's why you would see in the past when wrong strike happened someone like obama or brennan would blame the operators themselves for things that are gone wrong rather than the intelligence that was given because the cia and all these other agencies that are out there they don't want to take responsibility they just want to point fingers at other people and place the blame on others because they're perfect they don't make mistakes it's the operators that make mistakes and that's actually one of the reasons i started
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speaking out was because the operators were just soldiers and while just following orders is is not a good excuse to do it we're not the ones that have ultimate responsibility in this though we do have responsibility in what we do change help morris fossil and more traumatized over your experience than say soldiers who serve in their artillery and why is that i mean they launch missiles into war zones they have feelings what's so different about being a drone operator. well here's where you get into close combat scenarios versus distant killing and if we really want to take a look at it violence and sex affect the same part of the human brain in the exact same way and hand to hand combat is as intimate as you could possibly get with someone but as you increase the distance from long range assault rifles or small arms fire and you get into artillery you cease actually seeing
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a human target and you see actual like target locations or target buildings and you forget about the human being that's a part of it and if we look at something like world war two in the bombing of dresden a lot of those guys they just pushed bombs out of their aircraft and were just hitting targets but when they saw the devastation that they caused in the human beings that suffered many of them were institutionalized then and the instances of p.t.s.d. amongst those people were severe and where it comes from a difference between an artillery operator and a drone operator in oh we see our victims in fact when we fire a missile the missile sonic booms about one point two seconds after it comes off the rail and as the kinetic energy is lost through the missile the sonic boom hits the target first so we actually see the reaction of the target before missile strikes and i think that does something to a human being and i'm speaking from experience and reflection rather than any sort
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of higher intelligence so. you know you can draw your own conclusions in this but really what it comes down to is seeing how people react in a very human way knowing that they're about to die and then killing them from with the finger of god from half a world away is it's a really disturbing feeling and i would say that. you know trauma is different across the board where soldiers on the ground they experience trauma like an earthquake or a volcano erupting well we experience trauma as a form of erosion of our self in a very definitive sense and even though it's a it might be a slower process it is very effective in degrading who we feel like we should be the hero of sad that you were on islamic states hit list as well as to hit lists of a right wing group in the united states what makes a drone operator
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a target for extremes at home and abroad. see this is the strange thing is like i was told that i was on the isis hit list by the f.b.i. an off air force office of special investigations and i'm not sure how true that is because i hope that people who see what i'm doing i'm trying to bridge build a bridge between us so that we can come to an end game solution and stop killing one another and this comes from a guy who did it who has who has made very grievous mistakes and i think that the people back home who hate me you know they don't want to see anything other than the fear that they're being told so they're just a bunch of idiots who want to be idiots and even though i'm the guy with the experience and i'm the guy that has done the reflection and i've done the work in order to get this information out there they still think that i'm a traitor well i can also say that the left called me a monster so i'm not getting any praise from any group anywhere except for the
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people who are actually you know doing the reflection in the jobs and trying to come up with a solution for this issue and i think that people who just want to be violent they're just going to want to be violent and they're just stupid you know and it can kill another idiot it takes a better person to stop hurting another person has that's where love and kindness come and that's where all these things are supposed to be utilized is that you give love to someone when they're unlovable you're a kind of someone when they're not kind to you it's easy to be kind and loving to someone who is kind and loving to you but it's really take something special in a lot of effort to give that to people that are not you don't think are worthy of it now the boston marathon bomber. as well as five. attempts at a car bombing in times square back in two thousand and ten justify their criminal actions with civilian casualties from american drone strikes in the middle east.
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the stroke war has produced more terrorists than it has killed actually of course it's produced more terrorists than it has killed like what how how are like the a lot of these cultures over there warrior cultures they feel they face their opponents on the battlefield i i grew up as a wrestler like and i know that in iran at least you know wrestling is a sacred sport it's fact it's the world's oldest sport so there is a sense of honor in accomplishment with being able to face your opponent on the battlefield and even if you're beaten there is still a sense of honor but when we're utilizing a technology that no one can fight back they're going to have to try to find a way to punish us punish us in the sense that they feel is necessary even though they're wrong i don't agree with anything that they're doing and it and but they're responding in a way that they don't feel like they can respond and that's the cycle of violence violence only begets violence you know right now the trial is guided by operators
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and where one of the lobbyist said what could the technology be fully automated i mean do you believe there will be robots that can kill humans. of course when i was in geneva actually. i was the only american that showed up to this conference of where they're determining the laws that they're going to create for autonomy it's warfare and one of the guys that was a proponent of autonomy this warfare says that you know robots can kill people better than people can because there's no emotion and i really thinking as someone who's done it do we really want thoughtless and emotional things that are able to just kill any human being's life indiscriminately and that's a question that is for the people and that is something that we need to be considered because no matter what technology that we use against someone else that technology can always be reversed and used against us and that is the balance of
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things that's the cycle and i understand that you are not against drones as a till but you say that there are you should be transparent how can this be possible when you are a war i mean keeping information classified may mean thousands of lives saved. and that's a that's a that's one of the things that people are confused about where we have this possibility of things but the reality of the situation is that lives are being ended when someone comes to mean be like well think about all the american lives that you say well that's that's that's an invisible number that's imaginary you know if we if people want concrete actual fact i can tell you i have killed thirteen people with missile strikes and there are one thousand six hundred and twenty six unnamed enemies that were killed in all the missions that i completed and i know that i know that for a fact and i know each of these persons was a human being they had a family they had friends they had lives and we ended them the possibilities are
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endless when you come to the reality of things and i'm not going to rely on a possibility when the actual evident truth of these technologies being abused is sitting right in front of our goddamn faces. thanks for this amazing interview. truly amazing and show you i wish you all the best. were talking to brandon bryan to use to fly drones for the u.s. air force discussing their rise and use of drones by the u.s. military and the dangers implications of long distance warfare that's it for this edition of self and costs the next time.
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welcome to worlds apart as a popular american song goes there is no justice in the world and the palestinians may know it better than anyone else expelled from the land bad with empty statehood promises for seventy years and now shot at and killed and massed for the sake of providing security for israel is that likely to prompt any international response beyond this condemnations well to discuss that i'm now joined by say barack the secretary general of the palestine liberation organization mr erekat it's good to talk to you at this critical moment thank you very much for your time and a pleasure now first of all let me express our deep felt condolences just as deeply felt rage a mass killing on the gaza border is there anything at this point that you can do to stop it first of all i appreciate your kindness and. your understanding of the
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situation and your condolences to the palestinian people we have witnessed the. massacre sixty four people were killed. totally and i and in their land none of them across the israel and then there's really army killed sixty four and one dead two thousand five hundred in the west bank and gaza and and the line the line that we hear from israel is that israel defend itself i don't know defend itself against what and against whom. and then the united states nikki haley then best i'm going to say it's really becoming to be the spokesperson of those really government and this american administration has really thrown this region down the bath of extremism violence and counter-violence and bloodshed let's not sort of diminish it only to you the united states is there israel obviously there is also
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an international community and you cannot say that it has entirely turned a blind eye to what has happened and number of countries have recalled their ambassador is the u.n. human rights spokesman called the monday violence appalling a deadly the europeans including the russians expressed condemnation do you think though this reaction is proportionate to what has happened as you pointed out more than sixty people killed on the one day and more than twenty seven hundred injured well first of all we appreciate the support of the international community to support those countries will stood tall and stood trial the to shoulder with the palestinian people in their moment of sadness and darkness it was too tall to condemn the masses are only massacres and war crimes being committed here and that i think the majority of the nations of the earth have expressed their condemnation of such acts then out of the condemnation what do we do about it. what do we do about it since march thirtieth
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to now we have hundred and four palestinian killed mostly women and children five thousand wondered what do we do to morrow israel feels immune and and the end of the day. we have done everything humanly possible as palestinians as leadership here to achieve peace with israel we have organized as a right to exist on the sixty seven lines we have accepted the two state solution we have worked so hard with the quartet americans are european union and united nations to achieve peace but there is really government refused that was to solution refuse the creation of palestinian state continue to build settlements and dictation on the ground and then comes the united states administration to support all the israeli more than steps and to dictate on us that's just throwing. international diplomacy towards chaos lawlessness and enter now mr erekat as i said in my introduction this is a hugely hugely and fair world and this is not the first time that these really
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sarah resorted to such disproportionate and in my view callous violence against your people but let me repeat my question again do you think there is anything that other countries can do. to change that what exactly you would like to see russia the european union china any of your supporters in the arab world to do at this point i would like or the people who stand with international law the countries that stands to defend international like russia china and the european union. organizations like the u.n. and other countries to hold israel accountable they cannot continue business as usual with israel they cannot continue receiving israeli prime ministers and their capitals they cannot continue their trade with israel as long as they do these things. is a must be held accountable if any country on earth does this to its people and to the people to tip to the to their neighbors what would enter national unity do. now
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this government feels immune feels that people one statement condemning saying it's bad and then in this critical time we have an american veto in the general assembly we have solutions that are inevitably mental so if you want me to be very frank i want these nations because if to stand tall and hold the israeli government accountable now we have made it a fair deal for them to national criminal court we want the help of the members of the international court criminal court to open to help us open an official investigation and this war crimes against the israeli prime minister and defense minister and others or officials we have a case now in the human rights council calling for an investigation committee we won the support of the international community to send and compel israel to accept this investigation committee to begin its work that's that's what we need but then of you feels that they can continue building settlements massacring palestinians
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and then it's business as usual and their occupation and their demolition of homes and collective punishment and then and then business as usual if i say there are people who tell me this is not realistic how can we be part of making peace while we treat as well i guess israel has a government that is one partner we don't have a partner in israel for peace anymore this israeli government is there to destroy the two state solution and to destroy hope for peace mr arafat you made it clear in a number of occasions that you don't do not see the united states as an honest or independent peace broker and i think many people at least in moscow would totally agree to that but with the united states absent who can possibly come power and this is i mean this is a painful question but i have to ask you who can possibly compel israel to negotiate in good faith or even sees what doing what it's doing that's that's up to the international community that's up to the moral standards of nations if they
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want this region because who's who. benefiting now from such actions as a united states the united states is not only not a partner they cannot be a partner they are not a broker they have taken the seats of netanya they are dictating the solution they're throwing this region towards lawlessness extremists in this region have been strengthened and bravado demolition by these american israeli citizens and actions before moderates in the arab world people like me have been destroyed so the nations of the world if they can't get through security council if they can get through the international criminal court if they can do anything about their threat that means you're telling the arab people the only way for you is do is while and the only way we're for you is to support extremism and that's what we've been fighting against as arabs because we we want to live and let live we want we want to human rights we want to human rights women's rights democracy the rule of law we want peace but with such actions such fascism such up our side being exercised by
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israel and israel getting away with it i think this is opening the get of in this region speaking about who is benefiting from it i think there is a deliberate effort on the israeli side now to paint all the gas the protesters as hamas which they clearly weren't having said that do you think there's any truth to the argument that hamas may find these demonstrations and the ensuing violence welcome distraction allowing it to refocus you know the growing frustration with that same group in gaza into anger against israel well i don't you know this is this is the israeli argument all the time israel is defending itself how many israelis were on the domain israelis were killed how many israelis were threatened none how mass has nothing to do with this demonstration there are people from all spectrums of the listing and civic society they are your reporters are
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there the. do you see a single palestinian and is the most russians with a gun with open with anything nothing women and children and men and all all from society from all palestinian factions from all parts of the world but then israel's line is that you're on a mass has threatened destruction of israel they're destroying hitting syria they're hitting lebanon they did it killing the palestinians and then they cling. to be the victims and that's the irony that's the irony of fascism we have seen such pretext given by all fascists who want throughout this history israel is killing and destroying a palestinian civilian population under occupation under israeli occupation under international law civilians should be protected and the international community must move in a direction of providing international protection for palestinians mr arafat as he as you mentioned we do have reporters on the ground and most of them are
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a task to the very indeed peaceful nature of this protest they say that given how many people have participated in the demonstrations they were actually surprised how by how placid those demonstrations were on the palestinian side but i also have to know that there have been reports of some young men bringing knives and fans cutters to the demonstrations there were also reports of calls over the loudspeakers to burst through the stands and. i just wonder what do you think would be the proportionate reaction from their israeli side to those kind of actions let's say that people who cross the line ok which by the way there is no line because there's a good lobby fine it's one of those a little bit here but you know there's a fence there and there are israeli soldiers guarding that fence the fence a self-imposed self created israel has not declared its borders yet that's the question but when we saw that if it is coming from the.


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