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you've experienced at least a lot of part of that change how do you find this movement to the services of gibraltar is engaged i think such a resilient place and so like you said going from being when i came here there's still an element of being a garrison town you would see the soldiers sort of walking their military gear and you never see that anymore and it's some he was sort of slowly happened over the years and with that with the economy having been so deeply dependent on the m. eighty things had to change in the financial services sector continues to change it continues to evolve over time and we're heavily heavily based in gaming sector now but it's moving on and on and on the promise of the. pillars of hercules financial services the gaming industry tourism of course the property market how do you see that that you compositional the gibraltar standing up to the test of time they are the four main components that we have here and each one is kind of.
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increasing and it's a way that invested very heavily in the tourism product here particularly with the sky will just open recently we've got some really interesting kind of rope bridge think people to go all in the caves. in there forever and they didn't know how many times you go in there raising the tourist product is wonderful in itself and the government's investing heavily into promoting that but essentially our economy it hangs very heavily on gaming and it was so near the financial services sector because the fragility of gaming exists worldwide people worry about it here and worry about the impact the price it will have so much just say for the sake of argument new regulation introduced. in the u.k. saying all gaming companies have to behave. and leave. the taxation side. show. to be honest i think we're already preparing we're preparing for that at the
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end of the day gaming is heavily influenced by political will and that in itself means it's incredibly vulnerable no matter where it is. motor or whatever so it's heavily influenced by that so we're already preparing for that we're already creating new products and particularly the so d.l.c. space at the forefront of that and i personally have been involved in helping with the branding and marketing for i.c.i. launches and so once they were already. shutting your skin moving on to new new things i think really is the community and the temple to. feel better when you're short of. real estate space to build a five star hotel that will get one. point one in the mag three so it is a sort of innovative approach that is going to start. well i think actually the history of gibraltar speaks for itself i mean it's been it's been under siege to
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protect the u.k. but it's the resilience of the people as well here for three hundred plus years that they think they call about their own destiny and i think that that will continue to be the case. to go to a significant financial center which is of the financial awfully. brought offering up. a unique selling point and a very strong so and. i definitely think that the d l t sector is is one of our strongest products at the moment because we've been forefront in creating the legislation here to broadcasters. which you're able to do what exactly what it means that if somebody wants to to. hear or. they may have it in there in a structure in a framework which invalidates them more than anywhere else in the world and so that has been heavily craft. here by credit the incredible legal teams and there are
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several sort of major legal firms here they're represented all over the world but they work very hard to do that that's part of the resilience i was talking about which i think is an incredible entrepreneurial group and there's an incredible group of entrepreneurial minds here to do because this competence yes the frame up. of legislation. well particularly i think the as well. the financial services structure that we have here has been rigorously tested as well over a long period of time with any kind of of showed your sticks in your under incredible scrutiny so it's really important and if you know. the legal firms the accountancy firms and so on they've worked very hard to ensure that they have a clean product to bring to market and and that's something that i think she was
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quite proud of really one. way of estimating the success of a. regional economy a few years ago was to go up to the tallest building and create. if you did. things with pretty robust is that an accurate description of the real estate side. i would say yes i mean you can you can hear the building were going on you can see the bill building work going on here some of the projects i've been involved with in my work you know over the last. three four years of you know in the in the realms of sort of four hundred fifty million pounds of investment in developments here likely and when you look at that that is testimony to the confidence that the rest of the world hasn't abortionists well and i think that that's i think is well placed i think that people see the reason. it's here and
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they they have confidence that no matter what the money is well spent every now and then you get sort of somebody who says i'm waiting for the bubble to burst but you know i've been hearing that for the past fifteen years and i haven't seen a significant correction in the market characteristics. i think positioning i think the fact that we have such strong links to the u.k. the fact that we have. the same legal system. it's you know for a lot of a lot of people they want to be in an english based environment and they have. i would also say rule to work people with open arms but it's not to say that it's not discerning. to do business here but nonetheless it's a very welcoming framework within which to to set up and there's still so much opportunity yes you've mentioned terrorism and and and property in the financial
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services sector and obviously gaming. but there's still so much more growth to be had and somebody that comes here that has an entrepreneurial spirit i think senses that and feels it and i will say i believe that if you if you have a little bit of talent and you're prepared to work very very hard to see that opportunity but the. politics much power to the present moment things going to move in the right direction i would say that the reason may be a bit of a discrepancy there is is not a lack of will because certainly in my experience i haven't found my gender has placed any. native against in any position but the reality is that maybe there just aren't enough women putting themselves forward prepared to take those risks and maybe dare i say prepared to take certain sacrifices as well that come with.
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being. successful with in business so the opportunities are there if you're a woman you're prepared to take them and put the the same level of work in that you would if you were a man and the opportunities there is certainly i wouldn't say it's discriminatory. too long into the future to see perhaps the first. chief minister well i'm sure that you both will be one of the one of the leaders in that area yes. we are looking to the future with various. which is still the. reaction about the. change would you say you're confident the ability of the rock star deuce precious. is not just a soundbite to say that it's withstood worse in the past it really isn't any house and yeah there may be corrections ahead and so on but i think with the collective of experience the collective of. mention before the entrepreneurial spirit is here
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. and be comfortable environment for business to grow and we just adapt adoption improve. the future back to you and i like simon quick that is. of course. thank you very much thank you so much. if you want to start accommodation in gibraltar you don't find on the land you see least in the harbor i'm not joined by moscow book the general manager of the floating five star accommodation the son bought. a pretty ingenious idea when you're short allowed to put your five star hotel in the harbor exactly well you know in a kind of relatively real estate scarce environment this is a perfect example. you know hotel that serves
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a purpose in an area which actually as you mentioned earlier truly needed it and here we came the son born to came to the rescue now you have a substantial could be other than hospitality of course a range of the great who tales in the world but to just think you'd be floating would you know i didn't you know it was but when i came across it about two years ago i said absolutely i'm going to jump on this literally there's no chance of the sun born of a steaming gibraltar's of the world's more awkward i say this here for a bit it's here yes it's stationary and i have had guests come to me and say that hey mark hey i have a great idea for a week we could do for our guests at five o'clock every day we could go out for a sunset cruise and i said well that would be a really great idea of but what about all of our guests that are going to be coming back to the to their room and what are we going to do with them then so we just decided we're going to keep it here stationary but just as a part of it just out of the agents of the fool what
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a lot of kept it actually can can propel itself and we can turn on the engine and. all of that but honestly it's better to keep it quiet from your experience and the hospitality what is the key attraction of gibraltar for people thinking of coming to visit what would you say was the the the unique selling point well i think that really the unique thing is here is that we are situated between three countries and we have morocco we have spain we have portugal behind us and then we are. there so when we're standing on this peak of this rock and you can see all of these from here and on top of it you think about the history. you know you just met one of our guests who served in the military forty years ago and now returning so there's a great deal of history and. the nature as well and in terms of the future of
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gibraltar the role could you know pinion from fund asians i believe so i truly do i mean business is booming in the last two years that i've been here. you know there's been more and more companies coming to establish themselves. and market is great let's give up thank you so much so my pleasure thank you thank you we'll see you after the break. twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers available to us but there was one more question and by the way he's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to the center of the problem here with you and we'll show you all the great. game you are the rock at the back
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nobody gets past you we need you to get let's go. to a low i was just i want to you know and i'm really happy to join the team for the two thousand and three in the world cup in russia meet this special one i was also cliched needs to just say to the reader the aussie team's latest edition to make up a bigger. look. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies. this is the simple song alone even some company elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us. miss you guys you've got. to go. i've been this is. just because i'm out. of or you know i'm going to lift the. brought up locals are ready to stand up for
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the basic human rights of access to water it's about water but it's also very much more the water it's about the hurt and the redistribution of our west works on the day or day downwards we want to.
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lose. lose. the. welcome back the sovereignty of gibraltar remains a major point of contention and angle spanish relations despite the fact that the majority of gibraltarian separatists with british passports spain refuses to link with a claim over the territory that is it geographical logic to the on this position albeit that gibraltar status race. an international treaty which ended the war of
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spanish succession and seven hundred thirteen however gibraltarians overwhelmingly rejected proposals for spanish sovereignty and the one nine hundred sixty seven referendum and even the idea of shared sovereignty in two thousand and two and then to the gibraltar constitution of two thousand and six the territory not governs its own affairs although some powers such as defense and foreign relations remain the responsibility of the u.k. government former tory party leader michael howard once said britain would be ready to go to war with spain to defend the posts for many of walking memories of the one nine hundred eighty two war with argentina over the falklands but despite all this fighting talk spain continues to nocca to go to store and for the most part gibraltar chooses to ignore its overtures the charity has evolved to the point where it now has a separate legal jurisdiction from the u.k. and also enjoys a different tax system it has become
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a significant offshore financial center attracting various financial institutions with this attractive tax and regulatory regime in many respects some might argue that it has the best of all worlds but can the lucky status be maintained post-breakfast it today supposes economy is part by two dozen gaming financial services and cargo ships refueling alex wanted to find out more about how the territories economy continues to grow at an impressive rate. we commissioned a study of what impact the gibraltar economy had on the spanish economy we commissioned an independent study and it proved that to actually gibraltar economies hugely beneficial to the economy when the with the with the second biggest employer in the in the loop in region we create one in four jobs. and we literally contribute hundreds of millions of pounds a spanish economy kristen highlanders as president of the chamber of commerce you must be studying closely looking for economic impacts but exit on gibraltar yes
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that's right our economic model was based on access to the e.u. we voted overwhelmingly to remain in the e.u. and now we have to see what effect how drags it could have been the gibraltar economy. so it's very much a a watching game yet to too many balls up in the air for us to make an analysis but look at the rock is flushing a little screens all over the place building what's going on there not much sign of uncertainty there that's right but the reality is we haven't had a hard break that scenario that the still in the e.u. is still functioning as we were doing twenty sixteen we're a small number diversified economy so we adapt and we're trying to that. is the key difficulty that gibraltar could have access to this huge labor supply that comes in on a daily basis from spain or tentatively is that the impact of perhaps not having access
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to the single market i think it's more a labor issue on the single market over ninety percent of the business that you're both adults in the u.k. facing we already have a commitment from the u.k. government that we will continue to have unfettered access to the u.k. market for those businesses the problem we have is that we create a lot more employment that we are able to supply locally so i think it's in the region of fifteen thousand people a day. crossing over from spain to work in your office and i guess you wouldn't say that passionately but your predecessors in the chamber of commerce and franco close the borders all these years ago they must have seen a huge impact even at that correct and in one nine hundred sixty nine the border closed almost overnight thousands of banished workers were prevented to come from coming to the rock to work and the time we had to be. inventive we had to look think outside the box and at the time we looked to morocco to improve that labor and in fact
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a lot of those americans that came to euro to work in our members of the community and have been here for fifty years they must of course allies your closest neighbors in spain the workers who come across every day they want want to see a situation where where their government is is attempting to restrict travel that's absolutely correct. i cross the border and they're in the come play which is the media at the center of your broker there is a lot of corporation we think is one we have a fact machain was one of the founding members all across fronted group which is a proto spanish group comprised of trade unions and business organizations we speak with one voice and that voice pretty much says we want from to fluidity we want to move post-breakfast transition. and i tell local level we haven't really got any problems with the spanish neighbors so crystal as you can surprised by some of the political debate this taking place in the u.k. which seems to be focused on the customs union as opposed to the primacy of access
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to european economic elements of both the snow and the customs union the year savage's is a prosperous free access to the european marketplace that's right we've built a very successful economic model on the basis that we provide services to europe we are outside the customs union and we've always been outside the customs union because that is the model that suited your growth so when the u.k. became a member of the european community back then. so we've always been outside the v.a. free zone but we've always been able to provide services and to europe and that is a model that works very well for us would you say there might be a lesson here for the politicians in london looking for a solution to this breaks at the level of the perhaps the actual ability brought us position as opposed to trying to change growth or as a structures oh absolutely absolutely i have. most of my clients come out of the u.k. they come out of the city of london mainly and when i talk to my colleagues there
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they are of the same view about their main priority for their freedom to provide services and not so much freedom of movement of goods they would be quite happy to stay out of the customs union so crystal from the chamber of commerce point of view if you could have a message to these or me the the prime minister paul would it be from a broader perspective two things. the first most important thing is that we want to have the same deal that the u.k. negotiates for itself we don't want to be. extricated from or for many deals because of spanish political pressure so that's actually absolutely crucial for us and the second point is that we would want to be able to continue providing services into europe kristen hondas and i can we have a war and make sure you listen to in london and what i can give you and i like some and sure quick and you know the drill some of your are very competitively priced in the past when you're close friends and thank you so much thank you very much for them to be in a pleasure thank you. very things i just brought up being such
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a confined space and you never know who you're going to bump and and today i bumped into george donald from from glasgow felix celebrate his forty six wedding anniversary by someone who was stationed here back in the seventy's charged welcome alex salmond's you thank you tell us about yourself in the air there in the seventy's with iraq i was possible here in august one thousand nine hundred eighty as a flag your first and then develop what can i actually rescue. launches into a brawl. it was i'll be honest when i arrived i was disappointed because the first thing i know if this was it was what these red bull and i wanted to be overseas and this seemed like britain in the song and you wonder what we have yes i mean yes but a different have the top you know than the like so so you know all that said then it was logically a military base thought to me that the basketball to the edge of both the spending world was based on the ministry to fancy a force yes it's quite definite one of the biggest change you've noticed is the
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building that's going on in the reclaimed land where i was actually walked in it's now a coffee. used to be water. i was on the camp this morning which is no gibraltar very few air force very few navy and i don't know if there's an army regiment of advantage of role in that because we used to be a fool i mean regiment and that was an awful almost a god is not enough boasting and overlays of radiation off the top posting elsewhere like throughout time the ascent of the affluent mcduff and you're going to have you want. nothing i've ever seen have for the job for them as well because they didn't know a lot of the gotten from the navy and stuff like a lot of saddam or any old bean. and i think what kind of when that within a sweat it all out that that was a something so having come back after forty five years yes you got to come back
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again very much for i mean i know it's changed i know it's high high rise but when you get into the center of gibraltar it's just the house is exactly the same as it was in the seventy's and the seventy's it's just exactly the same as it was going to send them money from we buy it then it's actually work a number income and the people i mean that people are more british than britain and i think that could lend a lot but nationalism from the right yes i do think a lot of people say that was for. let me close to you what he had just. bought yet the part that was had just recently closed to use is come out and they can increase their numbers and we would open. very much they were going to print and they didn't always be british before. thank you for the interview thank you. serious with gibraltar the territory of which two years ago seemed.
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confident about the future this new economy afloat all based on financial services on to those among the gaming industry it may not be as stable as the the pillars of hercules but if one of these a this was to good don't all get into trouble then the . gibraltarians would find another in half and a price to move into one thing's for sure and these uncertain times the rock is standing tall i'm strong. so for those made up a cell phone everyone. else could buy.
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this stuff for some play the sad part of phased in after life getting taliban was that. the meat of afghanistan always do you guard their wifes their sisters as a. kind of human being i mean that's historically like that but unfortunately due to the title but not only that you know physically of other structures were kind of broken but most associated social values were damaged not only this one and conflict i turned it down based on our structures that structures but it unfortunately damaged our values to. do good is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county for you to state this you look at some of the before now and. mark was
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the day that when he was fighting that alliance do going to spin the sheriff's most contentious critics say he is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in fleece work pretty much one of the first part of the corruption in palm beach county it's not something that you can smell a thing like that it's a nod and a wink wasn't what i wanted to do. you have more shootings in. tell me then some states have had a collective thing to go and went to this website began featuring comments about god his family and the sheriff's wife then. squash you like a bug you know we should stop clinicians there and a lot of the stuff i believe what i'm doing also it's ok you know if you're if you're alluding. p.b.s. a critic in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political slime. men they
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know bad wolf. all the security back and asms and agencies and the ease saying we don't want to be part of britain anymore you got caught helping stopping out aviation companies we mentioned bank stopping out everyone wants to get out because if you don't have the supernatural all the institutions that cover the healing will be part of that and you saw to be a separate go it alone island under a large rain cloud swimming in marmite washing some old hag a crown. in france germany and italy and the rest are saying no we don't want to be a part of. the game it's natural camera. roughly once the show some new play you for the. future uncool videos during the world cup and someone with the broccoli string out
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. going down more on string i don't really don't t.v. . trucks to sort of controversial four day visit to the u.k. today with large protests expected in central london because of it. more news programs being funded and promoted by facebook as it tries to battle fake views but it's raise questions of the censorship and it will come. for the trophy. in extra.


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