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tv   News  RT  July 12, 2018 11:00am-11:31am EDT

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from. him believe. top stories this hour donald trump arrives in the u.k. for his first visit as u.s. president mass protests are planned in cities across the country with many brits saying they reject the values he represents. i don't want to be with. them i don't have any time respect for them this is a disgrace to america. i would go to meet the russian president next week he pointed out to his nato allies a few hours ago that he. has a competitor not an enemy. he's representing russia i'm representing the united states so in a sense we're competitors not a question of friend or enemy he's not my enemy. other stories were across the sour face book labels thousands of russian news is having an interest in treason leading
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to heightened fears over the dangers posed by data driven profiling. hello from in the news team at r.t. h.q. this thursday july the twelfth six pm here in moscow four pm in the u.k. which is braced for a whirlwind of protest as donald trump arrives in britain for his first visit as the u.s. leader now although get the red carpet treatment from dignitaries and leaders mass public rallies are expected nationwide here's what to expect over the coming days then trouble take in some scenery and culture its first stop is the grandpa palace the birthplace of second world war prime minister winston churchill nonetheless there the u.s. leader will have dinner with the prime minister to reason may before spending the night at the u.s. ambassador's residence see that winfield house then it's all down to business on friday at the prime minister's country residence at checkers in buckinghamshire for talks with the new foreign secretary jeremy hunt has only been in the job for
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a couple of days after that the u.s. president and first lady will head to windsor castle then they will meet the queen finally to round it all. their flight to scotland to spend the weekend at trump's golf reporter now central london perhaps should be avoided during this trip because some fifty thousand people are expected to stage protests but to ensure the president's security in britain there is a massive security operation in place he's going to be accompanied by a thousand of his own staff as well as multiple helicopters and a pair of limos called of the beast it doesn't come cheap either the total cost of this trip is estimated to be thirty million pounds reporting from london is under siege. this is trump's first visit to the u.k. as u.s. president and for starters it's being not being dropped branded as a state visit but rather an official working visit which might not seem like a big deal but in fact it is because it takes down the level of pompousness usually associated with such affairs and of course his arrival here has seen quite a bit of controversy already with not just people protesting his visit but even
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m.p.'s at some point debating whether or not to allow him to visit following an online petition signed by the general public nevertheless this does not seem to faze donald trump protests there might be protests but i believe that the people in the u.k. scotland ireland as you know have property in ireland and property all over i think that those people. they like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration well donald trump will be wined and dined by to resubmit her ministers he will meet the queen here and visit scotland and among the topics that are expected to be discussed during those meetings are russia bragg's a trade and the middle east and of course we have to keep in mind that this visit comes from quite a tumultuous time for theresa may herself given the chaos we have been seeing unraveling throughout this week inside her cabinet when it comes to bret's it and of course we have to mention that perhaps not coincidentally throughout this trip
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donald trump schedule seems to be avoiding central london and part of that reason despite some u.s. officials saying those things are not connected are the big crowds of protesters that are in fact expected to be coming out into the streets to say no to donald trump being in the u.k. and of course we also know that activists have had crowd funding campaign where they've gathered tens of thousands of pounds in cash to be able to put together a gigantic baby balloon depicting donald trump to fly over the heart of central london for a couple of hours during his visit and of course with the resistance his visit is being met in london. quite a few power people here are not happy about that i don't want to me you're. not welcome i don't have any time no respect for him. why you coming come he can come i'm just not interested what he has to say is i don't think he's a popular guy over here but. if you can't come. home like you've still why not. he's got money.
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so do you think the u.k. is not really excited to have him here anyway to get this he's president elected president of the united states so i think. on the level of diplomacy due respect is given to each head of state donald trump are you excited you know why don't you see a disgrace to america donald trump visiting the u.k. what do you think of it are you looking forward to it you know but i would like to see him see the giant baby you know. like you know. what do you think about donald trump visiting are you excited not really don't really like him what do you think about this crowd funded giant balloon that looks like a baby trump floating over london do you think it's a good idea or. do you think it's a good idea i think he personally deserves the crying baby in the people.
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we have to remember that we don't want to pull over the well there you have it not a lot of people it seems that we've spoken to were quite excited to be seeing trump here but nonetheless the relationship between you can the u.s. is of course traditionally been branded as special so we'll be watching here throughout these four days exactly if anything special comes out of this particular trip and of course we'll also be watching the protests that will be taking place now president trump earlier left the nato summit in brussels where he renewed calls for far more military spending by member states he also stressed that. it's not an enemy but a competitor at a surprise news conference as he wrapped up his visit that. i hope we get along well i think we get along well but ultimately he's a competitor he's representing russia i'm representing the united states so in a sense we're competitors not a question of friend or enemy he's not my enemy and hopefully some day maybe he'll
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be a friend it could happen but i don't i just don't know him very well i've been a couple of times all europe correspondent peter all of a has more on one of the most intense nato summit in recent history. donald trump ran out onto the field determined to try and provoke a fight from with somebody angela merkel was his first point of call but he didn't get a rise out of chancellor merkel until well he brought up energy and started suggesting that because germany took in his words sixty to seventy percent of their energy from russia there it's well germany was a captive of the russian state germany is a captive for those they supply they get rid of the car to get rid of it. they get it so much of the world and yes for russia i think it's something that they are still ok i think it's very appropriate they paid billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia this is all got to do with the nord stream to pipeline which donald trump has in the past opposed because he wants to
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see germany and other european countries import much more expensive liquid natural gas from the united states is bought in well you can never expect what's going to come from this u.s. president on thursday when he gave this news conference he seemed to have changed his choosing a little bit about nordstrom it was me but he could have a good relationship with russia so they'll be a lot less problem with the pipeline but to me there was a very major point of contention we discussed it at length today germany has agreed to do a lot better than they were doing and we're very happy with it we had a very good relationship with uncle americal he's left this nato summit now he's off to the united kingdom where he has a state visit to go to before that meeting with their the russian president but what will be interesting to see considering donald trump spent most of this press conference saying how it was on him why he'd been able to agree get to the other nato member state leaders to agree to pay more money into the alliance we're going
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to be looking forward to listening to what the other world leaders have to say and other nato alliance leaders have to say. it's been revealed that facebook is labeled sixty five thousand russian members as having an interest in treason and feed the creating profiles for people could leave them vulnerable to a range of threats both on and offline. now explains. facebook really outdid itself on this one here's how it went certain facebook users russians in this case were internally so they didn't know labeled as interested in treason so those perhaps with the anti government view against russia all russians facebook only stopped when they got caught treason was included as a category given its historical significance given it is an illegal activity we have removed it as an interest category now here's the juice of it who do you think would be interested in this data clue that the thais as watchmakers now
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propagandists those interested in riling these people up targeting bombarding them with anti russian propaganda masquerading as ads encouraging them to commit treason a perfect tool to meddle in russia's politics facebook remove the treason category due to criticism but there are plenty more that it's keeping thirty advertisers of course. but the gambling offers no similar protections for information about those categories that it has inferred for instance that or use them i'd be interested. or interested in islam that information facebook isn't removing how would you feel if for example you were marked as interested in homosexuality in saudi arabia where homosexuals are executed how do you feel if you are marked as interested in islam
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in myanmar where muslims are exterminated and facebook may well have been marking potential traitors in other countries much less respectful of human rights in which these people might disappear we've tried to contact them for the comment but no response so far and at this stage it's safe to say that facebook has been literally endangering people's lives. when time obey prisoners could be kept locked up without charge indefinitely according to a u.s. justice department official a comment came during a rare legal case in which eleven inmates in the u.s. detention center in cuba had their appeals for trial release by a court in washington the officials said they could be held for as long as the war on terror continues i think the government didn't help its case by saying that you know essentially you know this is this war might be like one hundred years war in england and potentially we could end up detaining people for several generations as
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long as hostilities were ongoing and in the war on terror the men have been held at the notorious military prison some for as long as fifteen years without ever being charged with a crime and the lawyers are demanding that the inmates are either tried or released the eleven men themselves weren't allowed to listen in to the court arguments because the authorities said there wasn't a room big enough to shackle them all together now lawyers and human rights groups have describe the conditions of imprisonment. as unconstitutional and against international law now among the group appealing for release in. is tell feek. now he's a yemeni citizen he's been detained in guantanamo bay since two thousand and three on suspicion of being a member of al qaeda he's never been charged in fact he was previously cleared by the us authorities and granted release papers on three occasions but each time it was cancelled at the last minute here's how another detainee in a similar position commented on their situation i still have faith even after all this time they did judge will see through this stupidity the better solution would
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be deceived the american taxpayer the eleven million per year to keep me here and maybe nobody but i am a very expensive nobody on the quantum obey detention camp was opened in two thousand and two by president george w. bush since then seven hundred eighty prisoners have been held there as part of america's fight against terrorism human rights groups have decried the treatment of inmates after reports of abuse and torture surfaced and despite efforts from the previous administration to try to shut it down donald trump signed an executive order to keep the camp open indefinitely forty people are still incarcerated there are former guantanamo prisoners describe the torment he suffered. torture false imprisonment cruel inhuman degrading treatment is something that myself and many others endured but i think the cruelest and most torturous treatment has being that you are detained without charge or trial by a country that claims to be the bastion of freedom and human rights and democracy we already look at looking tortured on mass the americans
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a little bit during the. torture but what's happening now is that one tunnel is as american as american pie and i think most people recognize this whether it's bush or. donald trump all have a lot of want tunnel to exist and continue under the presidency thousands of people might have been wrongly accused of cheating during mandatory english exams for foreigners in the u.k. we'll have the details on that for you in just a couple of minutes. it's. a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers
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of alternative but there was one more question and by the way i was going to be your coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star and the huge amount of pressure you have to go to the center of the beach with all. the great. you are the rock at the back nobody gets past you we need you to get left go. alone. and i'm really happy to join the. meet the special one was also appreciated meets the review. the latest edition as we go. back a migrant support group has launched a campaign to help tens of thousands of students reset
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a mandatory english language exam for foreigners who want to study in the u.k. it claims that many have been wrongly accused of cheating an investigation by the b.b.c.'s panorama program and twenty fourteen exposed an immigration fraud linked to the test which is a requirement for these are applications now the time more than thirty thousand test results were declared invalid and the students accused of cheating by twenty six days in the home office had revoked the visas of nearly thirty six thousand pupils who sat that test many of them say it's ruined their lives. i had the issue steal i'm not or anywhere because i'm not allowed to this is like this is just troy and my life and my golden age five years i mean it's not my work he has been waiting five years i couldn't minister was the time we thought i lost my family members almost three members like mr ball and see them a few that are going to do anything this is like i'm in prison there is no freedom
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or fly i can go even court i can go back home i can go what i can go to see my parents i can spend time with my wife so what's the situation right now what should i do the home office reiterated an earlier response to the cheating scandal saying it was measured and proportionate but a lawyer representing the students says there's no effective legal recourse for them says an accusation of fraud over the fact be a criminal offense but they are given no opportunity to be able to review the evidence upon which that accusation has been made and often evidence is very suspect and very unreliable from my own experience i've seen a number of cases and perhaps the most serious part is that individuals don't have any ability to be able to appeal that decision through an effective me. ok on to the world cup then i'm croatia have made it to sunday's final after
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beating england two one and a nail biting match the needed extra time to separate the two teams i was the first time the croatia have ever made it to the last stage of a world cup an impressive feat for a small european country with a population of just over four million people are going to be up against a firm favorites france though in sunday's final in moscow one coach who's had great success in finals over the years to say marino has given us his thoughts on last night's game. no i think it is a moment from those they are having a nice drink in in their rooms or in the bar not celebrating their victory but celebrating the extra time. and celebrating twenty four hours more than them to rest which i sing is very very unfair. i know. the broadcasters are the ones that that put the millions on the on the table but i think for a world cup final icing both teams should play the semifinal in the same day bring
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these these england game one hour or two hours early bring the france against belgium two hours later it happened during the competition even three matches in one day so why not two matches in one day and give both teams and all the players the same possibilities france is not celebrating at all. the world cup victory but they can celebrate twenty four hours more to rest these moment after six matches is very very important and they can also serve brits three minutes or so to minutes extra which for them. extra times extra times ninety minutes ninety minutes these one more match. we see in the world cup at the russian world cup it's being quite an amazing world cup on so many levels has it
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given you a taste for something towards international management at some point have you thought to have to do i want i always wanted i always wanted i always told that i have to do it once but especially being in russia and feeling the emotions around it i want to do it and also by my experience point of view this kind of short competition i never did it was always about competitions of of eleven months i was always about marathons i was never a sprinter and so i want to have that feeling i lived a knockout. i love the knockout i love i love the fact of you when you go through you lose you go home i always loved. competitions but. this kind of short competition like like the utils like the. sink use an
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experience that i want to have to play one match per month during two years. this is not for me at least now but one day we will be because i really want to i want to do a world cup before we get to the final of course of third place will be decided on saturday that playoff will see england take on belgium in some petersburg they made earlier of course in the tournament when belgium defeated england one nil in the group phase. just before we finish this our fans from around the globe have been through the mill experiencing all the highs and lows of the world cup has had to offer over the past month current world cup champions germany were sent packing in the group stage suffering stinging to no defeat of the hands of south korea so we're going to leave you with some german fans determined to stick it out and enjoy the rest of the tournament regardless.
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join me every thursday on the alex simon short and i'll be speaking to guest in the world of politics school this list i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. i. don't. think.
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a spontaneous emergent trans global track of water it meets politicians which goes in the opposite direction taking water back into public happens only until a few years ago the problem. it was the only game in town. interest given must be said to me and he said he said a lot when he said a couple buddies you know he did it by users it's fun for fun that everybody. in the face of this world but if i didn't. get a thank you to the middle of. the set of making people base but if i needed to beasts what is falafel smetters dog it's becoming more and more. people who highly profitable to train those people who see everything as something to nest and they
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want. they want our. water is the driving force of life. a scarce natural resource to which one out of ten people on us have no access. to the skills so it becomes management of it that is who provides water to big cities becomes more significant.
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for more than half a century this was a domain of private water companies however since two thousand things have begun to change. ninety four cases of this awful fronts. i think that this is quite important as a trend especially because france is the country that has invented with the privatization as we know it today the country that those who are proud has a should best want to watch. and be a yeah look at all of this on the recent complier vote be a premier seated the public should this commission which. he set up your committee saw him enough not at all and you need companies in your old diesel whiskey to notice it goodall upon you can stand mistress you it's just getting here enough to bonk you don't. know when if i don't as you know where i'm only. decision as a decision each year and they're easy. shruti haasan
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live are you separate a party or. the successes to that era are today's french multinational companies veolia and suez two of the world's largest private water corporations just you see. this to see. me to. be stoic and say in. boston is. look for more lessons since. this was all cindy looked more. developed morsels or.
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