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trump arrives in the u.k. for his first visit u.s. president triggering protests in the capital these are live pictures right now in london of donald trump. greeted by prime minister trees and made her husband. protests there there might be protests but i believe that the people in the u.k. scotland ireland as you know have property and. property. i think that those people . like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration. trip comes. to the nato summit in brussels where he pointed to his. use of loving your putin as
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a competitor not an enemy. also ahead in the program vis our. interest in treason leading to fears over the dangers posed by data driven profiling. ten pm this thursday night here in moscow july twelfth my name's you know neil welcome to the program our top story the u.k. is braced for a world wind of protest donald trump arrives in britain for his first visit us leader although he is presently getting the red carpet treatment from dignitaries leaders mass public rallies are expected nationwide now over the next number of days trump will take in some scenery. and culture his first step here pollitz the
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birthplace of second world war prime minister winston churchill there the us leader is having a dinner with prime minister trees and maybe for spending the night the u s. london residency winfield high so it's all down to business then on friday at the p.m.'s country residence checkers for talks with the new foreign secretary jeremy hunt after about the us president the first lady will visit windsor castle to meet the queen finally they are expected to fly to scotland to spend the weekend at trump's term golf resort well central london should perhaps be avoided during this trip as fifty thousand people are expected to stage trump protests but to ensure the president's security in britain a massive security operation is in place he will be accompanied by one thousand of his own staff as well as multiple helicopters and two limos nicknamed the beast
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some reports put the total shared costs of the trip up that figure thirty million pints reporting from london this hour on this to see if. the general mood here is that these people don't want donald trump to be visiting the u.k. at all in fact just earlier we saw this protest his helicopter was landing just behind us and things god's extremely loud here these people are forced just part of the pond protests that will be taking place in the u.k. for outside the next couple of days with massive protests expected to take place on friday and indeed this is donald trump the first official visit to the m.k. as he was president it's been granted really has an official working visit as opposed to the state to just take down the level of pomp that would otherwise be associated with a state leader coming to the u.k. and of course it was done well before he even arrived here the controversy
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surrounding his visit has been taking place with people protesting that he come here at all with even the m.p.'s discussing in parliament whether or not he should be allowed to do that following a petition online of people saying they don't want him here in france is getting even noisier here now as far as we understand the tribes helicopters expected to take off again pursuit of going to take him to this evening and gauge moves with theresa may so because a lot of the africans with this visit have been taken to donald trump stay away from all of the people expected to protest we can see this area behind me is actually the u.s. ambassador's residence to the u.k. and this is the place where donald trump will be spending just one night in central london four so for many of these protests this is pretty much as close as they're going to be able to get to the u.s. president but of course none of this seems to be facing donald trump who believes he's very much liked in this country protests there there might be protests but i
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believe that the people in the u.k. scotland ireland as you know have property and island property all over i think that those people there. i like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration well of course our we decided to ask this question to the protesters here and see how much they actually like donald trump i don't know anybody that likes and i don't know anybody that wants him to come here we don't want him. to think he's going to hear this message of people protesting that's not the point probably not although you never know but we have to protest anyway we can't do nothing this man is evil is law about five people in a row in a tory government the rest of the country got a body you get a funny person stand up for him. well we have probably right is going to spank free . from the majority the country don't like him that's why people come out and i think donald trump said he thinks he's liked in the u.k. do you think that's true absolutely not. absolutely not look at the people. in the
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balloon the bigger the model. is not extremely loud he has. to come. but simply because he needs to discuss the most things of this visit the first shot hit him just to shoot the phrase and what's it as well because russia telling them it's leaving right and of course it's really loud here. seems like it's not so much . but this is just mind boggling. that it's going to be. we're not saying this is only to get. out or. wanting to organizers will be making it out. of central london on friday to say no to this is it which is going to be a lasting for the next three days so the mood here are outweighing obviously against time being am i likely to see this continue in the next days to come.
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but still of a little bit deeper into this or working a visit by the american president to bring in my karami coeditor of b s news michael was a pleasure first of all what do you expect to come out of this visit to the u k. well it's like the matthew when they send ram their god to run the protective racket he's turned up at night so when they demanded a bit more money from all the the night he's nato allies especially in europe certainly germany has been put under pressure to contribute a bit more than i think is one point two percent of their g.d.p. they spent on different funding so that's the main purpose of the visit i think he might be willing to iron out some kind of trade deal which would be more beneficial to the us than the u.k. because we are you know in between breaks and a hard place. i think that's probably i think it's a bit of a vanity exercise to be honest i think the best thing that might happen over dinner
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with the reason why is the discussion over russian president vladimir putin and whether the two presidents are going to actually get together at some point and what will be on the table and what won't be on the table that might be an interesting discussion and interest be a fly on the wall for the how to reason may except that kind of argument in terms of rather than just blanken them like the u.k. government has done in the past few months actually open up a dialogue with russia so that's promising i guess but nothing much much else is i don't think that dinner just by to occur a military parade going on a plane and palace right now in my care as they go in for dinner with the prime minister and we've seen protests in london some more are expected in the coming days it's a four day trip why so much resistance from the british public. it's hard to understand the media's he's obviously a hated despised figure in many many groups and the. muslim community is.
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the people that support the people of syria in the fight against terrorism. he oversees despised bob many different groups but their actual protests itself is really good it is a lot of different blogs as a women's blog this. blog they we're going to get together in the next few days and maybe form different allegiances and actually just meet each other which would be great i don't think it would do anything i think he'll probably he's quite one of these people that actually find it quite. he'll be he'll be quite impressed such a big turnout which is a protester and so he'll he'll be flattered by and madge and. i don't know what people expect to happen other than anything he's going to change in terms of the terms policies and i certainly don't think his. that a phobia. of others will be changed at all i mean that's that's one of the things he finds difficult to master i think unlike previous presidents but in terms of his
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foreign policy of course that hasn't changed one iota in the last fifty years just not just on. just on not because treason maze under so much pressure at the moment or brags it among other things could donald trump used it to his advantage really in relations with the u.k. because jeremy hunt the foreign secretary what he's been in office for less than four days would he have had enough time to prepare for the talks because trade deals between the two it's going to be as huge issue. as i said i think there will be some discussions on trade deals but he has the upper hand because effectively the u.k. is in a desperate situation nuff to what's been a couple of years of referendum where we haven't really done anything in terms of trade so he's definitely sees us as a disadvantage partner at the moment and i think he's going to press home that advantage obviously what he's doing in terms of trade he's he's put up tensions barriers all over the place and while america calls itself the home of free market
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. that potentially barrier is probably something that trees amaze he's going to try and circumvent somehow so there will be some kind of trade deal between the u.k. and u.s. and it's but i doubt it'll be on the best reason i could possibly expect so the two or three years ago terms of everyone else in foreign policy of the us or the hope in hell of changing anything even if she wanted to she said dull shuns had a hard stance on europe since he's come into office do you think there is room though for maneuver for a compromise when it comes to new k he's talked about that special relationship his mother was born in the u.k. in scotland he sees it as a special relationship or at least he did any room for compromise with trump do you think. to be honest i doubt there are i mean the u.k. plays ball in terms of nato funding but i think i'm not sure what trump thinks about military unification which is proceeding ahead despite breaks in the goal
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sheets and so. we're going to end up with knights and the military. so we're kind of losing our sovereignty whatever way you look at it and he won't care about that one oils i think as long as he's got some alloys for when he wages his next war that's only be interested in. my grad a coeditor of b s news live on the program this hour thank you. the president from earlier left the nato summit in brussels where he renewed calls for far more military spending by member states he also stressed out a surprise news conference that love him or putin is not an enemy rather a competitor i hope we get along well i think we get along well but ultimately he's a competitor he's representing russia i'm representing the united states so in a sense we're competitors not a question of friend or enemy he's not my enemy and hopefully some day maybe he'll
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be a friend it could happen but i don't i just don't know him very well i've been to a couple of times yeah our europe correspondent peter over has more now on one of the most intense nato summit that i can remember at least in recent history let's take a look at his report. donald trump ran out onto the field determined to try and provoke a fight from with somebody angela merkel was his first point of call but he didn't get a rise out of chancellor merkel until well he brought up energy and started suggesting that because germany took in his words sixty to seventy percent of their energy from russia that swelled germany was a captive of the russian state germany is a captive version because they supply they get rid of the car to get rid of it. they get it so much of the us for russia i think is something that has to look at it is very inappropriate they pay billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia this is all got to do with the nord stream to pipeline
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which donald trump has in the past opposed because he wants to see germany and other european countries import much more expensive liquid natural gas from the united states is put in the well you can never expect what's going to come from this u.s. president on thursday when he gave this news conference he seemed to have changed his tune a little bit about north stream everybody's going to have a good relationship with russia so they'll be a lot less problem with the pipeline but to me that was a very major point of contention we discussed it at length today germany has agreed to do a lot better than they were doing and were very happy with that we had a very good relationship with uncle america while the u.s. president seemed to be claiming to a fixed nato and a speech that really seemed far more directed towards his base his home than say any of the leaders who had been meeting with what we heard from the nato secretary general again stoltenberg was
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a little bit more measured i think that the fact that we had this open discussion has all song. clearly state that the two will redouble our efforts. it also shows the clear message from president. it's having an impact while the happy faces if you will win on from all sides at the end of the summit doesn't gloss over the fact that this was at times a bruising and at other times hardly diplomatic meeting one in which those who had wondered what america first may mean only seem to a found out it means they come second it was very similar to a lot of donald trump's visits abroad that he might be in another country he might be outside the united states but his messaging in his aim is to please his base back in the united states that's really the only audience he plays to or has in the
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back of his mind and so you know he sees trying to ruffle feathers and really show that america is on a on a new course new more isolationist course more in a sense withdrawing from many things that america had been at the forefront of leading and then sitting on easily against european partners who have come to rely on american leadership at the center but are now seeing it trying to in a sense run away leaving a large vacuum both in terms of leadership and perhaps in terms of cash. as these events tend to have the summit did have a chair of more light hearted moments to hear some. oh absolutely and germany will have seventy percent of the country. trolled by
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russia with that she will get so you tell me is that appropriate i could go play about this. job for you that's right i think you are a bit later. that is if you really did you commit yourself to be. this yes' for you to produce for the differences but for. the people to give you for your i agree that.
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those on ships can be or kurd county moving on now it has been revealed that facebook label sixty five russian members as having an interest in treason it's feared that creating profiles for people could leave them vulnerable to a range of threats but all non offline not just the if explains. facebook really outdid itself on this one here's how it went certain facebook users russians in this case were internally so they didn't know labeled as interested in treason so those perhaps with anti government views against russia all russians facebook only stopped when they got caught treason was included as a category given its historical significance given it is an illegal activity we
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have removed it as an interest category now here's the juice of it who do you think would be interested in this data clue that the thais as watchmakers now don't and that propagandists those interested in riling these people up there are getting bombarding them with anti russian propaganda masquerading as ads encouraging them to commit treason a perfect tool to meddle in russia's politics facebook remove the treason category due to criticism but there are plenty more that it's keeping thirty advertisers of course. but the gambling offers no similar protections for information about those categories that it has inferred for instance that or use them i'd be interested in homosexuality or interested in is that information facebook isn't removing how
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would you feel of for example you were mugged as interested in homosexuality in saudi arabia where homosexuals are executed how do you feel if you are marked as interested in islam and myanmar where muslims are exterminated and facebook may well have been marking potential traders in other countries much less respectful of human rights in which these people might disappear we've tried to contact them for the comment but no response so far and at this stage it's safe to say that fish book has been literally in being drained people's lives this feels like western stirring western interference in the democratic process within russia because they're trying to create tension or suspicion or paranoia amongst the people who might have taken an interest in some historical case of treason or whatever it is we've seen the same thing happen across the west as well over the last few years
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where we know that facebook also profiles for what is called dissidents or subversive in western countries and of course this can all be sold on to companies such as cambridge analytic or the big scandal in the u.k. the last few months but it's certainly dangerous for our democracies to i've been saying for at least a tech case that facebook is effectively the sort of fantasy system that if the spies could have developed it they would have developed it and the fact that facebook has been colluding with the west inspired global surveillance plane not going as we know from the whistleblowing of edward snowden and one of his earliest disclosures was the prism program it is a meshing between the core person the state's avail and this incredibly close now across the west so all i can say to. welcome to. guantanamo bay prisoners could be kept locked up without charge in definitely according to a u.s. justice department official comment came during a rare legal case in which eleven inmates in the u.s.
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detention center in cuba have their appeals for trial or release heard by a court in washington the official said they could be held for as long as the war on terror continues think the government didn't help its case by saying that you know essentially. you know this is this war might be like one hundred years war in england and potentially we could end up detaining people for several generations as long as hostilities were ongoing and in the war on terror let's take a look at some of the details the men have been held for notorious military prison some for as long as fifteen years without ever being charged with a crime their lawyers are demanding mean mit's be either tried or released the eleven men were not allowed to listen into the court arguments because authorities said there wasn't a room big enough to shut them all in together well lawyers and human rights groups have described the conditions of their imprisonment at the guantanamo bay constitutional and against international law among the group appealing for release
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is tell freak. he is a yemeni citizen he's been detained in guantanamo bay since two thousand and three on suspicion of having been a member of al qaeda he's never been charged in fact he was previously cleared by u.s. authorities and granted release papers on three occasions each time though it was counsel of the last minute here's what another detainee had to say about their situation. i still have faith even after all this time they did judge will see through this stupidity the better solution would be deceived the american taxpayer the eleven million. to keep me here and maybe nobody but. very expensive nobody the guantanamo bay detention camp was opened in two thousand and two by president george w. bush since then seven hundred eighty prisoners have been held as part of america's fight against terrorism human rights groups have decried the treatment of inmates
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after reports of abuse and torture surface the spied efforts from the previous administration to shut it down donald trump signed an executive order to keep the camp open indefinitely forty people we know are still incarcerated there here's how another former guantanamo prisoners described the torment he suffered. torture false imprisonment. human degrading treatment something that myself and many others endured but i think the cruelest and most torturous treatment has being detained without charge or trial by a country that claims to be the bastion of freedom and human rights and democracy we already know people have been tortured on mass the americans a little bit you in the. torture but what's happening now is that one tunnel is as american high and i think most people recognize this whether it's bush or by. donald trump all have allowed one tunnel to exist and continue under the presidency
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. time for football use creation are gearing up for their first ever world cup final appearance after beating him into one in extra time in wins the semifinal it is an impressive feat for a small european country with a population of just over four million people a tough task ahead though they're up against favorites fronts in sunday's side or here in moscow and one coach who's had plenty of success in finals over the years jill simonian you gave us his predictions for the game. no i think it is a moment friends having a nice drink in in their rooms or in the bar not celebrating their victory but celebrating that extra time and celebrating twenty four hours
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more than them to rest we seeing is very very unfair. i know. the broadcasters are the ones that put the millions on the on the table but i think for a world cup final icing both teams should play the semifinal in the same the bring the these in win game one hour or two hours early bring the friends against belgium two hours later it happened during the competition even three matches in one day so why not two matches in one day and give both teams and all the players the same possibilities france is not celebrating at all. the world cup victory but they can celebrate twenty four hours more to rest in these moment after six matches is very very important and they can also serve brits three minutes or
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so to minutes extra which for them. extra times extra times ninety minutes ninety minutes these one more match before sunday's showpiece of fent england will play belgium in the third place play off in sin petersburg on sunday they met earlier in the tournament belgium saying offering it one nil in the group stages both sides though use second string lineups. well over the past month funds from our ra in the globe have been through the mail experiencing all the highs and lows that the world cup has to offer reigning champions germany were sent packing in the group stages after finishing bottom with losses to mexico and then to side with korea so let's leave you in fact with some german fans determined to stick it out and enjoy the rest of the tournament regardless.
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by the structure of the league the super bowl for when the us is not in the world need. to take home the seeds. mean obviously the teams some tall mothers. the sons are in the to the one side doesn't feel to most but we did for stem view some. it wasn't. so it's not. up to the spirit of the beast kind of a new group of guys and couple days when i was given a feel for the obvious to the girls i bought the. one out of choice. off the clubs out of those on the spot but. it's doesn't stop you coming up some
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because of. the spam folder months each cup so this might seem like a schmuck bot the site opposition to the book isn't shakespeare for my sake. but i mean the small instructions on the hunt book should also be forceful about this and i can see from. the on what you should know there will be stomped on the legend of. some petersburg does have a way of winning you over now or next is there a fake gold out there being snapped up at less than market prices that's one of the
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stories ahead next with mexico on the kaiser report. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy confrontation let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development only mostly. i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. to the wall. was still active. in the nineteen seventy head as the chair.


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