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into russia right political science. men they know as bad wolf. please. the american president arrives in the u.k. on his first official visit triggering protests in the capital. protests they are
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there might be protests but i believe that the people in the u.k. scotland ireland as you know i have property in ireland property all over i think that those people they like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration. speaking of a nato summit of before his u.k. trip donald trump said he views it live near putin as a competitor not an enemy. and facebook labels thousands of russians as being interested in treason sparking concerns about the way the company is profiling its users. broadcasting live direct from our studios in moscow this is r.t. international i'm sean thomas glad to have you with us the president has been welcomed by theresa may to a black tie. dinner at
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a palace in oxfordshire but in the capital crowds who took to the streets to voice their outrage over the president's visit sasha citric and i reports from london the general mood here is that these people don't want donald trump to be visiting the u.k. at all in fact just earlier we saw this protest his helicopter was landing just behind us and things god's extremely loud here these people are forced just part of the pond protests that will be taking place in the u.k. for outside the next couple of days with massive protests expected to take place on friday and indeed this is donald trump's final official visit t.j. as he was president it's been granted really has official working visit as opposed to a state visit just takes out the level of problems that would otherwise be associated with the state leader coming to the u.k. and of course it was done well before he even arrived here the controversy surrounding his visit has been taking place with people protesting that he come
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here at all with even the m.p.'s discussing in parliament whether or not he should be allowed to do that following the petition online of people saying they don't want to hear that is getting even noisier here now as far as we understand the tribes helicopters expected to take off again presumably to take him to this evening and gauge moves with theresa may so because a lot of the africans with this visit have been taken to have donald trump stay away from all of the people expected to protest we can see this area behind me is actually the u.s. ambassador's residence to the u.k. and this is the place where donald trump will be spending just one night in central london four so for many of these protests this is pretty much as close as they're going to be able to get to the u.s. president but of course none of this seems to be facing donald trump who believes he's very much liked in this country protests there there might be protests but i believe that the people. in the u.k.
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scotland ireland as you know i have property in ireland and property all over i think that those people they like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration well of course our we decided to ask this question to the protesters here and see how much they actually like donald trump i don't know anybody that likes and i don't know anybody that wants him to come here we don't want him here do you think he's going to hear this message of people protesting that's not the point probably not although you never know but we have to protest anyway we can't do nothing. about five people in a row in a tory government the rest of the country got a body. signed up for. public rights as minister thanks very much. but the majority the country don't like him that's why people come out today donald trump said he thinks he's liked in the u.k. do you think that's true absolutely not it was absolutely look at the people on the
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balloon are. just not extremely loud here. to come. but it is a difficult place to visit a place to try to look at just issues of trade and what's it as was discussed russia feeling oh it's leaving right and of course it's really loud here. seems like it's not so much money. but this is just mind boggling. that it's going to be. we're not saying this is only to get. out or. warnings organizers will be making it out. of central london on friday to say no to this is it which is going to be a lasting for the next three days so the mood here are up quite obviously against tom being am i likely to see this continue in the next days to come. blunden palace
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where the president was received on thursday night is the birthplace of winston churchill trump is now staying at winfield house which is the u.s. ambassador's london home on friday he will meet with the new u.k. foreign secretary jeremy hunt and the prime minister's checkers residence after that the u.s. president and the first lady will visit windsor castle and to meet the queen finally they are expected to fly to scotland to spend the weekend at trump's turnberry golf course of course. central london will be largely avoided it during the trip as further protests are expected over the coming days a massive security operation is in place for the visit he will be accompanied by a thousand of his own staff as well as multiple helicopters into highly secured limos some reports put the total shared cost of the trip at around thirty million pounds journalist my granny believes that the protests will actually have very little impact on trump's visit and his talks with theresa may he'll be he'll be quite impressed that there is such
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a big turnout just in protest or i'm sorry he'll he'll be flattered by and magine. i don't know what people expect to happen i don't think anything is going to change in terms of donald trump's policies and i think there will be some discussions on trade deals but he has the upper hand because effectively the u.k. is in a desperate situation enough to spin a couple of years of post briggs's referendum where we haven't really done anything in terms of trade so he's definitely he's definitely sees us as a disadvantage partner at the moment and i think he's going to press home advantage obviously what he's doing in terms of trade he's he's put up tensions barriers all over the place while america calls itself the home of free market. that protectionist barriers is probably something that trees in my east he's going to try and circumvent somehow so there will be some kind of trade deal between you u.k. and us announced but i doubt it'll be on the best terms that reason i can possibly expect so early two or three years ago but terms of everyone else in foreign policy of the us or the hope in hell of changing anything even if she wanted to president
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trump earlier left the nato summit in brussels where he urged the other countries to hike their military spending he also expressed optimism over his upcoming meeting with vladimir putin in helsinki. i hope we get along well i think we get along well but ultimately he's a competitor he's representing russia i'm representing the united states so in a sense what competitors not a question of friend or enemy he's not my enemy and hopefully someday maybe he'll be a friend it could happen but i don't i just don't know him very well i bet him a couple of times our europe correspondent peter oliver has more on the nato summit . donald trump ran out onto the field determined to try and provoke a fight with somebody angela merkel was his first point of call but he didn't get a rise out of chancellor merkel until well he brought up energy and started suggesting that because germany took in his words sixty to seventy percent of their
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energy from russia there it's well germany was a captive of the russian state germany is a captive of russia because they supply they get rid of their coffee to get rid of the nuclear they're getting so much of the world yes from russia i think it's something that you know has to look at i think it's very inappropriate they pay billions of dollars to russia and now we have to defend them against russia this is all got to do with the nord stream to pipeline which donald trump has in the past opposed because he wants to see germany and other european countries import much more expensive liquid natural gas from the united states but. well you can never expect what's going to come from this u.s. president on thursday when he gave this news conference he seemed to have changed his choosing a little bit about north stream three but he's going to have a good relationship with russia so they'll be a lot less problem with the pipeline but to me that was a very major point of contention we discussed it at length today germany has agreed
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to do a lot better than they were doing and they were very happy with that we had a very good relationship with uncle america while the u.s. president seemed to be claiming to a fixed nato and a speech that really seemed far more directed towards his base his home than say any of the leaders who had been meeting with what we heard from the nato secretary general again stoltenberg was a little bit more measured i think that the fact that we had this open discussion households saw. clearly state that the two will redouble our efforts. it also shows the clear message from president. it's having an impact while the happy faces if you will win on from all sides at the end of the summit doesn't gloss over the fact that this was at times a bruising and at other times hardly diplomatic meeting one in which those who had wondered what america first may mean only seem to
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a found out it means they come second it was very similar to a lot of donald trump's visits abroad that he might be in another country he might be outside the united states but his messaging and his aim is to please his base back in the united states that's really the only audience he plays to or has in the back of his mind and so you know he sees trying to ruffle feathers and really show that america is on a on a new course a new more isolationist course more in a sense withdrawing from many things that america had been at the forefront of leading and then sitting on easily against european partners who have come to rely on american leadership at the center but are now seeing it trying to in a sense run away leaving a large vacuum both in terms of leadership and perhaps in terms of cash. and there
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were plenty of awkward moments at the nato summit in brussels we picked out some of the highlights. oh timidly germany well that was seventy percent of their country controlled by russia with natural gas so you tell me is that appropriate to go blabbing about this and you tell me of that's appropriate i think you know and i think it's a very bad things and major. league. but it is it will be revealed if you commit your thoughts of the defeat of this yes' you as you produce to the differences but feel. if people. could
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see that you're putting your life i have a. facebook's advertising tools recently labeled sixty five thousand russian members as having an interest in treason or just what i've got to explain. facebook really outdid itself on this one here's how it went certain facebook users russians in this case were internally so they didn't know labeled as interested in treason so those perhaps with the anti government view against russia all russians facebook
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only stopped when they got caught treason was included as a category given its historical significance given it is an illegal activity we have removed it as an interest category now here's the juice of it who do you think would be interested in this data clue that the thais as watchmakers now don't and that propagandists those interested in riling these people up targeting bombarding them with anti russian propaganda masquerading as ads encouraging them to commit treason a perfect tool to meddle in russia's politics facebook remove the treason category due to criticism but there are plenty more that it's keeping thirty advertisers of course. but the gambling offers no similar protections for information about those categories that it has inferred itself for instance that i use them i'd be
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interested in homosexuality or interested in islam that information facebook isn't removing how would you feel of for example you were marked as interested in homosexuality in saudi arabia where homosexuals are executed how do you feel if you're marked as interested in islam and myanmar where muslims are exterminated and facebook may well have been marking potential traitors in other countries much less respectful of human rights in which these people might disappear we've tried to contact them for that comment but no response so far and at this stage it's safe to say that facebook has been literally endangering people's lives this feels like.


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