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outside of his right food well when that ball left of his foot i was like wow and it bang just the right and that and i was like what that happens what happens now and all of a sudden yeah an explosion of course because if you win two one against against argentina the feeling is amazing you can see the replay everybody went crazy. dreaming playing hard work one day the true dream come true when i come to the nineteen eighth i just work hard to be on wall when i'm score first goal you dream coming and you know but what these more important very nice courses goals my team is confident the most loving be with bob on personal experience we give the ball up for and he will score.
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it to me like i would say three four years maybe at the end of the mike area that i realized i became walk a player you know what i mean friends every day every day there was somebody say oh thank you very much for the world cup for the last twenty years so it takes a time you at the window the whistle goes you know when the refs ace at the end of the game you just lose the pressure. like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this
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year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance now the trump summit is front and center be a mere photo op or something more. across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to me to people this is the simple song alone even some company elsewhere they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us they're all. allowed to miss you guys you've got. to go. i've been this is. the quote them out. for you man but the left still brought up locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water but it's also over much more than water it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. this.
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date downwards do you want or will. you know world of big. lot and conspiracies it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for washed. closely watching the hawks. from. from. the from from.
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and submissive in belly i'm from and i suppose. because i'm from proceeding. well you know put in room. else he's everywhere i think there's a or so maybe that. have moved me some way but most of all is football because. everything talks about football everywhere and maybe this one tool of my. football and i try to mix it to clear the way and this work. is one of my favorites if you see it's not dressed exactly like the others there are
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or generous and everything but it's the king of much a sexual i try to do it to put. a. dress or something like this. i don't know nothing about the uniform no i just. think that. it's better than others and then i try to out the everything possible to represent the region as nations. the thing. i'm.
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stand commiserations last night honestly choose both space team won no problems may very well second off and exits on. and i thank you very much now i'll tell you exactly what we're doing a document only play how many times he's the makes me boss i'm so interested in cosmonauts astronauts lost all right well you're asked to come to the museum of cosmonauts and also a very special surprise inside you get to meet an actual cosmonaut communicating not come on i want you cheated me knowing things it's possible sure.
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why did you want to be a cosmonaut yang is not ideal for something which the yes the graphics deal with because one of them the book and yourself that on the bottom was the way i need to notion that he killed his it may have zealots in the physical we don't have the switch school years of course so that it's only has to talk to us all that i get from this and had a stroke at the onset but i. know you get awful. you going into space very soon which from a's quite incredible to a cosmonaut there is going to space this year what's the next program and how many astronauts and cosmonauts will be with you on the next journey. with them to total focus miss them for the year will do. you know go days for the most. obvious ascension to get on my own with. my claim at the last i'm not so sure. you will. because range from the economy of slaves from the i don't want to put it in front of us on offer christina because here we're going to ties them as range them
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out there to show us those from left. all right thank you so much. beautiful exhibition paul kind of lovely sunny day in moscow a couple of days before the faith world cup final. we need there and let's have a look but for the semifinals france against belgium france where the witness i think i was a lot of people spoke about france maybe being a little bit defensive but i think that play to their strength and i got a spot on belgium had a very good tone of it as well but right at the moment in time when they really needed to put a performance in a little bit showed off of france with as a finalist a win against croatia england starts the game very well those in the starting bid on the goal with all of the crew later the fantastic free kick from kieren trip yeah. croatia kind strong tell us what this means for the nation of croatia tell us
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what it means in context of the nineteen ninety eight scene and tell us what it means to croatia for all to get into a world cup final well absolutely amazing that's a look inside a believable fight that i showed we spoke to some people from croatia this morning they basically compared it to seventy six countries only been in existence for twenty seven years the compared it to basically winning independence and that was during a bloody war so just to show you the significance of that victory last night ninety nine and it was absolutely fantastic as well doesn't seem to care what i get off and then slowly they scream i says i'm going to be all of them but they got to the final days time and against a country that is a messy footballing nation in england and again i think part of the allure of that was the fact that no one expected it but you're right in that had the chance to finish off price in that first hour or so but then after that multi-track a teach pros of each paris each reb each man juke each all of them basically took and great equalizer and then fair a. but this we know by man so you can see as well as the whole nation these is basically the in the state of pleasant shock but i know there's one more big want
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to come. let's have a look at the final fronts against croatia who's winning it well i think number one there but as of as far as i think they are the two best teams at a world cup and that's rare that you get i think the two best teams in the world cup final one mind just right away to respect in ninety two with that brazilian so i never got to the final i think it's going to be a very very close encounter. obviously coming from croatian background with my hot i want croatia to win but i think france will profile in the end. when we look at it from this did you in self rule in the world cup or was famously the water carrier the air comes and also it's about the one of the look you're all geniuses of of the french football is this a pragmatic french saw it brought them along full of flair should they be playing with a little bit lol she was of the very well perhaps from the new just perspective you say yes but if you look at it if i step into my say french shoes i would say no no let's not forget nineteen ninety eight as well they have one of the greatest players of all time is it easy and you're right some people call them
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a water carrier but obviously it will hold in the general and they were quite pragmatic as much as they had some flair in that side they were very pragmatic concede a very few goals a lot like these french saw that the additional mrs knapp coaching now the way that they played like i said i think they started off and like true jamie she's going up eventually just like that they've relied when they needed to on some great individual despised by him but by specifically and also i greaseman and also paul pogba and i think that's where his expertise is coming he knows what it's like to have a genius in the midfield and the top players around him like contact like meant to be to matlab to do a stuff and he has done his stuff and so was the whole of frogs balls let's look back at some of the highlights of this faith will cope through some trepidation some say yeah but it's been absolutely sensational on and off the pitch let's look at the olympic choice will bring some if you will fight moments and goals. i've got to say the gulf he was in my opinion overall have been outstanding obviously had david to his first mistake which is
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a basic mistake he has portugal but the rest of the goalkeeper i can't remember one like that for the rest of the competition with him pictured england financing he says with an england group with. its three relatively goalkeepers he's come out with a lot of critics wolf amaze being one of the best goalkeepers here and i think the full goalkeepers in the semifinals. service each and peak of it with a full base goalkeepers in the tournament the recent services will be playing in the final but jordan kick the can hold his head very very hard man of the match against sweden i thought he was fantastic against croatia he made that really top side against man so you could see in the first period of extra time. i guess brazil i thought maybe one of the sides of the tournament a shot that was two weeks left that he pulled off inflicted i've been asked and he said contribute today and win the race as well and one that's not being talked about so much as standing side of the unsure of why which could have been equalized headed down and against belgium i saw things get that shot there that we would turn and hit anything that around the that shot goes in that's one nil to bill jim robinson being one to france off the ice cool from the supply tell me about the
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stadia the atmosphere the fun. memories all thirty thousand brazilians mexicans peruvians in the first few weeks of the tournament really adding to the cola i'm sure you'd concur with one hundred percent fantastic country fantastic people first and foremost the russian people have been absolutely great food which is important to me as you know and i have and also there was a lucky said you mentioned the word trepidation there was a lot of people from all the countries specific case try a specific the england and just i don't know no it wasn't and you can speak to any support has been the most regular comment that i've had from people that come out to speak to me from england australia and even cry c.s.a. was my comp belief what i thought before i come here and have had a time when i've been here in russia and let's hope that this will cause as great as has been and really just finish off with a bang with a great game on sunday let's hope as well at least which is. thank you very much thank you for joining me on the stand holy moishe. you've brought
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a brand new energy. and i will work together again for now that's kind of a window into expression paulk and that's what that memory like for a guy can i just say a special thank you to you because i've loved working with you it's been great seeing you but i should propose to my pa that his mother my two children and i would have done that without you awesome to stay here and i and stan collymore sysadmins i thank you very much. a lot of holes that mean i have to invite you to weigh to you. because there's survival guide books they say use them all to start saying that all these are. you sure it's not going to get in. the.
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public no good citizen repatriations will get the rest in seven years. philip the seventy kaiser report. david. away.
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make you feel like i'm not up. to going to lose you can see as you know from the face. of us you're in the stuff i leave you. almost a few more. of the baby bottles and most of the money also from my room and i will talk to.
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manufacture. of public wells. when the ruling classes protect themselves. but the final merry go round be the one percent. time we can all middle of the room six. million more you don't need. most people think to stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest raid in truth to stand out of the music business you just need to ask the right questions and demand the right answer.
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question. donald trump's first official visit to the u.k. is met with massive protests in london u.s. president those convinced of his popularity in britain i believe that the people in the u.k. i think that those people. like me a lot i don't know anybody that likes and i don't know anybody that wants him to come here we don't want him here. to this morning world cup when the eighteen reaches its climax in russia this weekend of course with belgium taking on. for third place in the tournament then that huge final on sunday between france and croatia. a congressional hearing into the f.b.i.
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agents and. descends into the show take the agent was once part of from russia collusion probe that was also a familiar suspect in the two i strongly believe today's hearing is just another victory notch and. another milestone in our campaign to tear america apart. by the good morning i'm here in moscow this friday the thirteenth of july my name is kevin know in this is r.t. international in the headlines this morning the first donald trump on his first official visit to the u.k. it's been a little short of a warm welcome however from people there with huge crowds gathering to protest against the u.s. president the british prime minister treason made played host as a lavish dinner for him at a stately home on thursday night he's next you to meet a number of u.k. officials including the new foreign secretary jeremy hunt trump will also be
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meeting the queen at windsor castle later thousands are expected to protest again against his visit and says. in the reports the general mood here is that these people don't want donald trump to be visiting the u.k. at all these people are force just part of the protests that will be taking place in the u.k. throughout the next couple of days with massive protests expected to take place on friday and indeed this is donald trump official visit t.j. president it's. really official working visit as opposed to the state to just take down the level of pomp that would otherwise be associated with a state leader coming to the u.k. and of course he was up well before he even arrived here the controversy surrounding his visit has been taking place with people protesting that he come here at all with even the amp he's discussing in parliament whether or not he should be allowed to do that following
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a petition online of people saying they don't want him here but of course none of this seems to be donald trump who believes he's very much liked in this country protests there there might be protests but i believe that the people in the u.k. scotland ireland as you know i have property and island property all over i think that those people they like me a lot and they agree with me on immigration well of course our we decided to ask this question to the protesters here and see how much they actually like donald trump i don't know anybody that likes him i don't know anybody that wants him to come here we don't want him here do you think he's going to hear this message of people protesting that's not the point probably not. but we have to protest anyway we can't do nothing. about five people in their own government the rest of the country going to. stand up for him. probably right is going to spank free.
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but the majority frankly don't like him that's why people come out today donald trump said he thinks he's liked in the u.k. do you think that's true absolutely. absolutely look at these people things like. this just. organizers will be meeting at. the center in washington. d.c. . which is going to be. three days so there are obviously against. continue in the next days to come. here will be following it ahead of the visit activists launched from the campaign for this giant balloon depicting the u.s. president as a crying toddler is coming though of course not everyone supported that idea some
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said it was disrespectful so in the interest of free speech some activists have been busy raising money for yet another bill in this town depicting the car the mayor of london in similar vein as a toddler their own greed his decision to allow the trump alone in the city we spoke to one of the campaign organizers. but it in response to the donald trump balloon been given permission by city i'm not massive. i think it's doing a good job and i respect him and i think he's definitely welcome to the u.k. and that's what most of the people in the u.k. think and you've seen through the the response of the crowd one day i was also saying to you can you don't get to represent the british people you don't talk in our behalf you know elected to talk on our behalf and it's not what we the majority of the british public feel is your personal vendetta with donald trump and is using his position as mayor and it's abusing its position as facts to allow this to go ahead this wouldn't happen if it was a baby obama and just wouldn't happen i think it's. just i don't like them i think
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it's disrespect i think it's actually. quite rude and disrespectful to have to play in and i think we should have more dignity would you have endorsed an image of you depicting you for all human sake as a pig which would be very offensive to muslims would you endorse but if it's peaceful and if it's safe yes really as offensive as rude as ignorant but he did see or life t.v. that he would be up for it so he can't really complain about it that. from has given an interview to britain's daily newspaper the sun in it he blamed trees are made for wrecking the bricks it deal and suggested that former foreign secretary boris johnson would make a good prime minister will have more on that throughout the day he's more a guarantee of next looks at what's called the special relationship between the two countries. america and the u.k. have a special thing going special relationship they called it language culture values
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defense then came trump but surely he can't ruin it right the special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. has been strong for many years and will have opportunity to talk about a possible future trading relationship really remember barack obama when he came around they couldn't get enough of him everyone wanted to shake his hand and get a picture what a swell guy. trump just doesn't have the charm it seems where barbara was greeted with cheers and applause trump gets protests and outrage even
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a giant trump baby balloon and americans being told to avoid drawing attention to themselves be aware of your surroundings and exercise caution and expect to live in the vicinity of large gatherings keep a low profile. one would imagine a special relationship would be a little friendlier but what do we know who to say hip in this explosive and politically divided age of ours but why they hate ok trump did slap britain and europe with painful tariffs and steal an island minium and misses me certainly wasn't happy about it expressed deep disappointment at the unjustified decision of the united states to apply terrorists to steal and i'm moving in. it cannot be done by taking unilateral action against our partners then there was the whole iran mess so much effort years of work to get iran to
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verifiably stop pursuing nuclear weapons and then trump torpedoes it but come on you couldn't have been alone britain's always been there for the states donald trump undermined progress towards normalization of relationships with i have been very clear in a number of conversations with the president of the united states about the belief that the united kingdom the j.c.t. a way the nuclear deal with iran should stay then there's the. maze of government and strategy are in shambles she needs friends the back and who better than the us the people voted. to break it up so i would imagine that's what they'll do but maybe they're taking a little bit of a different route so i don't know that's what they voted for well that wasn't very helpful no trump did offer the u.k.
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a tariff free trade deal if it really did as the e.u. but goodness me there's very little that special in this relationship aside from how fast it's losing its specialness and on top of that trump being trump just had to rub salt in the wound i'm going to a few hot spots we have nato there we have the u.k. and then we have putin. and i said putin may be the easiest of the more you never know but i'm going to a pretty hot spot right now with the lot of reza lot of resignations come on that's just not saying it's easier to talk to putin then to your allies but they you go how's that for friends it's like the phrase goes with friends like these who needs enemies i think he might be willing.


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