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tv   News  RT  July 13, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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mara lago central eastern palm beach county. sylvester stallone has a bill gates. many many many people have. palm beach county and everybody is rich i think the smallest house on the market right now is. does the smallest. and there is some houses on the market for forty five to ninety million dollars.
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across europe municipalities are taking their water supply back from private companies to move. alone even cycling to get elsewhere.
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they invite private companies to take over the utilities anybody tell us they're all. allowed to miss you guys you got. us to quote them out. for you. locals are ready to stand up for the basic human right of access to water it's about water. it's about the hurt and the redistribution of. it downwards. like a bull in a china shop donald trump style and negotiation skills were on full display at this year's annual nato gathering he was not shy about how he feels about the alliance now the trump putin summit is front and center be a mere photo op or something more.
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to look at the sheriff's office. the sheriff's office has a half a billion dollar budget i don't think it's too many departments that have somewhere around five hundred fifty or five hundred and. the budget. that's a pretty lucrative bunch. talking about a lot of money involved you're talking about. a lot of power
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and if you're not in there click then you're then you're a problem now the sheriff sheriff job. and this is not written anywhere in a contract but my feeling is that the sheriff's job is to protect the rich people pay for his campaigns to be. from. from the normal bradshaw says his crime fighting days are far from over for the people of beach county think that i'm doing a good enough job to be able to have a great grandchild was sworn in for the fourth time that beach county sheriff. sheriff gardner. the sheriff bradshaw is an interesting man he's been involved in so many cover ups of death and other things and i mean it's it's really hard you can take a look at the number of the number of on shootings we've had in this county we've
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had more in this county then some states have had collected the sheriff has a lot of written untold powers can the sheriff the sheriff can go to market go and see. hey we've got a problem here let's do i seen the sheriff and donald trump together before their friends and is sure rick bradshaw had a chance to talk to president trouble about his local call your duties and concerns the two meetings a day all of this cowboy has been a cowboy from way back when i know the officers that work with him at the city of west palm beach. and it was nothing for him to use the n. word the word nigger came out of his mouth like you say hello now with president trump. being elected and living here part time in palm beach. there's there's a lot of politics involved there is a lot of money and power involved sheriff rick bradshaw although he is
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a true real law enforcement person because he was a police officer for a long time. he's also a political person and he needs to be elected you don't want to be elected after one of your cops just killed some guy for no good reason well that's very good at. that. isn't true really if he would think because they're going to. go through in the interview. the video was horrifying it was really i've only seen a couple of medias in my life were that brutal as far as. suspects that's definitely in the top five. votes for first term last marriage the. pretty much
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everybody. just. or. it's an extremely emotional time for him as soon as i'm sure you can just begin to imagine oh. no. no i had the strength to walk. in complete. ground my. mess. kit was not a threat and in time somebody is my. munira not a threat. how much of a threat is the. nice you and me should some guy in the back will probably get arrested you can shoot people in the back was their fleet you got to shoot them from the front with these turn to person b. stories through. them through the code to prove.
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something. that's a story of something like. the talk about the swine about. this because it's. something you know gives us the we try the situation. oh i don't really talk about it. all you have to do is a cop say i thought he was reaching for something in his waistband all you have to say and you're free from prosecution the sheriff shows up this is a good shooting dontrelle stevens is a drug dealer a bomb bomb bomb who cares if he's a drug dealer it doesn't matter i will kill you i. mean. if.
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i thought to get a police work because you know it just wasn't what i expected it wasn't what i wanted to do after i left police work i was determined to start exposing you know what they were hiding from the regular american people. sort of a web site called p.b.s. so talk it was a site where police officers from comics county could come on and post things that were happening in their department and post with absolute anonymity because one of the important things that i wanted to do or make it impossible for anybody to find out who was exposing these crimes so this is the front page of p.b.s.
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so talk and it's not just the sheriff's office you see down here you know people are welcome to post again about any law enforcement agency city of west palm beach police department jupiter point b. for instance this topic here is the admission from a confidential informant to a detective and how the highest ranking people in the palm beach county not just the sheriff's office but judges and other people were visiting a place of prostitution it was a breath of fresh air for a lot of deputies because he did what a lot of people wanted to do but didn't have the heart or the intestinal fortitude to do i mean he found a platform to expose the corruption. if you if you look at it from a little knowledge and mark was. the day that when he was five you know like what i have done what he didn't know what i also don't see anything wrong with
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people trying to let other people know the truth you understand what i mean. we all know that when you fight the powers that be and you get rid of some of their you know some of the veil that covers up their actions they get a little push push and so you keep turning these guys they've got a five hundred million dollar budget so when you're squash you like a bug you know which it's not. and then he said dad i'm like mr i believe what i'm doing. is like ok you know it's your funeral buddy so in two thousand and twelve i got a call from a bartender i went online and i did a google search for p.b.s. so corruption and mark to give sight came up and i thought well here we go here's a site that's dedicated to this bartender says hey. i have pictures that you have to see. of somebody with the palm beach county sheriff's office. with the
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prostitute. into the. two thousand and five is that i was a bartender and photographer during the tournament. come on over to take a look i thought this guy was joking or you know maybe he was some good looking girl. who was a prostitute first he didn't believe me he said no you can't have photos of yeah i do he said i want to see them so i said all right we'll go ahead and go to the. photos on the computer when i open them up i would.
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he said oh my god you know who this is. i know who it is and it wasn't just any person with the sheriff's office it was the head of internal affairs. major robert . wasn't with just some random woman he was with a. naked woman in the middle of the golf course yes all those people were from law enforcement there broke in this woman in the middle of a golf course. houses i mean it was just. to think that anybody would actually let their photos taken. photographs. in front of everybody on the golf course. that determines. the. the fact that the boy who was seventeen at the time he is now
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a devious or deputy he became a b.b.s. so deftly shortly afterwards he didn't get in any trouble none the sheriff but that under the rug said well you know what these people do with their not one sheriff's office time. is their own business. first of all they figured that i would never release the photos because of who they were because of the power positions that day with a hole in one of the most crazy things i ever saw in my life. i
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was a mess when i got here i was a mess i mean i would just like i don't cry i didn't even cry when my mom died. i don't cry when i got here i was. cried. every frickin probably every week i would just breakdown hysterical knowing that and how many kids and missing them. the or. what is it. me say. the words the g.m. . once said over there. if you say show it. in the. last year around christmas time and you want to live. you know so bad. and. you know
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but then. then somebody has to do it. because if nobody ever stand up against government then the government always going to do whatever they want and you know maybe i didn't make a huge impact but even if i made a little little impact and other people made little impact here and there in a lease it controls them a little bit honestly i don't want to go back to. my country betrayed me for those wounds. and a frickin stabbed me and he took away my kid basically. nothing more than. basically telling the truth. they burn that bridge with me i don't want to go back. i would go back to see my children. but i don't wanna. i have no desire to go back there to live.
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now on legal in russia lovely russia so big. that even donald trump could build all here. to watch the futurama or the jetsons they are traveling inside tubes it's pretty normal with this they have phones that come concepts like that there were several in implementations that were planned in the ninety's in the sixty's. so. when he proposed this idea and he said he was too busy this has some space if you want someone else to figure out. a plate for many clubs over the years so i know the game inside guides. football isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the superman to just kill you narrowness and
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. spending shouldn't twenty million on one player. it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think of what i know about the beautiful guy a great so well more chimes for. the base this minute. so you will both be in. your last years does. not boil what i mean.
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to make. you know the yellow superman for me he can use he has enough to buy if. you're in the family leave you. i'm with you more in there baby one was in the one on the north and the woman he was looking with on my wall. i will start to feel.
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headlining right now an artery in an exclusive interview with larry king russia's foreign minister says policy in the west concerning moscow is now based on the assumption of guilt of not solid evidence. well your wife lucy will be assertion that there is no all the great people those. who rule. the roost so. this is london's west end right now in the star point for a massive protest against the visit to the u.k. of the u.s. president is set to get going in two hours from now more than one hundred sixty five thousand people have signed up to take part donald trump himself on his whirlwind tour it's already been blowing hot and cold as the prime minister saying their relationships are very very strong just hours after salvaging are over breaks
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it. reaches its climax in russia this weekend with belgium taking on england on saturday for third place then sunday's final will see france and croatia battle it out for the biggest prize. this is r.t. international and collaborate with the biggest stories we're covering right here this friday the thirteenth of july first speaking exclusively with larry king on r.t. russia's foreign minister says that in the absence of any real evidence highly likely now seems to be enough for some western governments to damn russia in a multitude of cases so also touches on these channels difficulties abroad course has the details. well the interview covered a number of hot button issues regarding russia's relation to the rest of the world and one of which was trump's recent comment at
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a nato summit where he said that germany was a captive of russia because of merkel's gas dealings with putin now this came after germany and a number of other european countries approved the construction of the nord stream two gas pipeline this is a pipeline that would run directly from russia into the european union now while markel denied the allegations that germany is a captive of anybody lavrov had this to say about it how did you react when the when president trump said that germany is totally controlled by russia i can only quote what the president said when he was asked by the president putin this he is his friend who said he is compared to a strong competitor but speaking of competition i always believed in free competition because free market is about free a competition and when the united states. use the period said the north stream. must be stopped and those european countries whose companies would be
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participating in this project would be sanctioned by the united states because because the united states useful computation the russian will to repay would guess is supposed to be wars nearly congress then it is sort of but this is not because i mean this is not competition this is a deal that now shifting back to america larry king asked surrogate lavrov what he thought about the american intelligence community's conclusion that russia had meddled in the twenty six thousand presidential elections now citing lack of evidence lavrov had this to say about it the anonymous conclusion by the entire american intelligence community is that your government influenced. the american elections in two thousand and sixteen it's a report signed only by three agencies out of the dozens of intelligence agencies
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who normally would participate in anything called the union of the entire intelligence community of the united states then i saw the report of the senate intelligence committee. assert that you know that russia has been interfering with the elections and then no single factor was produced no the investigation of these souls very poisoning is also going on without any transparent information highly unlikely thing and the assertion that there is no other credible explanation is becoming a rule on which the western friends right to base the policy authorization lever also went on to speak about r.t.s. image internationally now r.t. america has already been registered as a foreign agency in the united states and the french government has already announced its plans to put together a blacklist of media organizations it believes contributes to fake news now let's
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see what lever of had to say about that we are concerned that our team which is not foreign to you is being labeled by for example the french government as agents of influence. and they say in french government introduced a draft law to be a parliament which is intended to come by live blick least of media outlets which are suspected of spreading fake news and they would most seriously. blick least would be a company that by combining a government level at the legislature level at least of media resources which would be recommended to national. regular interest of cyberspace is reliable sources where there's no censorship. going to stir much of this load concerning this program which is on r t and other sources or to you has never interfered with
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the show at all never never censored anything so i'd go on record as saying that now of course those were only a couple of the major points but you'll be able to see the whole interview tonight on politico r.t. america. ok it's a hot summer friday in london and tempers certainly heated over donald trump's visit to the u.k. is on day two at the moment you can see behind me the crowds gathering for the softer news march against the visit of the u.s. presidents to great britain is about to do to be over a hundred sixty five thousand people have signed up to take part in this afternoon to mark the gathering in the west and near oxford circus it's only going to be a couple of kilometers this particular march going to take hours if that many people do actually turn up as they walk through the west end of london down towards trafalgar square then they'll be a rally during the early evening but many people already gathering there the march
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itself not due to start for another couple of hours yet but there they are gathering outside b.b.c.'s headquarters in portland place our reporters are there too we'll keep you across what's happening now donald trump divisive visit to britain is playing out as expected right now the u.s. president's meeting to reason may a checkers that's the prime minister's country retreat at the same time those huge crowds as we said gathering against the president's visit in central london and there's that drive balloon that's been getting all the headlines depicting him as a sneering toddler that's been flying into parliament square honest the situation is that the protest. it's hot it's noisy and the crowds are getting all worked up for the protests that are going to be taking place throughout the day today of course as you can see behind me that that everybody has been talking about housing deal gone off it's a giant. what looks like trump wearing a nappy and of course they're right in the heart of central london right in front of the houses of parliament so certainly this balloon is getting lots of attention
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we are expecting according to organizers have been saying they want tens of thousands of people to come out onto the streets of london to march and protest donald trump's visit of course once he arrived on thursday yesterday some protests already took off they were taking place outside the u.s. ambassador's residence in london where donald trump had spent one night in the british capital more last apart from that he's awaiting central london his schedule keeps taking him elsewhere and the understanding overall is that this is because so many people are expected to come out to say no to trump's visit there's still a busy day ahead for trumbo he's due to meet the new foreign secretary and later today said to have tea with the queen a winter castle off of slamming the country's prime minister over breaks in he said that to resume a soft approach could kill any future deal with the united states from also mention the britain's former foreign secretary boris johnson would make a great prime minister only boycott has more on the remarks. donald trump has
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certainly got his message across on this visit already visit is shorter goes out in history and unfortunately for to reason may for all the wrong reasons diplomatically at least the trip still had its wheels on things seem to be going to plan we saw these beautiful pictures of donald trump and the first lady arriving at the lenin palace they were being wined and dined by to reason may and her husband before we came off air around ten thirty there was even a news flash clearly downing street was putting out a message saying that to reason may have even pitched this coveted u.k. u.s. trade deal to donald trump over dinner but just hol for an hour later and the wheels fell off because the sun newspaper published this interview with donald trump which had been conducted just hours before the u.s. president had flown in to the u.k. while he was still in brussels at that nato summit and in it donald trump issued
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a number of a storm the shingly on diplomatic statements the first and foremost is that if we use them a plows ahead with her so-called checkers bragg's it that's the the sort of divorce from the e.u. that will still allow the u.k. to remain quite closely aligned to brussels well then that u.s. free trade deal that's been dying gold in front of our noses as the potential outcome of this trip well that will be off i actually told drew. but she didn't agree she didn't listen to me if you do do like we would be doing with the european union sort of dealing with the u.k. so it will probably deal no she didn't listen to him and wait there is so much more because trump also said that boris johnson the former foreign secretary who resigned on monday because he doesn't agree with to read.


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