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i'm with the united states military i just think this alliance is another at this point globalist bureaucracy that is not regulated properly that is not serving a clear mission and you know i don't see the strong argument for the u.s. taxpayer which is sorely indebted over twenty one trillion dollars at this point to be throwing manuel globalization you know the money to building an old oh oh they need to get money get money and build a wall gentlemen we're going to go to a short break and after that your break we'll continue our discussion on the trump summit stayed with. you watch futurama or the jetsons as they are traveling inside tubes it's pretty normal this thing have come concepts like that there were several in implementations that were planned in the ninety's in the sixty's. so when he
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proposed this idea and he said he was too busy this has some space if you want someone else to pick it up.
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f.o.c. played golf. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education is being supplanted by the right to access education. higher education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you good. luck with this also not for the following couldn't you. want is the place of students in this business model before college was born now and an extremely more high education but the new global economic war.
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looming there. welcome back to cross like we're all things considered i'm peter about to remind you we're discussing the trump putin summit. ok let me go back to daniel and in lake jackson what are you expecting from this summit be. because you know i've read all of the think tank stuff and you know i
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think it kind of a kind of low octane journalism on everything i don't think that it can be a lot accomplished unfortunately right now primarily i'll be really honest is that i don't think considering trump's foreign policy vision and behavior and words it's going to be more kind of another show because with his the problems back home that he has i don't think that he has he can follow up on anything he really wants to do he's going to be he's cornered in so many ways what do you think daniel. well you know peter i rarely disagree with you but in this situation i may disagree with you a bit because i think it's ignore mostly significant if only for the fact we talk about this before the show as much as as trump frustrates us and drives us crazy his detractors are so much worse yes we sometimes find ourselves feeling like we're in this corner so the fact that the neo cons are freaking out over this the
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resistors are so-called just to this types are freaking out over this a lot of the u.s. congress is completely freaking out over this i think it will be an absolute even if nothing comes out of it just a visuals of him and putin shaking hands smiling i bet that to get along on a personal level pretty well that's going to send shivers down the spines of the bad guys here at home so in that case there's it's a no lose for trump and for americans and really go back to you and i think daniel is right in the sense that all of the criticism that he's going to get at this helsinki summit it's already baked in i mean i can't imagine a worse thing you can say about donald trump that hasn't been said for the last two years ok so it's already baked in i think he likes the goat them too in the media but i mean get to but first substance here i mean i hear all this talk and i get i think it's kind of low octane intelligence you know they're going to make this grand deal on syria and all that i don't i don't think that's really the case in
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the home because i don't think because i mean the russians have been really smart ves of syria i mean they're there for a very specific purposes are not there to confront the west or you know some other grander plan no they're not ok they get out tell the iranians to get out of syria well i don't think that's going to happen either all right and then there's the issue that i think all of us would like to be resolved and it won't be as ukraine and i don't think donald trump really cares about ukraine all right so i mean again i mean and cut a kind of agreeing with daniel i mean just the meeting itself is sends a lot of signals you could just interpret whatever you want that's what we get with trump trumps a prism whatever the angle you start you'll get a different look go ahead and in london go ahead. well i do agree with dan you were saying that. donald trump detractors are much worse but my approach is strictly geopolitical. in my opinion the meeting will be strictly orientation all
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they will obviously do you will present the views on the certain of the sun to a season around the world and as you rightly said there's a you know deadlock with regards to the euro ukrainian falls outside because i'm paying very close attention from the very beginning what is happening in ukraine waited and it happened a loss of i mean yesterday. it was the commemoration of the genocide involving a in eastern in the eastern part of poland where stephon been there and others were slaughtering poles and jews while my wife is happening to come in from this part of poland so we can see the poroshenko is not interested in fulfilling the me means agreement he's pursuing strictly right wing. fascist and to semitic movements supporting in his country and
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even atlantic council write an article report yeah it's not an obviously this is not the headline from the r.t. so we know that everything is sleep slipping. from their hands with regards to ukraine because this is what we nearly the ukraine is. who will have the same situation as we have in the middle east so it is very very warring obviously donald trump is pushed by not on yahoo or in israel and yesterday i had very interesting conversation with my friend from israel and not on yahoo push. donald trump and today he's in moscow so he also will be pushing. with regards to iran. i assume that they will require or they will president putin to somehow facilitate draw from i mean or the iranian
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units from syria yes but in my opinion what russia can agree to do is to agree to be a security broker between iran and israel and i don't think and that is more and that is the role that is been playing ok and i think it's a very wise role russia can talk to everybody in the region ok charles you know again you know i saw before his european trip. he was on the campaign trail he was out talking to his base he he loves that in the base loves that i sometimes think he's saying we're going to get along with putin and so he's going to have a visual he's going to have a photo op and then when he goes back to delusion he goes see see i told you i would meet him and i did it ok i kinda think so much of this is for his base and it's domestically driven and everything he does he does for his base the appointment of the supreme court justice ok for the base ok so i mean charles is
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this more really about domestic politics than geopolitics go ahead charles. no i don't think so at all i think in this case there's a clear record now is donald trump this president he always has his eye on the deal author of the art of the deal he saw the deal to be had here i think and i'm not saying that will be concluded at this meeting the deal to drive towards is a deal where russia is more than an honest broker is an active participant united states has moved very aggressively to try to get the sunni states to reject radical islam we have limited influence in iran but the iranian economy has done very little for the average iranian since nine hundred seventy nine and it stands in tremendous it's only business. in iranian economy and perception of the government this is not i would business if iranian government is not well for you right it is up to them charles go ahead perhaps yeah perhaps but the other side of
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the outlines of a deal here so if one is looking to broker a lasting peace in the middle east which i do believe the trump administration would love to do on the one hand that's a dream that we have that maybe i'm naive and foolish but it's a dream on the other hand in russia it's under sanction yes it may be doing pretty well under sanctions but it's better to be out from sanctions than under saying i'm not i'm not i don't think they're not really sure i'm sure i would iran i'm not really sure i'm following your argument because. if you're talking about sanction relief well it's a principle of the russian foreign ministry russia will never ask for the end of sanctions because they don't believe they're legitimate no evidence has been proven shown to the public whatsoever of all of the allegations that have made now one shred of evidence so russia is not going to advocate for the end of this saying sions so that's not on the table at all ok. go ahead charles.
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if i could just jump back yeah so my point is it's some points with deals that i cut my background actually it's not like trump is a deal maker but doing deals at some point the arguments don't matter and i think that's where we're at it doesn't matter who asked for it doesn't matter the diplomatic like niceties you know there it would be better for the sanctions to be removed and i would argue for a start but you are much better for the world it is a common sort of middle east congress that does that congress has to vote to resend them you know what charles they will never resend them ok and that's baked in here in moscow they know that's not going to happen all right ok let me go to daniel here daniel i think what we heard from london the new year kind of puts everything in into the mix right here the thing is is that i don't know what trump can deliver on because i don't know what he could deliver on that putin wants go ahead daniel. well i would just comment on the whole idea of the trump administration wanting to broker a middle east peace i'm not sure that is the focus i think that's much too strategic
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a focus for the chump administration which i think is really sort of bob bogged down in tactical approaches to the world and i think that's the reason why he likes to break through and have a personal meeting with kim and now a personal meeting with trump which of course terrifies his advisors you know there was a codel there was a group of u.s. senators who went to russia recently yet and just going to showing to prove that the worst thing to get information is on a codel because it's sort of a great exercise in groupthink and bubble mentality they all came back and showed they had absolutely nothing from their time in russia i think it was shall be from alabama that said that well trump better studies stalin if he wants to understand how to deal with it then you know i mean it just seems absurdities lindsey graham is out there tweeting this little thing goes off about how we've got to stay in syria forever and and trump better stand up to ten but here's the thing that's interesting all of the retreats all of the comments they're all from the left they're all from the resister people and you touched on it earlier peter when trump
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talks about getting along with russia his base still does cheer yeah you do have a part of the right wing that has this enemy mentality so you do have this sort of problem but his base likes that he was elected on it his numbers are high because of it so he has the most important vote of confidence going into this meeting which is that people that will vote for him if you run for reelection are not going to be bothered at all it's a great visual of two tough guys let's be honest yeah shaking hands smiling so it's a win win again as i said earlier for and if you look at the putin's base and you look at trump space both like that picture ok exactly you know i did it with daniel here i mean i gan i mean even c.n.n. i noticed the last few days they even admitted they even admitted that. the american people on the whole. all are not interested in russia gate at all they they don't know much about it they don't follow it and they just kind of kind of
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push it out of their mind because it doesn't mean much to them it certainly does to the resistance people let's go back to london last word is going to be a thumbs up or a thumbs down of the summit twenty seconds. of the finger. down but we can all agree the relations maybe not relationship contact between two great powers. to improve how to improve because we are very dangerous situation and. they believe the. both sides want to you know have this conflict you know. so we have to. be ok i want all the time we have gentlemen but one thing is we are sure it'll be a great photo op no but no doubt about that that's all the time we have gentlemen many thanks to my guests a new york london and in lake jackson and thanks to our viewers for watching us here at r.t.c. next time and remember crosstalk. so
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what's your. defense.
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i think more doogan is an outstanding person because he took on the most powerful agency in this county or you'll be the state if you look at some of the before now and. mark was the day that when he was five. going to be in the sheriff's most contentious could take for a year is the first time i noticed something wasn't right in fleeced work pretty much when he first started the corruption in palm beach county is not something
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that you can smell it seem like it's a nod and a wink it wasn't what i wanted to. have more on all the shootings in this county then some states have had collective thing to do and went to his website began featuring comments about gold his family the sheriff's wife and i'm going to squash you like a bug you know i wish you'd stop then you should stay on the left and stuff i believe what i'm doing ok you know it's your funeral. did p.b.s. and critic dude in this house. i snuck out of the united states. into russia political. men they know bad wolf.
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this is r t donald trump and the reason may tell reporters that anglo-american relations are stronger than ever comes after the us president to the british prime minister's. deepest and most advanced special relationship long tradition of friendship collaboration highest level of special. told the media in central london mass protests taking place against trump's visit. plus an exclusive interview with larry king on r.t. russia's foreign minister says policy in the west concerning moscow is now based on the assumption of guilt and not. be a source of there is no. use becoming. friends
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through. life worldwide this is asking international i'm calling for the biggest stories we're covering here this friday the thirteenth of july is just ten six pm here in moscow it's four pm right now in britain and that's where the prime minister to resign may have the u.s. president donald trump of been putting on a united front to dispel any rumors of discord over that country's so-called special relationship. give our relationship in terms of grade the highest level of special yesterday had breakfast lunch and dinner where there discussion here is really something very special there was something something very special this incredible woman great here a very smart very tough very capable person broadest deepest and most advanced
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security cooperation special relationship i think the prime minister made for her partnership special relationship have a lot of respect for the prime minister. long tradition of friendship collaboration and i think she's a terrific woman i think she's doing a terrific job at how the two were pains to point out just how much they agreed over security. despite those early newspaper reports that donald trump wasn't happy at the premier's plant saying they risked leaving britain behind in any trade deal called that interview fake news and try to rally around and under pressure to resign may just raising her leadership and saying it is all about how as a friend than an enemy he also railed at the european union for what he called a horrible unfair trade deals with the u.s. . brussels doesn't compare to late fielding a raft of questions to reason a reaffirm the extent to which he plans to disentangle britain from the e.u. and hopes that it could bode well for any future u.s. trade deal now trying largely agreed with that wouldn't commit saying that whatever mrs may plans is fine by him it still could affect any trade deal with the united
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states now has doubled from how talks with the reason a huge crowd have been making their way through london's west end in a major show of public anger against the president's visit to see it is that let's try third time lucky see if we can get through to you on this it's a busy part of town that house had been progressing over the last couple of hours was really the question and it was the protesters now for the protests that have been. you came here we are here in trafalgar square you can see behind me the square is absolutely packed with tens of thousands of people that have been marching to get to this point for the last couple of hours and it has to be said that the numbers of people who turned out while we saw donald trump and theresa may try to show a unified front they've talked about their special relationship we've seen people here talk about how the only special relationship truck seems to have is with him.
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he really thinks. that coming out onto the streets in such numbers is fake news so all of these people aren't. trying to make it be understood that the u.s. president is not welcome here and again this is just one of many activities that have been taking. yes. i can barely hear myself think but it's been like this for the last couple of hours really the mood here is very persistent in terms of showing the president he's not welcome to the u.k. and this is something that's been. leading up to yet and very sad was it is he arrived yesterday we saw a protest outside the u.s. ambassador's residence in london where donald trump is spending one night. really a tear us down to where this massive giant balloon depicting donald trump wearing
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a nappy was flown over are just outside parliament also here in central london so obviously the mood here seems to speak for itself in many ways with so many people finding the time and the urgency to come out to say that they just don't want donald trump. has a very well attended and certainly quite well behaved ok nastia for now we'll leave it that will come back to you a little bit later on how much of tom's going to get to say that it is we don't know but thanks for that for now. trump and may go down to business their spouses were having a much more leisure only time america's first lady madonna trump drawing the prime minister's husband phillip for a game of balls while members of the press were advised to wear flat shoes mrs trump was seen in the last bowling green and high heels that i wear that affected her game a lot. but let's get a few of done stanton naser t.v.
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as human lie detector and body language expert darren welcome to the program i'm a went to all lengths to stress how special their relationship actually is how convincing were they in your view. not very to be honest i think you know we've seen the usual power gestures you know mr trump tricks with his power handshake and placed his hand on the shoulder which again is to say no i'm the more powerful person and i think during the press conference. the verbal contents of what it was saying sounded very nice but i think nonverbally. my mind especially i don't think the relationship is as a strong as he would like to convey what about mrs may's body language then because he couldn't be looking forward to that news conference after the front pages of the sun and other newspapers this morning and certainly quite the friday the thirteenth for her but she seemed to be nodding and smiling more than many might have expected to do. you know i think you know as a politician she's got a great deal of mentor resilience so i think she should be tough but it couldn't
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have been very easy you know sort of with the some of the questions later on in the q. and a the fact that the day before president trumpeted bill has been criticizing a sort of breaks it. activities etc and the fact that boris johnson would also make a great prime minister so i think she did compare yourself with great dignity but it was clear that you know it was a very anxious and a very sort of tough moment for her how would you describe donald trump and to reason may's encounter as compared to just a couple of years back would have barack obama and david cameron. i think is very different i think they seem to be a very natural sort of report between barack obama and cameron lots of the gestures sort of think of matching and mirroring where the two used to free speech were quite a lot there were a lot more tactile as well so i think there's a vast contrast in difference between then and now really. and what about now he's going to be off having tea with the queen now in windsor castle now she has seen
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presidents and prime ministers come and go she's not going to fall for any of the trump charm. now i don't think so at all i think obviously the queen's as you say she says she's seen it all she is you know sort of interacted with with many many presidents over the years seen it all so i don't think she'll take any and every so that even from from president trump it be quite interesting to any any sort of encounters or present from speaks about but so be quite interesting do you think the way the public perceives the way people in those positions conduct themselves in their body language because on the one hand you people don't seem to want very antiseptic beige politicians not moving or giving any gestures and then on the other hand they don't seem to like the being to protect our leader. yeah i mean i i often hear this uncertain president trump we need does very much come over as being calm group with what he thinks i mean i worked a lot on the run up to the presidential election and you know during the u.s. primaries and the question i was asked a lot was the father is easy being truthful in terms of what he was saying you know
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on the campaign trail and the truth is jessie's mom is very consistent in congregant with what he thinks and in the way that conveys him self with his body language so i do think yes the public do like politicians to be completely open honest income group with the body language and let's not forget you know many politicians do get trained and coached in how to present themselves to the media or to be able to shake loose over the weekend when he heads up to one of his golf courses to go and play a round or two for the other right down stanton thanks for keeping watch over that for us good to talk to you thank you very much thank you now even though trungpa may have been keen to show unity there have been a number of issues that are putting strain on ties as more and now explains. america and the u.k. have a special thing going special relationship they called it language culture values defense then came trump but surely he can't ruin it
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right the special relationship between the u.k. and the u.s. has been strong for many years and will have opportunity to talk about a possible future trading relationship really remember barack obama when he came around they couldn't get enough of him everyone wanted to shake his hand and get a picture what a swell guy. trump just doesn't have the charm it seems where barber was greeted with cheers and applause trump gets protests and outrage even a giant trump baby balloon and americans being told to all of.


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