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summit take to the white house announces donald trump's inviting the russian president to the u.s. in the autumn and it's causing. the american media. three years of hardship. and thousands of residents of two syrian town after they were moved to government controlled territory in a prisoner exchange. leaked video showing the dutch foreign minister saying that there's no such thing as a peaceful multicultural society it triggers a wave of criticism that he claims he only made those comments in order to kickstart a debate so i guess followed his cue. multicultural societies what promises to the perfect twenty first century societies don't function in the
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west at least in western europe multicultural has made europe as rich this country . the twentieth and it is now just after eleven am in moscow of course the international in a very warm welcome to you. so just as the dust had started to settle on the putin somewhat in helsinki the white house dropped a bombshell inviting the russian president over to washington later this year at the move. in the western media demand that even president trump now says interfered in u.s. democracy invited to the white house and now the president has apparently doubled down that announcement left some administration insiders surprised at the right and that's a kind of top spy in the united states he doesn't know how is that possible that
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the president of the united states is inviting putin for a second in a couple of months in the fall over at the white house because the president he works for is donald trump. artie's column up and not reports on the latest from the white house in helsinki president of the united states agreed to go in working level dialogue between the two security council staffs president trump asked john bolton to invite president putin to washington in the fall and those discussions already on the way we have the announcement from sarah huckabee sanders the white house press secretary this comes in the aftermath of quite a bit of media hysteria in response to donald trump's a meeting in helsinki with the russian president if you look at time magazine or the new yorker there's been quite a bit of hysteria in u.s. media now in recent comments the russian president has actually warned the world about the hysteria in the us media and about you know forces that would push false
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narratives about the meeting in helsinki to advance their own political gain. there are forces in the us ready to easily sacrifice russia u.s. relations for their political ambitions. these sorts of people as beautiful and pathetic but these people who are the pitiful nor pathetic on the contrary they're pretty powerful if they can fool. stories to millions of the citizens and they count in the aftermath of the helsinki meeting which took place on monday we've seen quite a bit of shifts and changes in how the us president has described that meeting his explanation and assessment of the events seems to go back and forth they have president putin he just said it's not russian i will say this i don't see any reason why it would be and should have been i don't see any reason why it wouldn't be russia. sort of a double negative he would agree with u.s.
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intelligence that. russia meddled in the election twenty sixteen i would say that that is true but you haven't condemned putin specifically do you hold him personally responsible well i would because he's in charge of the country getting along with president putin getting along with russia is a positive not a negative if that doesn't work out i'll be the worst enemy he's ever had the worst he's ever had so this new announcement that trump is indeed planning to invite the president of russia to the united states to the white house for another meeting it fits in with a recent tweet from trump he said he was looking forward to a second meeting with the russian president but many people are wondering what will happen next as trump seems to have gone back and forth and as trump faces widespread media hysteria and criticism for the fact that he met with the russian head of state the news to both the media and the intelligence community by surprise
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the u.s. director of national intelligence done coats was giving an interview when the news came in about putin being invited to washington hey we have some breaking news the white house has announced on twitter that is coming to the white house in the fall . again i. ok. that's going to be special. all residents in the two rebel held town of friday in the northwestern syrian province of idlib have been successfully evacuated from the area under a deal between the syrian government and militants old residents were moved to areas controlled by damascus in exchange for imprisoned rebel fighters abbas's transported almost seven thousand people out of the cities it's a deal that sounded years of suffering during the blockade as what i have explains
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. for three long terrible years the people of food. live besieged two pro-government villages in the middle of the kingdom in syria and the islamists the warlords and the terrorists were out for blood. this is something they had been previous evacuation attempts last years five thousand civilians were being bussed out and the deal with rebels a suicide bomber blew up nearby over one hundred died. well. you know about. that.
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i met some of the evacuees last year they were clearly traumatized scarred here men and women and yes even children fought for three years they held out. to. think i was a pretty for my family we've been sick game the speech was very. possible to describe it it's impossible to express it. but on. this latest deal was made by the syrian government and had. previously used. in syria islam ists let seven thousand civilians leave the two
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towns and the syrian government releases hundreds of militants from prisons the rebels have lost the two villages they use this bugging chips for years they have also lost swathes of territory and homes and southern syria. in the span of mia months. after the evacuation the rebels drove tanks into foo and trashing national
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flags and defacing acids portraits and damascus now has a serious problem. filled to the brim with islamists and rebels from all over the country and with nowhere left to run the stage is set for the last bloody showdown of the syrian war. the future of a makeshift migrant camp in a park in the french city of non is in question some four to five hundred people have pitched up there with the sanitary conditions now so bad doctors are warning of an epidemic the local prefecture ordered the park to be evacuated but the city's mayor refused to comply saying she would offer the migrants basic aid instead but the matter has gone to court which has sided with the prefecture but it's still unclear whether migrants will be resettled and the camp began forming a couple of months ago when the first tents were erected so we dispatched our
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correspondent charlotte to penske to that park. in a public garden in the heart of the city hundreds of refugees stand in line for their next meal one of them we will be calling him has been in the city for two months he's agreed to speak to us as long as we hide his identity. we are lost hopeless there are problems with finding somewhere to live food we don't sleep well it's very terse and painful very painful because there is a risk of rapid dam experience not at all happy because we're in danger here and sanitation is a big issue it's estimated that around five hundred people live in this camp yet there is only one toilet and just a single water tap they've been here for weeks after being expelled from an abandoned building nearby and a problem that was once being masked it's now in full view and locals are getting
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increasingly worried and you get well it's very negative for months just like it's negative for any other city where this sample regardless of whether it's paris or any other city it's a very bad sign for the locals and tourists. i think we need to evacuate them from a move them outside of the scene of the sunday from now we try to have a clean city but today the hygiene conditions are not being respected and. they don't have access to sanitation there's only one water tap this park is not adapted migrants despite calls to clear the camp the local mayor had refused saying the reception of migrants should be dignified and organized but so far it's anything but the camp is being deemed an eyesore and a major senate taishan issue by many locals and it's also a big worry for humanitarian groups. there is a problem with town hall that doesn't want to take responsibility for the emergency
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and it's a humanitarian emergency here. they are not economic migrants they are political migrants ninety five percent home from war zones. now the authorities have taken the decision to expel migrants from this camp and they pack up their few belongings they're not sure where they're going to head to next but it will be somewhere and they're likely to stay together as a group so the problem rather than being solved is just being moved despite promises by the local authority to solve this situation with emergency accommodation so far it just looks like they're losing control charlotte you've been ski r.t. known. it is our international. walk away used by people abandoning the u.s. democratic party has been picked up by the media who suggest the trend is actually the work of russian automated accounts or bots trying to sow discord we spoke to
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the creator of the walk away movement to find out more. be ready you think that the walk away campaign is comprised of russian bots i would suggest that they check out our facebook page which is where the campaign really takes place that's hash tag walk away campaign go there on facebook and what you'll find is video testimonials of actual human beings who are looking into their cameras and telling their stories and in a so frenzy deal i was instantly hope to his message the democrats don't care about us not one bit they walked away from us a long time ago and it's time for us to do the same i'm sure those who watch oh they're telling their stories about why they're walking away to the left and there's people in the raid were also telling their stories about reclaiming their voice and the nairs of what it means to be a conservative which has been hijacked by the left they're telling you know what it means to be conservative and what their values are and welcoming people who are
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blocking we last so i mean this is a pretty easily disputable think these are real people making real video testimonials and you can see them with your own eye. the movement whose motto is quote not just a hash tag has gained a strong following online with more than a sixty thousand subscribers on facebook a new cases of former democrat supporters abandoning the party's ideals are emerging each and every day now the media are pinning that walk away on russian balls as the movement was mentioned by a site that tracks twitter accounts linked to alleged russian interference call the a hamilton project but the site itself says the media have got it wrong. most of the third party reporting on the dashboard continues to appear with some variation of the headline russian bots are pushing x. this is inherently inaccurate they're not all in russia we don't even think they're all commanded in russia at all we think some of them are legitimately passionate
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people that are just really into promoting russia here's our brand in the strike again founder of walk away on why democratic officials are trying to denigrate the movement. i think it's an incredibly desperate attempt by the left wing politicians and the democrats to explain away the fact that people are leaving their party and they're no longer happy with what's going on on the left. you know it's like they tried every every trick in the book to sort of dehumanizing people first it was you know calling people to get calling people racist and calling people nazis you know anything that they can do to jews you were nice people and that didn't work so now they've actually doubled down and related really started calling human beings robots all of this in a desperate attempt to cover up the fact that their party has no plan their party has no appeal to people anymore because they really just become a party of rage anger hostility and now tory nonviolence people don't want it
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anymore people are leaving the left is are not robots these are actual people who were set up in democratic party chairs abroad and so i just halfway through the program here without international and still coming your way the dutch foreign minister says there's no such thing as a peaceful multicultural society and you can imagine how those comments went down to the story about. when i was told seemed wrong. but all roads just don't hold. any world yet to seep out of this thing comes after. and in detroit because of the trail. when something you find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground .
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they gave his camera. roughly once they showed some leaves for them. to joan cool videos and so on with the broken eastern apps. down more on string i don't rightly don't t.v. . u.s. president donald trump has repeatedly said he wants better relations with russia he did finally have his long sought summit with lot of here putin both presidents called it a success the american political class and corporate media describe the helsinki summit as a failure and worse. thanks for joining us here on ars he the dutch foreign minister stuffed bloc is facing a storm of criticism after saying there's no such thing as a peaceful multicultural society.
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where it is far easier. to get. into a different office. the more there are. those who teach science are. already being. killed. oh sure. the minister also dismissed the former dutch colony as a failed state due to ethnic divisions a refugee groups on politicians alike have expressed dismay over mr block's remarks . blogging orderly offends people that look like me but a whole national history and identity this isn't worth your government official minister block is undermining efforts by this government to make joint agreements
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in europe on the proper reception of refugees or bloc has apologized for his remarks saying they were meant to spark a debate not to offend we decided to put the issue up for debate with independent journalist look and un coordinator on minorities mohammed sort of. he says things which are and formal unfortunately real is that diem multicultural societies that were promised us that the perfect twenty first century site is don't function in the west at least in western europe i think this last remark you just based on. ignorance of how can societies can bring together a big example i can ensure we can witness is the work of the french team for example look at french team french team contains a multicultural society france beat another team from a small country from the balkans and all the players in this small team of the
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country of origin so there is no rule to be taken out of that to meet the multiculturalist that doesn't function is what you have communities living next to each other and not mixing it is very easy for example for asians to. melton and become members of society but we have some some part of the population that refuse it to want to impose their culture in the public space like islam for example democracy can only be based on respect respect of or that are each other culture respect it comes from also from form not to fear from other people culture from the other society we import misery we have a social security system which is based on the contribution of everyone and the problem is that the millions that come to europe never participated they never contributed and they come with families look at examples off the continent of africa if we have left africa alone would not have seen african migrated to to to europe if we had not it would not have sucked the richness of africa there diamond
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the gold live the oil then those people who stayed in their own country that would be years and years no no if you have. been in your result when the laws of the world to try to invade other countries and critical of police countries and they complain. why am i going to come back to europe because you've conquered they conquered those countries around the poles laws they believe come back to with us if you want it's right in england does it that spring is here migrating they ask you for the black in the sixties to come and work in england same with danger this is not people are and how the choice is by force is not a choice minorities are welcome when they are minorities one it is a real inflation in millions no it doesn't stop living there for thirty years in europe for thirty five years i believe because the multicultural has made europe as rich of this country is not by wiping someone else and it's not about. you know imposing someone else culture in another i didn't see that i would like to see or
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read integration more. british military personnel could be prosecuted for alleged war crimes committed while assisting operations conducted by america and two year probe into drone use carried out by a cross party parliamentary group found that the u.k. may have been complicit in targeted killings in afghanistan iraq and syria as well as yemen somalia and pakistan countries where the u.k. isn't even officially a war the inquiry's report raises concerns about the legitimate use of combat drones are broad claiming that it could lead to a number of an acknowledged civilian deaths and the report says that the u.k. is complicit in illegal strikes conducted by other states which were receiving british military and intelligence support the u.k. government's policy regarding drone use is branded in the reporters quote opaque ambiguous and effectively unaccountable we spoke a lot and met
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a member of the parliamentary group behind the report. we need to be more transparent and it has to be. very open and the information needs to be available this should be a parliamentary oversight and the government also needs to make sure that there is proper legislation to ensure transparency and also accountability as well as illegality under international law and this also means that we make sure that there are no civilian casualties nor extrajudicial killings and wherever possible those culprits that they want want to catch they should be caught and brought to justice rather than the easy use of drawings and killing them without us knowing exactly what the allegations are according to this report some drone strikes were conducted without parliament's approval with the defense ministry admitting to only one civilian. we do everything we can to minimize the risk to
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civilian life from u.k. strikes it is therefore deeply regrettable that strike resulted in an unintentional civilian fatality the u.k. drone strikes within syria have killed one civilian that's the code of the official statistics obviously anyone the knows about drone strikes knows that that figure is absolutely ludicrous no one that i know finds that credible at all the u.k. government claims the only once really has been killed in a drone strike is insane no one believes that because it's low risk it means they don't have to there's no impetus on reporting it so there's no coverage in the mainstream media and it's certainly very little coverage from that from the likes of the b.b.c. here in the u.k. there are various sources really groups in the u.k. that are trying to monitor drone strikes but it obviously is very very difficult but the problem is growing definitely and it's it is a worry a pleasure having you with us today here on r.t.
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international more of your friday worldwide news headlines to come your way in about twenty five. the new global economic war is unfolding in the realm of education the right to education has been supplanted by the right to access education low it's high education is becoming just another product that can be bought and sold but it's not just about education anymore it's also about running a business where you could be a mom also regime like could this also. follow they could if you. want is the
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play. of students in this business model before college was born. an extremely more high education but the new global economic war. looks like a comparison to the u.k. versus the u.s. policies are still global trade so dollar topcoats of the global trading environment with the ability with leverage america's got a leverage in that economy and you can reshape the global economy even went against the e.u. with no leverage they have a zero leverage against the e.u. therefore they've lost tragically against you and their colleagues being marginalized and isolated as a result of it they completely misstated our misunderstood there at the equation between the u.k. and the e.u. when it comes to business and.
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hello and welcome to cross talk for all things considered i'm peter lavelle u.s. president donald trump has repeatedly said he wants better relations with russia he did finally have his long sought summit with lot of near putin both presidents called it a success the american political class and corporate media describe the helsinki summit as a failure and trump even worse are the united states and russia destined to be enemies forever. cross talking with a phobia i'm joined by my guest brian becker in washington he's the director of the answer coalition as well as host of loud and clear a daily news show on radio sputnik also in washington we have earl rescues and he is the executive vice president of the eurasia center and. managua across sudan
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koba like he is an adjunct professor of law at the university of pittsburgh as well as author of the plot to scapegoat russia or a gentleman cross-like rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want and i always appreciate it dan when did you finish writing your book the date. yes last last year like last spring so what did you know that we didn't know then because it sounds like an absolutely perfect idle for the moment in the current news cycle go ahead well russia's been a scapegoat united states for a long long time you know we could go as far back certainly as nine hundred seventeen but certainly after or two we had you know what was known as the cold war which. centered upon the vilification of russia to justify the us. benchers abroad and we are in a new cold war now and we were it was an it. and it seems to be only intensified
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even though the soviet union collapsed in one thousand nine hundred one the us has developed by russian energy that it's not ok brian what do you know what i find really interesting in this saga that's been going on here is that it seems to me that i'm very very often the united states and its western allies particularly nato they project all of their own sins upon russia ok meddling in other people's election well we could spend an entire month on a daily basis going through all of the meddling that the united states and its allies have been involved in for the last few decades and it would still be a cursory review i mean it seems to me that russia places other the up as the negative of what we want to see in ourselves go ahead. absolutely i mean if you if you go through and people have gone through the record of the united states not just interfering in other elections including rushes in one thousand nine hundred
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six there's that famous time a green of boris yeltsin with the american flag and it says yanks to the rescue because america flooded moscow with american advisors and millions of dollars to make sure their candidate were as yeltsin won otherwise the communist party in russia would have actually been the winner but it's not just interference if the us doesn't like the results of elections after they've tried to influence them then they overthrow the government this is what happened with the democratically elected government of mohammad most that day in iran it dared to nationalize the anglo iranian oil company now known as b.p. so of course the us overthrew it and imposed on iran the shah the monarch you can't get more or less democratic government there's a long history of this the united states the media presentation here is so incredible you had donald trump going to europe meeting with the new.


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