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tv   Keiser Report  RT  July 24, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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donald trump expressed willingness for another round of talks after the two leaders met in helsinki last week second meeting potentially with the to be approved. is that in the works is it planned has it been you know i would say it's in the works we had a tremendous discussion on many things but fact is we got along very well i think i'd have a good relationship with you the next time the two leaders meet could be at the g twenty summit in argentina or right here in d.c. in the nation's capital and apparently john bolton national security advisor will be working out all the logistics the next time he's in moscow but the last meeting the helsinki summit that took place last week provoked a total hysteria here in the us of the media accuse trump of treason just for talking to putin calling him names like a trader a week poppy a kremlin stooge putin's puppet and even accused him of being affiliated with the
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f.s.b. and the k.g.b. so it was totally outlandish but let's check out what else they have to say. i don't know which side is the bride and which side of it is the groom anderson but it is that we're sort of feels like we're in a wedding you have been watching perhaps one of the most disgraceful performances by an american president why is president trump putting himself in this vulnerable high stakes an area and letting flat in their putin lead. command that even president trump now says interfered in u.s. democracy invited to the white house and now the president has apparently doubled down. to washington so let's collude again like a top spy in the united states he doesn't know how is that possible that the president of the united states is inviting putin for a second summit in
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a couple of months in the fall over at the white house because the president he works for is donald trump despite media frenzy a new poll showed that the majority of americans support the upcoming meeting between trump and putin and about sixty one percent of americans are in favor of improved relations with russia so trump and the american people seem to be on the same page. when you get to the future it will be and there's a campaign that getting ready here is a good thing that. now when it comes to u.s. russia relations and not everyone shares the same enthusiasm nikki haley contradicts her own boss on the topic we don't trust russia we don't trust we never well they're never going to be our friend that's just a fact so it appears that nikki haley thinks that human concepts like friendship
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and trust are necessary to build bilateral ties between two nations states but president putin's take was a little bit different. but regarding who can be trusted. and if you can trust anyone it's who i'm telling you you can't trust anyone where did you get this notion from the president trump trust me and i entirely trust him one of the two she defends the interest of the united states of america is that i defend the interests of the russian federation so domestic reaction aside it looks like both sides agree that diplomacy will improve the ties between the two superpowers so we're just going to have to see how this plays out yeah i also spoke to independent journalist julie loria who says' america isn't buster to the u.n. is undermining trump's efforts on any chance of improving relations with moscow but we know what side nikki haley's on she's on the side that's calling trump a traitor for going to the first summit in helsinki and she's posed to work for
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president trump and her very first speech at the u.n. . she slammed russia over ukraine and this was just after trumpet said in the campaign he wanted better relations with russia so she's been on this anti russian thing all along she did say in that interview that it's ok if they meet it's going to play me i mean she has to say that i mean what we saw after that was that it was the disgrace not the press conference or the summit but the media reaction to that i mean if you want to criticize trump you could do that and measured tones as a journalist these people are not journalists they're acting like assets of u.s. intelligence if they are just carrying mortar again for those who oppose this summit who try to stop it by those indictments two days before look i think the media here is got to be discounted i mean it should be discounted but it's having a huge effect. social media giant facebook has found itself under fire for removing the works of art is peter paul rubens from it's on for it's the flemish
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painter is best known for pieces that contain nudity and he says he takes a closer look at the story. full centuries these were considered priceless treasures and masterpieces and now that contentious well according to facebook it appears the platform's take box approach to ads means that console the difference between art and pornography annoying art galleries and museums all of about open from visits one does to mark zuckerberg about ruben's breasts we have noticed that facebook consistently rejects works of on bits of paul reubens even though we secretly have to laugh about it your cultural censorship is make you want for all the difficult in the append that to add to the facebook see they've even also a big to discuss the matter. so what is the seventeenth century artist well his baroque style paintings of famously known to feature nudes and cherubs
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sometimes delicately draped with cloth but this artistic taste is a big no no with the media john strict advertising rules they call the flemish tourist company thinking if he's not appropriate for facebook he's not appropriate for you and if you have a social media account we have to take you away from the nudity thing to protect your good spirits even if autistic in nature this includes paintings individual bodies such as not to speak cleavage story but it's just that we put your head in front of this painting we are searching for. you for. facebook has said it's open to discussion but there is no doubt this is great pay off spin by museum curators as it is in fact possible to post artistic needs on facebook if it's part of an ad that is in the stricter guidelines and could be rejected but facebook might be playing it safe for different reasons back in two thousand and seventeen facebook came into fire for failing to may have sexual
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images of children and also failing to stop leaks revenge porn photos all this spot concerns in the face. moderation system facebook three baltic census posts but it appears that makes it hard to distinguish between pornography and artistic nudity but when it comes to exploitation though you can be sure as a facebook user you'll be protected from art. the u.k. government has opened up a bondage role supporting the saudis in the yemen conflict britain has acknowledged it has leaders all officers in riyadh the military command and control center were targets for or strikes are selected but insisted that they were only there in advisory capacity we've got live reaction coming up in a moment but first the details with danny hawkins this arsonist come from tory m.p. out of the book he's the minister of state for the middle east that before and
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commonwealth office specifically with regards to the role of u.k. personnel in saudi military control rooms there had of course been speculation for quite some time about the exact scale and depth of the u.k.'s involvement in the conflict with the british government everything in the past is a train advise and assist mission alongside the saudi military which indeed the country's foreign minister had. in the past. we have british officials american officials and officials from other countries now commanding control center we pick the targets they don't i don't know technically exactly what part of the process they're involved in by do you know they're aware of the target list now the size of the u.k.'s arms sales to a country that has been accused of human rights abuses and even walk reimers in the yemen conflict by various organizations and charities from human rights watch and amnesty to the campaign against arms trade has long been a salient issue some british politicians have also expressed their discomfort with
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the u.k.'s link to this very bloody conflict germany has suspended arms sales to saudi arabia but british arms sales of sharply increased and british military advisers are directing the war it cannot be right that her government this is cannot be right that her government is true looting in one of the united nations is evidence of war crimes but the u.k. government has been adamant all along that its involvement in the yemeni conflict alongside saudi arabia is both proportionate necessary and legal in order to protect the saudi civilians from ballistic missile attacks by the who thiis the self-defense law and of course also taken by the saudi arabian government britain supports saudi arabia its right to defend its security against missile attacks from yemen many of which have targeted the kingdom cities including react. any solution
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to the conflict must ensure that saudi arabia no longer faces this cross border security threat now after the first direct admission it may see more of u.k. military personnel being present in those saudi military control rooms questions will remain what exactly the role has been both in the past will be in the future and of the why the british government has been so hesitant all along to reveal these details to the public. let's get the thoughts now of mike riley who is the coeditor of b s news and a frequent guest on the program welcome you are mike the u.k. government has confirmed let's just summarize here that it's currently is on officers in command centers or as they call them targeting rooms how surprised are you that their train and assist mission expands to operation rooms.
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not surprised at all i'm not surprised that the down downplaying of this advisory. military contingent in saudi arabia either. said that there's only a few military u.k. military personnel but other reports i've read side the figure of over seven thousand u.k. military personnel in this mission which is effectively directing the war against the hutus and against the civilians in yemen. what this is it this is a over three years of genocide this is affecting the state sanctioned killing of of kids one small in the middle east. and the british government as jeremy called and said back in march is colluding and the u.n. has evidence of war crimes and that makes treason may a war criminal this is no good no question about that in my mind she's one of a long list obviously of u.k. prime ministers there has colluded with the radical islamists of the middle east the muslim brotherhood the there were hardly fanatics in saudi arabia so this doesn't surprise me at all what does surprise me is that the they've been very lax
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so coy with their figures and they're saying there's just a few military personnel there almost like if it's only a few war crimes it's not too bad a war crime is a war crime genocide is genocide and we've been targeting civilians with killed with missile strikes that wedding parties and schools and hospitals all of these are war crimes and the british government and its troops over in saudi arabia are colluding in that respect so yeah it's shocking but it's not shocking if you know what i mean yeah we expect this from our government the term mike trainers train on assist is something we've heard a lot done in the years but never quite knew what it meant no we're hearing that train and assist it is in actual command centers the hub of the operation for attacks it opens up a lot of questions how necessary is it for train and assist to be that close to the action. well it isn't at all if you were training and assisting you would not
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necessarily be in the command room if you were directing the war then yes obviously you need to be close to where the war is being waged and that's exactly what's going on. the idea that the british are not doing that is just to anyone anyone thinks that is is so naive the british government and the u.s. government sells billions of pounds of billions of dollars worth of weapons to saudi arabia it makes sense that the british military will say we want to see how that's being used and if they wanted to they could they could per order him to stop a strike on a wedding party they could stop a strike on a hospital that's not happened obviously and we just see the the daily death and destruction in yemen and the you know the people of the country the civilians the kids the women of that of that country no one's thinking about those every country's amazing asked about this she talks about humanitarian aid we have sent another two hundred million pounds over as if that makes any difference at all and it may not make a difference in terms of
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a staging guilt but in terms of helping the people and actual humanitarian aid and assistance it's doing nothing it just briefly the turn to another aspect of this the saudi foreign minister said in twenty sixteen that u.k. officers were aware of the targets that riyadh was aiming at and still we know there are a dozen solve cases with yemeni civilians being hit in saudi strikes that raises a question doesn't it but the u.k. is training. yes but again i think that's deliberate i think let's face facts the this war didn't even need to break out there was a plausible power sharing agreement proposed three years ago obviously that was ignored by the west by the u.k. and the u.s. and saudi arabia itself so this war didn't even need to happen. but you're right and i think the. the leverage that the u.k. and the u.s. has over saudi arabia in terms of weapons sales means that they could they could seize or power hold any strikes on civilians if they wish to that hasn't happened
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and so we can only imagine that this will get increasingly worse for the people of of yemen until until the international criminal courts bring to reason my and whole government to justice ok the thoughts accusations there we have to say from mike riley they are the views of him coeditor of b s news mike thanks as always thanks. donald trump is considering revoking the security clearance of several obama intelligence officers the white house press secretary said they had politicized and in some cases monetize their access to sensitive information and made base this cleans up by the president reporters were quick to question the implications of the threat because she doesn't like and he wants to punish them for.


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