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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  August 2, 2018 7:30am-8:01am EDT

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for the past year in fact according to governing dot com americans living out of their cars isn't unique to just the city of seattle washington matty quinn reports that there's been a boom in vehicular homelessness especially out on our lovely left coast where rents some skyrocketed in the number of homeless people who don't live in shelters is up twenty thousand from twenty seventeen but with more and more u.s. citizens being forced to live out of their cars due to increasing rent heavy debt low wages and an affordable cost of living what are they going to do when the national law center on homelessness and poverty is reporting that across the country the number of prohibitions against to be a residency has more than doubled during the last decade. appears that the ghost of tom joad still haunts the american highways and cities as we start watching the hawks. want to. get the.
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real thing. at the bottom. of. what they like you know that i got. the. tickets are. welcome or want to watch from the heart i robot and that town is a lot less. top of the let me and i think i have to look at this is true for not only the united states but around the world as well so pay attention our international friends and family. what good is a booming economy have only a small small percentage of the population can actually enjoy it because that's what i think is happening here in the u.s. everyone says oh the economy is going great everyone can get a job but i don't see a lot of people really enjoying this economy the way i saw it back and like the i'd
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say the eighty's or the ninety's like what people are buying and having a great time yeah i would say that you can't have it's not a booming economy if only a small percentage of your population which is in our case mostly the one percent or that top one point zero zero percent or whatever the ninety the rest of the ninety nine percenters are not. they're not doing as well and that to me is like you don't have a booming economy as you said there's tons of jobs but there are people to fill them you know were there so many issues that play here with child birth weights immigration and a lot of other things that i think that it's it's absolutely to chris to ask the american people to think agree that there's a big. economy and to believe that while we still have all these what will who are clearly not getting anything out of their cars zooming out of their cars and then getting fines for living oh my god i'm going to ask you why you know bridget barron
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tell me why is this hybrid why are people forced to bring living living like literally there's i can go to a can get apartment and get a house i'm going to park a what little i have left and put my car and sleep you know down the sidewalk because that's insane why is this happening so well it has always happened it's always been one of those things it's usually best stories i've always heard about artists who come to l.a. and you start at the very west coast of the united states sort of thing and it's you know actors musicians they live out of their car save money and you know whatever but usually you don't see it leased out in the open but right after two thousand and eight after we had the two thousand and eight crash you did see a lot of people suddenly there were like campsites of people who had lost their homes or their jobs and these things happen they just happen on the fringes so we don't see them so we think oh it's just happening now people are just living here now casey roach is a program director for new beginnings which is a counseling center that runs safe parking program she told gov
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a governing dot com the cost of housing is continually rising but social service programs aren't having any increase in funding if anything they're going to people are making a living but it's just not enough and that's the deal there's a gap because of the people at the bottom the bottom seventy five per cent love to give it some room to say the bottom seventy five percent if their wages aren't going up the prices are still going up because these people making these people richer that bottom seventy five percent you can expect your base to hold all the weight of your entire job a lot of people are pulling it out of there you know retire the poor no other savings a little less report after report saying that you know if somebody's most american your systems can be reformed like an extra four hundred dollars a year but if a charge for four hundred dollars comes out of nowhere. there they can't they can't cover it and when you have this look people don't know if they should write is a like you know you've taken away people's ability to later keep up with you know the economy and be able to buy things in a more department but then you're going to say look we're going to throw you we're
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buying you maybe throw you in jail living out your car your last thing i mean many homeless advocates you know are now pushing for cities to start considering like safe parking programs right as ignorant areas of the city where if you're living on your car be you can go there and park the but the problem is most u.s. cities are exacerbating the problem by criminalizing it the national law center on homocysteine poverty tracks policies in one hundred eighty seven cities across the country and they observe that this is a bad as the permit the bans that permit vehicle impoundment can cause homeless people to lose their shelter transportation and personal belongings in one fell swoop with no realistic option to retrieve replace them so a lot of times like you know parking tickets or things like that will step up then boom they come in we're all in your car away it's in the impound lot your car is all of your family possessions you know everything that you care about are going to charge you two hundred dollars a day that it's here that you can't pay it gets more expensive the longer it takes
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you to come up with the money and that's that's the problem with this and we need to start paying attention to this right now right now no one should be having to live out of their car. the all powerful all knowing all consuming god that is amazon faces plants that back recently when it hired when its highly volunteered much discussed artificial intelligence powered facial recognition system recognition with the k. had a slight snafu recently when it incorrectly matched the photos of twenty eight sitting u.s. congressional members to present their mug shots yes b.t.r. reports the a.c.l.u. quote took twenty five thousand publicly available police mug shots and then asked rec. mission to compare those images to photos of all five hundred thirty five members of congress and when the results came in twenty eight lawmakers were positively i.d.d. by recognition as matching the faces of arrestees no naturally amazon was none too
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pleased. about the test and obama posed amazon's general manager amount would argue that the a.c.l.u. simply use the default setting on the softer which would be too low for law enforcement needs stating the eighty percent confidence trust holder used by the a.c.l.u. is far too low to assure the accurate identification of a digital as we would expect to see false positives of this level of confidence we were at about ninety nine percent for a use cases where highly accurate face similary magister important but settings aside with amazon's evolvement take over a shopping industry the grocery industry the newspaper industry should be really now trust me law enforcement is free no i mean good lord is there anything that amazon and jeff bezos doesn't have you know. as a fellow bald man little finger tips no and pharmaceuticals because member they bought us a royal company i mean good lord there's a certain point we have to step back and say ok maybe enough was enough and if
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you're you know brilliant baseball recognition software can only be on the highest of high settings to be trusted in its ability to do what you said it's supposed to be able to do maybe you should get out of the surveillance business too my favorite part is when amazon says we recommend that for use in cases where highly accurate face similarity matches are important it's a facial recognition program its only job is to recognize faces at a highly accurate level i would hope you got i mean look here you don't fault your default is doesn't work you know the it doesn't work on default like eighty percent which means it's going to be like this margin of error what that they say is huge so yeah you know i mean it's really well. what's worse though is in the you still use tell us there was racial bias growing the algorithm had a racial bias just so the root actually reported that the a.c.l.u. findings suggest that there was a major racial bias in the software because most of the politicians that were
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missed identified as criminals i don't think that we shot them to the folks at home were black and latino voters and could. representative john lewis who literally marched for quality rifle equality. recognition facial recognition. that usually ok even even the the software couldn't even even even in a color official intelligence situation and the human intelligence that was giving said if they're black and latino they're probably a higher chance that they're. now. doing this for the congress to suddenly step up of course and say oh what a patient recognition might be bad oh if we're targeted we're compare and we're mistaken for criminals which given our congress i can't really fault facial recognition for failing in that i don't think if you failed i think you did exactly what it does really that was sort of my lawmakers actually wrote
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a letter to amazon c.e.o. jeff bezos it was basically addressing the ineffectiveness of the technology and they've asked to come in to provide a list of government agencies using recognition with specific emphasis on law enforcement bodies and intelligence branches now back to congress doesn't know i'm sorry these are elected officials but they don't know what technology law enforcement is using like they have to ask amazon hey by the way to just sell this to that's what i find really strange why do you not know that some saying like congress doesn't know what our law enforcement or intelligence communities are using with what were some contracting out what were talks dollars are being spent this is ridiculous i remember the russians are going to get the cyber security right but we got a we got going to be great it's been. the war of words because mao would amazon's general manager for deep learning in artificial intelligence great title stated machine learning is a very valuable tool to help law enforcement agencies while being concerned it's applied correctly we should not throw away the oven because the temperature could
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be set wrong and burn the pizza i know that's a really terrible example because in this example unfortunately you told that your d. fault if you use the auburn to cook a pizza was the setting that burnt the people that your stuff look i'm sorry man but guess what if the oven i have at home burns a pizza that's my bad i can have some pizza if your facial recognition puts the wrong guy in jail that's a little bit of a big deal yeah just saying kind of bag and. as we go to break arc watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter your full shows at our to dot com coming up we talk with former green party vice presidential candidate john rocker karen dangers of the current nationalism and militarism that is gripping washington d.c. and the country stay tuned for the true.
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the philippine city of angeles when the us military moved out the six tourists moved in. and now a whole generation of fatherless children is growing up here. hi dad and within a one month old couple simple than an eagle. eye but day is a gem like you i. i know your. son. you. are isn't the first time
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in the t.v. crew to see you or takes you for a night. answer is a little bit now and that it's real or is it. that's it the better you want my god found it. a victory you can take to gilliver that you can't take a little girl such a woman you know. oh i love doing that i did it you did it did you. wow.
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thank. the earlier and move on to the legend with your own i need. a letter was going to let. me. out. in the wake of russia gate u.s. president donald trump's recent meeting with russian president vladimir putin turning the cold war fever gripping watching them do you see in corporate newsrooms around the country to eleven when combined with the approval on wednesday by congress of the latest annual defense authorization bill to the tune of seven hundred seventeen billion u.s. tax dollars the calls for peace before bombs are definitely being drowned out of
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the foreign policy discussion like never before with corporate democrats and republicans alike reaching post nine eleven three iraq war nationalist fervor it's important to remember that there are still voices calling for peace and end to him to imperialism one of those voices is former twenty sixteen great party previous presidential candidate and national organizer for the black alliance for peace as on the baraka who recently joined us from cali colombia we started by asking mr barak a why are we seeing such pushback against peace organizations like his and what does that say about the political activist culture here in the u.s. . i think unfortunately what it represents is that when you look at the general who reject three zero zero u.s. opinion political tradition you. ideal culture you see a a stating consistent mood to the right order as for decades
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and so it is understandable there are a lot with that sort of a general mood toward the right. refined bad piece the so-called left has also moved toward the right. so what we have been in the west today in say. the politics of collaboration in very real way that is. people who still applies itself and its left still find themselves on the same side of its events and. they still see themselves taking positions that forty years ago would have been called out for being. a right is position. so you know that is part of the pushback against our efforts and against it seems to try to repeal the at the opening of this country want us to. be able to same side of us pension we instead take a position that our responsibility is to uphold its interventions or to be spanked
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it's a national blow as it relates to national sovereignty to respect the principles of step determination in to allow for people to the south of themselves how they attempt to govern themselves or even make a political change our responsibility is to make sure that this state is not out raiding in our names systematically violating the human rights of people around the world. who've you know and i think he i think that's the sad thing that we're seeing more and more taboos this is this violent pushback against peace you know if you say hey maybe i want you know two nuclear superpowers to talk rather than throw insults at each other that's bad right you know that's bad you're a traitor you're a traitor the most you don't care about your country i said you know crazy idea here i thought we were a country that broke away from monarchy and colonialism and all of these things
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because we wanted to be a self-governing democracy yes we wanted that as a people yes and we want to protect that right the democracy that means you can't run around telling people that they they aren't allowed to hope for peace or that war is better than p.s. that is nonsense and i think he was very accurate when you looked at like you know the last fifty sixty years you see this drift you know from the nineteen seventy's on you see this drift to the right especially in four analyse this very you know hard core we've got to get on well bill clinton and the night the the democrats of the ninety's moved everything right in this attempt which worked which was to make the democratic party more palatable so if you keep moving toward the middle but the middle became the right they just blew past the middle and kept going well i love this like weird idea that somehow the middle of this country wants to drop bombs on
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people sorry but i don't know that anybody who is a moderate who thinks that dropping bombs is a good idea it sounds to be that some weird thing that's only codify the washington d.c. circles of life you know the back of their words like oh well the middle they're ok with spending seven hundred billion dollars a year on the war but they're ok with that because the nerve in the middle we move more right well you know you move right you missed the majority the reality is there's one more item and process you just look at the wisconsin numbers between republicans and democrats on who won the presidential election and it literally. things back to who ever said they were going to get more wars by the way oh well for the next democrat we have got to look at wisconsin and this is the thing that you're also seeing is that john johnson affair pointed out on at that the m.s.n. b.c. coverage i think it's really important thing that we talk about covered stormy daniels over four hundred times compared next to zero coverage of u.s.
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involvement in a war in yemen and so all we ask as on the what important issues are being ignored or forgotten in the media's obsession over donald trump and russia. one of the things that we've been trying to call attention to the fact that. while the elements of corporate media along with democrats and powerful elements in the state . keep in detention or in the personality of the truck. just the ads for it's. there's been a continuation of governance in the u.s. and governance that has resulted in policies of had a measurable negative impact it will have a future on ordinary working class people you know as there was it was a much debate for example around the the trouble poses to cut taxes both
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individuals and corporate tax. there wasn't much discussion in the corporate press around the same proposal by the chairman of the situation to expand the military budget it won't forget about fifty four billion dollars that ended up being eighty billion dollars in which both republicans and democrats pounced on the line in terms of support. there's not been much discussion around a number of the shadows these there but if women. beto continue the. policies of the last four decades that have been undermining the objective which was ok working people and we see that there's been no change in the. bipartisan committee or understand that the way the u.s. is going to maintain its insurance is jim it has to do with the use of military
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force in trade but we've seen that from the democrat side even those minimal efforts on the part of the trunk administrations you. to deescalate tensions with various countries including russia. that a minister has been faced with that will push back it still have almost a crazed obsession or an escalating tensions and creating a political environment in which a direct military confrontation could be the inevitable consequence so you know it's bay continuation of certain kinds of policies are very dangerous. and these policies are both basically. farmers oms. who've man i mean yeah i mean i think he has the nail on the head and that's one of the great reasons i wanted to contact him and talk to him you know we want to reach out
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to him so i think he has such a great perspective on what the real problems are and what is being ignored i don't think. it's it's strange because i think what we're saying here is this conglomeration of greed and zina phobia and nationalism and you have these sides that are normally it's seems as if the platforms in the sides aswat to an extent where looking at someone like a person not where they were born not what borderlines they were born in or out of and looking at someone like a human being that used to be very democratic values is now very different. yes we're not seeing that and i think that's where there's a communication issue and more and more throw on the term train around all the time the last days i mean it's gone and everyone from president donald trump for not admonished putin overlarge meddling to even was it the other day c.n.n.'s jim acosta home parting from the latest strong athletes he was called a traitor so we asked john what are the dangers of this kind of blind nationalism that is gripping both sides of the political spectrum here in the united states.
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has been a very dangerous sort of rupture with the reality of that. i think is even more dangerous than the post nine eleven situation or can bring about it i think the only historic comparison that we could make and i think i think generally is the mccarthy era where basically there's there was this attempt to impose that kind of political and ideological performance you know the old american people. that any opposition to the. sort of a group think. it was resulting in the mobilization of public opinion against the soviet union and against. progress socialism communism was to be seen as embrace seeing the enemy and to be seen as trees. we see the same kind of.
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irrationality in place today. where basically if you raise questions about the dominant narrative. of. collusion between the campaign and the russians you're the question if you suggest that. question to get them it concerning the role of nato if you question the ability of maintaining a connection or u.s. policies. in syria that you are to be to be questioned. you know there's seems to be environment in which irrationality. is is the. you know the extent of the. route to go is very because it means that critical voices that are going to need to raise questions to make sure that we don't have
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a complete departure from objective reality more people becoming intimidated they are struggling to speak out about the collaboration between intelligence agencies in the private sector. and the result being that they have made it more difficult for people to see. critical information. or information to be disseminated to the internet social media. and bad there's been a. narrowing. of well acceptable perspectives that has a very visible impact on the character and the nature of immigrant practice in democratic ideals here in this country. the first libraries on earth were constructed with and temples as far back as twenty six hundred b.c. from clay tablets to popeye risk or scrolls the collection of information that is accessible to a community as
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a major force in the evolution of society which is why you shouldn't judge the newly on earth remains of germany as all this public library by its cover as soon as archaeologists unveiled the walls of the structure near a protestant church and calling the city center they knew it was a roman origin and from the middle of the second century but it wasn't until they noticed. on the wall that they find the secrets hidden for so long it turns out those alleges were actually there to hold cover for this. scrolls turns out the column library looks like it it could have held upwards of twenty thousand squirrels and its location suggest it was open to the public it seems that the romans and the germans really took a novel approach to education in creative ways and creating a great place to go with it get checked out love it alright got it was our show for today remember going in this world we're about told real love up so i told wall i
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love you i am tired robot turtle and i'm top quality keep on watching the hawks that were great and by the everybody. else of the people in the most my experience of that. we were in the number climbed this loop all day experience as old as him it's a little muscle group that's in. the psyche you would not that slow down. is like easy pending and you can take your panix out your body and the body continues on it's just an appendage. so this is what people don't understand is that the u.k. leaving the e.u. the e.u. continues on great but if you take the appendix out of the bodies it's going to
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wither and travel and die because it has no body to exist anymore and this is what's happening in the u.k. and it's going to be a lot of fun to watch because there's been living beyond their means for somebody years now now it's all coming all to prove. he. exists is harder than kentucky. we've always rude boys used to go green street families or you know new. a co money since she was almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the way when i was assured. that it was love to see these people the survivors of disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the coal mines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in the million years i would see that and it's how
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it's happened. social media warfare the u.s. on the envelop how it thinks russia is allegedly swaying opinion in america some members believe posting memes online is enough to change the course of an election a lot of pride pride related content less news more memes. nato develops a game to teach players how to spot fake news well critics say it's simply a propaganda tool. also this our personal data from millions of refugees in jordan is being harvested in a high tech operation to perfect recognition technology journalist from the red fish group investigate how ethical it is. fundamental principle that we go by is informed consent. or that we couldn't do it.


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