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tv   Watching the Hawks  RT  August 3, 2018 8:30am-9:01am EDT

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distracted by the digital worlds of facebook ok cupid twitter and twitch that we have now lost our sense of self and cognitive thinking here in the real world or is this just the next evolution of the human species like wall or the matrix predicted maybe it's time to take our eyes off the television screen and start watching the hawks. would you. like. this one. as we get to the bottom. of. what they like you know that i got. this. week so. well that we're going to watch the hawks like a robot and on top of the hour thanks for joining us even though i guess provers
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left after you told everyone i know man did not stop staring at screens even if you're listening to me now stop it one word what's in lesson hours a day i know and the the idea that it isn't just this sort of mental thing there are now when you go to the department stores they go to us a four or something their ikrima is now specifically made to combat the damage done by the blue light on your screens on your i o. so we have worked even though literally putting face creams on to help first scan see where we destroy our planet and through climate change so what we can stay indoors even longer but we still need to have a career undergo box yes cream just i mean it's really incredible and the numbers are climbing yes so according to nielsen this is gone their spend like a steady increase which i think probably has something to do with our political climate and the incomes and consumption of news media now so it's sort of there's always a job. when we're in conflicts or that sort of thing but in quarter three of twenty
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seventeen it was at ten point five hours then right up and a quarter for of twenty seventeen it jumped again to ten point eight hours a day and now in the first quarter of twenty eighteen it tipped the scales at eleven point one hours that day so that's a lot of time but if you think about you spend eight hours a day in front of a computer screen most of us because our jobs aren't manual all day are intellectual so a lot of us spend a lot of time just looking at screens and so yeah and then you go home and you watch t.v. or play video games or you look at your phone and it really is incredible when you really think about how much of life now is spend you know summer in some way or another either interacting with the screen or having your eyes transfixed to it but you brought up radio which i did well it could have such a big brain yeah i'd like to have but as you mentioned people are still going to and from work and things like that and radio ninety two percent of us adults listen
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to the radio that's be a standard internet broad your standard broadcast internet streams or satellite and if you look you see there are ninety two percent live or timeship the t.v.'s at eighty eight percent this is like the amount of people that actually are exposed to this and consuming this in the world doesn't mean that people are listening to radio longer than they're watching t.v. but they happen like more people are actually exposed to radio like every week why because it's all around us to get in your car on your way to work things like that i'm shocked that game consuls only had fifteen percent. i was surprised at how low game cognac were because you would think that but then again if you sort of say internet connected device is also a game gonzalez is also a t.v. so in some sense those numbers are even bigger you're sort of always and it's really interesting too because nielsen told cordes the one of the big things with radio is that it's because of obviously radios and cars that's been. forever but
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they all sort of the rise of online streaming services to make it easier for people to listen to radio stations or whatever they want if they're at their ground or on their desk or matter where they are you know it's one of those things but one of the other interesting factors of this is economically yes and that's one thing people always think you know if you have more money you buy more toys and you play with those toys more and the truth is in a twenty fifteen study that was done by nielsen they discovered that while people with higher incomes tend to have more access to technological advancements at their collective fingertips consumers that make less money actually spend more time with the media they spend their hard earned money on wow so that is they spend more money to get that seventy it means more you know someone who is wealthy gets an i pad they check it a corner and never look at it we're me it's it's your gateway to the world so let's remember as we've learned over the years television is the opiate of the masses that's why they invented the kind of get everybody to stare at the screen and not pay attention to what's going on in the world around them so please yes break off
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the screams of a little bit at least get up to maybe six hours a day by the front of the screen or hours but what if. it was easy for religious politicians to praise pope francis in two thousand and fifteen when he stood in front of the u.s. congress and declared that human life should be protected at every stage of development but it white be a bit harder for them to get behind this latest change in the catholic doctrine this week pope francis amounts and dishes to the gospel of life the one thousand nine hundred five letter by pope john paul the second the call for more skepticism of the value of the death penalty pope francis took the fight to the map by now declaring quote ending the life of a criminal as punishment for a crime is inadmissible because it attacks the dignity of the person a dignity that is not lost even after having committed the most serious crimes this change because catholic politicians and public servants who approve of and oversee the administration of the death penalty to rethink their platforms are run afoul of vatican city and into. why when more politicians are publicly reclaiming their
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catholic faith will those same politicians be ready to face the inevitable clashes on issues like immigration and state sanctioned murder with the catholic church faith that is quite literally telling the faithful that it's time for a major change wow wild man the pope came out gone in the day in the use of drowning in the in the term about peace and life but. man that is incredible and the big is really big because you know i've never been for the death penalty at all i've never really thought it's been powerful and you know i've never i've and i never understood it's not it's not a good thing that's not you know and it's interesting how this is playing out politically especially when you look at like how it's affecting the two parties and things of that nature well i think there's a dam head of the catholic herald had wrote a piece months ago called the trouble with catholic politicians and what he asked is which is worse left wing politicians who contradict the church on marriage and
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abortion or right wing catholic politicians who neglect the church's teaching on immigration and on the faith duty to correct some of the injustices of the market and there are there are all these things that say that as a catholic. it's really about the world it's about the world around you and what you can do to make that a better place and more toward what the ideal is so. what are they going to do that we're talking about people like ocasio cortez justin trudeau brett kavanaugh the new supreme court as possible for justice he is a catholic is a devout catholic where is he going to land on this if if it comes up well i've always asked this question and maybe it's not popular among people the faith you know what happens when they die but what if we don't know what happens when we die and what it's like no matter what you didn't life you die and it's a happy fun place after you you have to your dad so what if you're actually not punishing somebody. but killing you know i'm just throwing it out there.
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are numbers you're in twenty seventeen twenty three inmates in eight states were executed in the u.s. according to the death penalty information center but below its peak at nineteen ninety nine. but the pew research center survey conducted in april and may have twenty thousand from the fifty four percent of americans favor the death penalty for people convicted of murder while thirty nine oppose it but in one thousand nine hundred sixty seventy eight percent of americans supported capital punishment for those convicted were you see the numbers of support for the death penalty drum going down probably because a lot of the botched up penalties we've seen over the years in the news probably because of you know just that and how many that we the less innocent and the yes and the less trust in the system and i just want to throw this out there right before we run out of time is that if you know helen prejean has mr allen person who remember her for dead bad walking she is the character says in saranda place real life character real not new has fought against the death penalty and one of things up that has been reported that she said and this is out of the house the day i'm
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clicking my heels what i'm particularly delighted about is there's no loopholes we still got a bit of it into the pews and make it active but this is one of those things that say that it's it's no loopholes it's not just look at it it is definitive that life is a life. and that's you're going to have to now face that hypocrisy and it's powerful for the pope to come out and say this because let's also remember too for every mine people we we put to death to the death penalty one innocent is too much you know it when you get into that conversation exactly and that's kind of what the pope is saying is that even if you make a mistake we are you know we are supposed to be the church of forgiveness amounts about does and when you're talking about seventy million catholics in the u.s. about twenty two percent of the population that's going to affect things that are going to affect you know politics the discussion around the death penalty yes it is i think this is a bold bold move by the pope man very bold move by the pope himself as he was plays
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out social change is always right all right as we go to break off watchers don't forget to let us know what you think of the topics we've covered on facebook and twitter and see our poll shows that are t.v. dot com coming up writer activist and academic doctor dr yasmeen merritt enters the . centers the challenging narrative surrounding equal rights for healthy t.q. with the u.s. military interesting discussion you don't want to miss this stay tuned to watch in the. some for something going on.
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and they use indigenous people as you know we that they paid in. the quiet trees. mostly and so that's the only thing i did but he came. out of a sudden a man just back and told me. i said i will enter it even if they will not allow and. if they will shoot me. i don't. mung a million million indeed i'm not i'm not picking on you again i'm in the beginning that you could have been killed by the human dynamic that i think i'm a little bit like i mean because you.
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guys are financial survival guide. when customers go buy your supplies. then else well reducing our. that's undercutting but what's good for market bucket for the global economy. is a. church secret indeed just like priests accused of sexually abusing children can get away with it quite literally i like to call this the do graphic solution so what the bishop needs to do then he finds out that the priest is is a perpetrator is simply moves him to a different spot were the previous standards not the highest ranks of the catholic . earch help conceal the accused priests from the police and justice system to that end of the zone as the i and then i included used.
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to spell. according to the hague center for strategic studies eighteen countries around the world allow transgender individuals to openly serve in their military those countries include australia great britain germany france and israel in june of two thousand and sixteen then secretary of state outskirt or lifted the ban on translator people serving in the u.s. military but in march of two thousand and eighteen president trump released a plan to reverse that policy by instructing the secretary of defense and the secretary of homeland security to consider almost all people with
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a history or diagnosis of gender dysphoria be disqualified from military service trans activists and allies decry the policy which is being fought in a number of federal courts but a senior staff lawyer at the a.c.l.u. said in a statement that the policy effectively coerces transgender people who wish to serve into choosing choosing between their humanity and their country but that's where things get a little tricky is a quality within an institution which is this estimated to have killed over twenty million people since world war two a worthy goal and what does it do to our efforts of peace activism when we prop up institutions like the military through the theater of inclusion earlier we were joined by writer academic and activist yasmeen amir who co-wrote the piece inclusion in the atrocious with the l.a. mafia for current affairs magazine which challenges the fight for trans equality in the military we started by asking yasmin america how equality has been used by institutions around the world to soften their more monstrous crime. so
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the article. and i read is about it is a critique on the issue of transgender inclusion of the military and has to be clear when north saying that no one should fight for inclusion what we are asking as people who come from the left and have had long you know the left has had a long storied history of crude. of militarism what we are asking is what is the cost of inclusion for transport people so what we're really saying is the idea of inclusion is a lovely one but what are the politics of inclusion what is the price of inclusion the transgender people pay and the other issue that we raised was that the the agitation for inclusion of transgender people in the military was not something that came about organically that it was pushed upon the community particularly by people. with enormous amounts of money who have a vested interest in pushing that particular militaristic agenda so broadly
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speaking our issues are that the military in itself is an unjust inclusion is an unjust institution so asking for inclusion in an unjust institution only amplifies the injustices perpetuated by that particular institution and also what we want to try to point out is that the community often takes up causes that it claims are about love as in gay marriage or about inclusion and patriotism but that those issues should be questioned and that's really what we were pushing for in the essay that's a great and i strongly suggest folks time to read it because it kind of challenges a lot of the narratives that we see repeated over and over again in the media yes and another one actually came up this week. in. great britain and also here and that was that the freemasons and now. and but had transitioned to women that they would allow them to remain in the group and also
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they would allow as they put it women who have transitioned to male to join and some see this as this huge step forward for such an exclusive male club primarily i mean there's only two i think two largest but allow women but the freemasons also serve as a very useful connective force for the british empire and the idea of imperialism and empires so how does imperialism and empire play in that resistance to social change. how does imperialism in empire play a role and well you know it does it in a sense. in the sense that what i would say is that imperialism and empire are can join in resisting social change but that when social change happens as happened with say gay marriage over trans inclusion when the social change comes about empire then turns to the communities that it is marginalize for centuries and
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says you know after all we would really like to have you be one of us because we just realize we could use you to perpetuate our agenda so there's an interesting way in which the margins are constantly being excluded often on very violent grounds and then being co-opted and being used as you pointed out of the very beginning you talked about the is rarely army for instance talking about arab soldiers the israeli army is also very gay inclusive but that should not obscure of course the enormous military agenda the brutality of the israeli army and the overall inclusion in institutions like like the military or like golf clubs which have historically been about excluding for instance people of color excluding women overall i think we always have to ask us. when is inclusion a good thing when does it improve an institution and when is inclusion simply
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another way of co-opting his it to marginalize populations into horrible agendas you know one of the interesting things that you mentioned in the article is the institution of marriage and that the must have partnerships used to allow gay couples to access their partner's health insurance but now with gay marriage legal those are going away participation in the very flawed institution of state sanctioned marriage is being required now isn't this just forcing an oppressed class to participate in the present government licensing scheme while ignoring the issue of equality. you know what what that says is really what it says to people everywhere the addendum to that is actually that it's not just gay people who are being forced to marry it's also a strange people who have to give up their domestic partnerships so the injunction is very clear marry or die. you know that's really is what the state is
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saying to people who have had to have been perhaps in domestic partnerships or civil unions or just not marriage. it's very strange how we get obsessed with wanting to be part of institutions that have ultimately kept us out as a woman there's a ton of institutions that don't allow women and i honestly have no desire to join any of them probably for that reduce them but at the same time when you see these kind of things happening it also kind of makes you feel better it gives you that little warm like we're doing we're getting a little bit further as activists are redoing these things i wonder. if the fight for transurban is really about this sort of idea for military cohesion. or is this something a bit like when the post slavery allowing black men to vote and of voting rights it was given that if they served in the military if they had served in the civil war if the. had done these things and fought for the north they had priority it was
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almost like well see they did this so now we will give you the right to vote as if proving your worth is if you were willing to die for the country otherwise you're not worthy of. do you is this kind of had this idea of having to serve or having to be part of certain institutions is sort of a loyalty pledge as an american and how do we how do we separate ourselves from that idea that you must be loyal to the country in some way in order to be part of our nation. that i think the that does need to be interrogated patriotism overall i think needs to be interrogated universally i think that's regarded as a watch country we're talking about but that is a demand that's made a pawn again it's a demand that's made not on majority communities code and code but upon minority communities and i think that is one way for those of us on the left to start
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questioning what those rules of inclusion are and then to get people to think about what is questionable really about the institutions into rich people are being granted couldn't go to entrance the violence of institutions like the military the violence of institutions like like marriage quite frankly the army i think those institutions are constantly in effect rebranding themselves through the through the sort of discourse of inclusion look how inclusive we are twenty years ago we wouldn't do this we wouldn't allow gay people now we do and now look we're including trans people and what of course all of that obscures is that the military actually needs more bodies it also excuse the fact that in terms of inclusion even certain kinds of trans individuals are treated much more badly if they don't. here are two exactly what you just pointed out which is if they don't adhere to certain
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principles of patriotism so the visit is the best example one which we point to in the essay is that of chelsea manning whose trans identity did not save her from the hate from the blatant hatred really of the mainstream l g b t q community which referred to her as a traitor for instance so it's always there always conditions of inclusion so we want to point that out while also admitting and also calling for inclusion in many ways so it is for instance it is illegal it's not illegal but it should be wrong to exclude anyone from marriage if marriage is what they want the problem is marriage is tied into state benefits that's the issue for us it's wrong to exclude people from the military purely because they are trans r l g b t q identified but at the same time we have to think about what does it mean to be included what does the institution mean so it's a very it's always a very complicated set of issues and i think when you have history like the history
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of slavery the history of amounts of haitian tied up with very problematic institutions but the conversation gets much more complicated to one of the things i want to. you know. as a white male who is probably responsible for most of the world's ills throughout history. none of this you know. we do think but i think. joking aside you know there is something very important i think for people outside of the community who want to help and how do we build better allies how do allies do a better job of fighting discrimination without giving all means to say you know state sanctioned murder in the case of white military service or things like that how can our wives better better help in this in this effort in this fight for equality. i think what allies need to do is to says go beyond the rhetoric of equality and ask for instance what is it for instance
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a trans people really need that they own that they can only access by getting into for instance an institution like the military so differences medical health care issues trans people are routinely brutalize and even murdered in enormous numbers simply because they are treated to discrimination bigotry and what i think allies need to do is to consider what the conditions that create those inhospitable conditions how many times have you been deep in a fortnight battle royale and suddenly found avatar and mercifully killed because you added a one hand off of your controller to take a swig of cherry coke or trying to wrangle your barking showed all while talking to your mother on your smartphone would worry no more multitasking hawk watchers because science has finally caught up to your needs and is offering you an extra hand quite literally an extra hand researchers at the advanced telecommunications
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research institute international in kyoto japan an announced this month that they have successfully built a robotic arm that through the power of thought can actually be used as your very own third arm according to spectrum dot org the user can be thinking about two tasks out once and the robot can decipher which of those thoughts is directed at itself them perform that task and what's special about it as a mind controlled multitasking supernumerary a limb was a call enough by itself is that it's using it might be that using it might actually improve the user's own multitasking skills wow. that's crazy i would get there going to where are you extra hour when you're just really just so i could like be talking to the screen like this really well there's like a mother or like it be like this check this out so all this talk about. and then you just have this arm up i'm thirsty you know graziers like that all right my
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son how does our shy and fire die and lover that is our show for you today remember everyone in this world are not told the love is not just one tell you all i love you i am a tyro been interrupted i'll ask the bond watching those hawks in our great cities my. little. the philippine city of angeles when the u.s. military moved out the six tourists moved in. and now a whole generation of fatherless children is growing up here. my dad an opinion one
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month of the postal code angle. my birthday is a general idea i pass and i know young. son. sorry it isn't the first time in the t.v. crew to use your name and takes you for a no don't answer is a little bit no one that it's real or is it. that's it the better you want my god dang it. a victory you can take the guillotine above that you can take the burden of guilt such a neutrino woman you know. oh i love you like i did it you did it if you.
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think. of the people in iraq it's very it's about the bombing we were in nam the conditional me all day experience is all those it's looks so massive in group s. and. psyche would not outspoken down.
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our democracy itself is in the crosshairs threat is not going away the russians try to get into and still information u.s. national security and intelligence chiefs are doubling down on allegations of possible foreign interference ahead of progression and local mid-term elections without providing any specific evidence. also this hour dozens of civilians are killed in an alleged saudi coalition air strike on yemen's main port city the instant apparently surprising riyadh's mean allen the u.s. . and national geographic admits it went too far with the caption on a photo of a dying polar bear that blamed climate change the photographer says that was not the message they wanted to get across and the story been skewed.


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