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one theory is that this land was once a savannah or even a forest but for many centuries people exploited the land supernaturally that's a form of abundance turned into a barren desert however the people didn't quit this waterless scorched land but instead adapted to living here they figured out how to collate rain water and make the supply last throughout the year and they lived like this for a long time but over the last decade everything has changed. because human beings have been in the sea. bottom and they are not.
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themselves thought of. this or just. a part of it they are not believing on there. this is the bottom a lot of this is not about you know there is a line of it how much water you supply. it it's so. good. channels dug under politicians soldiers eventually dried up the water tower was built by the government functioning. and only the recipe was constructed using
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ancient technologies still surprisingly in use. this bond belongs to the community everyone. from here for months to live then people not to suffer because they have water be used for domestic but not for silly so people say this is old water being this water is very pure for drinking to check the level to diminish and no biological no coming any time you see. this not just really really you see. you can drink no problem. i mean there is a bunny. going to be. ok the monologue. going to go. in the.
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middle of it i. mean if we only. this is a worldwide problem i was last you know in africa kenya and they have a lot of are they in. place a long spell and short a spell but are they also facing a crisis saw by not thinking about the water so this is a natural thing. without using throughout much of its history humankind fiber using water that fell from the sky but more than industry requires water for irrigation cooling and manufacturing the month of freshwater has already exceeded supply the organization for economic cooperation and to. has estimated that in fifteen years forty seven percent of the world's
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population will suffer from water shortages india is one of the first countries to face this water crisis. gypsy simply said. up and up a bit better. than the. now see will never get to sleep as we.
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and out right now when i look at how i've done all that i'm not out of luck though the money out of the money out of the money that a little night at a gym and. this was a good time to. try to move there i. was allowed to get out my little body enough why not check jam there again to our song why it generated the old people we believe a little bit here. are a lot of my kids i don't want them up also johnny boy are you the moment to tell them mother how do it all the kids or is it a little i'm a little like you might be old enough to want to think i don't want to put all your love to my work party without all the mother bloodletting.
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the headlines at this hour from sanctions to syria russia's security chief meets with his american counterpart for talks in geneva. the us democratic party cries foul over another suspected hyping attempt by turns out to have been a false alarm. and facebook bans hundreds of pages groups and counseling to iran and russia for alleged political meddling. you can read all about those stories over on our website we'll be back with your world news update in about an hour's time with my colleague kevin owen but right now it's time to report.
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america has or this is the kaiser report up here in toronto canada thank you chair a bunch of gays are here and there are like i don't think these quack but they go honk honk big you throw honking and that's almost talking it isn't so if you i think they're honking at those boats out there on the water they don't like them hanging around we're still in canada that's a canadian. that's one goose over there if they make one lose many there are a gaggle of us were on this team we're heading into the midterm elections in the united states we're here reporting from the front line to see if many more americans my friend to come here and there are certainly building a lot of property so there's plenty of space for you here but i'm looking at the u.s. economy because my belief is that bill clinton was right it's the economy stupid and that's what people and that's what voters care about some you know if you if you prefer that it's actually a conspiracy theory people are going to vote what putin thinks then you could tune
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in to see you're free to do so and go there and look and yes ways you're you know discomfort with the economy over there but i'm going to look at some numbers that have been out this week in the united states which are pretty shocking in light of the what seems like global chaos with emerging market currencies with trade wars all sorts of stuff and f i b small business sentiment climbs in july to second highest level in history the national federation of independent business small business optimism index rose zero point seven points in july to one hundred seven point nine the n f i b said it was the second highest level in history in just under the one nine hundred eighty three peak number one nine hundred eighty three was right before reagan won his landslide in one thousand nine hundred four. or into his second term i think that was the year that that happened eight of the ten components led to plan to increase employment expectations for rising sales and for
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expansion increased those for current inventory some plans to increase inventories declined the single most important issue flagged by small businesses were concerns about the quality of labor with a net twenty three percent saying so they're finding it difficult to find people to work you know the unemployment rate is down the labor participation rate is high so this goes against all the doom mongers before the election to trump and and of course nobody in mainstream media wants to focus on this because it be lies their conspiracy theories small businesses and that's where most jobs in america come from small and medium sized enterprises these are small you know mom and pop businesses these are family owned businesses these are the voters of america in the heartland that are very much hated right now in the us mainstream media but they're feeling good they're feeling optimistic so you know if you're if they're tuning into m s n b c and c.n.n. and only hearing that there's an evil plot out to like we have
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a manchurian president maybe they're like well you know what things haven't been this great since reagan for us maybe we look like the president. so maybe that is the way to go i mean this is how their conspiracy theory could backfire on oh it's definitely backfiring and twenty. she will probably not hurt trump and these good to go in twenty twenty simply because she's a change agent as i've been saying sent just before the twenty fifteen election you need somebody to come along and drain the swamp as he says he's firing some f.b.i. crux is that revoking the credentials for cia people that have long gone and they just leaked to the press for some ill gotten gains and is draining this well that's what we want to do it doesn't even matter my argument. is it doesn't matter what crazy political tweets he sends it doesn't matter who he fires or anything like that or what his insiders all these of the people recording him secretly that
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doesn't matter if people are feeling optimistic if the next headline americans are spending like crazy at restaurants spending at us restaurants surged over the past three months by the most on record making a both a bright spot for the economy and a risk of appetites for eating out return to normal sales at food service and drinking establishments. on an annualized basis it's up twenty five point three percent yeah right i'm out of there saying how dare you get a job americans how dare your wages go up how do you go out and spend money in a restaurant don't you know i have a wacky conspiracy theory that was told me by my corporate overlords increase ratings about putin interfering with the election how do you know well her ratings are going out and maybe you know that's what she's always going to focus on but she may be surprised when the voters don't vote based on her conspiracy theory because voters tend to vote on their pocketbook they tend to vote on how much gasoline cost they tend to vote on how much their mortgage rates cost they tend to vote on how
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good they're feeling one would think it looks like americans are feeling pretty good if they're going out to restaurants and the data in this article shows that they're spending more than they normally do so people seem to be feeling positive and happy and optimistic despite what you would think tuning into the mainstream corporate media here is an apocalyptic situation in which you know fleeing to toronto is one of your only solutions so i welcome mark zuckerberg has been suspended rachel maddow a facebook page she's clearly a propagandist and she's clearly trying to recollect i personally think it's disgusting and horrid and horrible that people want mark zuckerberg to shut down facebook pages because i think he has a monopoly on the one of the public squares of our internet age and he should not be allowed. to shut down these page literally favorites but you know exactly what a college about let's say off an outing with twitter so let's talk about the economic situation and what people might be voting on rather than the conspiracy
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theories because if you know i don't want to go too much into the conspiracy theories m.s.m. b.c. is twenty four seven conspiracy theory you can go there if you want to delve into those but i'm going to look at some of the data that might impact more of the election results coming up in twenty eighteen but most importantly in two thousand and twenty this is a tweet from ryan cooper the average family premium for employer sponsored insurance is up fifty five percent since two thousand and seven average worker contributions up seventy four percent that's what it looks like on the chart since two thousand and seven member of two thousand and eight obama became president we introduced obamacare things were supposed to get better and cheaper for us in fact premiums went up for obamacare response and employer these are employer sponsored so the average contribution per household is now five thousand seven hundred fourteen dollars that's your family the promise of them as you venture to run out of other people's money the problem with the system is that these health care companies are going to eventually not have any more money to steal or i think
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stuart so they are going to topple over when they stolen all the money there's no more money still people might be voting on this instead it was now it's never been looked into on the us mainstream media that i've seen there are some great people online who write blog posts to do research into obamacare and health care premiums you and i were in north carolina and right before the november two thousand and sixteen elections obama care prices rose by forty four percent just two weeks before the election that is never been discussed in the mainstream media about a possible reason for people voting in a certain way and i'm going to look at another article that also could just to show you the importance of what you know you and i have talked about how people will kick the elite in the teeth to destroy the system if they don't feel that they're getting something some also look.


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