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so striking a bleeding man laying face down in front of a restaurant please be aware that the following images may be disturbing. no. no. no. the incident occurred last friday in for the city less than fifty kilometers from san francisco bay local police responded to the call of a fourteen year old girl who said a man was holding her in a car against her well when officers arrived to twenty two year old man tried to escape but was detained placed put him face down on the pavement and ordered him to show his hands the man was hiding one of his arms and his body motivating officers to use force as for the hope police explains to the local press the incident has provoked a wide range of reactions the police are not judges
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or juries nothing just defies that abuse don't know what that good deed but she didn't deserve to get all window or hope someone gets. the issue easy or was once he caught there is no reason to keep beating him he kidnapped someone's child his intentions toward that girl are far worse than being beat up by police and his statement to the media of what i hope placed captain explained his colleagues actions were appropriate for the circumstances he added the tough to handcuffing the suspects offices refrained from using extra fourth well we spoke to a community activist michel cross he says it's important that criminal suspects be treated with respect. you know if a person commits a crime that they should be arrested and they should have the opportunity to go in front of a judge yes the young girl may well have been a victim of this man i don't know but the police don't know that either and that's why it's important to uphold the person's rights until the point at which they go
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to trial you know the at that point the tortes take over the police are not to be the judge jury and executioner their job is to do investigations and arrest people that they think have a reason to be arrested and then their duty ends they don't get to just beat out the justice by beating on people and things like that i believe they have to use excessive force but it's clear that the department and officers are already circling the wagons to avoid any accountability it's something that they do pretty much every single time they attempt to justify their use of excessive force through all kinds of other means. inmates in the us the staging what's could become the largest prison strike in american history and peaceful protest which is now into its second week as planned to last nine hundred days and encompasses seventeen states present as are the month ing an end to what they call modern
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slavery and the introduction of a number of reforms. you know that night and day don't you. come right. back. our.
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little. red. however several american departments of corrections claim there's been no sign of any strikes in their institutions we've also written confirmation of this despite reports we have not had any organized stop at us protests or lockdowns related to the strike at our institutions there are no strikes occurring in georgia the g.t.c. is prepared should that change we have been and will continue to monitor the situation only hide correctional institution in swan quarter salt protests inmates were allowed to hang banners from the inside fencing human rights activists
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said indigo right claimed some facilities have used violent measures to stop the strikes. prison been i was organizing rare were taken to administrative segregation and when one of the organizers was shackled by his drug across the prison as a message to the rest of the institution states like new mexico and many others what they did is they locked down all these men kept all inmates in isolation and there in their individual cell as a mechanism for stopping activity. the scottish university to hand out to its new students to spell out the pronoun they want to be known by the haynes she or they tag for part of an effort to avoid so-called mis gendering the initiatives being proposed by ed to brest university students union however warned students should avoid using the term preferred
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pronouns arguing it's not a preference but in the seti the issue of youngsters wanting to change gender has been increasingly staring control the see the u.k.'s women's minister victoria has expressed concern over the rising number of miners now wishing to go through reassignment well we debated the issue with bt activists peta touch l. and radio show talk. what if the purpose of these badges is just to raise awareness in particular to make transfusions and their friends and allies feel comfortable safe and accepted i don't think that's a terrible thing i think it's just a common human decency to become into i know that perfectly reasonable have made this decision what's not reasonable add on
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a minute where universities are trying to tell lecturers it happened at university of toronto of course famously with jordan peterson where they totally had should not use things like hello ladies and gentlemen hello boys and girls they had to fit into these new pronouns if they want to say today are man tomorrow arm a boy the next hour my fridge freezer so that but i don't have to fainter i don't want to get into a situation where i have to change pronouns i have to change the english language for a minority of very small minority they are attacking my freedom of speech my freedom of expression let's be reasonable if somebody feels they are you know being assigned the wrong gender they're in the wrong body i have enormous sympathy for them but we shouldn't be kind of i don't really want to use this word but encouraging it which is why edinburgh university is doing well no one is encouraging them and nor should anyone encourage them this is a call that's coming from the young people themselves whatever university is doing
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. if they have said people can change one hundred the next that's quite clearly absurd but you know trans people do not choose to be trans they don't make this decision about gender reassignment really very very serious long protracted thought and indeed is often agonizing they face often rejection by their parents being thrown out of home and very high rates of suicide and attempted suicide so this is not a decision that a young person takes lightly and if they make the decision but they feel. we'll that they are one gender or another i think we should respect i don't think it's a big deal to it's about common decency just about being kind and compassionate to other people so i don't i agree with that but bought a same token they should respect our rights to have a different view and when you talk about this this is always brought there than about trans and serious sides it isn't because they're struggling with the fact
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they think they're in the wrong body that leads generally to the suicide it's aster when they realize they've made a dreadful mistake which is why the woman's minister or the education minister is right to say we need to look at why more and more young people are trying to go through this we need to look at why puberty blocking drugs are being handed out like smarties they don't know their own mind i agree with you peter it must be agonizing to needs time ministry thought about and they need to be of an age where they know that they are in the wrong body not giving them out to six year old eight year olds and ten year olds and you know that's happening peta and it's wrong trans people are reality they have existed since time immemorial who are throughout history i think the fact that there are more people coming forward is because there is greater social understanding and acceptance the stigma and guilt is fading away the issue has been discussed more openly and that is why more people are coming
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forward and of violence trans but it's still a tiny tiny minority a minority that is no threat to anyone and i think we should live and let live and except the people who are different for whatever reason including because the generosity that they have a place in the human family. u.s. presidential candidate has an award winning war correspondents a former trump adviser the u.k. opposition needs a rock star on the face of it they want to pay a tab all that much in common bus according to one blog that all supporters of so-called assad ism it goes on of explains. labeling people as in fashion has been for the past couple of years in fact populist mainstream deplorable or when it comes to syria and a scientist like a sadist to but who also supports the syrian president at least that seems to be the logic behind an index of names recently claude together i chose primarily this
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term rather than the narrower term pro assad because some of the public figures in this list explicitly denied being pro assad but still persistently repeat coraline's of regime propaganda narratives steve bannon and glenn greenwald boris johnson norman chomsky let's say the chances of coming across any other list banding these people together are slim you published an article full of lies because you're too lazy and or malicious to care that you're doing it i never defended the sad regime in my life this is astonishing how many useful directory of people defending this sudra sheen what an absolute joke in fact the author was quite meticulous coming up with a ten point quote unquote scale of a side ism and having read through those i figured that maybe i should offer my young bull assistance in completing this list as by no means does it look finished
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take this point implying the west has somehow supported al nusra or isis i think we're back in people we have no idea who they are the rebels we call of the rebels the patriotic rebels we have no idea lot of people think you know that they are isis how about expanding it with the whole staff of the us state department they denied entry to the leader of the white helmets over security concerns and after all being mean to them is a capital offense to any individual in any group. suspected of. ties or relations with extremist groups or was that we had believed to be a security threat to united states we would act accordingly but as for those who are already on the. we've interviewed a couple of them documented is this ridiculous in many ways but it's also deeply concerning it is part of a witch hunt against people who don't accept the government law in the military
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intervention in the middle east support is based on no facts whatsoever. really. takes no account whatsoever of my actual views on so. what we're looking at here just with this blacklist is something published by someone who we had never heard of before totally obscure figure this is just like comical level of research and it's being promoted by the same people who have been not only promoting western intervention in syria but who have been dedicated for the past two years to attacking and smearing anyone who gets in their way over the list was a bit of a nobody before giving man to his catalog but as its popularity swells let the public shaming comments well for more information on any of our story thinking that it. actual media watching.
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