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tv   Politicking  RT  October 5, 2018 5:30pm-5:57pm EDT

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dubious tax schemes and outright fraud in the one nine hundred ninety s. also d.j.o. hundreds of millions of dollars the president received from his parents which flies in the face of his off told story of being is self-made millionaire are there legal implications for mr trump based on the times reporting and how's the republican base reacting to this explosive story let's start there with house and liotta in washington he's a former federal prosecutor what do you make of this new york times story well i think mr trump is certainly going to have his hands full this week not only allegations of tax fraud but trying to get his supreme court justice through there a very skeptical senate and a very skeptical america i think he's not going to be getting a lot of sleep this week is that x. . is that criminal. it very well might be yes i
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mean you know that they didn't get al capone on any mob stuff they got him on tax evasion so this is a really dangerous territory for trump these are things that cannot be taken away by a quick tweet or a cute phrase these are things written down on paper follow the money and if that money trail leads to have him he could be in serious trouble statute of limitations won't fly well of course statute of limitations apply but so it will just depend on when these particular crimes fell and for each crime what the statute of limitations is the real opening of the cavern or investigation is a formal subtle prosecutor are you satisfied with limiting it to. no of course i'm not satisfied with limiting it to week i spent my lifetime trying to get victims to come forward to talk and testify it takes a long time to build trust to get someone to trust you enough to tell you their most vulnerable the most embarrassing secrets the things that happen to them that
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sometimes they haven't even told to their best friend or to their mom so a week is a very short amount of time especially for something where a position is so important where we're talking about a supreme court justice possibly being on the court for the rest of his life i'm sure the f.b.i. will do a good job the agents are not political this isn't like the senate where everyone has a political agenda f.b.i. agents come out looking at the facts but they need the time that they need to get it done i'm not sure a week is enough but not questioning doctors for. not questioning dr ford actually doesn't bother me as much because we got to hear from dr ford we heard her sworn testimony under oath in front of the senate she's actually one of the very few characters in this entire sordid story that we've heard from the people i want to hear from our therapist from her husband from mark judge the number one person i think america needs to hear is mark judge and then there are
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a host of other people who were friends who were possibly at the party and then of course deborah ramirez and all the people at yale who may or may not have seen judge kavanaugh exposing himself to her all of those people have not had their statements heard and really need to be tested. all one hundred senators will have access to the reports but not the public what do you think of that. i don't think the public is going to be satisfied with that and i think in america we have a presumption of open and fair hearings in any courtroom in america you can walk in anyone can walk in sit down and listen to the hearings that is embedded in our principals in america so the idea that something this important and this public would not be open i don't think that's going to fly ok. what did it couple of weeks ago trying to say we could go terms that he thought the doctors swords testimony was very compelling and yet it
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a rally in mississippi he openly mocked her what is you make of that i was so disappointed to see the president of the united states mocking a sex assault victim who fought through unbelievable fear to come forward and tell her story as a prosecutor myself i've been trying to get victims to come forward and tell their stories sex crimes are the number one most underreported crimes in america most women who are sexually assaulted never come forward because it's too embarrassing too shameful to do it and we've made great progress over the last few decades in getting women to come forward i think what the president did sets us back decades maybe even a century is a sex crime generally more difficult to prosecute. they're more difficult in the sense that they're more difficult to talk about for the victim if you're the victim
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of a mugging you don't worry about the guy who mugged you you don't say oh should i come forward i don't want to ruin his life you say this guy mugged me and you come talk about it but victims of sex crimes face a totally different dynamic a lot of times it's someone they know like in the christie in a ford in cavanagh case this was someone in her social circle this was someone who if she came forward could possibly like blackball her from social events or certainly would make her life embarrassing a lot of victims feel shame feel like it was their fault that it happened and it's not true but there is a definite process of telling them that it's not their fault so it's very hard in that way victims are dealing with a trauma unlike any other crime in kether miller said that this was a giant left wing conspiracy and the teens were involved wouldn't that make him. again the hard choice to judge cases that might involve the left wing right that's
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such a great point larry this started off as a sex crime allegation but the comments that he made in that hearing really bring up his credibility in terms of can be a fair judge of cases that are going to involve politics and a lot of the supreme court cases do exactly that you have voter suppression issues you have. equal rights issues and they come up a lot of times broad bipartisan groups so at this point i'm not sure if i was a part of some group if i would want judge kavanaugh sitting and whether i'd be able to believe that he'd be able to render a fair opinion and in america that's considered almost as important as justice itself is the ability of everyone involved to be able to believe that this is fair and impartial i'm not sure people can believe that at this point house it was great having you we hope to have you again thanks so much for joining us thank you it's a pleasure larry turning now to our political panel they are often form of
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first second third to hillary clinton a former u.s. navy officer he's presently vice chair for vogue vets and principal of blue jacket strategy and gen ten g.o.p. strategist former spokesperson for the california republican party they are both in new york city jan on tuesday night after a relatively restrained public behavior president openly mocked doug ford senate testimony few days earlier he said it was very compelling what was your reaction to what he said in this is iffy. well first larry i don't think he actually mocked her behavior when i first heard of this i i like many people ran to the television and the computer screen to find out exactly what he said thinking that it was going to be much like his comment that he made about the reporter on the campaign trail in two thousand and sixteen i don't think it was anything close
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to mocking i think the president is well within his right to question the many holes in christine bloggs the fords case such as this she doesn't remember what year it happened she doesn't remember what day it happened she doesn't remember that's how it happened that how she got to the party or even how can only hold is compelling. and it was compelling and i do believe the president still believes it was compelling emotionally it was compelling factually it is less so and i think that's what the f.b.i. f.b.i. report will show this week larry is that that her story although it's emotionally compelling and something may have happened to her along the path in her life that has led her to this perhaps she was a victim of sexual assault at some point by someone i think her details of the night in question i think are coming apart at the seams pretty quickly according to witness statements i think that will be shown in the f.b.i.
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report you know i did you think of his comments he mocked the victim of a sexual assault dr ford is the victim of a sexual assault in the most powerful man in the world stood on stage with thousands of screaming chanting laughing supporters and he mokhtar and i think there's a word for that and for anyone who would mock a victim of sexual assault i think it's deplorable and i know what your man i think asked it and the little red zone in durham it's it's ridiculous this this woman is a credible witness she's a sexual assault victim the case in point it certainly appears likely based off of mr kavanagh's of vaunted calendars that it most likely happened on july first one thousand nine hundred eighty two at his friend i think it was timmy's house. to me or squeeze house it's on his calendars and if we had a real f.b.i. investigation we could talk to squeeze we could talk to timmy and p.j.
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and find out which one of kavanagh's buddies had a get together that night and then we could sort of pinpoint where this likely took place gen-u. certainly would all of the things that have happened in happening there's so many kennedys that could have been appointed. don't just yet i'm down and well you. every human being of intelligence you have no doubts about kavanagh oh i certainly as a woman look i take any allegation and that's the word that was missing and they statement just late allegation we are a country where there is still a presumption of innocence until proven guilty it was in a trial this is a job interview correct and the reason it's not a trial even though there is no statute of limitations in the state of maryland dr ford to this day has still not filed a police report or pressed any charges but to answer your question look there are other candidates and there may be other candidates if what comes back in the f.b.i.
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report is not favorable to judge kavanagh but you look at the other candidates that have been up none of those are acceptable to democrats amy kone barrett she's a catholic dianne feinstein herself said the dogma lives within you so obviously you can't be a catholic and be on the supreme court according to. these gen there's no part which is not my or as a catholic but as an angel the same way whatever what it ridiculous a back way my point exactly my point and it's not ridiculous what's ridiculous is that republicans like senator lindsey graham voted for people like sotomayor who was hispanic who was catholic and still voted for her and crossed party lines you don't see a single democrat today crossing a party line to support going to end it how many how many republicans voted for america and for the supreme court yeah well look look at looking at the list of trump's appointees up and down the path look at dr ben carson a very well accomplished surgeon for most most versions of the california
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republican party. only report is that this is a scary times the young men in america would you make of that peter. i think it is a special kind of sociopath whose main concern when hearing a report of a sexual assault is what am i going to do when my sons are accused of sexual assault that was how he responded that's how his son john jr responded and i think it's very telling when you brag about sexual assault while running for president when you joke about it when you're accused of it in one thousand credible accusations against the president about sexual assault this is this is the world you live in and that's your main concern not for the victims not for your daughters but for your sons who inevitably will be accused of sexual assault gender using young men the most should be concerned yes they absolutely should and look this is not the first statement to present trump made about this the first statement he
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made is that he felt for dr ford and he found her testimony to be emotionally compelling now look i will tell you this larry i've gotten more calls about this issue from friends that i haven't heard from in ten years that tells me there's an intensity here on this issue women soccer mom voters calling me asking me what did they do what do they tell their teenage kids this has an intensity and i think the democrats overreached here for the midterms and i'll tell you why there was a september eighteenth poll an internal poll that was leaked from the republican national committee saying that they are in c. was very concerned because republicans just didn't have the intensity to get out to vote they thought the economy was going well they thought trump was doing pretty well and they didn't think anything was at stake quote unquote that has dramatically changed the thank you to the democrats please keep talking please keep holding these ridiculous hearings that look like the jerry springer show because
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it's helping republicans on the intensity issue i guarantee the next generic ballot that comes out the intensity for republicans will be significantly higher than it was people are calling me my phones ringing off the hook people are. very. cry in my advice my advice to young men into the sun's out there is not to sexually assault anyone that i am and not you're scared walking to and if you're scared walking to your car maybe just you know hold your keys in your hand sticking out that'll keep you safe. well what do you make good peter about they're only going to release the every report to one hundred senators were done to the public i have some serious misgivings about how the f.b.i. investigation has been playing out the past few days there are reports are they only were allowed to speak to four people. there was an uproar over that so they expanded out in theory but talking to people who are involved who have information there are twenty to thirty people that have known kavanaugh throughout the years
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who have import important information who have been sort of out there talking about this stuff and none of them had been contacted by the f.b.i. so i don't know who the f.b.i. is talking to this seems to be really an audience of three an audience of three senators that just need a credible enough look. to justify voting yes and i and i hope it goes deeper than that because i have serious serious concerns about this nominee. well this is one area where peter and i agree so her a for that look i believe that the american public has been dragged through this along with judge kavanaugh and along with dr ford thanks to dianne feinstein in large part look i think the american people should see the f.b.i. report we're vested in it we we deserve to see the information that's been gathered on our potential next supreme court justice but good news larry washington leaks like a sieve i think we'll see it with the whether it goes to just one problem or probably
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in an hour yeah that's ok we'll start with you peter in your reaction to the explosive new york times report saying donald trump in gauged in dubious tax schemes former federal prosecutor was just with us and said that those charges are criminal if true. well i do feel in one respect it is an explosive report is it is incredibly extensive it's grounded in thousands and thousands of pages of private documents it also isn't terribly surprising to those of us who have known about donald trump going back to the eighty's he is a fraud he's a scam he never had as much money as he claimed to have it was his dad's money the fact that they would break the law to sort of transfer this four hundred million dollars from one generation to the next is sadly predictable these are the kinds of kind of crimes that don't get followed up on in america we should be looking at
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this this sort of thing and i hope that the the relevant authorities do look into this because it is extremely struggling not necessarily surprising to many of us but but definitely a very troubling and deserves deserves closer look and frankly explains why this man has been hiding his tax returns for years and refuses to release them like every other presidential candidate and president has done in history gen does it concern you. well no look larry it's not a crime in america to be wealthy it's also not a crime to to be a trust fund kid or to inherit finances friends funny if you lie about it well that's true but we don't know that i'll leave that to the investigators but but look in the same regard you know that it's not a crime to drink beer and party when you're away at college at yale it's not a crime to be a rich kid and some of this is just jealous jealous behavior by people who've never
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liked donald trump they think he's too brash they thought that when he was building skyscrapers in new york and they just don't like him so look this guy has been a one of the most investigated individuals not just by the f.b.i. the department of justice and special counsel miller's probe he's been scrutinized by the media over the last two years and i would say even going back ten years to the first time he thought about running for president so i can't imagine that there's any there there that journalists haven't already turned over a stone on but we'll wait and see i leave that to the tax attorneys and the investigators. all right what do you make of the new napster or are they going to rename it peter. well hopefully it's a positive a positive step that we are not picking fights with canada one of our closest allies anymore i hope this is this is a movement towards common sense which has been missing in this administration. it
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is telling how sort of how trump. campaigned against nafta and now he's trying to convince his supporters that he ripped it up and basically replaced it with what was before it but it's it's a huge deal according to him again well there are some key elements to it you know this saves dairy farmers a great deal of heartburn especially in key states like wisconsin where we were hearing from farmers that that the current nafta which was hurt. in them in a deep way and look i think this is as much about the two thousand and twenty reelection strategy and you look at what trump is doing in states like wisconsin with dairy farmers making sure they are whole bringing back jobs for american workers in places like the steel industry in ohio that's a key battleground state hate to bring politics into this but this is a lot of what is at stake in this is a lot of why trump tackled this in the first place is to make million american worker hole and to live up to his campaign promise the dairy farmers who are being
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hurt by old nafta dairy farmers who are being hurt by the terrorists that trump is threatening to to institute so he causes a crisis and then solves the crisis by going back to what we had before is it doesn't make any sense. well again interesting it's been interesting to watch the language that's been used by the left saying that he has terrorized people with tariffs and that he's brought a needed trama this isn't trauma and this isn't terrorism this is called negotiation the american people the american worker the american farm worker and the american steel worker have been taken advantage of for far too long the better part of seventeen to twenty years and president trump is doing the painful thing the making the needed choices to make sure that the american worker is whole again . ours are terrified at the prospect of donald trump's tariffs that he wants to institute they will lose big large large amounts of money well i think that's why
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you saw him put in the subsidies there for the farmers to tell me simple while we go through the process and i think the farmers as well as the american people understand what's at stake here they're willing to take a little of the temporary short term pain to help america get back on track and do paid what we deserve i'm glad that he's taking some steps to mitigate some of the damage that he is causing thank you jen drummed. ridley's in the midterms you see it. i do actually especially in light of the cavanaugh hearings and the shenanigans that we saw play out boy i think senator graham put it very well when he said you want power i hope you never get it because this is exactly what the democrats would do not only do we have socialists on the ballot with the democrat party this year we have people acting as if they are totalitarian saying you know if you have a differing opinion than the democrats then you deserve to be shut down you deserve
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for your life to be ruined your family to be ruined and any chance of a future to be ruined so like i said larry the intensity for voters i think has changed republicans needed the push to get out to the polls and here we are at about thirty some days i think it's going to happen i think republicans are going to do all right. it's just it's silly to hear republicans complain like this democrats president obama nominated universally except except the accepted respected jurist. merrick garland he was never given a vote he was never given a hearing by republicans they played out the clock and they got lucky we didn't see any of these attacks on the oak or such certainly democrats stood up we didn't want no gorsuch but he passed and they were not no stories about sexual assault or anything that you see with kavanagh this is not about a democratic attack this is about brett kavanaugh on who he is and certainly anyone
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every woman in america that watched the president of the united states on t.v. this week mocking the victim of a sexual assault will take that home they will digest that and i think that we're going to see a blue wave this november thank you both very much is always interesting and entertaining jen kearns and peter kaufman. thank you both thank you larry thank larry and thank you the viewer for joining us on this edition of politicking remember you can join the conversation on my facebook page or tweet me at kings things and don't forget use the politicking hash tag that's all for this edition of politicking.
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of russian and line as. you know world big partisan lot is and conspiracy it's time to wake up to do. deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bats and shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. game.
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aeroflot russian an alliance. cooked additional subversive so on out of what was announced at the to linger some of these it's just a do it usual thing it's not the most. mysterious. simple yet so when if you don't know show personally. looked at with a showing at the brentwood ships going to see is lost when the shit. you think it will ship. if this keeps only. boat of shipping. yep and the most it does the book is the one with the posting it will make sure to say no i don't know what the full of. books
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was the latest news in the protests. but arsenal boys in blue right there yes i've put this was going to say. lyricists through the summer in the story yeah. it does. because. india defies the threat of u.s. sanctions by signing a deal with russia to. four hundred. tribunals here's how informants the five secret service are allowed to break the law if it prevents the good friday. to let kids out of russia's g.r.u. military intelligence service exposing alleged cyber attacks around the world
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including on the international chemical weapons. as a joining us this evening this is our team international.


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