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tv   The Great American Pilgrimage  RT  October 14, 2018 9:30pm-9:57pm EDT

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of these misdemeanors they could face up to two years in prison each they operate in it's day number three in massachusetts and though the locals say all roads lead to boston our hero still is yet to find their way into the city before noon though here. christians are were mobile pilgrimage. folks are going to make this turn of. mobile and right person to get right on the right this is our producer jared him and stephen don't always see eye to eye on the next sure some are not going to hit the house for a cable going to get out there and they're going to hit a curb near the minute thing on. the tuesday which is you can take it thirty two foot motor home and do a three point turn in the middle of nowhere actually massachusetts general laws title fourteen chapter eighty nine section nine says that but who's keeping track thank you michel this is us but you know if i'm going to get something after
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already getting lost are heroes attempt to navigate the former couch rails known as road come forward from washington without the modern convenience of g.p.s. you know like real pilgrims so we don't know where we are right now right i felt this compass out of battery and the gaffer take note of any of this and you did. about five miles out right now as part of this he's a modern day max guy for starting to get in i knew from boston ma make it isn't responding to your idea i'm wondering. that's where the boston tea party happened right yes seventeen seventy three in the tea act got everyone really agitated and that's a they're the boston tea party seventy seventy three but just three years before the revolution many and in doing that that was a way of those folks like you know making a statement in the gains on the wars here we want to put. this new goal.
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representing the great american pilgrimage. in the middle of where that boston tea party took place where was that what they're calling the heart of boston harbor boston harbor why can't we get a barge. and put this r.v. on the barge and take it right out in the middle of boston harbor is that crazy what what the what you want to put this on a barge and float out in the middle of boston i mean what what better way to to to celebrate this occasion then by honoring that great event with another great statement a mind reader to talk to jared about. or a brother will pull in to boston massachusetts. on my own finally reaching their destination our heroes discover one of the many things boston is known for their challenges parker here. it's parking this is a great southern no it's
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a little you. never on that side of that sign not where we are now but if the sun is correct we can sit right here i believe they can't that's a great spot that corner or in since i get that one but it's probably a loading zone they all are. just so brilliant i'm going to get out there you're good sure what's these trees poor. after finally parking our heroes realize they're in cambridge home of harvard university are some of the top minds in the world to use to start soon max ventures out to some future leaders of america i'm kind of i got to store it out we could you give you the view that you can do this even fully stop just a little the stuff into getting the non-original. maryland. it's going well apparently we can't take mack's anywhere everybody needs to. knows it everything
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just go to it everybody quit drill. hole and oh it's going to be this math you know to. be good to get back to. the next is getting an education about what the state way from the city stephen heads over to local coffee shop me to traveling nurse and learn what it means to be boston strong. opposed to just yes stephen even if you know my sister in terms of are you going to birth oh thank you thanks for coming no problem you heard the journey to join us you can hear so i have you know before we get into all of that we're you from you were born where i was born in manhattan new york and then we moved here to massachusetts i graduated two thousand and six things school and became
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a travel nurse i've traveled all over the country for the past eight nine years right so your health care. that's like a hot topic in these dates yet what would you say is the biggest issue your profession for nursing health insurance period you know we get people that don't have insurance and they get the best care throughout you know the border you get someone who is hardworking and has insurance and they get kicked out after the fifth day because their insurance doesn't approve or you know whatever it is that they need or not so sure in your opinion as you travel as a nurse a lot of folks who are uninsured are seeing more than if it's the middle to lower middle class one hundred percent yes. back to mexico keep it one hundred thousand came. on the front i guess that. record shows how much a parent you are. you know what you're. my friend i was care you don't have heat.
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but the. thing is that you and watch your movies and you meet and you meet me but. with rising healthcare costs and education i don't see what that would mean you. might. like four thousand years ago and see average salary in france at last but i'm looking from so that you can french you feed it will be less likely you. will. be one accident but at the end i don't know which if we meet yes only it seems to you because i want you. now if i could be a somebody that you making i don't know what it was and i don't know which way you could keep it but hundred thousand euro you i would come via one hundred thousand
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yet this woman might be against me when i was shopping when i come back am i. to tell you that busting so much. culture is subsidised and if the flour in the fridge again yes yes take the snow with bread yes the bread i got i get it's one hundred whatever i am not going to colombia but my guess i rebuffed him a statement that i get it from one box i make my own but i do not see it because i think that at the coffee shop stephen continues his chat with jessica and learns more about her trip here still enjoying her nursing in the travelling and i love it i absolutely love it i wouldn't change it for the world show you've gone too many many many many places i have what's what's a story or an experience related to your work that sticks out the most well actually i had a contract in boston here at mass general and i was actually when. boston
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marathon bombing and i was there breaking news this hour the finish line of the boston marathon is hit by two major explosions just seconds appalling three people have reportedly been killed and many others. had gone there at three of my friends one of them being like eight months pregnant my best friend and. they were two of our friends were running the marathon and. we were standing at the finish line and my primary friends she was like you guys i'm starving i really need to eat we walked down the street we went to out that. everything and we heard the first bomb go off. everyone looked around but didn't really think anything of it you know it's not a kind of like a cannon going on and so. they're probably celebrating
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a few minutes later the second one went off and i was was the one that was closer to us where like the buildings shook. and so that's when people started freaking out. the manager of the restaurant made everybody go downstairs to the basement and told us that he was told that it was some kind of gas pipe. like that sounds like. like that so we were in there it would seem like wondering what the hell was going on you know so they finally when i was through the back door into the alley behind the restaurant. and that's when. they saw people just running running and people with blood were like what the hell's going on you know and so one of my friends was asking around like what just happened what's happened and everyone's like there's bombs going off and so that's when we were like ok we got to put it to the train. my friend was eight months pregnant she
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can't be there and also we booked into the train station and it was just mass mass of people just feel this is third or yeah it was it was it was crazy and. i still remember it like it was yesterday like. in this. movie. so. you're at the boston marathon. you're pretty good friends so it's let's go to church. from where you were before he would go forward when he was out of finish line so if they were the first that's where the second bomb went off and the bigger the bigger one. so if it wasn't for hungry baby we could have been still standing there when it went off thinking back like before we went to eat we were trying to hook up with another friend who was there. but we couldn't figure out where she was so i actually took a picture of like where we were in so she can reference it to like where to go and
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i didn't even notice it was her that notice when she later on that night like after everything happened. when i took the picture of the two the two brothers were in the picture. what i took. yeah. i still have a you want to see it. yeah. it was covered with. official of president of the f.c.c. the system i said i've got it so i'm just beautiful the system designed for people like me. as well as that. different people your for different reasons. we also.
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most people in philadelphia are only a ballot two paychecks away from homelessness. join me every thursday on the alex salmond show and i'll be speaking to guests of the world of politics sports this list i'm showbusiness i'll see you then. back at harvard square max's looking for someone he can vibe with there we're talking about america. what i know what it means you know i am better able to hard work with a masterpiece a martial i'm not and you work for them i want to with rank your actions more than my marginal i'm going to own my brain are you going to do something when i sit down to see how the world all screwed up in
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a fifty something start i'm fifty seven years old my soul goes a long time and call my office. so your name a few more nine thousand six hundred ten players which are sign of aquarius on the jump when you're chinese in a while you know i'm a pig i can operate a rock or i'm around right now for marching here to boston i'm here and i was great i give out free food talk to me wasn't. the shoes i think the starbucks me issue hunger is one i'm going to transfer a thank you to one more you got the funding for military right how you have all the money you want housing and food you have to get over and start caring again it goes back to what is important for americans only myself and i say hopefully think america can make it if we get our values straight his old saying live simple and salt is mostly a little bit that's how in the my long time series for me a picture of you took randomly just to identify the spot you were. in. and it has the two individuals that were the terrorists.
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be on around to i know you're not tell me about it. yet. you can zoom in. and this is before all the floor everything happened yeah. it's crazy. i mean it's it's clear as day there they are yeah they're already there yeah. you know it's there for them. i mean that's just. crazy right and i mean even noticed until my friend was like you got to take a look at your picture again and i was like why does the man and look at the people and that's when i was like oh. there they are tell me though. because you're talking about it. and obviously it's an emotional. thing. i've met several people who on nine eleven and told to go home that day. you know you can
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chalk that up to. luck. a higher power anything. i didn't get any of that. not at all not until after the fact and. listening after the fact after everything happened. we just like me it was me and three my friends my primary friend and her husband and another friend and all three of us that we were like we need to get home that was our main. focus i'm sorry i'm you know it really was a tissue brother or a napkin or something i'm sort. of anything like that i didn't think i was going to get emotional well you know you're good you're fine. that's kind of. we just feel. so apart from it's a it's a one time one city in america i mean it's all over america it's a big run. right her face her completely empty. and so you know foreign territory
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like wondering go off somewhere ok what's known about this place i see last. yeah i think it's not the first time one it's amazing after the first time yes you know my partner and my father just came up after the bombing at the marathon bombing. but i don't know that there was a whole boston strong it only came about from one of them it was like what's going on and it means that we like to look up for each other in time tearing things like that like we get one another where you feel that's all there and i mean i guess that i'm puerto rican cold in terms of my what's going on here i don't feel like i'm ok like right now my grandfather had been up for it and he just had like so much right talk about the american dream and where american up like that's happening right now is very we need to not feel like when they need it that's their
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part that they're here because you know any other place you stand they got ready maybe it would take to get it i don't want to train up so much now. you know on that day yeah like a lot like. after. all this went down the trains were running they kept the trains running to let people get out of there yes. you know and there were like law enforcement like huge guns in like backpacks like all over the place like just people panic yeah and your girlfriend was pretty sure running to washington right the time you posted yeah. yeah. scared was terrifying actually because we didn't know if there was going to be another one not to go off or where you know when so it was it was. i can't even put it in words. how did mom and dad react.
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he were finally happy to see me when i got home because they couldn't you get ahold of me because you know all the phones were down you know you can make any phone calls you can fax you can do anything so they didn't know where i was or if i was still around or anything. so when i finally got home. and it it was a voice you know i hear. you're. good . but i'm just like i'm. trying to stay away from patricia and myself here. just to jump to the next idea i'm going to say. so that happens. but you still live there. it's my home it's still home.
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where the heart of this is i got you. nobody else. is yours because the moment you're one of the american me. ask you about. the place and. your great dream come true i feel a lot of love coming here for the conference. i see this phrase boston strong what does that mean mean. by. terrorists on the attack because three. years is not going to be you know i'm going to. so i'm sitting here with a young lady who. hasn't just seen. or heard the idea
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boston strong. i lived it. cost them kicks because look how quickly they caught those you know. it's awesome. boston did a very good job catching those guys. yeah what are law enforcement deals with. i know firsthand because my dad is a police officer so. i know what he goes through you know coming out of it are you stronger or you're getting there i'm getting their. cure was forced but that's raised a pretty terrific daughter helped her friend. she was pregnant. chad be. nice monkey boy sharable holds the boy in him.
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what's not. so. happens here. is the. latest info. not enough numbers on the bill oh. yes yes we need to know i'm talking about america as a country you recount like our parents you know we're like a sibling that's run off and started our own country i think we're doing mom mom i'm pretty sure these women don't speak for all of the england and max definitely doesn't speak for all of us pretty good pretty good reason to be better than going to trial wow that was just about to save up enough those cops accent you can speak oh. yeah i know you couldn't sit next to me and just see right now. that leaves her
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leadership enough to enough just know not to try to get a better yes. and so other than that hope and stop it right i don't know cut off or oh yes i was going to punch me close right in the cement and most of the gulf coast and along came and there's a transformation coming to your neighborhood but my god. what are you going to propose to now we're going to understand what we're going to call when i think my name will article was paid a dream gallo's river and work and it came to scott's agile long time for a while doesn't work for me i'm. for asking everybody on the greenberg pilgrimage what is america to you everything you've touched in the touch here. this is a story lend a dream dearest just ok it was a land of dreams i mean my parents don't know maybe it's the you know my dad was he
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always wanted to be gone police officer did that you know i was a member as member let's raise does was went to college you know i have good jobs but. america now won't like the way things are going with this new president and. terrorism going people killing each other i mean it makes me scared to even raise kids in this world now because look at what they have to look forward to. wondering if someone's going to bomb their school without a doubt i want children but i would fear for them you know. i mean the news you can't even watch the news these days but there it is just bad you know and you don't see anything good on using. soap to. go on to your trainer. so. you're still cool with america i'm so cool i'm still here.
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things are going to get better i'm hopeful. that. it is too much going on now but i'm hoping that things will turn eventually turn. things from her. thanks for sharing her story the third day of massachusetts is in the books stephen and max a come to an understanding of what it means to be boston strong and our heroes meet back up to continue their quest to have a boston tea party of their own next time on the great american film. is a deal of. max level we've made. our home what does america mean to you. because. i am not very good at it hot but.
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i think that. except someone for who they all know what you want them to be this is the advice a therapist might give to a couple in a relationship crisis it apply this wisdom to geopolitics and you'll see the trying to change the weakness of the other islam. and learn to fully accept each other.
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it is. the be. led. to the week's top stories just minutes off to blast off a malfunction on a russian soyuz rocket forces the crew capsule to reject and sends the astronauts hurtling back to earth. almost two weeks gone and there's still no to waltz happens to
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a prominent journalist who vanished after entering the saudi embassy in istanbul turkey claims he was not at that something riyadh's denies. and a bad day at the office for german chancellor angela merkel's conservative allies in bavaria who risk losing their majority in regional elections.


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