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tv   News  RT  October 28, 2018 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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just. like people come to. me that anybody else. will build it up. china. cold war. a gun. shooting. people.
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in the wake of the killing of the. with the top stories of the day the main headlines of the week welcome to the. president. of threats directed at russia china just days after he announced the u.s. would withdraw from a cold war. treaty the american president also repeated his.
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breach of the. right here to the agreement should have been done years ago but still people come to this we have more money than anybody else. will build it up until they come to the. when they. were low the bar. by the way not only will you moscow in its turn insists it has not violated the nuclear treaty saying it's in fact washington that's not being a hearing to it nevertheless russia still sees the i.n.f. accord as vital and says it should be preserved under the agreement signed in one nine hundred eighty seven all shorthand mid range nuclear and conventional missiles were limited with the exception of those launched at sea trump's move to ditch the i.n.f. does not sit well with america's european allies as they fear the continent's security will be severely undermined. the announcement by the u.s.
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that it's going to withdraw from the i.m.f. accord is regrettable the i.n.f. agreement has been important pillar of our european security architecture for thirty years for us in europe it's of great importance we call on the us to consider the possible consequences the u.s. and russia need to remain engaged in constructive dialogue to preserve the treaty and to ensure. to ensure its cool and verifiable implementation which of course is crucial for europe's and global security problem is as others have pointed out in particular this is a problem i think for europeans that this treaty was designed to prevent or reduce the risk of nuclear weapons being used by the nuclear threshold being lowered and not should we say long range heavy nuclear weapons being used against the united states and the soviet union or today russia but that with the shorter range weapons they would be europe western europe that would become the nuclear
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battlefield and there's some concern i think a great deal of concern amongst all european leaders except the united kingdom who yesterday have stated that they support the american position predictably enough there is concern that this reduces the prospects for nuclear disarmament increases risks for west europe and its people. a little surprise then that america's plans to pull out of the a cold dominated choose days meeting between u.s. national security advisor john bolton and president putin and although the subject at hand was certainly no laughing matter there were still room for some humor. as far as i remember there was an eagle on the u.s. national emblem and there are thirteen hours in one foot's and an olive branch with thirteen olives as a symbol of peaceful policy in the other my question is did you eagle eat all the olives and leave just the arrows. i'm grateful for the opportunity to speak with you on behalf of president and hopefully i'll have some answers for you but i
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didn't bring any more oh and. that's what i thought. during the talks putin said he was perplexed by america's hostile steps in the absence of any provocation on the part of russia as for the i.n.f. treaty itself john bolton called it outdated and insisted it should be revised to include other nations most notably china international affairs commentator jonathan steele told us it's precisely fear of china's growing military might that it's behind america's i.n.f. withdrawal plans many commentators think that this is the american decision is linked more to china of than to russia because the chinese are not part of the treaty very been developing their missile capabilities and there are military capabilities in southeast asia in the south china sea and the americans want to be able to confront. the treaty which we're talking about prevents the americans of course deploying missiles not just in europe and. america is want to get out of it
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so they can start putting missiles. in f. withdrawal is in line with course with his america first mantra but i guess dia takes a closer look at the wider policy ambitions of the american league. donald trump can be called any number of things good and bad it all depends on which side you're on interesting really enough though it's donald trump that keeps giving donald trump new titles a global. is a person that wants the globe to do well frankly not caring about our country somas you know what i am a nationalist. kind of obvious if you think about it what with all this talk of greatness walls and how special exceptional americans are it's going to be only america first american people
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first american center's above all else. now if i may mr president you seem to be confused about what those words mean it's right there in any dictionary globalism a national policy of treating the whole world as a proper sphere for political influence a globalist is someone who treats the entire world as a playground making national decisions which affect the international community in simple terms globalism is what mr trump tells south korea meaning outside america that they can't lift sanctions their own sanctions on north korea without his permission they will do without her broom they do nothing without proof and by the way u.s.
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sanctions which basically force everyone to abide by them because of how the dollar works by definition a globalist venture you know what else is globalist war invading other countries the us current. fighting in seven wards that's really really globalist as well. the united states military's one of the most globalist organizations in the world it has bases in roughly every third country one in three nations has a u.s. military base in it that isn't nationalism that's good lobel ism i just want to see them as well
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a great regime that frankly could be toppled very quickly by the military regime change we're placing or helping replace governments you just don't like local rebels to the teeth or financing the opposition or by sanctions that's globalism glow lism suits trumps purpose is to talk about globalism as the enemy but if you look at the politics it's anything but nationalist trumps attitude to the world as an individual is that he should have complete sovereignty and that includes sovereignty abuse the sovereignty of others you know he wants america to be able to go and do business wherever they want he wants to be able to remove regimes that he doesn't like he wants to act truly globally but in the national interest as donald trump himself can save that he is a fun fact the word globalism its modern meaning was first used to describe u.s. imperialism after the second world war the way the united states which wasn't
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destroyed by the war like europe dominated in international trade pushing its products its ideology its politics on every what it could they called it american globalism. so hearing mr trump who believes in returning america back to its glory days say that he isn't a globalist is like hearing the pope say with a schrade face that really he isn't catholic. while the saudi arabia keeps changing its story in the case of journalist jamal khashoggi who was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul turkey seems to be way ahead in the investigation our president of the one says that he was murdered in a vicious violent manner that was politically motivated. our security and intelligence services the still analyzing the in for they have it's already clear that the murder of jamal khashoggi was drowned but since this is
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a political assassination we also call for the inclusion of possible foreign accomplices if any. the saudi royal family has met with son and brother to express their condolences the journalist the eldest son was pictured shaking hands with the saudi crown prince who is suspected of orchestrating the killing of his father and later in the week he left saudi arabia for washington that's according to various sources the u.s. president this week condemned the cover up of high shorty's murder but still stressed the economic importance of continued weapons sales to riyadh. the cover up was one of the worst in the history of cover ups. so he really has been a really great ally they said one of the biggest addresses maybe the biggest investor in our country. they are doing hundreds of billions of dollars worth of investments and you know so many jobs so many jobs thousands and thousands of jobs
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they've been fun to go a lot of things are changing explanations are being met with much criticism from the west but a key european powers are refusing to console their multibillion dollar sales to saudi arabia at this point only germany is the exception. i agree with all those who say that exports which are already limited must not take place in the concert. and i don't have to react to every single statement so i won't answer that question . if you're not interested in the issues related to this event. but this is not suppressed. it's not a press conference reaction of german chancellor. i mean all that has nothing to do with this event nothing and. nothing so i want let's put some context on that france is one of the biggest sellers of defense and on this equipment in the world and saudi arabia is one of its biggest clients despite the
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fact the president has tried to play down the trade relations between the two countries the figures don't lie between two thousand and eight and two thousand and seventeen deals with more than twelve billion dollars was struck between the two countries and that seems to be a similar thing that we're hearing in spain where they have said that they will not deal with saudi arabia worth two billion dollars. by the previous government which correspond to the demands of international national law especially considering the un resolution on the head of the government now my duty is to take legal security and to comply with international obligations and it. well it seems that that's a similar view that's being taken by the canadians now they have deals with saudi arabia that are worth almost twelve billion dollars and the prime minister there
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just in food has said that he's more concerned about the cancellation fee which is around one billion dollars if they decide not to go ahead with that contract then roll that than holding saudi arabia to account for the killing of journalist it is only acceptable in. google that someone could have murdered a journalist on foreign soil like this i do not want to leave canadians holding a billion dollar bill because we're trying to move forward on doing the right thing seems not much also coming from beginning to claim that which is the second biggest supplier of alms to saudi arabia just behind me us with heels worth around fifteen billion dollars now the idea of sanctions it was a muted following the foreign secretary jeremy hunt but no clear indication of what those sanctions could be whether they'll be applied when the prime of the situation may was questioned about this all she said is that she would speak to the king of
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saudi arabia no concrete information or whether they would be sanctions against the country it seems that they were germany is the only country it's going alone and putting its neck out in suspending and canceling these contracts we could continue as you know just a moment when our international including among the mix of stories italy says it won't change one comma in its budget after the e.u. rejected a brussels giving room with three weeks to come up with a better plan we're back in just a. has been coming up with a lot of statements saying that the arab states of the gulf should take care of the middle east or other we're still committed to the middle east so there's there's a lot of incoherence there but i think saudi arabia is hugely important to the
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united states and i think trump understands that and this is this is exactly what was driving his kind of commentary on the. killing i think that's the end of the day it's not going to change the status of america's polls. really was very european and his approach would be very well suited is. brussels for example doesn't represent america is america for better or worse and i think what we're trying to do here is to let the world see. here.
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thanks for joining us today here on see hundreds of gathered for a candlelit vigil in the u.s. city of pittsburgh to mourn the victims of a mass shooting at a synagogue on saturday police. were killed when a gunman stormed the building and opened fire during morning service six people were injured including four police officers it's believed to be the deadliest attack against jews in the country's history and local community the shooter who is in custody has been identified as forty six year old. he was reportedly carrying multiple firearms including a semi automatic assault rifle. it troll city took place on what is traditionally the busiest day of the week for synagogues human and labor rights lawyer don carbolic was in the area when the attack happened he sent us the following report there's people gathered all around here. a lot of people in mourning a lot of parishioners with their heads and in their hands people just trying to figure out what has happened here you know it's a very somber situation this is
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a bedroom community here in pittsburgh and this we don't see these things happen very often there's a number of synagogues here in squirrel hill this is a very strong jewish community here it's still locked down it's very hard to get in and out of school built this point and i never seen this many police in one place in pittsburgh i mean it's really a very tense situation and very set people were very sad. president trump has ordered flags to be flown at half mast until october thirty first and also stress the publisher who should actually be executed. what we did. was. that. they should have. everybody get it. now. and i think. i think they. get it but if you.
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have your it is the latest mass shooting in ireland your site in the u.s. in recent years though two similar attacks claimed the lives of thirty five. shoes whether flying at speakers old banged on podiums to make the occasional appearance in politics and now the e.u. you've rejected italy's proposed new budget it was the tone of one italian m.e.p. to put his foot hole put his shoe down.
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it is the first time the european commission has rejected any member state's budget proposal the bloc it gave three weeks to revise its spending plans don't call it a breakdown but dispute. brussels is sharpening its knife in preparation for a new battle with rome for the first time the e.u. has flat out rejected a member state's budget demanding a resubmission. for the first time as a commission is obliged to the. country that it was off the budget to the plan. but we seen no alternative. to do so it is really into the whole. the e.u.
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claims that italy's debt situation is out of control and that solving these government needs to tighten its purse strings and fulfill its obligations the euro skeptics say it doesn't have anything to do with money since there are other states with bloated budgets that have never felt such a heavy hand from brussels this is the first time in budget the e.u. doesn't like no surprise this is the first italian budget written in rome and not in brussels. the italian economy is healthy and this is an economic move that will give italy to stability it needs we won't change one comma in this document to. be you know to go to. the. on. the future. spain belgium portugal and slovenia have all been in violation of the e.u. agreements in the past and for years france has broken the three percent deficit
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threshold imposed on it by the e.u. as for debt it's been in the red since two thousand and two and only this year the second largest european economy received a carefully worded letter in response asking all very politely to reduce its debts . we thank you for sending the front twenty nineteen draft budget that we received on october fifteenth we would like to ask you for more details the commission's preliminary assessment also indicates that the growth rate for france does not respect the reference rates of bit reduction in twenty nineteen so italy refused to be taken to heel by this double standard. except the e.u. commissioner in charge of budgets didn't seem to find the stunt very funny even connecting the italian shushan and against to a potential quick path to fascism the episode of the made in italy shoe is grotesque at first you smile and we trivialize it because it's ridiculous but then
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we start getting used to this kind of muted symbolic violence and one day we wake up with fascism stay alert democracy is a fragile treasure or the draft budget would have seen over five hundred million dollars worth of cuts to defense spending while putting more money towards social welfare and tax cuts not exactly a sound way to revive fascism and certainly not a good way to be a shoo in with the new donald quarter r.-t. . graveyard soil coffin nails and some revenge oil that's what a coven of witches in new york used to place a hex on us supreme court justice brett kavanaugh last week he was recently appointed to the lifetime position after facing sexual misconduct allegations the sorcery of and there was met by protesters condemning it while a catholic priest and an ex a sister attempted to counter the dark magic by staging
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a mass. and has details. so we're here in brooklyn where a group of pagan witches have gathered to place a hex on the newly confirmed. supreme court justice brett kavanaugh now in the statement for the event ascension they said that black magic is a mechanism for exacting justice by women who have been wronged by men just like him now the ceremony is taking place is this a cult bookstore behind me. now here in liberal brooklyn witchcraft wicca might just be considered be another hobby or fascination but in some parts of the country it's no laughing matter there are schools around the country where the harry potter books are forbidden from the school library because christian parents are offended by the witchcraft content and
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there's been cases where satanists and we can practitioners have gone to court demanding their religious freedom needless to say the ceremony did not sit well with a number of trump supporters it is a scary time right now i mean there's a list of things going on now you've got witches that are placing a head on brett kavanaugh now a catholic priest who's been trained in rome as a bonafide exorcist says he will be conducting a mass to protect brett kavanaugh from the witches he says that witchcraft is not a matter of free speech conjuring up personified evil does not fall under free speech satanic cults often commit crimes they murder and sexually abuse everyone in their cult we decided to talk to some of the people attending the ceremony or gathered outside the bookstore and see how they feel about cursing kavanagh do you think the ceremony tonight will actually impact brett kavanaugh i know it will night but it will make everybody feel like they've accomplished something and you know people need to feel like they've accomplished something possibly could
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backfire and help brett kavanaugh he's a leader so yes i mean they've had trouble three times three now it is so tempting to be doing the little pretty well for guys but heck sometimes i'm hopeless i i don't i don't want him to die it is why i'm so a be paralyzed the rest of his life so we can talk or something so you're coming out to. counter the the witch ceremony it's not an act conjuring is sincere in the love of god so we just want to say instead of like curses we want to actually view these blessings and we wanted so to love of god because we're not about hate because that's what that's about we're showing that we're actually about love i encourage everyone to also go out and register to vote magic is one thing but you know. the polls are another so we'll brett kavanaugh us ten year on the u.s. supreme court be impacted by tonight's ceremony or is he going to be protected by that catholic mass conducted by an exorcist or is this all just a bunch of silly superstition it means absolutely nothing well like with most spiritual matters there's no way to be absolutely sure but what we can be sure of
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is that americans are increasingly becoming divided kaleb mop and r.t. new york thanks for joining us for the weekly here on this sunday on our international we were turn served with much more hope to see. you know world big partners movie laws and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that mainstream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smart or we need to stop slamming the door on the shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now we're watching closely watching the hawks. i will prefer to say this to the human space this must be come into the present
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terry place me and steps we have leaving in the solar system. and for sure we show that expounds on other on other all this of the solar system i see these and so weigh all bring. and developing more technologists and new technologies so that they can even land they say increase in the end improve the quality of life on our. business says harlan kentucky. you've already agreed fanny's. a co money city with almost no coal mines left. the jobs are gone all the coal
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miners are said. that. these people are survivors of a world disappearing before their eyes. i remember thinking when i was younger that if anything ever happened to the phone lines here that it would become a ghost town but i never thought in a million years i would see that and it's happening it's happened. a beautiful. libya you could who says he says you know many pretty good news on. the false a coup switching but up the arse you want to mayo's he was as was he as you know i tweak cissé hard to keep you know that i want to do bottom one as you sees it. is keep us. safe i don't know if we do but also. obviously keep.
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it exacts coolies a cool i think jillian highly teach paveway yeah sure it did to lash out which they generally treat religion i bet you should schools did well at concerts you could use up hope was a good you got mental just sits i'm a teacher she jewelry you look too. those she. loves you to take her i love you very equal she like you take it that i started this is actually the piece that i'm ok told us to secure top. to. secure base it among could. do all. job all skilled the secretaries american is up and. the k. on up all the fuss it did it eases up all the fuss so that lazy is the show will on st planned. december the nineteenth twenty fourteen
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ninety nine percent of.


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