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tv   News  RT  November 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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thank. god thank you was your new. regime as a choice you can either do a degree turn from its outlook or should actually a political trip can see its economy crumble. the us three imposes all sanctions against iran that were lifted as part of the twenty fifteen nuclear deal they target two wrongs oil and banking site says with washington also expressing to penalize foreign companies doing business with the country. illegally even going to
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know we believe this is called where. spam sounds the alarm of the number of saudi led coalition strikes on eight sites funded by the humanitarian group. hungry greece and that fear start changing computerize lives attacked is that that border is in a bedsit club immigration will their critics slam the maid as a well you're. welcome to the program. the u.s. is promising a maximum pressure campaign against iran after re-imposing punitive measures that were lifted in twenty fifteen when the nuclear deal was reached donald trump has described the new restrictions as the strongest american sanctions ever to iran has
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and ten lashed out at america calling the move racist. it was a regime has a choice it can either do one hundred eighty degree turn from its outlaw course of action like a normal country or can see its economy crumble walk out at no one else that we will probably buy post your illegal things shims because they're against international regulations this is part of a maximum unprecedented economic pressure campaign the united states is waging against the world's largest state sponsor of terror we have to make americans understand that they cannot talk to the great iranian nation with the language of pressure and sanctions since back in may over one hundred countries have withdrawn from iran or cancel plans to do business there we can tina goshi sions to get all the nations to zero today it's not just we who are angry about america's policies european companies all too as all european governments. the sanctions will target
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more than seven hundred individuals as well as sac craft and ships there are still so includes fifty banks and will aggressively targets iran's financial energy and shipping industries meanwhile france germany and the u.k. have issued a joint statement defying trump threats to european companies doing business with islamic republic they say though work to maintain financial channels with iran moscow insist iran has been in full compliance with the treaty while china says the us mis respect its right to trade with iran israel though has welcomed trump's decision peace activist and author medea benjamin told this she hopes that the international community will push back against washington if the sanctions the u.s. is putting such pressure on its own allies telling the europeans that they are not sovereign nations that their countries their companies are not sovereign that they must abide by what the u.s. wants to do in its unilateral withdrawal says just remarkable that one country one
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superpower thinks that it is able to determine the way the rest of the world trade with iran and i hope that other countries will find ways to circumvent these things since the fact that my pump aoe says that we're not targeting the iranian people is simply not true because the iranian people are hurting and it's from these sanctions we are receiving messages every day from people in iran who are telling us how the rise in prices since the first sanctions were implemented have made it difficult for them to feed their families how they're losing their jobs meanwhile on sunday thousands took to the streets of the iranian capital to express their anger if america's decision to reimpose sanctions. thank you thank god thank god. demonstrators bent american and israeli flags and chanted death to the u.s. the protests also marks the thirty ninth anniversary of the storming of the u.s.
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embassy in the city during the islamic revolution more i guess d.f. looks now at the new sanctions on the growing tensions between washington and iran . these sanctions come into force now on the fifth of november in the us thirty nine years plus a day since the iranian revolution rees stormed the u.s. embassy in tehran in one nine hundred seventy nine america really holds grudges the rogue regime in iran spread death destruction and chaos the iranian dictatorships long campaign remains the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism the guy even tweeted a picture of himself styled after the game of thrones t.v. show with the message that sanctions a coming player in winter is coming why he did this remains a mystery since everyone knew that they were coming he and his government all said
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this months ago iran spent many years under these same sanctions cut off from the world's banking system foreign trade it's oil under embargo and despite that iran's oil exports never dropped below a million barrels a day roughly half of what they are now it can survive it already has survived these sanctions we all will experience when it comes to sanctions do not doubt that under the worst circumstances greens can export as much oil as they need to. we have experienced similar restrictions in the past we've managed to get by somehow so we now have more experience than we did back then. we now have the international community on our side the us sanctions are unilateral sanctions this means that the international community will not support them based on that i don't think america will be able to achieve its goal while strangling the iranians into
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submission seems unrealistic nevertheless you can't laugh these sanctions off officially washington months to deprive the uranian regime off money. uses the spread terror without targeting ordinary people in theory humanitarian goods such as lifesaving medication are exempted from sanctions in practice everyone is so terrified of u.s. sanctions of how ambiguous they are that banks and companies simply refuse to sell around that very medication and the u.s. doesn't seem to care it's their problem the sanctions imposed by the u.s. which they say will target our government will definitely affect people's lives putting much more pressure on us even though these sanctions haven't manifested themselves in the market yet they are already on people's minds and causing them a lot of. cracks every year or every two to three years they see new sanctions will
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be imposed so people have gotten used to saying that but that doesn't mean we accept them and it doesn't hurt it means we've had them so long they don't affect us anymore manson's are hard to come by because of sanctions no doubt if you are caring for a patient your life is affected by these sanctions sanctions decrease the quality of life his people cannot now obtain things they used to obtain easily before washington sanctions hurt ordinary ukrainians the most and this is something you have to understand sanctions are not something that is who are fond as donald trump seems to suggest in his they it is game of thrones me the kind of feeling iranians average people as well as ukrainian leaders you have regarding the u.s. is donald trump has created a lot of mistrust in anger among the ukrainians because from the iranian perspective iran has been completely obliging it's part of the deal although these
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sanctions have had a negative effect does that necessarily doesn't mean that iran is going to concede to the united states. iran say far remains defiant putting on a show of force on monday conducting major address the military exercises the to continue into cheese day anti-aircraft batteries and radars have been deployed across a number of areas in the north of the country. as the u.n. estimates that surrounds half of the yemeni population now relies on international aid and is facing famine we bring you the harrowing story of one of the victims of the war.
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i'm on some of the our situation is getting worse and we're suffering from malnutrition was passed away from malnutrition after twenty days in hospital and one of my neighbors called to say that one of my children was sick i grabbed my daughter and one held as true today she died of malnutrition and her brother is also ill before she died and left her brother to at home and then with her to hospital but she died on the way her father went to borrow money for her by real my situation is my hope has gone after him out on it. just by the fact that she was sick i loved her brothers whatever she needed i did my best to bring that to that but i had no money to send her to. i mean.
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finally i brought her to hospital after disease had taken. i have a mother according to her mother she was about to bring her daughter back to the center for her children at home because she took her for treatment but she died on the way the situation is very distressing and they did not have enough funds to treat her otherwise they would have treated her somewhere else and not pull her back to the health center we have and. each person has to manage by themselves and this is one of the tragedies of the aggression and one of the tragedies caused by the war which is worsening day by day children of food and so far ten children suffering from severe malnutrition have died dozens of children are suffering from diseases and medical complications and they have no funds for
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treatment or someone to take them to another place of treatment. u.k. charity oxfam has expressed alarm its coalition that airstrikes repeatedly hitting british aid projects in yemen and oxfam representative brown's britain's approach to yemen and coherence that the humanitarian crisis that continues to worsen with medical facilities and water supplies being targeted. last wednesday we had. more than twenty people killed like. we have fifteen people killed last month even our own interventions in places for example in sabah in the area called the amazon not we where we provided and supported water system that has actually been bombed by
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a strike this year we bombed approaches bombed out ok yes doctors without borders yemen also reports coalition air strikes hissing its medical facilities it says that five centers have been targeted twenty fifteen resulting in multiple deaths of patients and staff and in june the group's cholera treatment center in northern yemen was hit by an airstrike these attacks are contributing to the catastrophic situation for civilians in the country.
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these claims come mysteries amaze governments faces mounting pressure to halt on sales to riyadh you have a problem with condemning murder and international violations of into international law or incomplete mistakes and make the only thing that we don't do is actually press the button to drop the bombs i'm surprised that for those who need to defend themselves the amount of raids targeting civilians has gone up north if these all were just six people slaughtered and i do not agree that if the united kingdom was simply to. deny its support for parties we choose under threat and so engaged in that support of allegiance and it doesn't i mean if we do that.
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the way to go but if it is your. oxfam's representative in the region told us that the u.k. government must stop making excuses the coalition actions in yemen we believe that you can go no illegal party to this cause where they actually go you one was going to back even when we hear when you're actually operational on the border areas of saudi arabia this is a war and i do think that we're going to get. i should say just showed any changes happen to me every few days of a very deliberate think it's not wesley is a killer whether it was the school board probably or the other reason possibly recently and that maybe he will say on the station today the city was bombed and ten which left eighty thousand people without water so that pattern is continuing and possible you could get one thing people into that particular every few days ago attacks and every case that you can government looking to excuse the saudis and we had a policy meeting in here where it's wrong we call out we're just going to fighting
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war or excuses when it's also like giving them dossiers went right into a steel mill we never heard a thing then so we need them to stop the weapons now stop the sales of weapons now and the most important commit to a cease fire pressed for a cease fire the u.n. security council and nothing less than that will actually do to save the people you have a. morning after the break. maybe you can just maybe there is some hope for yemen and globalist suffered a major defeat in brazil and much much more on this edition of trust.
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this is me oh mark and tell us. all countries competing with all countries no more globalization no more central bank domination no more national monetary fund world bank united nations colluding in back roads and down to continue to corrupt the global. good hope to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be president. some want to. have to go right to the press this is what was before three of the more people. interested always in the water. welcome back to. the un says humanitarian aid is urgent we need it's for
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a huge migrant caravan heading through mexico it's the u.s. border the convoy includes more than two thousand children and lacks basic supplies but while some migrants have now decided to stay in mexico many are expected to reach the u.s. border in two weeks time we can show you the latest pictures of the thousands continuing med cheney towards the us mexico border. more a better fest members of a five thousand strong convoy of people have already arrived in the capital mike k. city however uncertainty awaits the migrants this u.s. president donald trump contends that around fifteen thousand soldiers been deployed to the border and the putting up a barbed wire fence. it was said around seven thousand troops would be tossed with the whole thing the migrants back operation faithful patriots is set to focus on texas arizona and california the issue has become a key talking points ahead of tuesday's midterm elections. has more on the migrants
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quest for a better life. that arrival of several thousand migrants at the u.s. border has gotten both the media and politicians talking and spinning away care of it was care about the caravans an invasion dangers to the country those telling you . that the biggest threat to america is some of the published refugees democrats want to charlie open the borders they have the caravan one of the caravan is mostly made up of people from three central american countries under a squat a mall and all solved or also known as the northern triangle and it's fair to say that region is not in the best of shape what a mall and neighboring el salvador and honduras are three of the most violent countries in the world or capital of the world there's nearly one homicide every thirteen hours a woman is murdered in this country and while both the left and the right in america are using the care of him as
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a rallying point the history which led to the situation seems all but ignored the central american problem you do directly affect security and there will be no room . today could recognize the caribbean and central america is vital to our interest shouldn't we president ronald reagan famously took a no holds barred approach to central america and a reagan's administration the u.s. aided the staging of a coup in. guatemala and spent years propping up those who carried it out despite legitimate accusations of human rights abuses much the same can be said for el salvador where billions of u.s. dollars was poured into a government that was slaughtering its citizens meanwhile as the u.s. work to overthrow a government in a neighboring country was flooded with u.s. soldiers aid in arms and joint bases greatly strengthening the militarization of hunger and society the nineteen eighties where the u.s. set up this walk of you know so water on the wall used the
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u.s. of war to the pater ships that surprised us the mostly president. of the country and it really has destroyed the ability of people to make the really cross for since the one nine hundred eighty s. central american migration has skyrocketed and surprisingly and with that comes deportations remember how much trump loves to talk about the infamous imus thirteen criminal gang vile criminal cartel and mess thirteen the savages of m.s. thirty k.m.'s thirteen these are animals and mr gina lives by the motto kill rape. and control well it turns out they were actually made in america refugees from al salvador founded the group in l.a. in the eighty's and the program was set up to kick the members out and send them back home and there were corruption and instability was a bound the gang flourished and terrorize the local population the irony is while coffins flaming you know drug traders are being exported to the u.s.
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and back to the next order to central america some drug cartels that actually began in los angeles and moved into el salvador and had room to do that again because of the instability the u.s. was greatly responsible with their now the u.s. has a long history of interfering in foreign country's affairs and in this instance it seems the consequences are finally coming home the u.s. has been involved in a very. very disastrous way the violence that the us set in motion. has never stopped it's just taking a different form it's really the victim of his dirty us blaming the victims. or there oh by the u.s. show that you. all. know it's a lot of whining. really old not. illegal
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migrants also feeling the heat on the other side of the atlantic hungry lots fear and greece all popular destinations for migrants will start testing computerized lie detectors at their borders this month the artificial intelligence driven machines are funded by the e.u. and its hopes will help boost european border controls one of the researchers behind the technology explains how it all works. this border guard will ask a series of questions typical to what you would see when you cross borders in europe by real border guards. my son and his car. so we're not looking at things like smiling or frowning looking at very small movements such as an eye moving left or right. let's take a closer look at how this away travis will be quizzed by a virtual border guard of the same ethnicity and gender speaking the language special special software will scan his or her face the micro expressions people deemed to be lying by the system will be subjected to fed the checks such as
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fingerprinting and travel is still considered suspicious will be for referred to human border guards now during initial tests volunteers were asked to intentionally lie or tell the truth the machine had a seventy six percent success rate they develop this think they can improve that they also added that the increased threat of illegal immigration makes the system necessary but to make the claims that the project the sport of security some fair it's all a bit well ian. some people might have a bias to discriminate against asian people all black people or white people whatever the young system in principle should be able to. come to a decision that for a year over by this doesn't mean of course that they are systems apologists for we've seen many examples where they are systems kind of their own biases but at least they can be free of overt bias if they're refugee from cereal from yemen or
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for money or the part of the world was suffering persecution then they should be treated with humanity these sort of you know artificial intelligence based systems into choose to catch people out i don't think is appropriate i would argue is a breach of their human rights the our border patrol system doesn't just to look out for deception people when they're coming through the border it's a will to process the. the mission has been logged in advance for people who want to the gym at the cross the border to help speed up the paperwork at the border and it's also able to help look for humans in cargo lorries or in star wars. cards so the benefits of this isn't let's have the trial let's make the trial. visible to all people all ethnicities all backgrounds all nationalities let's see if it works properly and if it works properly then that's fine when you know you can introduce it but you know if you still got the same error rate of twenty four percent that means twenty four percent of cases the computer is making
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a mistake i don't think i think when you look at refugees but some good enough. more top story for him thanks minutes time. when lawmakers manufacture consent instead of public wealth. when the roman clauses protect themselves. when the financial a merry go round lifts only the one post that. you ignore middle of the road signal. real news. there's now a bowl around prick here in rwanda and the wisest terrorist the war. but
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there are bad memories. twenty four years ago this country song a real end of the world. after the genocide there i'm old women in rwanda a man. fell to women to fix what the man had broken. when i was told small seemed wrong why don't we all just all. the world get to shape out just because the educated and engaged equals betrayal. when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground.
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ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by michael hoping the board doesn't implement the muslim god of this is going to going to go through the. woods as if he did it on into the sea it's a must also bribe them proprietary software you don't know this whole scope isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating good public i'd think microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that think off message and put it more. simply as this is an easy sell that this is also the only one of the local will still be going through almost the whole in this you all do all of those with. the incident this is the. most i've been done with the all business stop and i'm also
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stonewalls a fund is up and describes all the fine. maybe you can just maybe there is some hope for yemen and globalist suffered a major defeat in brazil and much much more on this edition of crushed. now there was a near you which because of the both issue of chicago is really one that can speak for through what you. it was a cue. bid for sole cause. and as long as story when it's not a need. for you when you go to use some of those artful but it gets on the list and it's good to go. slow to slow it is when you know how to weave through you know the destroying them or done that is over. funded it was debunked. and
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slow because. the hero status of step on bond was short lived in two thousand and ten victoriano covert each was elected president this time the international community had no doubts about the legitimacy of the elections. in january two thousand and eleven victoriana coverts repealed the hero title of bond era. almost four years into his presidency though another revolution shook ukraine unfortunately this one was anything but peaceful. mr yanukovych which i'm an american i'm an outsider to the situation.


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