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isaac's birthplace was a special training center in tanzania. it's called which stands for development of landmine detection equipment that's what isaac is. mine sniffing rat. rats are everywhere there are sociable circumstances. with humanity. they are actually traditionally. garbage. for always. mind sniffing rats are put to work in former hotspots where learned mines are among
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the most deadly remnants of conflict they're often found years after war has ended and serious injury isn't the only problem. imagine how it must feel to live with the knowledge that there's a landmine lurking somewhere near your home. when i was a close up field and to help make the problem of landmines a thing of the past. but it will be a full nine months before he becomes a real pro for now he simply spends his time with his family. it's no coincidence the giant rats which has been to sniff mines in the wild they're extraordinary sense of smell allows them to search for food buried deep underground it works with land mines to the key is to train the a rats to associate the discovery of t.n.t. with food and that's not difficult because everyone knows how intelligent rats. the
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really hard part is making sure that the rat doesn't make any mistakes that could be fatal not just for the rat. these old regular rats there it's clear from the way they eat these giant rats have special pouches in their cheeks to still food just like hamsters so this particular animal is on the cusp between being a rat. perhaps that's why they're just a little bit cuter. i guess i should add to another really great benefit of our species of rats is that there are really curious which lab rats are curious as well but. there are various social in terms of their really willing to work with people lab rats sometimes will develop that relationship with you but i don't think they develop it quite as
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readily. meanwhile isaac has grown he's now four weeks old i'm training can begin like all children isaac schooling starts with a kindergarten. all but is a camera he helps a little rats to feel comfortable around people. to see that defeat into. the. norm we teach the. truth. interacting with the care is a vital part of the learning process it's important for isaac's.
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when he grows up our eyes are cool way around a kilo and his body will reach thirty to forty centimeters in length just about as long as his tail. because they're so big grilled. is our favorite local street food. that has started school he spends his early weeks learning the basic rule that he means food. is used to reinforce the learned response. counters an empty container there's no so. this one does contain t.n.t. and the click tells him that he can claim i treat. well in
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general but how. they really let her do her thing they don't get involved or train influenced her in any way but the rats into the rats has a different behavior just before they find. out they have certain behavior some of them like to clean themselves they like to groom themselves they're very clean. they don't like to get wet or maybe there's. some of them will walk around in circles some even stand up in the air. so they have no said she's found some think she just has. indicated where. a rats remarkable sense of smell can detect the tiniest traces of t.n.t. . they can sense the explosive even when it's fifteen to twenty centimeters on the ground their noses over not so secret weapon imagine if humans had similar
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abilities ok if you were in a pitch black room and somebody entered the house from. i would say i think one kilometer away and it's pitch black and you can't hear anything you might be able to detect that something changed but that's also very hard for me to say because i really as a scientist i need evidence to support such a claim and i don't have. isaac and his sister at the gym they can give their paws a good workout sharpen their teeth. but enjoy a sense of freedom. said looks as though isaac's trying to set out on his first trip.
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nice troy. a brief chase. a few a breath so fresh. and he soon back in the fold. they know what they are doing they know what to be expect from them they know. if to are working. very really want to be lived it's reward. profitable for. very very very important he learned most you have to do board animals don't they don't
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understand this so i remember very well the words. and that's what we are doing. for about a. week these students are only fed the food given the streaks during training. and not. during the weekends a little given a veritable feat. of peanuts and dried fish this. is great for their bones these. you. know feast.
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he. says here. in the wild rats live in small underground colonies. quite independent within the colony. live in their own. food with neighbors. females can choose their own mating partners but the colonies are not. they are ruled by a group that works a little like a parliament with both male and female members. it's a big day for isaac. is about to move into high school. just like
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every graduate to be he gets his own personal transport. now. his field training. they sleep by day but have active night lives. try to adjust to the rats biorhythms they set out at five thirty in the morning a field training session can start at six.
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it's for moments like this that isaac has been trained. by the sound of the engine . the country has gone into a nihilistic fever. thank god it hit the road and get out the traveling across america to find what makes america the charlatans the genius is the quintessential american hero this is it we've come a point around which hollywood has gone insane we always are on the margins some. called the culture is really important because. we're
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starting west with is going to headed east into the swamp we're going into the belly of the beast i think i want to leave now doesn't get him oregon tell them it may be completely different but in this town. us veterans who come back from war often tell the same stories. were going after the people who were killing civilians they were not interested in the wellbeing of their own soldiers either there already is several generations of them so i just got this memo to branches off that says we're going to attack and destroy the government and seven countries in five years americans pay for the wars with them money those with dives if we were willing to go into harm's way and willing
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to risk being killed for a war surely we can risk some discomfort or uneasiness for. my conclusion he's had to be made to train during this. again. and i like it the only the one. reason train number one. so it's not do i man who is telling them. the black
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you have to do this in this in this manner now we have the older teen years there is material enough for the old to be used to train the human. isaac remains calm while he's in for his class to start. the trust between trainer and rat runs the. he lets isaac out of the cage. without even bothering to follow. it so. they have to concentrate them on to be
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a viewer of that they have to. to make an interpretation of for the writ is doing. would you come to d.c. when you were telling. isaac is now demonstrating model behavior by now on thing rat. he sniffs diligently at the end. is in no hurry. this is the result of several months of training. it looks as though isaac might offend some t.n.t. . he tries to rid his nose of all extraneous said.
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he thinks he senses something but may just to reset his smelling operators to be sure. this is the spot. no all the trainer can send his signal. it's like watching two old friends getting together. at first but for him performing. i mean she was not running she was walking. she sniffed every room. she. liked records. to steve to t.n.t.
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he didn't work. as a surgeon she wasn't too. presence of t.n.t. . isaac seems to have passed with flying colors. and now it's time to evaluate his loyalty. no one wants to chase a runaway wretch across a life minefield that would be deadly that's why it's important that the raps follow their handlers voluntarily without a leash. isaac is displaying textbook behavior this training is over. now it's time for the real world to begin.
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traveling to see. in cambodia. this is home to one of the ancient aka textural wonders of the world. and call it a fact. millions of tourists travel here to take their best selfies tourism is one of cambodia's main sources of revenue. but there are still landmines left over from the civil war and various seriously hampering any further growth and
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tourism to say nothing of the danger to life. when it comes to square miles of minefields cambodia is second only to afghanistan . the number of injuries caused by landmines is the highest in the world now though the situation is changing for the better in the popular tourist resorts mines can only be seen in museums but there are still many dangerous areas in the country. isaac is here to help with mine clearance. new instructor applies some screen to his skin. because giant rats and nocturnal creatures their skin isn't
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accustomed to high levels of u.v. if they were left unprotected and run the risk of developing skin cancer. ears and tails of the most delicate spots. we didn't see them doing this in africa because the training center was high in the mountains in the town of ma to go to. at this time of year it's much cooler there than here in cambodia. if we take a closer look at the probables it's raining but isaac still has some screen applied . for sun might come out once the team stops working. this is no drill. between dawn's protective vests and helmets.
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no one knows exactly health protection they get would offer. they're off to work. it's not a hundred. but look at you from the top and the next question is not bad but these are. international. if something exploded. in the north being a scottish and down something explored means at least to a point that they don't want an office rather than having nothing. just as we make our way to the minefield it rains again. if we do rains and then. march. we think that there is no. i mean is going on is not easy for that.
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that's why when drains a lot then we don't know what. it doesn't look as though we'll get to see ice a connection or range getting heavier. c . c feet are. pretty good. very good. there. are. one more try. it's not clear if the rain will get in the way again.
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if the mind to take is out in the field after all. isaac is investigating the ground. nothing so far. suddenly he starts to wash his face. this means he's identified a suspicious scent. the disposal experts approaches. he has from something.
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he seems to be really quite relaxed so perhaps it's not a mind off to rule. the mind that's not mine. i thought. the.
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areas highlighted in yellow. the disposal team has a light breakfast after work everyone gets a banana. and they all seem to enjoy it. for this moment of triumph now it's time for a rest. real heroes glory true heroes need to rest to build up their strength for their future endeavors. another round of cambodia's mine clearance campaign has come to an end the field engineers have a chance to relax. take a leaf out of the judge's book then i'd life is almost as exciting as the rats.
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in. this story of a land mine and. that's all there is to it.
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nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in the spot relationship wrongful conviction if you look at any interrogation out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie a lie the process of interrogation is designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable makes them want to get out and don't take no for an answer don't accept their denials she said therefore which. sat on the statement that i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with solving a crime. it's seemed wrong. when all the rules just don't hold. any belief yet to shape out these days become advocates and indeed for many equals betrayal.
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when so many find themselves worlds apart we choose to look for common ground. when i came back from iraq oh marijuana her was cocaine methamphetamine so anything that's altering trying to get us out. that bad mindset using a chemical that would be self medicating. i want to be drinking and drinking ino noon just killing myself. alcoholics don't drink to get drunk alcoholics drink to feel normal. that's why i'll call it so that's why a drug addicts do. a shot while surfing the net. star cool under which these guys
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are going through to it it just means to. need to be helped and good pushed on by the v.a.'s are as drugs go and stuff they need to be built. and they this really shouldn't be looked at like numbers they should be looked at like people if they go to a veteran center for health issues be considered as someone who really needs attention . at. all.
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thousands of americans have been brutally killed by those who illegally entered our country and thousands more lives will be lost if we don't act right now. a crisis of the heart and soul donald trump demands funds for his board award in his first televised speech from the oval office but democrats say he's holding the nation to ransom by continuing the government shutdown. british m.p.'s and journalists face an increasingly aggressive backlash over breaks it has frustrated members of the public confront them on parliament hill staff. writer for the political if you are offended by wireless i think this is the stuff i believe everything you can wait.


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