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only grow. one else seems wrong. just don't call. me. yet to shape out just become active. and engaged with equals betrayal. when something find themselves worlds apart week she's to look for common ground. the u.s. secretary of state suspends a key nuclear arms control treaty with russia might bomb sites noncompliance from moscow a key story claimed that the kremlin denies venezuela's self-proclaimed interim leader refuses to relax u.s. military intervention in his country as he tries to act president nicolas maduro
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and french police are under scrutiny after a hundred cases are opened into the use of riot guns we talked to a yellow vest protester who expects to lose his i rely just attack by officers. i understand now that the government is deaf to us that we couldn't hear the demands on the appeal was being made on the streets. hello good evening you're watching r.t. international just gone seven pm here in moscow and we start breaking news to you because the u.s. secretary of state is accused russia of noncompliance with the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty might threaten to pull out of the deal this summer if moscow doesn't change its behavior. the united states will therefore suspend its obligations under the treaty effective february second. we will provide russia and
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the other treaty parties with formal notice that the united states is withdrawing from the earlier treaty effective in six months pursuant to article fifteen of the tree. ok let's go to our current correspondence now don't take us through what pompei announced today he's in the united states rules to speak to people of. the european reaction dan let's start with you dan just run through what was said by. well the u.s. has long accused russia of violating the treaty without actually providing any credible evidence the u.s. is accusing russia of testing and deploying an intermediate range missile meanwhile russia has actually exhibited the missile and given detailed explanations of its characteristics moscow as strongly denied washington's accusations saying its land based missile fully complies with the ins requirements and u.s. officials didn't even bother to attend the testing of the missile in december which
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they were invited to this treaty the i.n.f. treaty is crucial for the balance of powers it was signed back in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven by the united states and the u.s.s.r. and it stipulates that both countries destroyed missiles within the five hundred to five thousand five hundred kilometer range under the agreement now neither the u.s. nor or russia are allowed to produce or test any such missiles in the future russia is saying that the u.s. withdrawing from this treaty could trigger a new arms race and that washington's actions destroying the mechanism preventing nuclear conflict a moscow has long accused the u.s. of making all to made russian president vladimir putin said the u.s. was searching for any possible reason to withdraw from the treaty. first the american side says it wants to leave the treaty looking for reasons why the main reason given is that we are violating something. at the same time no evidence of
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this was presented. and now president donald trump goes further and openly suggesting creating its own so-called military response. move forward with developing response options to work with nato and other allies and partners to deny russia mildred from its lawful conduct. and this seems like it's fully playing into the hands of the us there would now be in violation of the basic rule of the treaty themselves and further developing its own military capabilities ok thank you dan i'm stan cohen there in the united states let's cross over now to europe peter oliver who's in berlin for us we've seen some reaction haven't we what's been said in europe about this latest development well before we get to the reaction of what's been said following what mike pompei o announced just now it's worthwhile looking at what was being said by world the
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secretary general of nato and the e.u. high representative for representative for foreign affairs just before the announcement was made both the end stoltenberg and federico marketing any basically putting out a message they're saying this announcement is coming let's get ready for it. so we must prepare for a world without the on the truth do you know if it has been for me the one that has benefited the most out of the this twenty four hours as a european union would be extremely important to see this full compliance with the treaty and so the precipitation of the treaty in the immediate aftermath of my compost saying that there would be six months and then the us would pull out of the treaty stoltenberg tweeted that russia must use the six months to get back on track with the i.n.f. treaty also tweets coming out from the latvian minister for foreign affairs saying
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russia has to comply with the treaty and get that treaty if the treaty is to survive which i think is ultimately certainly seems to be the unifying message for you foreign ministers anyway that they want to see this treaty salvaged but there is hardly the resoundingly support for this u.s. decision that you may have thought was implied by what mike pompei i was saying if we look at what the german foreign minister heiko must have to say he said that this decision the end of this treaty leaves europe with less security also that we don't need debates what we need arms control is we also heard from the austrian foreign minister cutting nestle who said that she regretted the decision by the united states but hope that through dialogue the i.n.f. treaty could swell survive and live on for another day. ok thank you both that was there peter over there for us in berlin and also dan cohen there in the united states. and we can get more reaction now from dan have
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a solid he's from the germany left party good to have you on thanks for your time this evening do you think that this i.n.f. treaty is dead in the water or are you perhaps hopeful it could be revived over the next six months. while we now have six months time to step up international pressure on the trump regime to change course because what we have seen not only with the iron after review but also with other treaty obligations this u.s. government is unwilling to fulfill its obligations and the international community can no longer just stand by and watch from what i've heard the reaction i've heard you're the first person to say that the u.s. needs to be held accountable for the i.n.f. treaty because all the rhetoric coming from washington and it's russia that is at fault here because it's developing this missile why do you think that is. well it's transparent lie us it's about as all the other lies and come out of this
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administration if you go back the last two years it's been lies and lies and lies and if you look at the history of the united states trying to pull out of this treaty that goes back to george w. bush so it's nothing new that they try to invent reasons to pull out but this time they don't put in any effort with this i.n.f. treaty crumbling away and yet at the same time we hear my pompei you say he's got the support of. lies i mean it just doesn't tie up. well the i have treaty has been a corner store and off european security for the last thirty years you just see it crumbling away by the trunk administration is not an option so you're a pass to act and being concerned is not enough we have to seriously consider economic sanctions against u.s. corporations that are involved in this new rocket program. and i was all very well
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saying that but unfortunately many people would argue that perhaps europe would come off worse. we cannot be worse then when we go back to the time when the americans just stationed nuclear capable missiles in our country i mean it's a long time ago but it's not that long ago some people still remember what happened back then i wasn't even born but there were pershing missiles that just accidently explode it u.s. soldiers were killed in germany by an accidental explosion off of one such rocket we cannot let that happen again and if our government is not capable of stopping it then the citizens all over europe need to act now we need to have great demonstrations in the streets and i can tell you that we in germany just starting to prepare a great demonstration over easter to protest this decision. positively speaking
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what can be done over the next six months do you think. to get this. pressure. we need to increase the pressure we need to increase the pressure on the u.s. because russia the russian federation as you've been saying has been absolutely willing to have inspections office facilities to have inspections off the rockets but the united states are not even willing to set inspectors so it's clear who is at fault here and we need to increase pressure on the americans and we need to make sure that never again will american rockets be stationed in germany and the existing military installations in germany at the u.s. we need to stop them too we need to go to our government and tell them that they should make the us pull out of europe ok we're going to have to leave it there but it's a really good to talk has been to the sollie of germany's the left party thank you
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. thank you. ivan as why the self-proclaimed interim leader has appeared on u.s. television explaining how he intends to use president nicolas maduro and he did not rule out husing pentagon support. i just want you to tell me whether you would support a u.s. military intervention we are doing everything to be able to put as much pressure as published so that we do not get into that kind of a scenario in which nobody would wish to have with the u.s. backed opposition leader brand. regime and to take to ship president maduro accuses quiet though of attempting to stage a coup with washington's help as the situation intensifies what is happening in venezuela does appear to to have similarities to events in the past is really prank explains do they really think the whole world is too fullish to notice either you stand with the forces of freedom or you're in league with his mayhem when we stand
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with the syrian people or with their oppressors the former dura regime has oppressed its people for years repressive regime of bashar assad the tyranny of the now defunct mature regime the assad regime its brutality and repression active threat to the entire region growing threat to regional peace and security it is time for men to go it's time for assad to get out of the way the stories of syria venezuela and the protest movements there are from two separate books but can someone tell me why anyone who's in charge of america always reads off the same manual when their national interest rate or spots another regime change opportunity let's go through the steps that are a must venezuela versus syria some great examples for you. people in american politics have a special sense for legitimacy what if they have
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a device for that or something from our perspective he has lost legitimacy he has failed to deliver on the promises he's made in its role as the only legitimate branch of government duly elected by the venezuelan people the national assembly invokes the country's constitution to declare nicolas maduro illegitimate and the office of the presidency therefore vacant you see the manual so great that even donald trump couldn't help picking it up after hillary. yes the idea is not just to start backing the opposition you physically got to be there with them but. it was. the. now that's a classic what could be more classic it almost makes you imagine that as kids all
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american politicians are told when you grow up you'll never succeed unless you sanctions and filthy regime syria check venezuela. check we'll keep increasing sanctions to cut off the regime with the money it needs to survive we're going to announce sanctions against patro is to venezuela associate the name were paid a vase as it's known by its spanish acronym the state owned oil monopoly since the opposition in places like venezuela or syria are pretty much aware of the contents of the manual they know when it's the right time for them to start asking for weapons armed rebels defected soldiers there will always be those who would be happy to get new guns that are going to spend its way down so that we make a request to the us he says to support us in logistical terms of communication with weapons so we can realize venezuelan freedom what we need is.
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and. until the science back to the states and the people in charge there when you're only one step away from sending your old army in to get the job done don't forget to say that all options are on the table that the agreement which is all options always all options are on the. you know what all of this was unintentional never planned we will stop to topple the regime at all to throw out government strokes we cannot resolve someone else's civil war through force is that also in the manual into trying to reporting there were syria might not be any example because the us is hinting at involvement in venezuela almost eight years since it turned threats into action military action in libya critics will want to repeat to that scenario must be avoided. to do.
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is that. we must avoid the mistakes. of the house of artie's worlds apart it's on a boy because he joined me earlier to discuss the parallels between the libyan conflict and current situation in venezuela one of the things that many people draw attention to was we bizarro easily extractable large reserves very easy to capitalize on baghdad if you remember the countries that pushed the most for that military intervention were the countries that benefited the most from the levy in all sectors was france of the united kingdom this time around do you see the trumpet ministration officials being pretty often about. oil reserves and eagerness to lay their hands on them so. there's more than just one parallel there but the one thing that absolutely amazes me is that there is absolutely it nor lack of consideration for the consequences neither now nor back then and one would think
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that the obama administration people at these top consider levy as one of their mistakes president obama was actually pretty honest in saying that. he's mean regrets was never thinking about day one in libya while we are not hearing anything from the obama administration officials in fact they they seem to be very eager to join the trump administration when it comes to regime change in given that it will be speaking to the daughter of the security chief of the deposed to be leading with what she says she's a very interesting personality she was essentially raised by the gadhafi family. who are friends with many of his children and obviously she didn't have benefited from the events in two thousand and eleven and let's listen to what she has to say that's happened in. other country only maybe in syria or. before. the age of that's under control.
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no it's you see what's happening in syria but i think. they want to save some people civilian people and that's not true the libyan intervention didn't and then they faced a problem there's a huge migration way from libya is still a problem now in europe i've seen many black american countries. but isn't there a possibility that they could suffer too because if things turn out. well and i really like this question that you're posing because i think many people are absolutely ignoring it i mean more margaret after what he was a life was very open and warning the european officials not to jump on this nato intervention bandwagon space specifically because of the risks of opening the floodgates to you from the african continent into europe and he's warning was
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absolutely ignore that and i think many latin american and north american countries are absolutely oblivious to the risks of migration that could represent if it falls apart we are talking about the meaning millions of people the continent is pretty unstable already. speaking to me that really will be journalist mike beam and phil did ask members of congress if they think that the u.s. is meddling in venezuela's political system you think the u.s. is meddling in venice. here. i don't think so we were the super firm and. i think we're just. pretty much the deciding. and so i think it's we are. you know i am. ok let's get through. journalist yes giulietta is
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a former m.e.p. too good to have you on thanks for your time this evening we heard earlier concerns from the italian deputy foreign minister about venezuela perhaps descending into another libya or syria do you have that concern. yes. the result of this situation is that the in the government i can say that the deputies the tell you that it is the government inside the european parliament abode it against their will lucia solution. giving to europe a free free spaces. to go against the aura that this is a very very big event the from the political point of view is a first time from from many years. but if you just to go under the law in the
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heated by the united states this is a very big change we sure will have. probably being. results in the future of the government didn't they did not that the site because india isa different and i took it all from the league and the from the movement of five starts. this of the government have not in the same position but at the all the deputies in the rupee and palatable to the. resolutions that is a. big big political be it be and to europe the first and the quarterly should of brought american forces inside the parliament that has been broken why do you think they did that why do you think italy has taken a different position. well it's far for i believe for
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a reason or principles because it is evident that there is. believe very wrong interpretation of the international law there is no reason why foreign to foreign countries like united states about or israel or all the other or so brazil. and tell how has to be the political issue inside the white one count if somebody did it gainst to even begin to let the united nations chart know what it is. to do to be saved i understand that in there today political international life we are witnessing it everywhere we had a hail asian of the sky and the war against syria there were one and used that against libya the same thing this is for violation the west as
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a whole can say because that is the west reaction reacting to say going all the county or blue western beginning from the ready states canada australia and all are counted for all the line no united states for the reason you need that what happens now you need thoroughly and equally inside europe is it. is e.u. political change how close are we to think from a military intervention in venezuela. i believe that it is possible or well it is just possible the decision has been taken to donald trump oh he's going to it seems he's going to leave and that. you're not hysterical position pending some kind of event in the future we will see there will be election but you notice it is not reacting in this way that means so they are go into to try to
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resolve the problem by force i see one problem personally i have some information from brazil where it would be good back not the generals confident that i have a ration does not agree with the decision to intervene immediately. openly internationally rightest is a law are with is not the. world is not to believe easy too little lady did the there is he an arab that the business there are some technique of organisational a logistics problem to solve but the decision to go on it seems to be has been taken by the united states of america the first a nice how how much they will have the will needed and the way to do what they are seen to do six billion barrels of oil big
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chunk of power in the world of today we're. going to leave it that way niceto see to not have c s a. journalist and foreigner any pay thank you. elsewhere france's pricing for fresh yet i fessed marches on saturday but with a difference because this time people won't just be calling for reforms they will also pay tribute to those injured by excessive police force at previous rallies. but not almost as you were doing brutal it shows a five two on the to root which is not much compared to what we did before but we're going to have some injured people all the injured all but they're the start of the march who also sit in speeches. the next day when i woke up from the operation i looked to myself in the mirror and said to myself it's not me it can't be me today i do not dare look at myself in the mirror for me my life is over
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it's destroyed. more than one hundred best a geisha is have been opened against french police over their controversial use of private guns in recent months leading rights organizations in the country want a complete ban on the use of the weapon which fires golf ball sized rubber bullets it is also i will ready course serious injuries at yellow vest protests as we see.
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well our sister channel r.t. france is spoken to a protester called jerome for three days he did suffer a severe injury reportedly from the police were bullets during a rally this week last week sorry he says the government isn't listening to the papal visit to egypt i understand now that the government is deaf to us that it couldn't hear the demands of the appeals being made on the streets but now i see i who lost an eye that they are completely blind even on the basis of the videotapes they're unable to accept responsibility for what is happening our efforts are peaceful that's my slogan i'm a humanist i want protesters to be protected and the greatest gift to me was when during act nine children came to kiss me to shake my hand they were happy to come to the protest with their parents so why call for an icky why call for everything to be broken it is not in our interests we are reasonable people we will not
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destroy our own country and that brings you up to date this hour don't forget that you can also keep cross the news to you on our social media pages and you chad. it was in the one nine hundred fifty s. that our secretary of state john foster dulles proclaimed our policy is global. we started as a continental empire by clearing out the native peoples and other
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foreign forces then we became an overseas empire by taking islands in various parts of the world and then after the second world war we began to a global empire narrow we are playing on the whole billiard. the united states has always had a variety of tools to use in its attacks on other countries. economic sanctions are are often just the beginning another thing you like to do is play some military pressure on their countries
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a true talking around. and there has to be an effort to demonize that country and the leader of that country particularly in our own press and in the press of that leader's own country. americans love to think there were intervening in other countries to overthrow evil people and if that's true you have to make the person look evil. and nineteen fifty one out of an scam took out in guatemala after being elected by the people. u.s. president received. years ago i wrote a book about how the united states overthrew the government of guatemala in.


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