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with the decision made. in the international arena. with its global partners. also ahead on the program this hour. the president said he did not believe that north korea had the capability to hit us here which the president replied. i believe. a former.
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president put. tiger in the. yellow. far right. two of the stories. fake. three pm here in moscow. welcome to our international. our top story the russian president has given his annual state of the nation address this year the focus was primarily challenges on the country's economic development he did. upon foreign policy concerns too though saying that moscow does not seek
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confrontation with its international partners. is the venue for us where he has been closely following the president's state of the nation address do indeed take us through your main takeaways off walk the russian leader. union high again well let me begin with how the russian president got to the final part of the speech that you mentioned which was about international issues but it was mainly about how russia is getting along with america and allies he said he was obliged to bring these issues up after the u.s. tore up the intermediate nuclear sorry intermediate range nuclear forces treaty mr putin called on the american leadership to be honest we were a member that the donald trump administration insisted on ditching the agreement
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because it claimed russia was violating it and we found out first these plans initially that happened last year believes that the americans were doing this because russia and the u.s. were obliged to limit their intermediate range missile arsenals while other countries didn't here's what else we heard from the russian president on that. well u.s. partners had to be honest and straightforward with they should not have used trumped up accusations and allegations to unilaterally withdraw friends like they did in two thousand and two which they did in an honest way when they pulled out of the i.b.m. treaty i felt it was done the wrong way but at least they did it in a straightforward manner but how do they act in fact they violate everything and find excuses to put the blame on someone. they mobilize their. and going along with
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them. now having heard several speakers actually the people. in the audience among the audience they were seeing are russian lawmakers they have told me that the gist of lot of speech was that russia is not a threat for america and its allies but it could become one if russia dares to sorry if someone dares to act aggressively against russia here's what he said about that. i see which is the need. russia wants to have a proper friendly and equal relationship with the us russia does not pose a threat to anyone and the actions we take or retaliate about is to say in defense we never seek confrontation we do not want it especially with a global power like the u.s. used in the treaty so that was the point when the russian president began to
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talk about other things where he might even sound sound a bit aggressive and definitely the things that he said the words were very strong and very serious he spent a few minutes explaining what the country will be obliged to do in terms of r. and t. r. and d. in terms of military expansion in terms of military deployment if it was forced to defend itself against some sort of military actions by its adverse sarees. russia will be forced to produce weapons that can be used not only against those territories where the direct threats originate from but also against the places where the decision makers are located russia wants to have a proper friendly and equal relationship with the u.s. russia does not pose a threat to anyone or any actions we take or retaliate about is to say in defense we never seek confrontation we do not want. especially with
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a global power like the u.s. . but again mr putin kept making it clear that the bear only starts to war when it is being attacked and he believes that the way to sort out the current global issues the best way to do it is to make positive steps is to make steps towards each other. which. brings us right to opt the dates are not states of the union address some hours ago by the russian president q. well joining me right now in the studio is a host of artie's worlds apart in a few program welcome back you've been back watching thoroughly as well over the last few hours how one of the things really that interested me was that i n f missile treaty aspect. saying that washington likes to dictate terms and not look for solutions not messing around with such language well i mean it's
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a very common russian agreements to. time here and that's what my point is it's it's been continually being spoken of by do you think the trump administration will perhaps rise up you know look at snippets of what has been spoken about and say actually we need to come back to this because it's not going away. i doubt that to be honest. i'm sure you know president trump in his latest state of the union address also spoke about the on our friend he laid the blame squarely on the russia he said that russia was the sole violator of that treaty. but he's all bluster is in the oven when it comes to the when you have to discuss these terms in closed doors it's such a big issue that a very placid in a state of the union address he has to listen to you know the problem is that there are no discussions behind closed doors putin also said about that that russia is tired of knocking on the closed door and it's not going to do that anymore although it remains open to any american reach out what i found interesting in his language
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and the way he had presented that issue which is clearly a very great personal importance to him is that he said that the american at least the american leadership needs to calculate russia's capabilities here before making any decision say essentially it was he was talking about you know calculating in the costs the means and it's a big business like that may actually appeal to donald trump and proud of himself on being pragmatic businessman and. leading his country in a very business like manner so maybe that was a bit of an outreach although it was a more steadily stick in substance because once again the russians made it clear if the americans are not going to raise that issue russians are not going to do that either so what do you think of the the missile deployment statement i should maybe point of view is that the speech was an hour and a half foreign policy really was to only last ten fifteen minutes about but he did
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touch upon a lot of issues the president said that russia will have to take symmetric and asymmetric measures this the english translation of course in case the u.s. the police missiles in europe how do you think that is going to go on the continent while it's a it's a good question i think it will go down as it has all. ways went down there lots of public blame on russia but a lot of concerns underneath. a security conference just wrapped up this past weekend and many delegates there spoke about the. ending of the i.m.f. era with great concern and one of and was german chancellor angela merkel who said that we are extremely concerned about. not only the possible arms race but the placing of american missiles in europe and the russians potential response so i think the europeans are going to be more concerned than ever my hold is that they will see these. how to reach on the part of the russian president in terms of being
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willing to discuss that and hopefully they will work behind the scenes to try to persuade the trumpet ministration to do that whether they have any leverage with the trumpet ministration that's another question so just stay with us we're going to go live to london and speak to world affairs writer and broadcaster miri is jeff scheme yury thanks for taking the time today to have a chat with us what did you take from what president putin had to say in a state of the union address. well i think there were two very interesting things one of them was as you have pointed out the emphasis on domestic policy and in many ways that reminded me so much of so many western politicians now including to resume in the u.k. talking about hard working families you could almost translated that and put it into put in speech. the other was despite the relatively small amount of
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time that putin spent on international affairs i think that's where the western focus in particular is going to be and i think it will be interpreted as quite a hardline speech now that's actually not how i interpret it i think there are certain things that will be picked up in the west and other things that maybe should be picked up which will probably be neglected one of the intriguing parts of the speech i think was when he spoke about national sovereignty for russian referencing other nations where we can have a listen together to just exactly what was it. but i see below. russia is and will remain a sovereign state it is either that or russia won't exist at all it should be clear for all of us russia cannot be anything other than a sovereign states other countries care but not ours. any thoughts on what he means
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by other countries. i have to say i found that slightly puzzling i mean i've heard president putin and other russians indeed say that if russia is not a sovereign state then it's nothing but the idea that the way other countries will be interpreted i imagine is countries like say ukraine as not. having a complete right to determine their own policy because of the graphic position. i imagine is probably what he's alluding to there are certain western analysts who also is that countries with this sort of boundary these border between east and worst and not just in europe maybe they
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have less of claims to. sovereignty self-determination and others. this is exxon in the studio here let me chime in with my question whenever western leaders make similar speeches they always engage in a bit of virtue and the value is signaling and i think there is quite a bit of resentment against that in russia but i also think that putin does he is fair share of values signaling in their way of structuring his speech do you read anything into how. he structured the address starting with families and with foreign issues is there anything reflective of he is order of priorities here. well i think it was very interesting to me that he started with such a bold claim saying outright that he was going to concentrate on domestic issues
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but i have to say at the same time that this is exactly how american presidents in particular structure their state of the union addresses they start with the domestic and they finish off with the international and i don't recollect a single state of the union address by any u.s. president the tie remember that hasn't been structured in that order and i think in a way that's natural that they see their prime audience as being the domestic constituency and not abroad but of course in both cases both in the case of an american president and in the case of russia the foreign audiences will be looking exactly for what is said about a broad. view we've just got thirty seconds or so left but i wanted to get your thoughts on what. you did see it more than once that russia never six confrontation or annoyed by six bore annoyed by moscow's action do you think.
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well the way it'll be looked at in the west it will be immediately countered with reference to ukraine and in particular crime mirror and russian involvement such as it is in eastern ukraine so they will see that as contradictory one of the things that i thought was most interesting was something that came just later when putin said. we're not going to or you can't expect us to keep knocking at a rock door. and it seemed to me that that very much could be the duty for any progress in relations especially with the united. it's directly to the united states russia is no longer going to take any tips in this respect if the united states wants better relations it's going to have to make. it very
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interesting thank you so much for your time miri jet ski world affairs writer and broadcaster in london also it's on a boy the host of parties world apart in the studio with me here in moscow. and let's move on to more world news where across this whedon's the afternoon a former acting director of the f.b.i. and drew mccabe has provoked a firestorm of controversy by claiming both in a new book and in the media that the u.s. president is in the kremlin's pocket. do you still believe the president could be a russian. i think it's possible i think that's why we started our investigation i think the president as a threat is that what that means i think it's entirely possible i think that's one of the reasons why we open the case against him we had good reason. to consider that the president might be a threat to national security did you suspect the president might actually be working for russia we thought that might be possible the u.s.
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justice department fired under mccabe last year just before he was set to retire saying he'd lied multiple times under oath about comments he'd made to the media he claims though that the decision was politically motivated or senior correspondent right guys the of us the story. sensation selves it's a fact of life the bigger the dirtier the ruling shia your story the more people listen this book is dirty but we'll get to that first his revelations who could have believed that senior u.s. officials discussed seriously talked about declaring trump mentally or physically unfit to be president meaning he could be constitutionally removed from office discussion of the twenty fifth amendment was was simply rod raise the issue and discussed it with me in the context of thinking about how many other cabinet
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officials might support such an effort and the tempted some call this in the united states of all places insanity and was this an attempted bureaucratic coup i don't know this was a coup attempt there's no doubt about it but hey one man's coup is another's revolution and would you believe there's worse stuff in this book allegedly trump trusts putin. more than his own intelligence agencies unbelievable the president said he did not believe that north koreans have the capability to hit us here with ballistic missiles and united states intelligence officials in the briefing responded that that was not consistent with any of the intelligence our government possesses to which the president replied i don't care i believe putin it's almost too crazy to be true come to think of it that is
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a pretty outlandish claim but hey folks are buying it because you know one of the things that impressed me about mccabe in the interview was how careful he was about what he knew what he didn't know and what he had overheard he was very almost as if he was justifying a trial did seem like mccain was being credible and it's a pretty incredible allegation that he's making that trump would trust putin's view on this over the u.s. intelligence agencies well some people will believe anything especially if it tarnishes trump the more sensible bull look at the author andrew mccabe who may not be the most honest person in the world at all according to the justice department inspector general report was the sensation here when he was the f.b.i. as deputy director eked sensitive information to the press and then lied about it
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four times three of those under oath mccabe is rightly perceived already as a lie before with a major set of conflicts of interest you know mccabe is i think he's under criminal investigation already he's trying to sell this book now so the guy might be a liar ok it's given the benefit of the doubt trump trusting putin more than his intelligence guys. which is strange because trump threatened north korea with biblical vengeance meaning he must have taken the threat seriously they will be met with fire fury more than that in two thousand and seventeen russia join in on sanctions against north korea meaning moscow to saw a threat the facts fly in the face of sensation mr mccabe it seems is back to
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old habits theory allied to spice things up get the book selling and then the timing the timing just as trump and kim jong prepare for another summit. writes one of the more unusual stories of the day an award ceremony has been held in france to celebrate some of the best pieces of journalism of the past year the best fake news stories that is sure to do that rather dubious round up. they could need use in folks the spread of this information we're all being told to be on our guard for it well here in france they like to go one step further let me introduce you to the book. it's a mock awards show which looks to celebrate some of the wild this examples of fake
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news which are actually broadcast as real stories here in france where the winner is taking home a statuette of what else but a golden pinocchio first up let's take a look at the international category where a chilling tale of the russian media hunting tigers was broadcast of course do. chefs. but it was completely fake news turns out these images were actually taken of president putin when he was visiting a reserve which protects the endangered siberian tiger on the fake news stories given the north included this mysterious case of a subversive flag which was hoisted during a yellow best protest measure. on the mall.
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but this flag which the expert so expertly gave his opinion on is actually a local for and from the northern pick out the region now in the general category here in france there was plenty of competition just like this a lot of media reported that we started and identified that there had been russian meddling that the russian state orchestrated interference in the banal a scandal ah yes russian meddling again also croyde the mainstream media without doing much checking or even it seems actually reading the study by the lab but even the hit turret the misinterpretation of their work we never said this the fact that the government spokes person immediately exploded. political ends created this sort of hype that was never the object of our study then there all that was
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super sneaky ways to get fake news across as we found out from one local french channel sports anything rome you'd be forgiven for thinking that the opposition to antigovernment strikes was more than hoff but it seems that this pie chart was artificially inflated and when all else fails you can always just to raise anything that you don't like take a look at this sign in the yellow vests protests i'm of course a pull to in the midst of the yellow vest protests sec on no in fact this is what the so i reset seems two thousand and eighteen was a year for fake fronts with many outlets seeing their noses grow more than one show it's even ski see paris. well i can promise the following is not fake news bernie sanders is back on us officially thrown his hat into the ring for the twenty
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twenty us presidential election the veteran senators announcement has drawn a mixed reaction online and in the media while some praise for the expressed hope the self-styled democratic socialist will be able to win the white house but there's pointed out that at seventy seven they think he's simply too old to be commander in chief well let's pick apart the story. up and. look who's back it's the veteran left winger who put the phrase democratic socialism into the american political vocabulary he's got crazy hair and economic populism and he hit a chord with voters.
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america is. a socialist country. but from behind the scenes we saw that mainstream media and democratic party leaders were looking to put out the flames e-mails leaked from the party's governing body the d.n.c. show that they were working overtime to try and secure the nomination of hillary clinton if she performs the sprawling the bernie camp will go nuts and alleged misconduct there will probably complain regardless actually does he believe in a god you don't say he has a jewish heritage i think i read he's an atheist this could make several points
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difference with my peeps now polls show that sanders was actually more popular than hillary clinton and could have won in a final lection against trump what that did not matter to a rigged democratic party machine headed by debbie wasserman schultz donna brazil her replacement revealed the inner workings of a rigged democratic presidential primary i called gary gensler the chief financial officer of hillary campaign he described the party as fully under the control of hillary's campaign which seemed to confirm this is the bernie camp they can paint have the d.n.c. on life support given it money every month to me it's basic expenses while the campaign was using the party as a fundraising clearinghouse and the media was in on it as well and shelter was an archie host until his death last summer was working with m s n b c. in the primary he described how he was specifically told not to cover sanders campaign i go to bernie sanders house that afternoon in the interview in the backyard he's going to
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announce that he's running for president we're going to carry it live later on of the day it's five minutes to air and i get a phone call from phil griffin you were not covering this ultimately sanders ended up accepting the results and endorsing hillary clinton but this time around we have even heard from other democratic party candidates who accept and confirm that it was indeed rigged against him do you agree with the notion that it was rigged yes this is a real problem but what we've got to do is democrats now is we've got to hold this party accountable so with trump set to run for reelection in two thousand and twenty many democrats are lining up to be his opponent now sanders at this point in the game in what's already a pretty packed feel this time there's got to be many rank and file democrats who are asking themselves will they let it happen kaleb up and r.t. new york. ok we have it every day but do we really know what it actually is
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our special and the thing we all need to survive food next and watching the hawks. i'm a. little biased you could see the slump you force me to focus on the said use the d.j. to. get what. you see is just the most the best because it's the most good movie. were there we. go. now to. see
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that. there was. greetings and salutation yes it goes without saying auk watchers that one of the most vital element study great society is the quality of the food it consumes because the late great virginia woolf once observed one cannot think well love well sleep well if one has not bind well looking around at the current state of the world to bay and one could observe that many of us haven't been thinking well at all or just plain exhausted and that there was none bridled constant anger in the air and while there is indeed much to be angry about and lose sleep over i can't help but wonder how much our food.


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