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yeah florida is the lead on a news story is that it could be colorado man or new york man a california man but usually if it's a freaky story of stars a florida me florida man jumps into a pool of alligators jumps back in that happened just today so we were googling this florida man and we're heading to st augustine and there is florida man jumps into trying to speculate why that is i mean california they say is full of crazy people because they all end up rolling into california and the girl across the country and then they stop and go into california and i think roll across the country and then they stop at california but with florida remember in midnight cowboy they're headed to florida like i was the promised land it's sunny all the time and it's got some appeal. some out attraction crazy person in the country we are so it neatly as americans and barest about florida
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that we said that is plymouth rock back the first settlement by europeans was here in st augustine florida for a man was florida man before there was. a florida man with a strong. suit strudel. sort that would actually tire injures even the other surrounding. efficient car and he drank the space program artificial made in a factory in his brain at the alter artificial tearing edition. max that's the way the. word domination and surveillance technology located in the every year mr a well the cartridge door. where the ball. within the context of having lost all imagination. you
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becoming more and more hunter s. thompson as we go along we see this blue skies up ahead we went through the cleansing the laundry and now we're on the other side and it's all blue skies again we've been baptized now we are ready to embrace our inner florida florida woman so . if we jump into an alligator and that's how this. stays seen augustine is the perfect place to end. all ready to surrender to florida man to brace our inner florida. you know we learned a lot on this journey max we basically learned that we hail from swamp we are swamp and no matter what the swamp shines through you no need to linear thought in this
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town or this country or this universe just go with what you know go with the flow only dead fish go with the stream you gotta fight the stream spawn. to the place of your birth and this is where we were all born where haunted by the past being chased back to the swamp from which we all came i feel the chase breath of the past breathing down my neck daily trying to pull me back into the whether it's the tar pit in los angeles or the swamp of st augustine it's the. center of the earth the gravitational force pulling on hope. you can't hide the swamp stinky and it's real but basically all life at one point crawled out of the swamp oh it's stinky but it's stinking good all that's right just comes out of the murk and the depths nothing really great come out of something that's pure virginal white that's where
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it's all happened and happens down in the dirt stinky stink that's where the good stuff so that's why i get by the end of this journey is quite steak. and try to be in stocks my school car. hello hi. i'm stacy i'm susan. i sent you to. the oldest house that we claim. not me technically i'm a historian so i'm always skeptical. i think it's a good way to but we have no we have we have documentation that we're standing here in the seven hundred twenty six so it could be older than that before that it was st augustine and monks know that's that's an old advertisement that was made up one
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hundred years ago and is incorrect now across the street with the monastery they were across the street but now that's an advertisement one thousand nine hundred ten or something like that it was a fake maybe it was fake. everywhere we've gone across america and there's always like legends and goes and made up stories selling tourists coming to this town yeah i have worked here a long time as a historian and so it's kind of interesting the mix between. doing doing history selling history and then the history of selling history the history of selling history is interest which is which is a whole different aspect well this is what we've been doing on our journey as lou. the history of this country and much of it was actually a myth it was kind of exaggerated but even axis family were sold by william penn got a lot of germans to come over to pennsylvania and they actually put posters in the palace night region of germany that said it was like shangri-la and everybody
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arrived half of them died because it was actually a song that happened to an awful lot of people have been in the same situation or they would either lure them over they'd get them over here as indentured servants and they didn't they didn't survive and the other thing was you know that not only did they put them there they hardly ever had enough supplies to feed people if you let me show you around because this is the oldest house in florida. for days from the seven hundred twenty s. but the grounds don't look old at all and it's not what they would have been at the time now we were in new orleans and you mentioned you're familiar with new orleans but one thing we found was that it was a catholic city surrounded by all sort of protestant areas right and became very decadent you could of course like commit all sorts of sins on thursday friday and saturday night and then go to confession and say you know be forgiven for your sense so st augustine the spanish catholics they seem a little bit more us there than the french ones running that they were
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a little more austere but when book when florida and of course st augustine became part of the united states in the early eight hundred twenty s. the americans i mean there's just this surge of americans that wanted to you know get rich in florida on what land selling cotton things like that i but they they really did not like the catholic practices in saying augustine we had a very minor mardi gras carnival yeah you know and they talked about how decadent it was and the editor of the newspaper who was northern you know complained about this sort of they would have this pseudo burials you know they'd march in the street with the coffin and things like that and he and the northern editor of the brand new newspaper complained about this so the next time they had their little coffin parade they put the editor in the coffin not the editor of effigy of the editor and marched him marching down the street is that gonzo journalism you know that's become sounds like twentieth century journalism where the facts don't matter
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really it's about the story of the story and what how did you put it the history of the history the history of doing history the history of doing history i mean that's the history of selling history as art the same thing in history that gonzo journalism in a way just the way you have you know you have to appeal to what people i mean you know look look how pirates have become so important in in visitation and things such as that they were all was that. that that that attractive photogenic like today and actually i did an article two weeks ago about being on the other side being on the receiving end of a pirate and what it felt like if you want to play pirate you'd better be the pirate. and not be the not be the people they're attacking that's that's. element of the pirates right because the pirates are seen as heroic and they're now in hollywood as being the. two you know are cute and so this is revision
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and you know we've been as you point out there's a sister is very hard to find the real history from the soul history the fake history and trying to find like an american identity and it seems very allusive. kind of quarry to find something that really represents. the american character and you know a story and how would you describe to say the american character how would i describe the mirror character. you know from the start we were told that americans are exceptional i'm not so sure we're all that exceptional and most of us learn and maybe never learn much more just because they don't have to learn our history in school and history as it's taught in school is largely done to encourage patriotism which i'm not opposed to patriotism but that's not the same thing as history because it tends to be a very one sided perspective what do you think about those trying recently to a racist or especially some of the southern history and history the confederate in
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the confederate army that your thoughts on this i have you know ambivalent feelings about that of their dueling feelings i think if you a race too much you are people don't realize it ever happened which means light which means they're not. they're not aware if it happens again they don't wreck they don't recognize it but i also just recently served on the confederate monument . committee here to tech contextualize it put in a historical context i think that's a good idea to put it into context and we had some pushback but you know that there are multiple sides to it and we talked about you know the the the confederate war debt to whom the monument is dedicated but also that the emancipation proclamation was probably read twenty feet from where the confederate monument were repaired about ten years later you know this is the oldest settlement in the country but these are not the oldest buildings in the country no they're not the oldest buildings in the country and we can thank the english for burning the challenge more than once for that and also a hurricane or to. us
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in countries are very reluctant to recognize the fact that is that is why unlike formally and also to me that they were perhaps wrong and condemning them or siding against them so with glee in the early stages of the war so they're terrified to undermine the reconstruction process by the prolongation of sanctions i think it
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was in countries with one as you ation where this is serious reconstructed by the base you know ways in which he started by a third power not russia and iran not by the west and by the g.c.c. about china. oh. yes to all this is all the good.
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right eric yes great to catch up with you likewise likewise so why don't you just give us a breakdown what exactly do you do so i am a supervisory agent. law enforcement agent for the federal government. i've been there for twelve years. for about fifteen years total and before that i worked for the sheriff's department los angeles. and i want to follow this man ok you know if you're going to. get on my hands always on face value in the face. the spot. they're going to think when you see
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something like this i would have to actually ask the individual what their purpose are and i don't i don't make assumptions i see the confederate flag and you know some people would assume or as an african-american man i automatically take offense to well i would ask the individual you know what what's the intent behind the flag . without any. preconceived notions just talk about it i'm open to it i mean because i've actually seen people with flags that i've gone up to and had great conversations with so it's not an automatic deal breaker would say oh you've got a confederate flag you and i stand on two different sides of the situation where the moon the country right now same to be. the confederate flag with behavior and so there's a real movement out there in the country to get rid of this past and to associate these images and symbols with. something that's completely unacceptable whether how do you weigh in on that. i think that once again it's i don't think anyone's ever
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bothered to ask what the confederate flag means to those who wave it proudly. it's. i mean the american flag i mean there are some people right clearly right now that have issues with the american flag with the star-spangled banner once again it has that that's a discussion that has to be seen as i guess mac to what we were saying about the identity of the country a lot of people have a difficult clearly different view of the country from their point of view completely different view of what the country is all about and i think what we're saying also is at the moment it's really difficult to define a common ground and that ability to find that common ground is a challenge to even more because of the militarization of the police like any even the right to assemble to have a conversation about what the common ground is considered potentially a threat in. the criminal activity so these rights are being impinged upon and a very unhealthy direction do you have hope is there
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a hope for the future how do you look ahead yes i do hold on to hope because without hope what we have i mean i believe hope is what inspires us to continue to invoke change and without hope i would not be doing what i do and i would not have impacted the people who i have seen change and just from my rear interaction whether it be the the young man who i could've arrested are quite a young man with an entire backpack full of copper wire that he just stole from a construction site and i had to make a choice was i better to teach him a lesson right there. and figure out if i could change his mentality or i could ruin his life and put him in jail and that's exactly what they would have been he would have felony convictions and he wouldn't even get a job he actually worked for the company he stole it from college at night and asked him so what's going on why are you in this circumstance what's going on that you're still this wired he told me i could not make my rent this month i'm getting
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ready to take that i have two children and i'm a single dad i'm not making excuses i made a terrible decision so now your decisions ten times worse because you're going to want put in the back of the car and you can think about that. fifteen minutes why do people work and i'll take you to jail and he sat back there and cried and cried he cried and then fifteen minutes later took him out the car to be himself has said today is your lucky day you go you know put the wire back if i ever see you doing it again you're absolutely going to jail for this crime as well as the crime but there was a lesson to be right and so he's been a good day but i want to magine that you also. appreciate the chance from time to time. breathing a little bit. different than just. humanity if you want so in that that's really what drove drives me to be a law enforcement is. the officer discretion officer discretion is a very powerful tool and i told my agents to work for me so what is the most powerful weapon you have you know some people rattle off a baton
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a gun i got my hands again you know if your presence is not your your biggest tool is also discretion that is your most powerful weapon is officer discretion how do you. think yes yes yes yes. yes exactly. right it was it was very profound it was it was comedic but the only say no to him a lot of strong points i mean if you don't want to go to jail don't do what you have to do to go to jail he said simply that sounds very elementary but there's a lot of truth to that you know but you believe in some sort of redemption because you were talking about the confederate flag and you would talk to that guy over here you saw a guy doing a bad thing stealing somebody else's property and you saw that it was possible for him to read deem him self we have sort of a moment right now in this country where you do see people wanting to just deep platform people with ugly ideas or opinions and anybody who post to me must pay the
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frog there's never any good to conference. which again on a micro level seems ridiculous when we have whole stay. departments to go talk to bad guys across the world you know in order to communicate and to find a common ground absolutely don't be a bad guy ok and doesn't feel like we we should talk more now absolutely and that's really what it comes down to is a lot of these situations can be resolved with conversation we need to understand where people come from and we need to respect differences doesn't mean the run agree at the end of the day but we can respect that you have an opinion i have an opinion and what makes his coach you great is that we're allowed to have those opinions because in some countries you don't get paid and if you do express your opinion it's going to result in serious consequence exactly and it often seems like maybe their bad opinion is based on mis education or being fed bad ideas or only listening to one sort of opinion so if they if that guy with the confederate flag here is your side of the story sure story he might or she might think something
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different absolutely not subsided and i don't mean like dirty harry like. what's going to be paul you know that's i'm sure. yes that's a whole nother episode. so just for your opportunity to talk about those. you know what would you count as suspicious activity by florida everything you. think of that one over there this is where florida man jumped in. goes through your mind looking at these and go hey she i wonder what it would be like to jump in there and go hang out with these alligators oh they're fighting my god this is like being in the halls of congress these are the swamp creatures that rule us they're just slugs just lying there in wait ready to pounce on any dime you make they're
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like turning into a man isn't a man is turning into the. alligator back and forth through hundreds. hundreds and millions of years of time we have d.n.a. that we share with them they have d.n.a. they share with us some molecular silo level we. were part of each other but they're completely still and they are drawing us in. thirty years and this is. one of the leaders in the. hunt. for food and he looks like he's smiling and looking at me. just make sure to sell this to the news if i. open your mouth. hunter. hunter. come on.
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over. there. you go. so this is what happened to hunter s. thompson after he got shot out of the cannon under these been re-incarnated right. back that's going to be my hunter s. thompson reincarnated as an alligator. right back so you feel like nervous because i know. you've got a. florida man and takes a selfie with peter impressed and that's really florida man. went on the journey knowing that i would be a cathartic journey and i would see america for what it really is all happened you
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know we made fun of florida man and then we realized that that is america trump is america so now you are florida man i've fused with my spirit animal the alligator you know we're in the pit there with. with hunter and now i see it i see where this is all going now i and i understand how average fits in because without that crypto while it we can all come together like we need to that's the beauty of it so you are florida man now just to be clear until you get into the pit with alligators you really don't understand florida man and therefore you don't understand america i may never understand part of men as a result but i love the published the other thing we've learned is that you can't drain the swamp it's impossible because once you get to the swamp you become one with the alligators and you become a song it's hard to describe but until you see what it's like to be with the alligators you cannot appreciate alligator man and florida man and therefore our
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president and therefore the voters of this country wow what a trip solved america kind of what it's all about well yeah it's definitely comes from the swamp and it lives in the swamp and it's about entrepreneurial ism within the swamp and now it's the globe you know or think of maybe africa europe asia i mean what where do you where would you recommend we were going to take the average message that the rule is in the midst clearly right i think we should find as many animals as we can for you to put t. shirts on that involve you putting your life a great personal risk you are ready and i'm in the car i'm looking for it's very good the moment all right. we'll go to florida man actually no. florida we're. going to turn to her here on the trip manifest destiny and the
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second term was american exceptionalism and these two terms go together because a. certain elite mindset that suggests that anything that gets in the way of progress read white people is to be destroyed and of course the first way one west and it killed all the native population then the next wave went south and it killed all the black african population now the third way is the final way is the way that will kill all the white people because ever on out of everybody else to wave over with their manifest destiny and american exceptionalism. quiet. trying to take all this information and actually florida one. this is profound this information this insights we. we have arrived at the truth.
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and i think we have arrived at the truth finally they put a florida man in the white house. it's a very small and it never. gets to trial florida manowar over everything you know really nothing else needs to be said because. those are the final words gonzo we are florida. we're all florida. i think that's a fair thing and. this is my dominion through man is nothing. obviously. there's they do want to say. else empennage.
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go in and you may never get out of. my teenage gang rules here. i don't wanna. be my. lover you were. but. maybe will. come. back now and looking for. an elderly man who.
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you. see. someone. bought thing of what they cost. to come up on a fair amount of still think i want to. have a couple because a couple of my wife and i. just got out he. focused everything. ok so. for you i think. you want to go there for your own thing nothing. fearful. of the night will be so.
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we can. rival protest script venezuela while the us results to sanctions and threats in a bid to oust president maduro we report on washington's approach to the latin american country. the yellow vests movement rebels france once again with marches
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across the country for the seventeenth consecutive weekend. how does that make state fight to surrender to u.s. backed forces in the syrian village of. was the terrorists are routed from their last stronghold in the iraqi border. and for me in the t.v. reality h.q. in moscow.


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