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long you can't figure that out because you either cannot read or you are incapable of simple that's it that's the bottom line for. breaking news this hour antiwar activists have confirmed to r.t. that protesters are being a victim from the bandits on the embassy and washington d.c. after a sit in protest lasting more than 30 days. also this hour as the u.s. ramps up pressure on iran senator bernie sanders accuses donald trump's national security adviser of trying to lead america into a war with to run just as happened with you at. the russian games designer faces up to 10 years in the u.s. prison for allegedly smuggling f. 16 fighter jet manuals out of the country he claims he wanted to make his flight simulator games for realistic prosecutors accuse him of country firing against the
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west. and the philippines recalled its ambassador from canada after ottawa failed to meet the deadline to take back tons of falsely label trash shipped to the southeast asian country years ago. a very warm welcome to the program from all of us here at r t h q in moscow thanks for joining us this hour we start with breaking news as anti-war activists have confirmed to r.t. that police have arrested 4 protesters who've been staging a sit in at the venezuelan embassy in washington and protests against america's policies on bet as well it falls warnings from police who said they were trespassing protesters have already gathered outside the embassy defying police actions are to america correspondent rachel blevins has more from washington. police broke into the building this morning at a rest of the 4 over. maiming activist who were still inside now we're still
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waiting to confirm the status of those 4 activists i have seen reports that at least 2 of the activists were removed from the building earlier this morning by a police transport vehicle so literally waiting to see exactly where they are and what charges they're facing now here at the embassy we know that police reportedly entered the building around 930 this morning and so far we have seen a very heavy police presence including secret service agents d.c. metro police officers and federal agents we've also seen an ambulance on the scene and a presence from the fire department here as well so we're still waiting to learn exactly what all is going on inside of that building and that seems to be the biggest question surrounding it we know that police are inside conducting a search right now but we still don't know exactly what the state of the embassy is there have been a group of activists who have been inside the embassy for the last few weeks they recently had electricity and water completely shut off and earlier this week the
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majority of the activists left the building when police came and posted a notice saying that anyone inside would be arrested for trespassing if they did not leave now those 4 remaining activists were the ones that stayed after the notice was posted on monday night and they stayed up until this morning here's now the notice that police posted essentially said that the activists inside were trespassing because they claim that they're here at the embassy and that they were invited by the elected government of venezuela to continue to occupy the embassy despite the fact that the united states has decided to recognize opposition leader one and the state department has claimed that he is now the rightful president of venezuela so we're still waiting to see exactly what the status will be of the embassy and its police plan to turn it over to representatives for any time soon. as rachel mentioned the activists claim the missouri government had given them permission to stay in the building but the venezuelan foreign ministry already
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branding the u.s. actions illegal benjamin from the peace group code pink says the arrest is a violation of international law. we got an urgent call from the people inside it 19000 this morning that the police had broken down the door and that they were going to be arrested so the rest are under way right now we denounce this is a violation of the vienna convention speakers the group has been there with the permission of the then as well and government i was just at the u.n. yesterday with the ambassador to the u.n. who was calling on the u.s. to sign a predicting power green manch with venezuela so that both the embassy in washington d.c. and the u.s. embassy in caracas would be protected the venezuelan government has said it is not given permission for the opposition representatives to enter that building and that there is still time to negotiate
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a solution that would be of mutual agreement to both these governments but it will be a tremendous step towards greater conflict with the u.s. if indeed the representatives are allowed to go into that embassy now. u.s. 2020 presidential hopeful bernie sanders has accused national security adviser john bolton of trying to push the country into a war with iran in a way reminiscent of another american campaign. we ought to hope the efforts right now to get us into a war in iraq is the guy who was the architect getting goes into the war in iraq and that is john bolton so you know i worry about provocations on the part of the united states. washington's taken numerous measures in recent days to counter what it calls a credible threat from iran the u.s. has ordered all non-emergency staff out of its embassy in iraq it's also sent b.
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$52.00 bombers and air carriers to the region media reports suggest there are intelligence images of missiles on iranian boats in the persian gulf sparking fears they might be used against american troops though the images have not been published this fight the lack of clear evidence for a heightened threat from terror and washington continues to make loud noises about one threat their neighbors are spreading instability or terror everywhere we go in the middle east it's a rare ran around major destabilizing in influence in the middle east spread death destruction and chaos the leaders of iran are record here's world's largest financial year of international terrorism behind every problem is iran and what we've been trying to do is to get iran to behave like a normal nation. as for john bolton and his approach to foreign policy we enter through a 2010 interview where he admits he would lie in the name of u.s. national security often asks americans what they think about that. john bolton has
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a very important job keeping americans safe after all that is the job of the national security adviser and it's very important for americans to trust someone in that position john bolton wasn't always the national security adviser here's something he said before he got the job if i had to say something i knew was false to protect american national security i would do it so considering that john bolton has a pretty important position in terms of influencing the president on international matters you think it might be a concern if he says things consistently that turn out to be false we decided to ask new yorkers. iran continues to seek nuclear weapons and intimidate peaceful people is that true not. true i guess that's false. so the one year period that we've talked about from the point where north korea makes the strategic decision to denuclearize is something that north and south
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koreans have already agreed to is that true or false false this sounds like something that's not true doesn't seem to fit right. i'm not running around the world looking for ways to create hostilities well i mean just the other quotes pretty much speak for themselves that john bolton doesn't seem to have a golden record however that doesn't seem to put him in any danger of losing his job at least for now. that. you would lie in order to preserve the truth if i had to say something i knew was false to protect american national security i would do it fulton is the point man thank you very little. jackal to carry this effort to for it and to topple the elected government of iran and while we can see the history in record of john bolton as being in favor of the wars from
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iraq to going as well it's all wrong and he's always and so the root of imperial wars abroad so from a political perspective we have to see this as a reflection of the system itself the united states they want the oil in iran and whenever a bully wants to take something out of your position then they will allege provocations to justify that violence that they're getting ready to perpetuate. the russian embassy in washington says u.s. intelligence may have staged a provocation that after a russian game's designer was detained on suspicion of trying to export u.s. fighter jet manuals an egg titian ago faces up to 10 years in jail for allegedly smuggling arms documents and parting against the u.s. government and hawkins picks up the story. conspiracy to smuggle classified
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documents an undercover sting operation at a trail leading to russia. for a classic james bond movie but for a leg to shouldn't go it's playing out in real life not on the silver screen with no hint of glamour the russian citizen is set to go on trial in august in the united states the charges are serious conspiring against the u.s. smuggling and violating almost export control laws and you know despite decades of stereotypes about russians is the titian co isn't a secret agent or a spy many would label him a computer nerd a guy whose passion and job was developing airplane flight simulators like this one . according to the manuals he wanted to obtain were to improve his knowledge of the jets and build them into
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a flight simulation game the problem is that despite the clear availability of such materials online only those with government licenses can export such manuals and because of u.s. sanctions on moscow sending them to russia is a big no no honestly it's a very strange situation i don't know why the united states would allow these minerals to be sold in the 1st place if there could be used against the united states so there's a contradiction there if you can purchase them in the united states foreigners come to the united states purchase them and read them and we so it really does seem that the statute has a huge loophole which would suggest that. someone at some level of prosecution has done so titian co was charged in absentia here back in 2016 although he was none the wiser and off the traveling to ourselves. festival in neighboring georgia earlier this year he was swiftly detained and extradited at the
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u.s. government's request eagle dynamics the software company where leg work for many years have distanced themselves from the whole story eagle dynamics confirms that it was not involved in any way in the actions of its employee who acted in a purely private context and his own personal interests the company develops all of its d.c.s. aircraft gain modules exclusively on the basis of publicly available information and has never used nor tried to taint any classified information at least the computer whiz isn't entirely alone the russian embassy in the u.s. has been following the case accusing u.s. intelligence services of carrying out a provocation the russian embassy in the u.s. is keeping a close eye on the situation surrounding the arrest of a russian national teaching crew who was extradited from georgia 5 charges have been brought against him including smuggling violating the arms export control act and conspiracy against the interests of the united states there are indications
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that this is a provocation staged by u.s. intelligence agencies the claim isn't entirely without foundation after homeland security took an interest in titian co an undercover agent posing as a buyer of air play money was contacted titian co to catch him out and gather evidence on his nefarious activities it seems that a software designer and play in the simulation enthusiastic warranted an undercover sting operation so while tisha go faces 10 years or more of prison both simulators and fighter jet miles are available online across the world just be careful where you post them and who you talk to online. if e-bay is allowing military documents to be sold they really should have a full notice of the statute that it violates so that there's no doubt that somebody who's buying him. fully understands the consequences the american was
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knowingly selling something to somebody who was a russian i mean that's really something that's you know not be. loyal to your country if frankly anybody should go to jail if they could be the american and not he should. chinese telecom giant huawei has warned us authorities the latest move won't make america quote more secure or stronger i think that washington could have it up having to pay more for lower quality 5 g. equipment china's foreign ministry for its part slammed washington's latest move as disgraceful and unjust that's all after the u.s. department of commerce placed while way on a trade blacklist the decision comes hard on the heels of donald trump declaring a national emergency to protect america's computer networks from what he described as for an adversary. for an adversary as are increasingly creating and exploiting vulnerabilities in information and communications technology and services which store and communicate vast amounts of sensitive information over the past few
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months washington has been trying to persuade allies to shun wah equipment threatening to limit intelligence sharing with those failing to comply the britain one of america's key allies in europe is refusing to ban the chinese company out of hand saying it's tells me that the situation a similar response came earlier in march from germany china economy expert professor benjamin child says while it might actually benefit from america stands. ali actually has an unblemished record of over 30 years in 170 countries punishing one corporation with those solid sprains waves of fear to other corporations the us my luck behind with no using the equipment available in the world americans are forced to buy spend technologies and even in few more inferior technologies and in fact in the longer. americans my choose to
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go to china to hatch their technologies in china you know the to sell to china how we should do what. has been doing in the past 30 years. of products speaks for itself and in fact it's arguably could be the biggest winner with all this free of. a dispute about the building of a new church in a russian city escalated into a standoff which has been going on for day is falling clashes between the opposing sides and a number of arrests bottom or even got involved where if a national has the details. this has been going on for some time already off to the authorities in russia as c.t.o. if you could sit in the east of moscow decided to build a new church st catharines cathedral on the city's main central square to market it involves 300th anniversary some people get really upset same this will need to destroy one of the city's few green areas and on monday for the 1st time this
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discontent took to the streets following a call on social media some several 100 people gathered around a temporary fence marking the sport where the church is supposed to be build chanting we want to square and apparently at some point it went wild according to the region's governor the protesters managed to throw this fence they were arguing with the police and security on the ground. refusing to leave the area and there were clashes between these people and those who support the construction of the church the government decided to have an emergency meeting inviting both sides but as a result decision was made to go on with the construction and this is why on tuesday the protests continued with 26 people arrested at the end of the day with 3 taking to the hospital including one with a broken rib according to local police reports it went on on wednesday as well.
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another 21 protester is detained by local police and earlier on thursday russia's president vladimir putin was asked to comment on this situation during a media forum that is currently happening in russia's southern city of sochi and weidman putin has said that when he 1st learned about this situation that in wood he was rather surprised because there is whole only one and very easy way to resolve this issue to know the opinion of the majority of the people living in the area and to go on with their decision and this should be done through local referendum. everyone has the right to express opinion if this is the opinion of local inhabitants the opinion has certainly to be taken into account there is a simple method to conduct the poll and minority must all be majority but the interests of this minority should be taken into account as well the investors ensure there will be another forest nearby and that there will be more rather than less trees and shortly after vladimir putin's comments on the situation in you
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consider what we've heard from local authorities that they support the idea of local referendum. the philippines recalled its ambassador from canada and the feud about falsely labeled waste so today south asian country years ago warned that after a short break. would hope to. put themselves on the line. to get accepted or rejected. so when you want to be close. to going. to see what the 3 of them or people. might be interested in the water.
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whatever the politicians do business going to work around it it's stupid to support a politician who say they're going to impose a tax proposal regulation because the rich can just move right around it is easy to spot if you're listening if you want to be wealthy you want to be rich understand that if you know how to read a balance sheet and you know how to read the recent legal. guidelines you can be rich it's almost like falling off a log if you can't figure that out just because you either cannot read or you are incapable of simple math that's it that's the bottom line. welcome back a few between the philippines and canada over waste disposal has escalated with manila recalling its ambassador and consul that's after candidate refused to take back tons of garbage shipped to the philippines back in 2013. that.
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shows that we are. very serious and asking them to get back they're going to be otherwise going to see their elation on this with them the dispute began in 2013 when a private canadian company shipped more than 100 containers of trash to the philippines it was later discovered they had been falsely labeled as containing recyclable plastic when in fact they contained household waste in 2016 a philippines court ordered the company to take the rubbish back but it continues to languish in a landfill last month the philippines president adopted a stronger stance by pushing a deadline for canada to take the trash back and threatening war. will declare war against canada we can take them down i'll return the trash just wait and see i will advise canada that your garbage is on the way prepare a ground reception even if you want to it is now theoretically possible to get it
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back but there's still a number of questions around who will pay for it where the financial responsibility is where the consequences are as the latest move comes months after chinese authorities refused to accept recyclable waste from the u.s. forcing it along with other western countries to rethink what they do with their waste richard darian foreign affairs analyst in manila says justin trudeau has failed to fulfill a promise he made 2 years ago to get the waste back. well for a very long time to fill the king size being unfortunately the recipient of top seek ways including nuclear waste of time the united states in software western allies so this has been lingering for quite long time between 80 and one of those however i was in a summer of 0.4 for the philippines part of your present road to go to turkey because with no plans or justin trudeau was here in 2 years to go for the odyssey and saw me he promised that they were going to take back and try all the garbage
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topsy garbs that was left here linger he says without the 30 and you to your scheme does not have been any comedian going to say that this was a private deal between the can a comedian kompany and philip be defunct required of course again he is also good say that you know it's not going to be can he get small he's also whoever he was able to accept these back in 2013 the philippines but clearly this is the greatest diplomatic crisis. between 2 long term holidays philippines and canada. tensions between the u.s. and germany are on the rise over the north's term 2 gas pipeline parlance that won't be counted by washington threatens. a meeting for america is acting in this case like germany is its colony thus this is something i don't want to happen and we need to prevent this it costs perlin is currently hosting an energy conference with the as approach to russian gas high on the agenda peter all of our reports from the event. been hearing here at this gas conference in berlin is that europe
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germany is where in particular needs a reliable source of energy that comes not from coal not from nuclear that the idea here in germany is to get away from well with nuclear by 2022 in coal by the end of 2030 s. by the end of the 2030 s. gas they say is the only way forward however what we are seeing is big opposition to that particularly coming from the united states senator ted cruz of texas has put forward a bill which could see extra sanctions put in place on those companies that are currently building the nord stream 2 pipeline in the baltic sea and it's not just from them that we've heard this criticism also the ambassador for germany for that from the united states here in germany richard grinnell issued a warning that's well pulls no punches sanctions are coming if you continue to be involved with north stream to from american point of view the bio blown is not just drones boards and gas but president cruise sanctions through grinnell isn't the
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only us ambassador that's been having an outspoken say on this the u.s. ambassador to the european union gordon sunderland also suggest that the europe should even suggest he directly said that europe's should source its energy from democratic sources not democratic ones pointing a finger directly at russia while he was saying that now i spoke to 2 close to the member the bundestag heavily involved in the committee it looks into north stream too from here in germany and he said statements like this were absolute rubbish. what angers me most here is that german companies and other european companies that want to build this pipeline are being threatened and told they won't be able to do business in the u.s. if they take part these are extraterritorial sanctions that go beyond the u.s. they go against international law and in my opinion are completely unacceptable away from the men and women involved in the gas industry itself there's also opposition political figures here we spoke to. one of them who said well this isn't
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about geopolitics this isn't about securing the e.u.'s energy this is all about business when it comes to the us i consider the. states quite ridiculous because we all know that we're. the best. like always learning from the west once we have learned from the american so that you always source from the cheapest source and always source from the most reliable source and liquid natural gas is neither cheap nor reliable and that is why it's of course being driven interest to source mainly from russia what we're hearing from here at the gas conference in berlin is that no matter what pressures put on by the united states this is a deal that is going to get done it's a project that's going to get finished it may well end up upsetting some people along the way but billions of already being invested in it it is required for germany to meet its energy needs as it looks to move away from fossil fuels like
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coal and also move away from nuclear power they're going to have to replace that with something and they saying here that they have to replace it with gas that's a breakdown for this hour and that's all for me as well but we're not neil harvey will be taking over in about 30 minutes thanks for tuning in wherever you may be. just. certain i want to do things that show a new face do with both of you very clear thanks go away go. man i mean. i'm
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a young they they when they have them they have. to meet yeah you feel the. sun yeah i'm them what do you how to become a something let your body do you. tell me that we can measure up let's talk more next time. with no make this manufacture come sentenced to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame of merry go round lives only the one percent.
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doing all middle the roots to. dilute the real news real world. greetings and sell you take a shit. with just over $530.00 shopping days left until the next united states presidential election it appears that the trumpet ministration is looking to kill some time till the campaign season begins by possibly starting a war with iran or at least national security advisor john bolton and the rest are
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putting all the pieces in place to weigh the dog of war on the heels of last week's inspired bit of military theater that saw both and blame some brand new incredibly bag iranian threat for the reason the point of the abraham lincoln carrier strike group to the strait of hormuz this week the u.s. state department in a security alert on its website ordered the departure of non-emergency u.s. government employees from iraq both at the u.s. embassy in baghdad and the u.s. consulate in erbil once again under the auspices of some vague new threat from iran threats so bay that not even the top soldiers on the ground in iraq are apparently aware of it yes in a rare break from the new official party line major general chris gaika the deputy commander of operation inherent resolve you know the u.s. led coalition against isis he told reporters the following and there's been no increased threat from iranian backed forces in iraq considering.


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