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tv   Redacted Tonight  RT  June 7, 2019 9:30pm-10:01pm EDT

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it for business purposes that's one thing but if it really is that they're trying to do something that might be perceived as disruptive or somehow corrupting the marketplace i think people would have a right to be concerned about that. or that there's a very well be back and let's say 30 minutes with another full look at you news you are watching our team when have. thank you. yes. yes. i was. the man you are going to see show for you oh my god i just peed myself a little bit this. is the god you know americans in america covering american news
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are called foreign agents. good news folks good news you may have heard in the past that our election system here in america is. a festering rancid corrupt needlessly complex rigged or rotten in fact did putrid pos cover just a dog pile of thinking god cockroach still. snarling like mitch mcconnell under a band of pig farts. and that's from the land set medical journal. but have no fear we have found the answer though most trustworthy of corporations has announced they are going to to selflessly and patriotically secure our election this. microsoft. that headline this month have been grandiose and exaggerating microsoft offers software tools to secure alexion
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microsoft to modernize and serve cure voting with the election guard. i mean could anything be safer than something called election guard it's got guard right there in the way. it's a strong and trustworthy as crotch guard. this isn't actual oil meant to be sprayed on your junk i'm unclear as to why you spray it on your gun. maybe to secure your actions. because they have been. microsoft. and that is my favorite joke i've ever written. anyway microsoft is for you staying there all likes you can guard software on us and worry not that we'll be tied down by having to laboriously publicly debate whether this is what we want or not
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knowing the elections acknowledged is already set to be adopted by half a voting machine manufacturers and some state governments for the 2020 general election microsoft describes election guard as a free open source software development kit that will make voting secure more accessible and more efficient anywhere it's used doesn't open source mean definitely safe mint presses whitney web reported on election garden spoke to journalist yasha levine who said what open source does is give a veneer of openness that leads one to think that thousands of people have vetted the code and flagged any bugs but actually very few people have the time and ability to look at this code so this idea that open source code is more transparent isn't really true and is wiki leaks proved when they reveal the cia's vault 7 when the cia discovers holes in code they don't reveal it to the public and say look.
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they keep it to themselves to exploited secretly which is what could be done with election guard so while open source is better than not open source it's not a silver bullet it's like saying that ninety's chasing you is better than a 100 zombies chasing you. but that doesn't mean it's time to sit down have a beer and. let's get to the security measures home movie encrypt shin is the only election guard security measure named in the press release well homo morphic. klipsch and sounds are some hopeful more great sounds like the gay member of the x.-men. but in fact. it's malleable form of encryption which apparently is not the most secure or nor sought after form of encryption according to nerds who study the crypto verse which is a term i just made up to sound smarter but on top of that there is an added layer
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of concern given microsoft's past particularly their history of working with us government agencies to bypass encrypted so that companies setting up the encryption for our elections is a company with a history of helping the us government break encrypted this is like setting up a system to test for steroids in baseball and asking sammy sosa to help you do it. and yes sammy sosa actually looks like that now. but he suffers from a rare mental illness called too much money. and the microsoft takeover gets even worse it's not only microsoft they're doing it in partnership with a cyber security firm called galois which though it describes itself as a privately held u.s. owned and operated company public records indicate that gal was only investors are
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darpa the defense advanced research projects agency and the office of naval research both of which are divisions of the department of defense did you catch that. galois claims to be a private company the only investor is the god. so microsoft and or war machine are taking over the election system i mean darpa darpa is the department then tries to put microchips in soldiers' brains to create terminators or robo cobbs or other dystopian how. all anything ever invented would you were like 1st response is that jesus christ darpa did that that's good. stuff. doesn't matter much. if it's like a slinky that can kill $900.00 people at once darpa darpa. i wouldn't even have
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someone from darpa to look after my cat for the weekend all right yet you think i wasn't looking after our entire election system you know i come home the cat has half a head a game boy duct taped to its. huge yard i don't care if the mario card theme song plays when it's. meant press read that was true story minutes. further revealed galois has a spinoff company called free and fair that protest too much that creates technology for elections and worked with microsoft to make election guard unfortunately free and fair it's connected to every form of neo con think tank government agency and large corporation there is especially in bed with the department of homeland busy security so what's wrong with that well as whitney webb details before during and after the 2016 election the department of homeland security was caught attempting to hack into state electoral systems in at least 3
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states georgia indiana and idaho d.h. yes which initially denied it later responded that the attempted breach was legitimate business anytime someone from d.h. says they're involved in legitimate business immediately dot com put your head between your knees all right. we're going to get ugly plus the fact that microsoft once to introduce the software to us for free should set off an alarm bell the size of lake michigan right microsoft don't do it for free ok microsoft don't say hello to their grandma for free do you realize that if you really thing. that microsoft is giving away for free because they just democracy. then one of the most powerful companies in america because of their predatory practices if the mafia offered you something for free would you do go this is a life all day if your boss. said my lucky day.
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parade is not pretty does not mean no all teary or motive one motive could be to all i don't know control or regard entire government but who would want that a tiny little country like america play the way my country is so in consequential that we have a 3rd rate game show host as president no one. meant press may have found the other all teary or motive microsoft president brad smith announced that the company is going to provide the u.s. military with access to the best technology all the technology we create full stop a month prior to that announcement microsoft security $480000000.00 contract with the pentagon to provide the military with its whole olin's technology it seems clear the real goal is to hand over our election systems to the military industrial complex your friendly neighborhood definition in. and bury the reality of our votes
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under a nothing christian and complex technology that no average citizen really knows what's happening and once it's rigged we can't prove it because we don't even have reliable exit polls anymore there's only one remaining exit poll company edison research and they say outright that they manipulate the exit polls to fit the machine results which is the opposite of a legitimate acts of poll that's the same as a mask eaters diane oil i give the kids an algebra test and when i'm comparing their answers to the correct answers i adjust the answers to better fit the correct answer. that sounds lovely but it means you're going to have a baby it's getting into mit on fake math exams and if you do it with elections you have idiots getting into congress won't that be a said a if that whatever happened. the great irony and tragedy here according to election forensics analyst to jonathan simon is that we could easily go the
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opposite direction and quickly solve all the problems of election security if we got the computers out of the process and were willing to invest the modicum of effort needed for humans to count votes observably in public as they want to thank you there are ways to have a legit election system and it's not to hand it over to microsoft and the pentagon and the clowns who make robotic death machines the pentagon can't keep track of 21 trillion dollars over the past 20 years what makes you think they can keep track of hundreds of millions of votes the ruling elite have no interest in making sure our voices are heard yours and mine are right they want that as much as they want none talks to them they don't care if they want to our voices heard we would have paper ballots rank choice voting relaxer told. president and president who
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doesn't look and act like an overcooked ham and cheese sandwich it's time to get a man to relax it thank you thank you. thank. you. now let's take the new from behind it our mainstream media has done something the horrible something terrible something everyone said would never happen they realize that prosecuting journalists joining us on might come back to haunt journalists. the government is now trying to assert this brand new right to criminally prosecute
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people for publishing secret stuff and newspapers and magazines and investigative journalists and all sorts of different entities publish secret stuff all the time that is the bread and butter of what we do right there is a reason it's called the 1st amendment that the u.s. government has never successfully made that a crime before but here with the sons they are trying to do it they have a basic. trust to do and i trusted you to completely ignore the implications of persecuting julie designed for the crime of publishing true information i believe you would be b.b.b. servants to the war profiteers as they seek to crush a publisher and for 7 years you did not let me down. but now i don't even know you anymore. here you are just completely throwing away the complete lack of credibility there you have 14 years to create. however it's not that easy
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you've spent many moons maligning and trashing your fellow journalist you've made up a beautiful and creative unproven both about him working with russia you came up with all kinds of interesting conspiracy theories like it's like a like a look at abstract painter going through his red dot phase. but now you do you really believe your audience will just switch and suddenly support joining us on day after all that don't you know your audience. i know you and given everything else that we know about the wiki leaks guy i can feel through the television right now your mixed feelings about what i am saying. given his own gleeful and extensive personal role in trying to help a hostile foreign government interfere in our election in order to install their chosen president with wiki leaks itself i can i know. i feel yes yes. folks rachel knows she's been feeding you bull for years and she understands that
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might get in the way of her current shift back to reality as she says i feel you i feel you guys i have pumped you all so full of i think you're about to burst and now i'm asking you to be skinny. i'm sorry but you have to understand m s n b c paid me like 30000 dollars an episode to do this. and she's just one of many mainstream hacks who have suddenly woken up on this the new york times c.n.n. they're all spinning on their old positions faster than the 200 tornadoes that just hit the midwest that's right there was an outbreak of nearly $200.00 tornadoes across the midwest in recent days climate scientists said such patterns may carry warnings about the climate crisis and its many implications for extreme weather events so hold on these giant swirling clouds that wipe
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communities off the map in a matter of minutes are trying to tell us something that. i doubt that i i i think the lord wanted us to know about climate change he would have to send some floods. or some fires or some sort of wrath of god type stuff to tell us about and he has said nothing. maybe because he doesn't exist or maybe because he's bored with the human experiment and i know i am and. yet despite that europe voted overwhelmingly this week for the greens because they think there's some kind of climate issues going on come on europe haven't you learned anything from us you know. vote for the green party you know make you make fun of them while secretly hoping they'll clean up all the plastics all the squirrels don't die. and we don't
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need to worry about the animals on this planet every day they're disappearing in fact last week to resubmit a announced she is stepping down so. that is one less lizard out and about. really go to white bread but get more doctors going to. take her to such. mass guys or financial survival guys like with those that you can convert as quite easily. to keep in mind though as if they mean to place an. order.
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this in petersburg international economic forum is a unique event in today's business world. over the last 21 years the forum has become a leading global platform for discussing the keys economic issues facing russia emerging markets and the world thousands of business community members attend the forum to address today's abidal issues. what joe special forum coverage. nobody could see coming that false confessions would be that prevalent in the spot place that's wrongful conviction if you had any interrogations out there what you'll see is threat promise threat promise threat lie a lie lie the process of the turkish was designed to put people in just that frame of mind make the most comfortable make them want to get out and don't take no for
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an answer don't accept their denials she said if i were poor very sad state then i would be home by that time the next day there's a culture on accountability and police officers know that they can engage in misconduct that has nothing to do with all the crime. but hope to do something to. put themselves on the line to get accepted or rejected . so when you want to be president and she. want to. watch you going to be the person this is what about for you the more people. i'm interested in the wiser. this should.
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help the little trace of calling a state of emergency not because of the horrible poverty across the country nor the health care crisis nor because this season of the bachelorette has been continuously interrupted by tornado warnings. from is declaring a state of emergency to sell weapons to saudi arabia here to discuss is our resident crisis manufacturer naomi go money. is the president making an emergency here you know i was in the emergency room the other day really that. it was wrong i was just browsing. much blood there nor missing limbs maybe the most severe case was a sprained ankle ritual. you know but nothing there urgent nothing say with the gravity of taking too many laxatives in a white one c. . everyone lies about emergencies but not our president so what is he claiming as
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emergency them the threat of iran which has been an emergency since 1079 when iranians overthrew the u.s. backed off in favor of an elected government why would they want to run for see. the saudis have their own separate hole all beef with iran so us declaring iran for emergency just means it's christmas for riyadh. doesn't work happy there's actually some extra wives in those boxes you know. we're always selling the saudis billions in weapons for decades yes of course they're our best customers obama sold them nearly $112000000000.00 in firepower that's been raining down on school buses and hospitals in yemen all these years so much so that the forecast in yemen is sunny with a slight chance of lockheed martin laser guided m k 82. however
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under the arms export control act the state department must notify congress 30 days before an arms sale so congress has a chance to vote against and stop the arms transfer that way the administration can't just sell arms willy nilly just nearly. so why the need for the emergency when the saudis aren't so popular on capitol hill capitol hill since they made jamal khashoggi disappear. congress recently voted to withdraw u.s. support from the saudi assault on yemen so the senate would have voted. the $7000000000.00 deal but if it's an emergency you can bypass congress as this is not a real emergency as it is they really really want but what pins. that's not urgent out there were attacks on saudi and amorality oil tankers in the pipeline in the gulf these attacks in the gulf could very well be the both propaganda used to begin
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a war with iran like the w m d's the lead 3 us into iraq or the gulf of tonkin to lead us into vietnam are the only chemical ways that americans don't want another war we just want to watch one on t.v. . have you seen the preview there's no definitive evidence linking to run to the attacks but they're already thiers the situation would lead to an armed conflict last week the white house ordered additional ships and aircraft into the region after warning of attacks from iran and its proxies oh my god that was so. close only. i can't wait for this new season of game of thrones really and i can. see you know me these weapons are terrifying considering the human rights abuses in the targeting of civilians that so perpetrated with our help in the war on yemen and trump is using this fake alarmism to sell weapons and bring us to the
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brink of war with iran is not a real emergency well maybe not yet but we're hoping the saudis make one they have again i am very thankful much thank you thank you thank you very much thank you it's always a word for all that we go to our troops bob or dr correspondent natalie mcgill ok. well. it's finally happened. after running to avoid the save the children clipboard people in the street for months karma eventually caught up with me and i sprained my ankle trying to get away but i've instead decided to build up a good karma by doing good deeds for anyone i see ready don't touch that cookie. ringback
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and that would clue trying to protect everyone from exceeding the 5 2nd rule am from the exceedingly ridiculous overreach of big brother. and privacy rights issues surrounding the surveillance of americans will only get worse with the growth of facial recognition technology most notably amazon facial recognition software called recognition a name whose potential is wasted on big tack when it could drive as the moniker of a one hit wonder white rapper from the late ninety's didn't recognize the a.c.l.u. use the technology to put photos of every member of congress into a mug shot database and which recognition misidentified 28 individuals as other people who had been arrested for a crime with a disproportionate error rate for people of color but recognition isn't the only
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program with this level of bias because after 820000 mit study of 3 facial recognition programs the 3 programs error rates in determining the gender of white skinned men were never worse than 0.8 percent but for darker skinned women the error rates bloomed to more than 20 percent in one case and more than 34 percent in the other 2 which isn't exactly great news for people who look like me. and less. yes yes i like this. and it's doable. you know no. this means minorities are going to be the guinea pigs for this technology
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a fact that wasn't lost on residents of the atlantic plaza towers a rent stabilized apartment building in brooklyn new york where residents pm to have lawyers to file a complaint with the state's affordable housing agency after discovering their buildings management plan to replace key fob entry with facial recognition technology after residents met in the apartment lobby to discuss taking action they received a notice from property management with pictures of the gathering taken from a security camera and were told that the lobby was not a place the solicited electioneer hangout or loiter. can't be any worse than the notices with pictures they send to residents behind on their rent during the holiday season from santa said he sees you when you're sleeping he knows your 3 months late while filing this complaint sends a strong message legislation banning facial recognition software sends a stronger one and the san francisco board of supervisors sent that message earlier
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this month when they passed the stop secret surveillance ordinance the banned city use of facial recognition surveillance technology but while the prohibited city agencies from using the software amazon will continue selling recognition to governments and law enforcement agencies after its shareholders voted down proposals last week to stop the practice sounds like these are the people we should be monitoring most of all. i wonder who in the amazon shareholder would match with a mug shot database. reporting from an urgent care natalie mcgill redacted tonight. here are your headlines from the future seeing as microsoft in the military
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industrial complex are taking over our election software on tuesday you'll learn. department of organized human murder assures nation elections are in good. hands next thursday. robert muller reveals actual finding of mahler reported to be revealed in his upcoming hardcover memoir mother time to time i never time to just turn back to our job i. have to. thank you all the way to. make this manufacture consent to stick to the public will. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the flame of larry go
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red lips and be the one who said. we can all middle of the room sick. believe. in your. blood. and calls out america and other nations for not practicing what they preach and not only when it comes to trade wars the russian president's assessment came out the st petersburg international economic forum speaking alongside other world leaders. british prime minister tree so may officially steps down as leader of the conservative party now the race to replace her is on with 11 candidates on the job
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