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prosecutors charged 4 suspects over their alleged involvement in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 17 over eastern ukraine in 2014 during today's media briefing and the representatives of the joint investigation team appeared to contradict themselves on the information they've received or have not received on a made 17 from russia. on the 1st day off of the 17th of july the russian federation hasn't disclosed anything about what happened. there from a form of the russian federation information about. them as well as opposition parties accused of spending humanitarian aid money on lavish hotels drugs and prostitutes. the newly published u.n.
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report calls for an investigation into the saudi crown prince over his possible role in the brutal murder of a journalist. broadcasting his moscow this is r t international and sean thomas certainly good to have you with us. russia has firmly rejected accusations that its military was involved in the downing of malaysia airlines flight m h 17 that is after dutch prosecutors on wednesday charged 4 suspects with murder over their alleged roles in the 2014 disaster which claimed $298.00 lives also says the case against them relies heavily on falsified video footage supplied to investigators r.t.c. goes off joined unit o'neill in the studio with more on the day's developments.
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it's the 1st time we're hearing names it's the 1st time we're seeing photos so it's 4 names of 4 photographs that we have been shown at the media conference just today we've also learned plenty about the intentions of the investigation now they've announced their intention to charge these people with murder and also they are putting them on the international wanted list now an interesting detail that all these 4 suspects have in common is that none of them related have any connections to a russian military brigade that is accused by the same investigation of smuggling the book missile launch system into ukraine that eventually brought down the mh 17 what's russia's reaction been to today's that well of course it's a big accusation russia has said that they feel that russia feels nothing but regret over this case and that's because according to the russian foreign ministry the joint investigation team takes into account information that it received from
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questionable sources this is how the foreign ministry put it now some information is known to have they have known to have gathered some information for instance from social media some of the of the information came from ukraine a biased side a is a side with a horse in this race and russia also once again reiterated its readiness to cooperate and also underline the fact that more school already has done so quite a number of times that it has provided plenty of information has been knocking on many many doors but it has been sort of ostracized and kept away from the investigation that's an important point is that moscow has provided with data done in the years as you say what did the investigation there for doing well absolutely and i mean the accusations against russia have become sort of a major line like a highway the magic highway if i might put it this way at today's media conference but the investigators were a bit they sent mixed. because at 1st they were saying that they received no
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information from russia no corporation whatsoever that russia didn't explain anything and then admitting that they did indeed have received plenty of information and they had they even looked at it well have a listen yourself at the foot of the main if you look back you can establish that from the 1st day after the 17th of july the russian federation hasn't disclosed anything about what happened and that is a slap in the face to all the relatives of the victims and i call on them to start cooperating to tell us what happened there we received the information for murder russian federation from ocean about to the missile and the documents about the missile there we also received the rod or other that wasn't clear enough to say exactly what what happened with the missile given this and didn't give us the right picture we prepared a short clip explaining what they what they received and what they are now saying
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wasn't clear enough doesn't paint a clear enough picture have a look the previous investigation so many triumphantly shouting accusations at russia but instead of trying to out yell its critics russia showed original documents raw data and experiment results which poked holes in the investigation exhibit a. russia's defense ministry dug into its archives and deep it traced the missile based on the pieces discovered among the debris of m.h. 17 the ministry determined its tail number revealing the full life cycle of the project tile manufactured back in the days of the soviet union in 1986 the missile was shipped to a military base in ukraine it never left the territory of the soviet republic and then after the breakup of uses of the country according to the ministries date of the book missile was moved only. within the borders of ukraine and in 2014 it was
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set up and stored at a base in the west of the country malaysia has repeatedly criticized this probe even having access to it saying that it was made into a political fast the accusing russians of. but what is the evidence you could even be the ukrainian government because the 2 have disappeared we don't know way we excluded from the examination but from the very beginning we see too much politics indeed the idea was not to find out how did this happen when all that but you seem to be concerned that it did play need to pin on russia here we have but these who have some political interest in the matter and they examine so the judge will have to have a look and to weigh the information the evidence presented by both the prosecution
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and by the defense so if we'll see how that fares in court how the evidence provided by both the g.a.t.a. and russia and if anything new comes up how that will fare. investigative reporter dave lindorff believes that the investigators displayed a clear bias in what evidence they chose to consider. well they're going to present the evidence that was given to them by ukrainian intelligence which was you know has a one sided view of what they want to do and they won't have russian satellite data which also should be available because they're not accepting it even militia which is an interested party in this if anyone is was not allowed to have a role in the investigation that's ridiculous so this is being done clearly without wanting to get to the bottom of it. members of the venezuelan opposition have been
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implicated in a corruption scandal lead to documents appeared to reveal that officials from one guy does movement have been embezzling aid funds for personal use now the money was intended for soldiers who defected and fled to neighboring colombia. humanitarian aid it is more a humanitarian robbery all the money from the famous humanitarian aid fund was stolen take note washington not only are the opposition liars but they are thieves too who stole thousands of dollars from each other. thousands of dollars raised from an aid concert on the colombian border were apparently spent on hotels prostitutes and luxury goods by 2 members of the party they were in charge of overseeing the humanitarian aid here is our correspondent. sex drugs and rock'n'roll aren't something you'd associate with a humanitarian aid concert wrongly it seems colombian authorities themselves
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a shocked and barrister to what they've uncovered and to think it all began so innocently we need to try to help those who are not getting medical help help those who are hungry and today hopefully on the back of this concert we can start maybe getting supplies into that this way those people are not suffering so much back then the freshly self-proclaimed president of venezuela called in the military to defect join him and top of the corrupt regime. and we gladly armed forces welcome to the right side of history welcome to the soldiers who are today following the constitution welcome hundreds of soldiers did defect some with families some of the small children they scared to colombia they were put in hotels and by mid march it were living in the streets we are desperate we do not want to
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stay in colombia we want to return to venezuela but not in the current living conditions we do not know. how could this happen out of the 7 hotels that the soldiers were staying in all but 2 were being paid for by the un and the colombian government to hotels is all who and why do those representatives had to pay for except they didn't according to the journalists who broke this story why and why do all of this a month ago. we couldn't allow for any bad managing of money to overshadow what has been a big effort on the part of all venezuelans that's why as soon as we had the information about the ongoing investigation we decided to send it straight to every impartial of dorothy. the people who did this bear in mind were appointed by do personally and he only chose to speak with the story already public knowledge saying
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transparent investigation is needed also amazingly managing to somehow imply that the venezuelan government does involve culpable complicit and that guy duo doesn't cover up corruption which he kept covered up for at least a month obviously the actual venezuelan government has questions. it's a huge drop in corruption to divert money that we could use both sick children instead of being spent include the medicine these being used to pay for alcohol prostitutes expensive shopping trips and luxury hotels as do those allies why is his party which promises to cleanse venezuela of corruption and exercise the demons of the old regime why are these people blowing tens of thousands of dollars in aid money on prostitutes drugs and booze the live 8 concert that richard branson
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has led along with others in the u.s. pro a chant of february 22nd 23rd was a complete failure for plan why those forces inside of venezuela and in colombia have been using the money to enrich themselves for luxury stays in $5.00 star hotels and therefore they're really showing what they're about it's about wanting to take power for personal enrichment the corruption scandal is just one small part of what the u.s. is engaging in in this enormous assault a genocidal assault against the people of venice well it's hundreds of millions it's tens of billions of dollars that the u.s. is stealing in the name of one way though stealing money from the venezuelan people . and you one report out today says there is a credible evidence that the crown prince of saudi arabia is liable for the murder
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of dissident journalist jamal khashoggi he was killed in the saudi consulate in istanbul last october. remember the brutal murder of jamal khashoggi the saudi journalist who was killed in his own country's embassy well the u.n. human rights expert is now calling for a criminal probe into the saudi crown prince's possible involvement agnus column ards 100 page report suggests it's inconceivable that the defacto ruler wouldn't have known about the well planned assassination the 1st important message i think my report time light is the fact that the execution of mr cash of the war was the responsibility of the state. a report that's focused on a number of high level officials including the crown prince conflicting turkish and saudi reports immediately followed death in istanbul's saudi arabian consulate back in october he was 1st declared missing amidst reports that he was actually chopped
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into pieces in the building saudi officials said he left but there c.c.t.v. evidence showed an eyebrow raising body double dressed in clothes after a joint turkish saudi investigation the turks reported tampering of evidence that pointed to murder and all the while saudi authorities continue to claim they didn't know anything that is until 18 days after the investigation when turkish authorities said because shoji died of strangulation saudi arabia then came out saying it was a rogue operation who's written hundreds has nothing to do with this issue. the national security adviser in the u.s. said this. this was. we have to. disclose individuals exceeding their authority. going beyond that and then beat these individuals made a tremendous mistake in this mistake they will pay
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a price and their cases are not in the quote system saudi government vehemently denied any involvement from crown prince mohammad bill psalm on but new information from column on. report definitely hasn't been the only reason for skepticism turkish president has specifically said the order came from the highest levels of the saudi kingdom jim and because you look at the evidence that we have so far indicated the democracy was slain in and we shoes while those responsible from the highest level to the lowest level will be brought to justice and will get the punishment they deserve the incident was not a moment to result but the result of the planned operation so far the saudi government has been tight lipped about what came later we know arrests were made and 11 suspects face trial back in january with 5 death penalties dished out but a new criminal investigation into the crown prince's involvement could mean the 1st trial won't be the last. presidential nominee for u.s.
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envoy to the u.n. kelly craft has said during her confirmation hearing vege she will keep up the pressure on moscow if she receives the post but i'm not going there to be russia's friend they're not our friend they undermine us at every opportunity that they have and you better believe i will keep a clear eye on them and i will continue to hold them accountable we will continue to apply maximum pressure and if confirmed i will promise you that we would be shining a light on russia killing as an american business woman and diplomat since 2017 she has served as the u.s. ambassador to canada in february president trump nominated her as envoy to the u.n. replacing nikki haley who resigned last year we spoke with soraya a libertarian u.s. presidential candidate who thinks craft just represents more of the same. the whole point of the united nations is to try to foster peace and unfortunately we've seen
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that the united states the current administration in the past administration whether with samantha powers or nikki haley and now this new ambassador if chosen is not going to be any different i strongly feel that the president at heart wants to get along with russia i think it's the whole you know the mother's report and all that stuff that's going on with the supposed russian interference you know they have to give some sort of. front you know that they are against russia so i really don't know what to expect anymore from this current administration all i can say is that she's going to be no different than the past 2 ambassadors that were there if she's even chosen so they have an agenda on their own and it's going to happen with or without having a seat in the united nations unfortunately. the killing of a pro refugee politician in germany a member of the merkel's ruling party has scandalised of the country on monday germany's federal prosecutor announced it would take over the investigation ortiz
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you're over has the story for us. the killing of the district presidents of castle in central germany is being treated as a politically motivated terror attack bolton was shot to close range outside of his home on the 2nd of june it's understood he had been receiving death threats in connection to his pro migrant stance a 45 year old man that's being taken into custody in relation to that killing it's understood from authorities that he has a long history of connection with the fall right mr lived was a member of christian democratic union party the chancellor says no stone will be left unturned in the investigation isn't it looking to know this is sad news to be hearing and naturally leads must be pursued intensively since it's not is why it's rather the federal general prosecutor has taken charge of the investigation to
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uncover the background information as fast as possible and i hope he can establish clarity soon to allow us to make a final assessment however. it is still ongoing the suspect who is only being named as stephen b. as a standard practice in germany has a long history of connection with the far right back in 1903 he was convicted for planting a pipe bomb outside of a home for asylum applicants he's also known to have connections with the violent neo nazi group. the suspect in bottom a career in right wing extremism during the late eighty's he has conducted extreme motivated crime is and therefore has been on the radar of the intelligence services since that time he hasn't appeared on the surface in recent years so he has been in the background of a was after the murder was announced there was a flurry of right wing extremist messages posted online reveling in the killing
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purportedly due to the fact that mr libby. one. to take in more refugees into his region the spokesperson from the german government was reluctant to say more about an ongoing investigation but did express discussed extremist content being posted online for appeasing from a numerous right wing extremists hateful comments on the internet after his who repugnant and disgusting have a feeling everyone. because it's working with its force against right wing extremism is trying as well as against leftwing extremists.
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should the investigation revealed that this was a politically motivated assassination it would be the 1st in germany since the 1970 s. when the red army function terrorized the country already though there is concern about the size shape and scope of extremism in the country as the investigation continues to determine why it was shot and who carried it out peter all of our. months after sudan's president was ousted by the country's armed forces the african nation is now trying to find ways to resolve the resulting constitutional crisis president bashir is removal after decades in power led to a struggle between the military government and groups pushing for a return to civilian rule besides internal efforts to resolve the impasse there is also help lining up from abroad the u.s. is increasing its involvement as well weeks after a major crackdown by the sudanese military on protesters washington is urging the
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security forces to end attacks on civilians and. to investigate the recent violence washington has appointed a new special envoy for sudan a veteran diplomat who on paper has a wealth of local knowledge and experience in the region 65 year old donald booth has not only served as u.s. ambassador to zambia and ethiopia but was also the obama administration's envoy to sudan and south sudan now he is back in the role with appointment is not being universally welcome to the u.s. based adar for women action group has doubts with the region having suffered years of conflict including genocide and ethnic cleansing. not only did booth want to normalize relations with the murderous regime he actively neglected those being murdered booth's failed to put forth any statements regarding the atrocities committed we cannot trust him to speak up now internally displaced individuals who
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took to birth during his visits were quickly erast it without any prevailed by booth to grant them release all protection he support been will once again silence those who have been suffering in darfur for 7. does donald booth gets down to work and has been taking a look at his track record. as the situation in south sudan continues to spiral the united states has appointed a new special envoy to save the day the department has appointed ambassador down on the eve booth as special envoy on sudan his appointment demonstrates that the united states has a firm commitment to the sudanese people and efforts to advance a peaceful political solution now the white house says that it's his experience with south sudan that makes him qualified however it is long record with the country that is the source of all the outrage donald booth was the special envoy to both sudan and south sudan under the administration of barack obama from 2013 to
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2017 under his watch the civil war and human rights abuses escalated. the. breaks again grapes sexual mutilation abductions and sexual slavery as well as killings that have become commonplace in south sudan there is no doubt that these crimes are persistent because impunity so entrenched that every kind of norm is broken now the role of donald booth in this mess hasn't exactly been good in 2011 the united nations imposed an arms embargo on sudan however the united states
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didn't start abiding by it until 20163 years after the war was already in full swing despite what seemed like strong international consensus favor going to bargo for several years the united states withheld support and an embargo was not put on the un security council agenda. seems like a pretty big fan. and of the u.s. and israeli aligned regime of south sudan he actually worked to get them a waiver from the white house over their use of child soldiers and he seems a little bit partisan when it comes to internal strife in the country here's a statement he made about the ousting of the vice president we do not believe it would be wise for him ashore to return to his previous position in juba so this is the man whose task it is to restore peace however if you look at his record he seems to have plenty of experience doing the opposite us never really carried out sincerely so sudanese didn't really care or could really follow
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policy from us because us was against the very survival of the country the mistake that was made by the united states and most a mistake made by the students go is you cannot ignore the suffering of people during that whole period of decades. didn't lift a finger to try to go the country even though before the break up with south sudan in 2000 well sudan had the largest area. our bully and the u.s. government did nothing but keep punishing the sudanese people you keep going there for sheer you keep trying policies if. you care appeals court is said to give its verdict this thursday on the legal battle launched by campaigners to stop britain selling weapons to saudi arabia the activists claim the arms are being used in the saudi led bombing in yemen in violation of international law and his kid partridge picks up a story. the court of appeal is due to give his judgment on the u.k.'s decision to
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grant licenses for the export of arms to saudi arabia for use in yemen this follows serious allegations that saudi forces might have used to u.k. arms in serious violations of international humanitarian law during the ongoing bombardment well the situation in yemen has been described by the u.n. as the world's worst manmade humanitarian crisis the saudi led military coalition say it's fighting to free the country from hutu rebels and restore the exiled government riyadh also says it's doing all it can to reduce civilian casualties over 70000 people have been killed through fighting and famine since january 26th 18 with $10000000.00 yemen is facing starvation millions have also been displaced the court is deciding on a legal claim against the arms sales brought by the group campaign against arms trade human rights watch says riyadh's actions in yemen amount to war crimes and has accused the u.k. of turning a blind eye while c. divil a t. you say the u.k.
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not only sells arms but also provides expertise to the saudis the u.k. government says it has very rigorous arms control yet weapons continue to be sold to saudi arabia despite considerable evidence of the saudi led coalition abuses in yemen the case is a key opportunity to make sure that the u.k. rules on arms sales are being properly applied to saudi arabia. has continued to supports tinier strikes in yemen and provide arms at this point overwhelming evidence of repeated breaches of international humanitarian law this is in clear violation of u.k.'s own guidelines on arms sales and european and international law it makes a mockery of the government's claims to rigorously control arms exports britain it doesn't just supply weapons it provides the personnel and technical knowledge required to keep the war going 6000 british contractors are stationed in saudi arabia to train saudi pilots maintain planes and supervise the loading of bombs
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meanwhile 2 candidates for the conservative party leadership have also played a role in september 26th seen boris johnson said the saudi led bombing campaign was not a clear breach of international humanitarian law while jeremy hommes who took over as foreign secretary in july 28th scene said halting arms sales to saudi arabia would be morally bankrupt because the u.k. would surrender our influence the aerospace defense and security sectors provide the u.k. with a 1000000 jobs and boost the economy by over 74000000000 pounds the government says the u.k. has one of the most robust export control regimes in the world that control is regarding saudi arabia will not be decided by the court we spoke to a former politician for the british liberal democrats party who says the public is growing frustrated by view because weapons deals with reality. there is growing public discontent about the whole situation of arms sales to saudi arabia and to
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a lesser extent to the u.a.e. because of yemen and because of the human rights record inside saudi arabia itself and it's significant that all of the opposition parties not just the labor party but also the liberal democrats and the scottish nationalists and other smaller parties have agreed really that this is not something that britain or to be supporting obviously there is a long historical. good relations between britain and all of the arab states of the gulf region but when it's a moral issue such as this at stake the british public is increasingly very uncomfortable about what is happening and it does it for me i'll be back in 29 and a half minutes the foliage.


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