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tv   News  RT  September 1, 2019 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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i. mean the victims of the militant siege 15 years ago we talked to survivors of the most deadly terror attack in russia's modern history is they revisit the song of the massacre. most of. us to hear by. daughter eve usually shahid. also to come tens of thousands take to the streets in cities across the u.k. as prime minister boris johnson's decision to suspend parliament ahead of the brics
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deadline divides the nation further and among the main story the way to 70 describe this summit in france has been productive despite failing to reach any major agreements on kate global issues. are you watching the weekly here in r.t. the latest news in the look back to what's been happening over the last 7 day sunday marks the 15th anniversary of a terrorist attack on a school in the north setting time of beslan in russia's north caucuses region it is the most deadly terror attack in russia's modern history.
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on the 1st day of the terrorists took over 1100 hostages and held them 3 days 334 people died during the siege the charity of them were children the victims are being commemorated in beslan today and were hawkins sent this report. what you had was the so-called 1st bell an important part of the day's commemorations here in beslan an important part of the beginning of the school for children all over russia marking the beginning of the academic year and back in 2004 the little girl was meant to ring the bell had it in a hands but she was interrupted by the hostage takers as the children in this yard were bundled into the hole behind me for the 3 day ordeal.
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hundreds of people come here every year to mark the anniversary even people who have left come back to the town specifically they'll be lighting candles around 300 symbolic for every life lost a little later in the yard office at that memorial building they also lay flowers and wreaths and also interestingly water bottles which have their own tragic symbolism terrorists over the course of 3 days the night the hostages any food or water when they did get their chance to finally escape and many of those children inside were to be hydrated too weak to even be able to run away from their captors locals now bring more to bottles as a symbol to give those children the souls they say at least in death. they locked in the final moments of their lives you know people coming here some of them to seek answers to understand better what happened here i get a clearer picture most of course coming in to get some closure to up all the grief share that emotion and make sure that such
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a terrible event never happens again hawkins there will r.t. to talk to those who held hostage that day and to those 2 who took part in the rescue they went back to school and shared their memories for a new documentary. but the. last part. of our number one. news all the way to you know to to. get a new. man ranch thank you and now. your member states. of the world.
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quote or shalom. but. i know what you. do mr siward supporters are still with them to vote your spirit will do seem to be what you believe it is to teach the student actually the course of the personal course to revoke or should. just let them speak. suppressed sure. now the u.k. is more divided than ever brix it saturday saw tens of thousands take to the streets in cities across the country after prime minister boris johnson and i had to spend parliament ahead of the e.u. divorce deadline and while some see the decision is the only way to get braces over the line of the site is undemocratic because for instance is particularly disregarded by the men in 5 piece of project up see that's made people say
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prosperity in poland is a desperate state for maybe for overtime some i think it's safe to say. i'm very very dangerously you kerry i think he's not doing the best he can to try and get not to a deal that would be the best for the country i mean he's just the side of believing and i call people to sort out probably some just going to not give anybody the option as a result of parliament being suspended m.p.'s will have less time to debate or influence the way the u.k. leaves you with more his son. boris johnson is being well boris he's being bold as brass and he wants breakfast come what may rather. what you do when parliament won't play ball you suspend it he needed her majesty's permission to do that which he got we don't get a week into october the 31st before getting on with our plans to take this country forward we're going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it all october 14th and we've got to move ahead with a new program but why don't the lawmakers
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a quick refresher if you've been avoiding the news because you just can't take the b. word anymore for a number 1010 and to resume a husqvarna getting away from it all hiking in the swiss alps spent 3 years trying to deliver tracks that are to the referendum something we are definitely clear of bricks it means bricks it bricks it needs threats it wrecks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it but parliament had other ideas patchy shouting have doubt even what have her key points had her reaching for her water then she found that brussels wasn't very happy about how to bit a juror to old blighty and wouldn't budge on key points like the irish backstop to maintain a seamless border on the emerald isle they managed to thrash out a deal though and may tried 3 times to push it through parliament no luck so she shared a tear and left i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring
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gratitude to have had to the opportunity to serve the country i love. and to boris johnson ardent bricks a tear and leave comes figurehead johnson promised to take the u.k. out of the european union by how do we do you know and that's really riled so where are we now well just 2 months from b.j. and with parliament due to be suspended before it's. got going and only have 2 weeks to try block and no deal breck said everyone's crying foul saying it's a constitutional crisis others though have just had enough he's gone on for so long now we just need to get on with it because it's just causing more trouble whole process is discussed in. parliament is being bypassed and. not democratic it's a catastrophe so anybody who tried to bring it in would be to. get what the people
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voted for i think it's still a constitutional outrage he wants to see. you know when. it's important to blame any problems on others and he will be patted on the back for delivering and win an election that's what he sees boris johnson should do everything he can. to get breaks for if you can't get it through he's out although where is cynics point out that what's really on democratic our m.p.'s in westminster spending 3 years in piles of taxpayers' money by dithering over to leg breck said ok perhaps it was a little rogue ish to disrupt the queen's summer holiday in scotland and maybe suspending parliament was quite drastic for what's supposed to be a parliamentary democracy that's apparently taking back control but then this is boris johnson who's never been one for the convention and it has been 3 years already just about every hour for new explored every negotiation tactic used every
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amendment can sit it so maybe just maybe it's going to get his way and bill does britain away from brussels altie london. one of the world leaders who arrived in france early this week for the g. 7 summit. said the 3 days of talks were extremely productive but despite the group of attending world leaders vote forcing optimism for the future meeting did produce very few concrete commitments is our senior correspondent. it was nice nice stuff the weather was decent lots of people nice people good conversation and good stuff guys couldn't you. first of all i would like to thank president trump and all the heads of state and government present here for the extremely productive work and very productive discussions we've had since saturday
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evening together i want to thank you very much mr president for the credible job you did this is a truly successful g 7 there was tremendous unity it was great unity as i said nice not exactly wonderful or amazing but yeah pretty nice i mean could have been better they could have agreed on something significant the cheveley little more argued the little less and the fee there was a lot of nervousness at the outset a lot of expectations a lot of tension and we had a lot of conflicts just look at the bright side there's always next year to get something done is not nice to be fair there was a lot of stuff on the agenda a trade war with china the brazilian president's rudeness breck's it should not ignorance whether to invite the largest country in the world iran for the millionth
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time. we all know what trump thinks about iran much as a bit of a cold war between the 2 most of the rest of the world actually wants to go back to the nuclear agreement trump ripped up what a conundrum huh so macron invites the foreign minister of iran hoping to break the ice and surprisingly things became a little all could also unsurprisingly trump would eat his own tide before admitting it it was coming in and i respected the fact that it was coming in and he met with president mcbroom in iran is a very difficult situation. in the position is not a very good position from the standpoint of economics and that's ok because we concluded a very quickly even said he's open to meeting iran's president when the time is right perhaps after another few rounds of sanctions once they find something in
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iran they haven't sanctioned yet speaking of sanctions that trade war is still raging. one man's sanctions are another man's tariffs and the united states likes both so much so trump says he regretted not imposing more tariffs on chinese made goods because as trump making companies and consumers the average american pay more for ordinary stuff is great for everyone which didn't go down well with the rest of the summit squad just think. of of you lot of people. to be honest it wasn't trump's greatest performance there they were having a nice dinner all in cincy is smiles and forced laughs and use and brings up the
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boogie man. trying joining your michel in star red chuen a stew prepared mommy tackled style while trump talks about inviting russia back apparently he wouldn't shut up about it i think if you're working for. a number of people who would like to see russia back i think it would be in it would be advantageous to. many things in the world or das it worse some of those present agreed why on earth would you want to invite a country that's a key player in almost every major global issue. well it would make sense but lot off the crimea g 7 is for friends and friends pretend to be there for each other everyone knows that and putin it seems has better things to
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do with. little g 8 doesn't exist anymore how can i return to an organization which doesn't exist today it's the g 7 regarding a potential format with 8 member states we never reject any proposals some time ago it was russia's turn to hold a g. 8 meeting but our partners didn't come up but there are other international organizations which play a significant role in international affairs take the g 20 all in all as i said nice great as g 708 sco but a lot of total catastrophe but this year trump even inside in this single page unlike last year when he simply stormed out. that really wasn't nice. or a ghastly if their nationals come through on the weekly a frenchman advised to a pale after losing his battle to protect people in his village from harm from pesticides we'll have a look at that because of the stories just up. nor
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make manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. with the crime. be the one percent. night nor middle of the room 6. when it comes down to it look it is not actually that i think one can say oh well the russians are all bad this certainly is not the case that the west is all good there are absolutely things that the west needs to be doing and what i would like
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to see is much much less of the chutney counter-productive rhetorical struggles we see against russia that it's you know it it's become an easy way of getting certain the audiences to applaud you is to come up with cheap russian bashing that helps move. again welcome back to the weekly now a frenchman lost his fight to protect people in his village from pesticides this week although he banned their use of coal then overruled him and he's now appealing the decision however his case has inspired other matters across france to take similar action and shouted to reports. this tiny breton village of a language has found itself at the center of controversy in the battle over the pesticides in may the local mag to court some saw as being
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a bold decision to ban the use of pesticides within $150.00 metre cordon over the village farming unions were furious. on the matter and it up in court now the man daniel coeff had his band overturned but the debacle is now shining a light on the deep political contradictions so rounding pesticides in france well president might call and praised his intentions for tackling like phosphates a burning issue over health concerns he said the solution was not to issue a decree that doesn't comply with the law so macko if that's a double standard. i don't understand what is happening in my craw and the ecology minister said that i am right and doing a good thing to protect my people but in the meantime i am facing court for a decision to keep pesticides at a distance of 150 meters i don't understand politics now it seems the decision by
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the court has banned all pesticides was illegal has also earned good residence in this usually sleepy village. 2 children wit lots of fields around long where and it's important health matter for us especially for children we breed the in the press the sites we did during testing the amount of best to sites with found was alarmingly high even though we eat organic and we grow some of our own food that is also organic. i think the government isn't doing its job and they are the 1st to say that there should be no past decides they did nothing and it was in the genes or cure paul says we are in a small village that is close to a farm an area we need to protect people too we never know what kind of health issues could be created by pesticides so i think the decision by the mayor was intelligent and he needed to make a decision to protect the people but now he has difficulties with the justice system the world health organization has said gleich phosphate often used to weed
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killer probably causes cancer well gov phosphate has hit the headlines over health concerns. much corn had promised to ban the use of phosphate by 2021 that provoked an outcry by farmers in unions who said they needed an alternative mark and then pushed the ban back to the following year when the current license will expire now across france the ban imposed by mac with has gained traction he may have lost the 1st battle in court but now around 20 other mares have followed his lead banning the use of pesticides close to homes of farmers on the juris cry these bans as being politically motivated saying that they are getting on the environmental bandwagon ahead of my oral elections mayors are already thinking of the next election environmentalists are wreaking havoc on our
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agriculture and our only factories floundering in this these mayors are outstanding scientists they are taking advantage of people's fear to make this kind of decision which is good for their image is protectors of the environment and the population but it seems the government has been backed into a corner there must be a minimum distance between residential areas and best decided sprain and will advise in the coming days forming unions and the companies that produce pesticides are sure to have something to say about that but so too does make a wish who believes that these are all the only way to protect people who live near farms which use pesticides otherwise he says their health is screwed jollity even ski artie lange do it in britain e. conference in germany for web developers boasting
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a rich and diverse lineup was cancelled after it was criticised for having too few guest speakers who were women. this year's conference seems to have gone with the white males only conference line up shame is 2019 we can do better there were numerous speakers with 2 sessions myself included workshop in the search engine but no women at all i'm not comfortable that well the organizers do say that only one woman submitted a session proposal critics though say that those behind the event should have reached out to more women but we asked our guests for their thoughts on the controversy. the fact is that women are still half the population i think we're just marginally over the half and the people organizing it seem to be a group of men it was their duty. requirement to ensure that they had a wide range of people to speak about the issues that they wanted
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a debate when you want to be diverse you know on some occasions will be more willing speakers on some occasions with more bad speakers but he's also the also the child age to say if you're going to have people in and effectively racially or sexually profiled i just said we're not interested what your speech is going to date we're not interested your level of talent we're not interested in the relevancy all were interesting is the color of your skin or your gender that is a joke the point is not about qualifications the point is about a culture which i'm sorry to say you seem to represent which is which is about accusing women of daring to be in your workplaces that would be a further comment if the women had applied local who got pushed out what you would apply there was basically no candidates now how will the earth is that the fault of men it's very unlikely in the real world. that somebody would just not want somebody to speak on the grounds of their gender i don't think that's very
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realistic i don't think that's something that's really going to happen i don't just don't think it's it's factually accurate it does happen i'm sorry to say i don't i'm sorry to say it does happen i'm glad to say it's not absolutely widespread but you may be in your little. haven in which everything is right and rosy but for lots of women the lots of ways in which women are excluded however competent they are i'm sorry that still happening i wish it wasn't but unless it's get spoken about i don't think much will change. ok let's just bring you some news just in because the russian military says the u.s. has carried out an airstrike in series the province without 1st notifying russia or to moscow says the strike is cause civilian deaths well the u.s. earlier said it had targeted jihadist training camps in the region we have asked the u.s. department of defense to comment on the matter although so far we haven't had a reply of course bringing more dates on the story as we get the. so that's how the
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weekly is looking so far today good to have you company our programs continue after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy going foundation let it be an arms race is on often very dramatic development only closely i'm going to resist i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time time to sit down and talk.
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there's things. we hear. oh why a paradise with some all year round turned into a round the experimentation field for agricultural chemicals we know that these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up that suited up locals attempt to combat the on regulated experiments but often in day you have many of these people where one foot into the biotech pharma and the other foot in the government regulatory bodies this kind of collusion is reprehensible while the battle goes on the chemicals continue to poison hawaii and its people so one has to ask the question whether there is a form of environmental research going on in hawaii whether these companies feel
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they can get away with this because the people have less political power. so who is christopher manny. well i grew up in several small towns throughout the midwest game from a good christian family and joined the national guard and then eventually college and law enforcement. i did 13 and a half years work in the street here everybody who was in my peak knew that they could trust including the street people. you know a lot of people don't realize but i was a single parent raising 2 kids carlos diaz says it's racist guy i mean we're reaching to mexico and my kids are of a different race today we are going to go through the autopsy report exaggerate and why couldn't you just.


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