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ready the bell is rung in the beslan school as russia commemorates the victims of a militant seized there 15 years ago when almost 1000 people were taken hostage and talk to survivors of the deadliest terror attack in the country's modern history is they visits the site the massive. sleep. we. apply to the supplier wish for supper the roof or should. stop them spilling. suppressed. tens of thousands take to the streets across the united kingdom's prime minister boris
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johnson's decision to suspend parliament ahead of the break the deadline divides the nation further. and tensions escalate between israel and lebanon after an exchange of missile strikes across the border. for joining us this evening you're watching the weekly here on r.t. . sunday marks the 15th anniversary of the deadliest terrorist attack in modern russian history it happened at a school in the north a city in town of beslan investors north caucasus region where more than a 1000 people were taken hostage 334 were eventually killed many of them children. last.
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even being commemorated in beslan today people are laying flowers near the school which has become a monument to those events words of condolence have been coming in from all around the world. the 1st days of september each year have become a time of grief and mourning they find some of the following images disturbing.
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meanwhile in beslan school candles have been let's ahead of the commemoration ceremony coming up later this evening i'll correspondent on hawkins reports from the sick. for nearly 3 days most hostages were kept in this building the sports hall the terrorists lined the room with explosives hanging bombs from the basketball hoops on the ceiling it's thought one of these definitions on the 3rd day triggered a gunfight between the hostage takers and security forces the bullet holes on the walls the charred remains of the ceiling which caught fire better as the moment to what happened after. the thief
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is a small tell just under 40000 people it's hard to find a family here that wasn't either directly affected or knows somebody who was. the room was full of people who perhaps were involved in the scene medics who ran towards the fire to tend to the wounded parents and teachers who decided to stay with the children and police officers who tried to save those who they could. every year become a hero and to the grave site in fact there is a cemetery every month people were very understanding they were coming from all over russia and nearby countries i would not want to events like these to unite people but it does. i think it's impossible to forget something like this 334 people died and so many children among them is it possible to forget it. it's very important for one of the memory and remember the events in order for this
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horrible tragedy to never happen again i came here today with my daughter she asked me herself to bring her here i think it's so important to remember people come here to leave wreath of flowers soft toys but interestingly bottles of drinks. there is a tragic story behind that to. take is denied the victims any food or water for 3 whole days when people had a chance to escape many of them were 2 d. hydrated and weak to even be able to move. cry. even people who've left the town come back here every year. come here to find answers clearer picture of what actually happened but most come here to help or their grief to get some closure and most importantly like the sign says above the
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entrance door remember that this must never happen again. we've been talking to those who were held hostage and to those who took part in the security operation they went back to the school and shared their memories for a new arty documentary. this is trust but the c.r. is a lost puppy job must not get a give us no more of that to get us on our financial gritty way to you know to destruct i'm going to be able of just as the last nicholas get a wish for a new new syria man ranch back in camera in the member states. due to occur to me for sure producers are. to be able to share. or to talk to you so if your remarks are going to perceive you from the previous leader was to shift your use of
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the world style of posting music to would not cut this a bit i'll say. he was a bit in the choice to buy. implosion. anybody keester got it all think it was a big idea was still with them created or to. put out. the year in human blood just died cannot you please list some on what to look good with just shit is it that he has to. feel when you least want. he. sleep or that arch replies to mr geezer so bluto we played our each applies to quit at the wireless. christening tried me up for. the service a woman. about the better of you who watch cold call it in. session when you're
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called on the flop. you know with the lies the school the school. yard socialists or you see. the place to do season because you would wish quit or slow. honey i know what you mean but the mistake was it was. sputum if you seem to be what you believe it is that it's a studio actually that person. or should. just let them speak. and you can watch the documentary in full on our website that's on t.v. dot com we will of course be bringing you more from the commemorations throughout the day.
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the u.k. is more divided than ever of bragg's it sounds today still tens of thousands take to the streets in cities across the country after prime minister boris johnson announced that he'd suspend parliament ahead of the e.u. divorce deadline decision means m.p.'s will have less time to debate and influence the way the u.k. leaves the e.u. while some see it is the only way to get bags over the line others say it's undemocratic. taylor reports. boris johnson is being well boris he's being bold as brass and he wants breakfast come what may rather. what you do when parliament won't play ball you suspend it he needed her majesty's permission to do that which he got we don't get a week into october the 31st before getting on with our plans to take this country forward we're going to have a queen's speech and we're going to do it all october 14th and we've got to move
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ahead with a new program but why don't the lawmakers a quick refresher if you've been avoiding the news because you just can't take the b. word anymore for a number 1010 and to resume a who's carney getting away from it all hiking in the swiss alps spent 3 years trying to deliver breck said after the referendum something we are definitely clear on bricks it means bricks it bricks it needs threats it wrecks it means bricks it and we're going to make a success of it but parliament had other ideas patchy shouting had out even what have her key points had her reaching for her water then she found that brussels wasn't very happy about how to bit adhere to old blighty and wouldn't budge on key points like the irish backstop to maintain a seamless border on the emerald isle they managed to thrash out a deal though and may tried 3 times to push it through parliament no luck so she shared a tear and left i do so with no ill will but with enormous and enduring
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gratitude to have had the opportunity to serve the country i love. and to boris johnson ardent bracks a tyranny leave camp figurehead johnson promise to take the u.k. out of the european union by how do we deal oh no deal and that's really all people riled so where are we now well just 2 months from b. day and with parliament due to be suspended before it's. got going and only have 2 weeks to try to block a new deal brant said everyone's crying foul saying it's a constitutional crisis others though have just had enough he's gone on for so long now we just need to get on with it because it's just causing more trouble whole process is discussed in. parliament is being bypassed and. not democratic it's a catastrophe so anybody who tried to bring it in would be to. get what the people
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voted for i think it's a constitutional outrage he wants to see. you know when. you know. you'll blame any problems on all those and he will be patted on the back for delivering bricks when an election that's what he sees boris johnson should do everything he could. to get back for it if you can't get it through he's out although where is cynics point out that what's really on democratic our m.p.'s in westminster are spending 3 years in piles of taxpayers' money by declaring over to leg breck said ok perhaps it was a little rogue to disrupt the queen's summer holiday in scotland and maybe suspending parliament was quite drastic for what's supposed to be a parliamentary democracy that's apparently taking back control but then this is boris johnson who's never been one for the convention and it has been 3 years
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already just about every hour for new explored every negotiation tactic used every amendment can sit it so maybe just maybe it's going to get his way and bill days britain away from brussels. r.t. london. to the middle east now israel has targeted a military squad in southern lebanon in the tweet the israeli defense forces claimed the strikes were in retaliation to. missiles fired from lebanon. the local television journalist laura laura bring us up to speed please with what exactly has been happening. well the whole event really started and ended with on just 2 hours at around $415.00 local time a few anti to take projectiles were fired toward northern israel from lebanon by hezbollah soon admitting that they were the ones that fired the projectiles and
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they in fact said that they had killed or injured a few israeli soldiers in that strike the i.d.f. almost immediately said there were no casualties in that launch but they did respond with more than 100 of their own projectiles into lebanon both airstrikes as well as artillery those airstrikes coming from attack helicopters. netanyahu said in a statement it's very soon after that there wasn't even a scratch on any of those soldiers but an i.d.f. ambulance was hit in a position near the northern. military position right beside documents which is right on the israel lebanon border now that initial projectile from from hezbollah in lebanon was in response to an attack in syria last week by israel that killed 2 hezbollah operatives operating from syria so they immediately said that this event was in response to those soldiers dying last week do we know what the potential
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implications could be of these attacks and do you does it like to they'll be further escalation. well so far after those 2 hours there hasn't been much but we do know that hezbollah is backed by iran and now iran and israel have had multiple confrontations in syria in recent months in the last few years so it's a matter of time before iran makes the statement possibly reacts no one really knows what the respond. will be after this also it's important to note that israel's prime minister netanyahu faces an election in just a couple of weeks and one of the things that people really criticize netanyahu for is not having a tough enough response when events like these take place so we'll have to wait and see how this affects the polls for those upcoming elections and i think subtle and i saw a report seeing from television. commemorations for the sun a verse or
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e is the beginning of world war 2 a taking place in slovenia we'll cover that many of the stories after the break. so what we've got to do is identify the threats that we have it's crazy. let it be an arms race. spearing dramatic development that only. exists i don't see how that strategy will be successful very critical time to sit down and talk. when it comes down to it it is not actually that i think one can say oh well the russians are all bad this certainly is not the case that the west is all good there are absolutely things that the west needs to be doing and what i would like to see is much much less. counterproductive rhetorical struggles we see against russia
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that it's you know it's it's become an easy way of getting certain the audiences to applaud you is to come up with cheap russian bashing that helps move. the russian military says that the u.s. carried out of their strike in syria province without 1st giving notice thereby violating quote all agreements. farmer discuss what happened with. why is russia so angry over this because on the face of it you could argue look america is targeted and you have a training camp what's wrong with that we're just
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a little bit of background had been a bitter battleground for many months now the syrian army against rebels jihad this syrian army coming out on top taking a number of strategic towns but throughout all of these months the united states europe had been demanding calling for a cease fire yesterday at 6 o'clock in the morning 31st of august a cease fire was unilaterally called by syria its forces stopped everywhere no more offensive maneuvers its air force was grounded unilateral cease fire backed by russia backed by turkey a few hours after the cease fire took place 2 cold the united states carried out a wave of air strikes on where it says it was targeting an al qaeda training camp russian intelligence russian the russian military on the other hand says what they hit was a number of settlements populated areas and left
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a lot of casualties there are multiple victims within populated areas that were targeted by the u.s. air strike it was carried out in violation of all agreements as washington failed to inform russia or turkey about its intentions united states was saying it was targeting. members who were threats to u.s. citizens to allies and to innocent civilians but but there's this aside from the fact that you know the basically undermine the ceasefire because the jihad is became confused they started shooting at the syrian army the syrian army didn't shoot back the russians say but aside from that there was this also the fact that this was the russians say very unprofessional because there's a procedure in place whenever you carry out an airstrike in syria you warn turkey russia the united states whoever this is. to avoid unnecessary escalations risks in the air the united states knew that there was a ceasefire taking hold just
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a few hours before and it didn't inform either russia. that it was going to carry out these strikes which leaves both countries with a lot of questions. meanwhile the russian foreign minister sergey lavrov moscow and i think are all will stick to the arrangements regarding the deescalation zone despite the u.s. strike you have us the u.s. department of defense to comment on the matter but received no answer as yet let's go on the use of ferrum thinks washington well to have notified russia and turkey at a time when the regime had hoped to deescalate and call for a unilateral ceasefire which was greatly welcomed by turkey and russia this type of attack does cause concern could have been carried out at a more ideal time it could have been carried out in cooperation with the russians and the turks which would have probably made the attack even more successful and more acceptable on behalf of all parties keep it a secret when it serves everybody's interests that still remains
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a question to me but yes it definitely does cause concern when there is all this talk of a cease fire in the region to see drums about bombs dropping back out of the sky again in civilians obviously concerned in causing more migration north. earlier this week a judge in oklahoma ruled that the drugmaker johnson and johnson is responsible for driving the state's opioid crisis and ordered it to pay a $572000000.00 fine he said the pharmaceutical giant is run a false and dangerous marketing campaign which downplayed the risk of addiction and directly contributed to deaths johnson and johnson has said that it will appeal that decision. another pharmaceutical company to do farmers also come under fire this week in recently unsealed court documents it was revealed that the company funded advocacy organizations which served as front groups screenshots of e-mail correspondence published in a multi district opioid lawsuit of the 2 accusations the giant corporation caused
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america's biggest drug epidemic we reached out to purdue pharma for comment will bring you any response nevertheless the company itself admits people affected should seek help as soon as possible wild bird you farmer is prepared to defend itself vigorously in the r.b.i. it's a geisha in the company has made clear that it sees little good coming from here so it's a geisha in appeals to people and communities affected by the opiate crisis need help now in the late 1990 s. prescriptions for painkillers were made readily available pharmaceutical companies are sure doctors that their patients would not become addicted but it quickly became clear that many people were becoming dependent with deaths from opioid overdoses reaching of report high of 42000 in the a 26 the. now the following here the government declared a public health emergency currently in a committed 130 americans die every day as a result of opioid medicine abuse the health crisis also is placing
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a huge strain on the u.s. economy and reportedly is encouraging higher rates of heroin use diction specialist told us that both the pharmaceutical industry and doctors have failed in their duties to customers and patients. well doctors certainly bear some responsibility for the opiate epidemic but i think to really understand how this happened in the united states it's necessary to realize that a whole generation of physicians was educated to believe that opioids are not addictive as long as you're giving them to a patient in pain and this was a message that was eagerly adopted by produced by johnson and johnson by chance and by t.v. or by many other opioid manufacturers why because it helped their bottom line to sell more opioids so certainly doctors have to be reeducated as they are now they have to withhold opioids they have to stop prescribing opioids for ankle sprains for chronic pain conditions we would not want the pendulum to swing in the opposite
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direction and for people who really need opioids not to be able to get them so finding some kind of middle ground is going to be essential. commemorations throughout the 80th anniversary of the start of world war 2 began this week in slovenia an eternal flame was this at a memorial built in honor of soviet influence soldiers the torch use was brought all the way from russia and was itself lit from the eternal flame at the tomb of the unknown soldier next to the kremlin representatives from the russian embassy as well as russian and slipping in veterans were among those attending the ceremony is a reminder of slovenia's plight and the nazi occupation. force.
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elegy international thanks for joining us this evening with updates and often.
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you know world big part of a lot of things and conspiracy it's time to wake up to dig deeper to hit the stories that made stream media refuses to tell more than ever we need to be smarter we need to stop slamming the door on the bath shouting past each other it's time for critical thinking it's time to fight for the middle for the truth the time is now for watching closely watching the hawks. during the great depression which i'm old enough to remember there was most of my family were unemployed working class there wasn't it was bed you know much worse objective listen today but there was an expectation that things were going to get better. there was
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a real sense of hopefulness there isn't today today's america where shape by the 10 principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy at tax solidarity engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to no i'm jones to one set of rules for the rich opposite set rules for. that's what happens when you put her into the hands of a narrow sector of will switch will is dedicated to increasing power for itself just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america.
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2006 i was substituting for a 5th grade class all of sudden it's kids come 1st. really agitated one of the boys to their health and on the way he collapsed the next morning. we were not spraying anything but the teacher actually gone out and taking pictures when all this chaos was going on the school and students were being and they were spraying right in the feels right adjacent to. a follow up study was done on that $32.00 page study the last 4 pages are the chemicals that they have found. we have shown an association between organophosphate exposure as measured by those metabolites in the mother's urine during pregnancy and shorten just station abnormal reflexes decreased mental development in the children and 2 years of age decreased i.q.
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at age 7 and 10 years of age pervasive developmental disorder which is like. symptoms. attention problems in schooling poor executive functioning in pre-adolescents and we have also shown that there are separate collations of people that might be more affected than others i have virtue i think genetics. protecting our kids from chemicals is a common sense thing that everybody can get behind leave points to examples in recent years of students getting sick from pesticides used by farmers near schools this is really great and several incidents in 2008 in why man koichi where dozens of students got sick after a pesticide was applied on a nearby seed corn plot we've seen example after example where we've had to rush children from a public school to an e.r. like the ones i work in across the state for severe area long problems we know that
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these chemicals have consequences they are major irritants there's no question otherwise why would the chemical company workers themselves be geared up and suited up what happened with why i'm a middle school was particularly egregious the state of hawaii department of agriculture does not do its job with respect to investigating complaints about pesticide drift and for years this is been the case it doesn't monitor the air it doesn't monitor the water it doesn't monitor the soil to make sure that pesticides are not leaving the fields and going into where people live and play and work. as a mom i think about what would i do if i had to send my child to school every day alongside a field where i knew they were spraying pesticides.


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