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tv   Going Underground  RT  September 2, 2019 10:30am-11:01am EDT

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i'm actually at hansie and you're watching a special edition of going underground from the iranian embassy in london as britain and the united states send their soldiers to the persian gulf and bester thank you so much for inviting us into the embassy i'm going to ask you jeremy hunt the british foreign secretary says that he is almost certain donald trump says you saw the boat at play trying to take the mine off and successfully took the mind of the boat and that was exposed what did you make of the video imagery and the pictures we have here proving almost certainly that the iranian government was involved in explosions on tankers and version golf day nor themselves that these pictures. to prove what they are claiming in fact they or they are saying that we
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have an assessment but the question is the suspend should be based on facts and evidences these pictures that have been released or very distorted and you cannot get any conclusion out of it the as your own of would be very delighted to be part of an international investigation that we would in fact professionally. get the matter in fact considered and to really look at the evidences because we know that they are in the region they have supposed sophisticated equipment they can have very clear images from what has happened before did the fire after the fire and that many incidents that are not clear in these pictures so we would be very much supporting. a neutral and thought only investigation into the issue
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but. as we have said this is unfortunately part of the dirty politics and unfortunately the people who want to drag the united states into a military confrontation are making these kind of assessments to support a confrontation but let's be very clear that these are just fabrications well planned or standing is an investigation is called for by many countries of the international community including germany and other countries that learn beijing moscow and so on why do you think jeremy hunt the foreign secretary of britain those as it's almost certain and why do you think britain has immediately reacted by sending in royal marines let alone the united states sending a 1000 troops to the persian gulf as you know this week is very crucial in the u.k. domestic policy because they are going to select the prime ministers to some of the issues that or raised here or out of some domestic policy
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considerations but we as a said we are fully ready to look at the evidences that are provided by the u.s. or by the u.k. and the i'm sure that when we would sit together and consider it very professionally it would be very clear that they are not evidences the or just analyses and maybe some political considerations ok well aside from the british political leadership crisis which. is evident when this was supposed to be taking place and it was a japanese vessel because there appears to be contradictions from the japanese. to the c.e.o. of one of the owners saying they were flying objects i understand that the prime minister of japan was in tehran at the same time which hasn't perhaps given that much publicity so the allegation is that iran blew up this japanese tanker while shien's you have it was in tehran on fortunately when the prime. mr shinzo abe was
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planning to come to tehran there were a kind of sabotage policy to make this travel a failure because immediately after the announcement the final announcement that the date was confirmed in fact the united states was. was venturing into imposing new sanctions against iran immediately after the confirmation of the date of the prime minister coming to tehran and when he was in tehran they're very quiet anti-gun istic statements boy by the u.s. officials here and there and unfortunately at the time that he was meeting or supreme leader which was considered a very important meeting at that time this incident for the oil tankers what's happened these are very suspicious and unfortunately the reality is that in fact there were. some efforts to sabotage diplomacy behind the scenes it's
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not a double double play because people would ask why would you do that while she was in town after 41 years as with several mainstream journals we heard from the iranian government that they would respond to increasing economic warfare. as a war against iran currently being waged by the united states that alone perhaps the european union exactly as you pointed out the crux of the problem is this economic terrorism waged by the united states not only against iran but it is against russia or against china against european countries against india just recently on fortunately sanctions should be should be a tool for very limited foreign policy issues when we have international coalition international consensus it's unfortunately done by the us not out of very clear consideration when there isn't mandates by the security council but
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it's a unilateral measure. by the united states in fact to undermine the economic activities here and there or fortunately not only it's not a policy anymore it's like a habit and even more than more than that it's like a disease that the united states unilaterally imposing sanctions over so many countries around the around the globe because they have the illusion that they have the upper hand over any country so they are venturing into imposing sanctions sanctions against be controlled like russia or like china like india and european countries this should be rectified otherwise we cannot have an international economic order based on the fair competition on fortunately the reality is that you're facing with the disease in the white house and. now we see that there is a there is a tendency by the major countries we have the summit between president putin and
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the president of china and we have other engagements in a devoted levon that they would try to in fact diminish the influence of the u.s. dollar over the international market that's a determination that we see video major powers in the even european union the reality is that the people around the world or very anxious and or very angry about the policy of the united states that in fact they want to pressurise all countries to be in line with their policies or get your present locations in a 2nd but when you were one of the negotiators of the j.c. p.o. a nuclear deal with the p 5 plus one well the opponents of you even participating in those negotiations saying don't trust them there's no point in being a negotiator they've indicated what the role. as as you said now there is an understanding that why iran should should again negotiate with the. with
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a country that in fact has shown to the international world that it is due trust into them because they have videophone from an agreement that was considered as the . great achievement of diplomacy the international level so there is no trust anymore in a government that sees no value in keeping its commitment so there is unfortunately very a lack of confidence and in many circles in the world now but of course i understand there was a fatwa against nuclear weapons made by me quite a while ago you've watched our countries like libya and so on who have suspended nuclear weapons programs which i know that iran rejects they get attacked overthrown and there is then widespread regional instability what can possibly
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protect iran without nuclear weapons from the superpower you just explained the policies of a superpower you just explained via are no relying more on our national capacities because we have a determination people who want to be independent and we have armed forces who are very powerful to defend the country and now we have a very a great consensus among all strata in the country between the government people and the armed forces that we are prepared for any eventuality and that is the only element that we can rely that we can resist against the. the policies of the united states. force and the reality is that international norms and regulations are not implemented as it should be so you cannot really rely that in fact you would be protected by the international organizations. which had been
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established to protect countries against the dominance of of major poverty the reality is that you should be powerful but we are not as some people believe we are not realizing that we would have nuclear weapons we don't see nuclear weapons as a protection against the country we think that we should be powerful economically we should be poverty food militarily and we should have a united unified position in the country itself so we think that this is the timing that we have a coalition a strong coalition between all forces all political forces in the country that we should resist against the policies of the united states and defend ourselves in a best manner you see britain the united states back israel ever more militarily with weapons and struck the international peace research institute has revealed that israel has more than 100 nuclear warheads how can iran protect itself against
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say an israeli attack let alone a u.s. or british attack on your country using nuclear weapons is not is not an easy political issue it's not only a military issue it has political dimensions israel is equipped with nuclear weapons but the reality is that for example israel cannot resolve its differences with other countries through the threat of nuclear weapons they are now very paralyzed event with the resistance that the palestinians or exerting over over in fact the israeli policies did you know find it strange when you were negotiating the jays e.p.o. way over what you and the iranian government and was a civil nuclear program that there was a another country that had nuclear weapons in the middle east in the region that wasn't being part of the j.c. period negotiations we didn't care about the policy that was a country's. we have
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a very solid in fact foreign policy principles and believe that a void or. a country would have been a teaching to our commitments under the n.p.t. and making all the available access to the i.e. to investigate and also money touring all or nuclear activities ever the normal atry israel's of it that is a discrimination that we have been always raising at the international level that in fact it is really is rejecting all kind of monitoring of its facilities by the i.a.e.a. and that is a demand by the countries in the region that israel is the only only entity india in the region which is rejecting all of its. all of international initiatives for for dissolving it be nuclear disarmament in fact an order. measures of of these armament and that's
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a reality and we should rectify this and we should pressure rise against israel to in fact to reynosa its nuclear option that's a thing that your pursuing and we have we are discussing with other countries in the region and there are frustration over many countries in the region that israel continues to be adamant of the international demands that reality unfortunately and buster i'll just stop you there more from the iranian ambassador to britain after this break. because you're just. an elf i'll read you some lower. that's undercutting but what's good for food markets it's not good for the global economy.
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welcome back you're watching a special edition of going underground from the iranian embassy in london with iran's ambassador to britain what did you make of moment been months saying the international community and this is i'm again about this these tanker attacks should take a firm stand towards an exponential regime that supports terrorism and spreads killing and destruction this is the british backed government of saudi arabia on
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1st wanted the reality is they that saudi arabia has been so much negatively interfering or the mystic affairs of many countries in the region and if the reality is that because of the support of the trump administration one had been saddam on is very confident that he would be supported in all its. negative decisions day or in fact meddling into the situation in lebanon as you know day in fact it had problems with prime minister hariri and the incident that happened is very known they are at the very all out war of it to put this country into war d.m.n. killing so many innocent people and creating the morse dangerous humanitarian situation in the ward millions of people or fully under distress in yemen and they don't have any vision how they can they can finish the wall. or. and in
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other parts of the of the region they have not been able to come up with initiatives to reach to a friend of nations with other countries they have a bloc made blockade against qatar they have in fact now interfering with sudanese developments which the people in sudan are very angry about this or force and it is the behavior that you're seeing on a daily basis and and we hope that they would change their policy they would understand that this would not be leading to a. helpful situation they should change their policy they should respect the policies of other countries and try to resolve their differences through negotiations yes but if we were talking about iran trying to protect itself what is iran being able to do when it comes to protecting yemen is a the world's worst humanitarian crisis now threatening 20000000 people very little
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spoken to the british counterparts because of course the royal air force is training the warplane pilots to bomb yemen at the moment that's a very unfortunate situation and we have encouraged always the british government that they should stop sending armaments to the yet the to this so does and i wrote is because these weapons are used against the innocent yemeni people and we hope that in fact really there would be a coalition among the arm exporters to stop exporting arm to the region and if we continue our efforts at the u.n. david and. try to encourage other countries in the region to build that coalition which is necessary. reality is that we have been even trying to make a coalition that we would send a humanitarian assistance to the yemeni people but unfortunately this has
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a. stands or intercepted or in fact confiscated and they are forced to to change their course not to reach to the yemeni ports dipped the situation is is very dangerous this will cause britain is a big donor i'm sure the british foreign office be quick to remind all of us but now we have a state where the news agenda has moved on a little more from these photographs and we hear that iran stockpile limit is going to be breached under the terms of the j c p o a what did you make of the way it was even being reported that now your country is violating the terms of the j c p o or is about if we would be very literally said that disappear has been already violated so many times by the united states by european countries because they have not been able to come up with their obligations so that halliburton violated j.c. perry before don't trumpet it because they they were supposed to enter into
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a new ordinary economic relationship with iran but there is the u.k. companies have not been able to to come up with those ordinary relationship because they have not been supported by the u.k. government sufficiently because in fact they are exposed to the us sanctions and the banks have been bored to have any relationship with iran and the government which should ensure that its companies and financial institutions be able to have ordinary relationship. has not been working so the responsibility is we did the good with the government. they feel they they understand and get around just continued with the day's e.p.o. even before the violator that's what that's that's because we have we have announced that either we have a full implementation or an order scenario which is enshrined in the g.c. period which is partially implementation ok now that every party believes that full
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implementation is not possible because of the u.s. sanctions we would go along with the partial implementation so we are determined to look over some of the commitments and suspend some of the implementation or commitments to allow that we need to reach to an understanding that if partial implementation is that is satisfying everybody ok we would be also doing the same thing after one year of patience so this is a very serious issue and it's a demand of our people that you cannot continue implementing the disappear in food while other parties are not implementing the g.'s a purely for a while the what the markets are now it is in oil prices i don't know what it feels like as embassador in this country watching the major nation media channels which one could be forgiven for believing present the idea iran is isolated jus think the
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fact that your president was in bishkek for the shanghai cooperation organization meeting with vladimir putin xi jinping render moody and ron carter and others is there a plan. to leave the financial system that the united states seems to be using to strangle the economy of your country the reality is that because of the dominance of the us in the media when u.s. has a problem with a country that countries attacked and marginalized and tried to be isolated but the reality is that we have very good relationship with the with our. neighboring countries we have a very good relationship with russia with china up with india and pakistan we have exchange of presidents and summit meetings. we have a very good friend relationship be divied iraq with the central asian countries as
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you said in best in tajikistan we haue illustrated in dollars the reality is that this is the this is a phenomenon that we are facing in the international at the international level we know that even european countries are conscious about the fact that this is a problem for everybody that they are very much vulnerable to the in fact influence of us dollar we know that many countries are working very seriously that how can they can rectify this china and russia as the major countries and also india very recently and so many other countries are thinking that how they can make their trade relationship through not u.s. dollar what through the national currencies we have had a number of initiatives agreed with other countries like india pakistan and tell key and some others that russia and china that we can use our national currencies and we should not be allowing that you as dollars dominance would in fact have its
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negative impact over the economic relationship so there are quiet a number of very good initiatives i tell you that dominance of the u.s. dollar is diminishing. i don't know how much time is needed that we would have a quite different economic environment but i tell you that it has started and that would be the cost of the us paying for be drawn from the g.'s if you were a particularly to us just finally about nasm in radcliffe who worked for b.b.c. media reaction and has been imprisoned in iran as a spy i think she made a diplomat by the british foreign service now. which is think the b.b.c. is involved in regime change with its outlets whether it be b.b.c. action training journalists in different countries or i have a channel b.b.c. persian that is very different view of iran than say press t.v.
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iran's organisation brokers organization currently banned here in britain of course yes as you know b.b.c. is the. broadcasting institute in the in the u.k. it's in fact it's supported by the by the government in terms of expenditures in terms of in fact they. gather their money through the public funds that's very clear so their policies or very much they deny editorial content is an editorial list by a stand it surely is something very very detailed but the question is the policies when you when there are operator institutions who direct your policies they don't care about the editorial it really is is is the up to the to the people to think about it and arrange for it but the question of the policies b.b.c. has a very negative history in iran because they have been also involved when the there
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was a coup d'etat against the national government of iran it's recorded and the b.b.c. had 153 yes and the b.b.c. has produced a. programme on this they know very clear amount about this. but apart from that it doesn't is the lady has been in fact been engaged in illegal activities she has been tried in tehran by the judiciary and she has 5 years in prison we are very sorry about this because because she's a lady and she has a. small kid we know that also the husband is very deep distress because the families in their own hunger striking out there yes but the reality is that you should always if you want to change the situation you go we should go through the. the legal processes that existed pressures ing or embassy here blocking the
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entrance of the of the embassy preventing the people to go and confront into the embassy building is not resolving all we have we have freed of a protester on any issue will be to write every issue i've got to ask you then is the iranian government going to train journalists british journalists. who want to get regime change here in britain no because in fact the view or maybe not agreeing with their. policies but we are not detaining them we are not in fact how to sing any in the in the people working for news agencies but the reality is that unfortunately there or. a campaign of fake news particularly in the in the u.k. there or losing that information or. as your press t.v. which is that yes rainy and equivalent i suppose of the b.b.c.
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in a way the statement is it broke us that that's banned in this country and as you say the b.b.c. and no other organizations clearly seem to suggest that these images in this video do point to iran being the perpetrator of violence from the bush legal yes of course and that's a reality that some of the news or very unfair to iran we expect that the news would be would be fair and all voices in the news would be had in the u.k. not only that for example the countries do of saudi arabia war were buying some big shares in the in fact the media locally the standard london newspaper executives and also they have established you don't internationally is an institution which has been created by the sodium rabia in fact this is not fair that they would really trying to influence the persian speaking networks to fake news and to the
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14 interferences in fact it will have a distorted vision about what's happening in iraq so we should allow other also media to have a voice and we would have a. very correct reality of what's happening in iran. both of you enjoy that episode of going underground will continue showing your favorite episodes from this season of joy back for a brand new season on wednesday the 11th of september until they keep it up by social media and they'll forget our you tube channel since. during the great depression which i also have to remember there was and most of my family were poor working class and it wasn't it was bad you know much worse objectively today but there was an act. things were going to get better. there was
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a real sense of hope. there isn't today today's america was shaped by the turn principles of concentration of wealth and power. reduced democracy attack solo do no engineer elections manufacture consent and other principles according to. one set of rules for the rich. that's what happens when you put her into the. room sure truth will switch is dedicated to increasing power for chills just as you'd expect one of the most influential intellectuals of our time speaks about the modern civilization of america. join me every thursday on the elec simon short and i'll be speaking to us of the world of politics small business i'm show business i'll see that.
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u.s. immigration officials have been granted permission to use fake social media accounts to monitor people seeking to enter the country following in the face of efforts to read online networks of false profiles. the alternative for germany party celebrates 2 of its best local election results yet but the anti immigration euro skeptics coming 2nd in both brandenburg and saxony. also this hour a vigil commemorating the victims of the most deadly terror attack in modern russian history enters its 2nd day of the victims and survivors share their painful
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memories of the milton school siege.


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